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Pinterest Marketing - Right Way of Using Pinterest for Business Growth

Umair Sohail, Digital Marketing Strategist

Pinterest Marketing - Right Way of Using Pinterest for Business Growth

Umair Sohail, Digital Marketing Strategist

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7 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class 2 What is pinterest & How it works

    • 3. Class 3 Optimize Pinterest Account

    • 4. Class 4 Creation of Effective Boards

    • 5. Class 5 Designing Pin in 10 minutes

    • 6. Class 6 Pin Effectively On Pinterest

    • 7. Results Day - Did we Achieve 1M Traffic?

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About This Class

Do you Know Pinterest has 400 Million Active Users as of Aug 2020 & Pinterest have grown up to 111% from last 2 years therefore its becoming Pinterest is becoming great source of Traffic for business.

Let me tell you that this is the right time to market on Pinterest otherwise it will be too late. Pinterest is giving 10X Reach to its Pins, just like facebook used to give in its early days.

So take the benefit now and build up your audience and make the most out of it.

If you want most traffic to your Blog, Business website, affiliate product or landing page then Pinterest is the great way

to get traffic.

In this course, you can dіsсоvеr hоw tо generate traffic with Pinterest & get more clicks wіth thіs sіmрlе аnd еаsу tо fоllоw sуstеm, stаrtіng tоdау!

In this Course You will Learn:

  • What is Pinterest & How to use it for Business

  • How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

  • How to Create Effective Boards on Pinterest

  • My Secret Pinning Strategy

  • How to Create Effective Pins on Pinterest

Time To Take ACTION!

Enroll now and start growing your business with Pinterest.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Umair Sohail

Digital Marketing Strategist


Hello, I'm Umair Sohail, a Digital Entrepreneur, Trainer & Ecommerce Seller with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in E-commerce, WordPress, Graphic Design, Marketing Consulting, and Project Management. Strong business development professional with a Master in Business Administration.

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1. Introduction: Hello guys and welcome to my course, marketing business on Pinterest. My name is Omar. And in this course I'm going to teach you about how you can market your business on Pinterest. And I'm sharing with you my exact strategies that I use to grow on Pinterest and the u exact copy doses strategies and make the most out of Petrus path Blankfein led me tells you that it is the fastest growing platform in the world right now. And this would be a great expedience if you'd learn pinterest and if you learn how to market on Pinterest and, and this is the right time to come on Pinterest and market your business on Pinterest. Because every other platforms like Facebook and Instagram are maturing over the time and they're organic reach is totally getting dead as they are more focusing towards the ads, right? So today, organic reach is highest on Pinterest and Pinterest is going towards its maturity age, and it's giving you so much organic reach. Other blood firms are not giving right now. So I would highly suggest you to come on Pinterest and learn about Pinterest so you can make the most out of Pinterest platform. So what are we going to discuss in this course? So let me tell you the key takeaways is we're going to learn what is Pinterest sexually and how does it work? And then we're going to learn what to use Pinterest for and which businesses it is good for. And then, and then I'll share the exact strategy that you can juice for your business on Pinterest. And then in the end we're going to learn how you can create pins, how you can create boards, and then how you can find groups on Pinterest. So it's fully going to be a practical class and I'm going to share all my practically strategies and properly actionable strategies to stick to the glass, to learn and learn the most artifact. 2. Class 2 What is pinterest & How it works: So let's just start with the first thing. What is Pinterest interest right now is that social media platform with lots of potential. That's what I call it. Basically Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information. That's specifically ideas. Here, I will focus more on saving, on discovery of ideas, right? This is the actual goal of Pinterest, who, this is what the Pinterest is formed for. Suicide was created by a Ben Silverman, paul Saqqara, uneven sharp, and had over 400 million monthly active users as of August 2020. So now guys, when you have learned about what Pinterest is, now let's learn about what is Pinterest used for is a social media platform where people can find inspiration and ideas. Every idea is represented by a pin, which is an image that is searched and saved by a Pinterest users. Bins can also link back to your website, which is why Pinterest is a great source for grabbing traffic of sales. And most importantly for businesses. Bends helps people to find more information on products they're looking to buy. So now that you have learned about Pinterest and what it is used for, let me share some interesting facts about contrast. Now before going to the practical classes and learn actually strategies, I would like to tell you some interesting facts about Pinterest. Pinterest is the fastest growing website by overall member growth. Pinterest surprised everyone when the research is founded that binges took the lead with 57% growth, while Facebook members based grew by 6% by overall member growth. In fact, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube all grew faster than Facebook. Pinterest is a second social media network by growth and members. Research OUT today from global web index nodes that Tumblr active users based in last six months grew where when 20%, whereas Pinterest takes the second place with 111% growth. Surprisingly, Facebook, the last place with only 2% of growth. Pinterest has 400 million active users out of width, 69% of women and thirty-seven percent armen. At the end of August, 20-20, Pinterest reported having 400 million active users worldwide, where nearly 1 third of those uses are from us. The number of users outside the US is rapidly growing. If you only talk about women, 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan life moments, compared to 44% for Instagram and 53% for Facebook. 43% bland on getting their ideal home within next five years. 58% say it helps making them shopping and purchasing decisions. The next interesting factors, 52% of millennials use Pinterest every month. According to stretch from Pinterest, half of millennial population in the US born is from 1983 to 1998, uses a platform every month. The social savvy millennials are used to planning their future and looking for new ideas on the platform. And they're increasingly likely to buy the things that Ben. 79% people serve Pinterest for shopping. Among 57% of painters log onto pinterest is specifically to shop, making it nearly four times more effective at generating Sierras than any other social platform. And other great fact is the average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes. Pinterest is statistics suggest that the amount of time you have to capture your customer's attention is going. The 14.2 minutes is spent on Pinterest per session is a significant opportunity to orange her audience interest to make the most of the time that your audiences is spending on Pinterest, your content needs to be highly engaging. 80% of the Pinterest users access the channel via mobile. Like much of today's online activity, there is a growing demand for mobile access on Pinterest. Now that you know the interesting facts about Pinterest, I'm sure you're gonna love learning Pinterest more than ever. So let's dive into the practical classes now. 3. Class 3 Optimize Pinterest Account: Hello guys. So this is the class three of our Pinterest scores. And this is basically an updated version of the class three. And I have added some more information based on your feedback. So we'll go through where the points that are really important to optimize your Pinterest profile. Okay, I was getting some questions regarding Pinterest profile and some people are confused about what they should do to optimize their profile. So in this video, I'm going to explain you, pardon factors. And that would be around six important factors that you should consider to optimize your profile. So let's review them one by one. So first of all, if you already have an account on Pinterest, so you need to convert them on business account. I don't know if you're using a personal account or a business account, but if you're, if you have created a new profile, so you need to create a business account. And if you already have a profile or a personal profile, you can convert it to the business profile. So what you need to do to convert it to the business profile, you need to go to the Settings, and then you need to go to the Account Settings. So here you can see there's an option that says convert to a personal account. My Mac count is already a business account, so I do not need to convert it to the personal account, so you can check it if your account is Personal over here, it will give you an option to convert to a business account. So first of all, this is the first step that you need to convert it to a business account. If you have a personal account, but if you are creating a new account, so make sure you create a business account on that directly. Okay, I hope this point is clear. So let's move to the next point. Okay, So the second most important point is, is use main keyword on your brand name, on your business account name. Okay? So to do that, you will need to go to the Edit Profile option. And here you can see that the spin him. Here you can see pop artist studio is my company name and you will need to add your company name here. If you have a brand or company or whatever it is, you need to write that over here. And besides that, you need to write your main keyword. For example, in this case, in pop art studio we are making cartoon portrait. So I will write cartoon portrays, a chair maker, right? So these are my main keywords, garden portraits and caricature. I have put around three keywords overhead. So whoever will visit my profile, you will see that my profile is about Godwin portraits and caricature. Okay? This will have Pinterest algorithm to rank your profile against your keywords, right? Besides that, once you do that, you need to optimize your username. Your username will come over here like you can see, slash username. So you need to make sure that one of your keywords should also appear in your username and your URL because that will appear in the URL and that will also help your profile to rank up on Pinterest. Okay, so for example, over here, I'll write cartoon portrait. So here you can see the usernames is pop artist studio cartoon portrait. That also cartoon portrait is my main keywords, so that will also appear in the URL. So it will also help me rank my profile, okay, once you do that, then comes up for the step. For the step, you need to write a keyword rich description. Here you can see you can use multiple keywords over here. Okay, you can see I have written multiple keywords related to my business. This is how you will write multiple keywords related to your business. And in this video, I'm going to tell you how you're going to research about the keywords as well. But before that, let me tell you the exact points that you need to update. So we are on the fourth and here you need to update the keywords in your profile description. So you can see there are a couple of keywords that I have Jews, like Godwin, portrait, vector, art, illustration, and others. Okay, similarly, you need to write aspart this base capacity over here, you need to write multiple keyword, but that should make sense. For example, like I have written v du Godwin portrait and vector art. It doesn't mean that you just see stuff keywords overhead, you need to make sense over here, alright, so make sure you write a good discussion with all your keywords. Put it naturally, okay, it shouldn't look like you have stuff keywords over here. So once you do that, then next step is to connect with other social media profiles or your website. For example, here I have written my website URL over here. Okay, so you need to write your website URL over here, okay? And then if you need to add country coder or Es ist up to you, or you can keep it empty. It doesn't matter in the profile optimization. Okay, once you do that, the step number six is you need to claim websites and other social media channels. If you have, for example, if you have a website, you need to claim a website over here. Once you click on the claim button, it will ask you to the egg the HTML or X records or update this HTML file in your directory so they can verify it. And then it will say that peptide is authentic and is associated with the brand you have to get rid of your hair will get once you do that, you have other options like in second, I am artsy or YouTube, you can claim other apps and you can also, if you have a Shopify stores, you can also integrate it with that as well. So these are all the points that are most important for optimizing your profile. Once you optimize your profile, then we'll move towards the next step like adding boards and adding group boards will get these plays important role on Pinterest traffic. So we'll talk about that in detail in our next video. So right now in this video, I've already explained how, what are the points that you should consider to optimize your profile. Now I'll tell you the two ways to get the best keywords, which you can put in your profile and in your descriptions and board descriptions as well. So there are two methods that you can find the best keywords for your profile related to your brand or product or services. So first of all, what you need to do is you are seeing a magnifying glass over here. You will click it. And then you will search the related keyword that comes in your mind related to your business, for example, minus vector cartoon. All right, so I'll write vector garden, and that's how you see there are different keywords coming over here that Pinterest is suggesting you. So these are the keywords that are more search on Pinterest, Disraeli to do my business. Similarly, you will write your business keywords overhead and Pinterest will automatically suggest you that which keywords are best. So this is just a one keyword, okay, I'll write it in an ordered pair so that I can write it later in my description. So I have written rector cartoon characters. Okay, now based on this, as you can see, characters illustration are back down, girl, portrait. These all are the beavers that can appear in my main keyword. For example, if I searched a portrait, go as you can see when I have written portrait, you can see different keywords over here. And you will have to write the most relevant keyword or in your description, for example, now you can see it comes for portrait photography over here. But portrait photography is not my niche, is not related to my services because I'm not doing any kind of photography, right? I will write the keyword that are actually most relevant to my business. And most relevant to my business. Keywords are portrait drawing and portrait illustration. So I could write portrait drawing. And I'll keep the illustration work for our next keyword. Okay, so let's find illustration over here. When we find illustration, you can see illustration are nowhere. So this is our iPhone, boom, or keywords over when is art and one is illustration. So here you can see I'm using a combination of illustration and art. And both itself are different keywords, but I'm using a combination and that will be a good sign for me to use and description. And that would not look like a keyword stuffing as well. This is the first method. I've written around three keywords over here. Now I'll tell you the second method to get keywords. Okay, for the second method, you need to have a business account first, of course. So you will go to the business up, okay? So once you go to the business up, you will see analytics over here, okay? You will need to go to the analytics. And then under Analytics you will go to the Audience Insights. So once you go to audience insights, you need to create a campaign. Sorry for that. You need to create a campaign. Do not worry, we are not creating a campaign and we're not doing a paired advertisement. I'm just telling you to find the right keywords. So what you need to do is you can consider anything. For example, let's do consideration, okay? And then you need to click on Continue. Once you click on the Continue, you'll see the targeting option. You need to go to the targeting option, okay? You will see this option over here. So you need to select keywords and interest. Once you select the words n interests, you need to click on the add image button over here. Once you click add keywords button, it will show up this screen. Okay, so this is the search bar where you need to find your keywords. For example, mine is related to cartoon. You will search according to your business, I'll search for the carton first. And let's see what results appears. Okay, So US, you can see that they're different set of monthly searches. You can see, you can see 5 million plus that's a maximum reserve interest rows. And once you go down, it will decrease the number of monthly searches, okay? So first of all, it will shows you the highest monthly searches and then the low monthly searches. Okay? So there are these keywords that you can use. So for example, you can see 5 million monthly searches over here. And when we click on the See More button, you will see some less monthly searches. You are overhead now you can see 4 million to 5 million. So I would suggest you to use a combination of five million, three million, and one million keywords. Do not use all keywords of 5 million. For example, if you think that we should use 5 million keyword searches because they have the most monthly searches a Soyuz, you should use all those high surge your words and your description. But that is not the case over here because if usual, all the keywords that are highly searched, you will get more competition and you, it will be hard to rank up your profile. So you need to create a combination of, let's search the word medium search keyword and then high search keyword, so you can get good Reach. Okay, I'll use some keywords from high surge. For example, let's find the best keyboard over here, you need to search for the best giver that is relevant. Now you can see it coming. It is joining me cartoon cares and clan skewed and cute wallpapers. That is not relevant at all. So you need to give it a search and find for the best keywords that best describes your services. For example, cute and easy drawings, drawing tips, cartoon cartoon profs, a sketch cartoon, cartoon ideas. So these are all the keywords that I can use in my description. So for the sake of this video, let's use some keywords. I'll ever juice cartoon drawing, easy. All right. And I'll just search one more key word. Okay, let's, let's do cartoon crafts. Okay, I'll write cartoon graphs over here. Okay, now you see we have created a description based on good keywords that is appearing on Pinterest, okay, so you do not need to use any other tools. You do not need to go to any other website like Google Keyword Planner. Most of the people use Google Keyword Planner. But that doesn't make sense because we want to rank on Pinterest, right? So we need to use the keywords that is highly searched on Pinterest, not on Google platform or any other platform. All right, so these are the good keywords that you can use in your description, in your board description, and anywhere you want. Okay, I already have shown you there to go to the Settings and then about, in about your profile, you rewrite your keywords over here. Okay? So I'm not changing the keywords over air because I've already searched the pesky Virchow, my profile and it's already there. So this is our, you are going to search about the best keywords from these two methods. And you should put these keywords in your profile description and consider all other points that I have mentioned in the video. And in the next video I'll tell you about the boards and group board and how you can optimize them. That is another most important factor for optimizing your profile to achieve the target at results of 1 million. So let's move to the next class. 4. Class 4 Creation of Effective Boards: Now I am going to show you how you can create woods. Okay, let, let's, let me show you my boards. Okay? If you see here, you can see all the Bohr said are showing up. So these are the boards in which we see in our pens. Okay, so there are two types of boards actually. One is your personal board and other is a group board. Personal board is a board where you saved your own pens and where you save all your own creative pins, alright? In your personal board, no other person can add any paint. Who's your board and your personal board? It's only Jew creating depends, but other people can see your pens as well from Joe Barcelona board, a particular marketplace, their own pains in your board. Ok, on the other hand, group board is a board there, Juke and pin as well. And other people, other people, pen as well. Okay, so that board has option off more contributors where a large number of contributors can add their pens. So this is the major difference between group board and a person board. So you need to have both type of boards on your account to grow your Pinterest profile and to get more traffic. Okay, so far, so far that it shows you the difference between the normal board, a personal board, and a Drupal. So okay, this is one of the person board and the measure defenses. You cannot see any profile picture over here. Okay. So this is a personal board where you can add only ONE pens. Anyone can not add pin or a, alright? And the group board is look like this. In a group board, you will see there will a small circular profile pictures over here of different contributors. Okay? So if you see here, this is a group or as well as you can see some profile pictures over here. Alright? So whenever you see a picture in a circular format where some different profile pictures, so you can identify this as a group board, okay, so you can see here this is a group or as well. This is a personal board. You cannot see any profile pictures over here. And this is a group board. You can see profile pictures over here. This is a group board as well. This is a personal board. Okay? And this is a group board. This is group board as well. This one is also a group bore and this one is also proponents. Now you can see what is proposed. Now you can identify what is group board and what does a personal board. Let's move toward how you can create a board, okay, so as you come over here and you click on plus sign, and it will ask you to create a pin or a board. Okay, let's just was coming at a board. And then second step is to see how we can create a pins. Ok, so once you click on the board, it will ask you to name your board. Okay? So this is the most important step. You need to name it. You can just name it randomly. Okay. That's my suggestion. That's my recommendation. The Board near by doing some research first. Ok, so similarly like we search the keywords with search keywords from here. And we can search keyword from analytics as well. Okay, so first of all, I searched some keyword or air and I can create different type of wood, for example, in my products are caused global is cotton portray its coupled portray respectable grade borders for gifts. And these are all types of things that I create pins on. Ok, so my group board name should be like this. Okay, so I'll create different boards, okay? And with different names. So for example, I'll create first board with a name card logo, and I'll create a second, grew up with a name caricature drawing. And I'd create a third group with a name Coughlin portraits Tour gift. Alright, so these are three different types of boards that I've created and I been my images and videos in those boards. All right, for example, first is Goggin logo as I have researched it and I've shown you that data as more searches. So fuzzball gonna be carton global. So what I'm gonna do is I'll create board. And I didn't name it Khartoum logos. All right, and you do not need to check this mock. This will keep your board secret. Well, guess was you do not want to keep your board secret. So you keep it as unchecked. And then create, click on Create button. Lets you click on the create button. It will take you to the board and it will ask you to see if some pens, all right? And it will show you some bins are related to job board. You can do some pins religion to your board like I save this. And I'll only save pains that are relevant to my account. I'll not say if any band that is irrelevant to my account. Alright. Okay, I have done, I've saved three bands. Let's just click on the Done button. And hey, you go. So now it's showing you three bins that I have created in this board cartoon logos. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to add it, click on Edit board button, and then I'm going to add some description in the board. This is how you're going to optimize your board. Alright? So what I'm going to write is as I put those keywords, those sword search keywords in this description, and I'd lose all the capacity or the character limit and put all my keywords in this group board. Alright, I will copy this and that'll go to the description and I'll write it in this board. That is it. Now you can see my keywords are showing up here and this would help my account. This withheld my board to appear more pinterest search engine, right? And I can pick some more diverse from here as well that I was not able to add on my profile description. So I can add those keywords from here in my work descriptions. Okay, so Junie to utilize all the keywords capacity that you can and put those keywords into your descriptions, into your pen descriptions wherever you can sew your profile, your boards, your pans will rank up high on the Pinterest account. So this is how I have created a poster board. And this is a totally optimized border, right? So now I'm going to show you how you can add group boards to your account. And in the next step, I'm gonna be sharing with you in my strategy on how you should work on Pinterest, right? So let's just see how you can. You can add group boards to your account, to add group boats to your account. It's a little bit difficult, but start back difficult. You cannot easily find group boards on pinterest search engines because I don't know why it interests me. Sit a little bit difficult to find group boards, but there is an other way you can easily find those group boards and you need to use another website that is called pin groupie. I go to pin It's a free website. You can easily find Pinterest boards O'Hare and religion to your brand or business, right? So as you can see this website, you can enter your niche or keyword O'Hare, related to your business, and then you need to find group ports. It will show you the Boers than a more followers than number of collaborators and its owner. So you need to contact their owner so that they can air during the group board and then you can contribute your pens to words that group board. Okay, let's just see how you can find a group board religion to your niche. So I'll again, I'll add search for logo because that's a broad niche and I'll get some cool group board from here. If I surge logo. So I'll just click on followers. So it shows me crew boards according to the number of followers because I need to get into the group pores that has most number of followers. So my pins will be shown to all of these followers. As you can see, this first board that says logo, identity and design. The owner of this group is group board as Daisy graves, and the number of followers is 7,672 followers. So if you pin input this proportion, so seven lacto 2600 people will see your pins. Ok, so if increase the number of chances to get your Ben wider to get your brain most traffic. So this is how you can get most traffic from the group boards and that's a benefit of group board. So as you can see, this other group, and that says logos, mocks and symbols and the number of followers are too lax. 16 thousand, right? So let me just show you how you can add yourself to this group. So you need to click on this, and you need to click on visit this board on Pinterest. All right. You will see the owner of this group, the owner of this group. Is religious shrine you'd hair, that's what a bridge. Okay. So what you can do is you can follow them and you can send them a message that you want to be added in this group will get simply follow this guy to send him a message is you can email him, you can see his email, you can see his chosen him on Pinterest. Okay, so you just copy this name and go to the message option. Click on this button and click on write a message and write his name over here. Once you write as an aim or whatever it is, profile is going to pop up here. You've got a Glick dispersal file. Then you need to write a message. You can write head. Oh, I saw your group board. I saw your group board. Must mentioned the name of the group board. Next. Globals marks. So this is how you're going to send them a message. And once it sees the message did with Sandra and n and that n where it will pop up head and the message section, the invite will pop up pit. And this is how the inlet will a bit. These are the messages right now, okay, so the inward with a ballpoint pen and you can accept or decline your invite from here. So you need to check these message is daily. Once you send the request, joining it a quest of that group boards. So from here you can accept all profiled invitation, alright, lets you accept the profile invitation, then you can easily add veins to that account. That simpler days, this is all you're going to do research to find group boards and similar needs. You gotta aren't back the owner. And once you see the board and their description must have mentioned each and everything that how you can collaborate with them, how you can get a white from them. Some people asked that Jews should go to their website and then get email from dead and gone back them from there. Some people will ask you bored with their particular shop and send them messages there. Some people who had asked to comment on the recent Payne who get added to the group board. So, uh, so all of this information about getting invitation, we mentioned in the description of that group board, but if nor description mentioned air like this group. So you can and go to their to their owners profile and tried to get in contact with him, tried to sending the message that I have done on Pinterest. If they ever met email, tried to send them e-mail, you need to contact them however you can and just ask them get true added on the drug. And you would have followed all the rules and you will find you create free pins. So that's all you're going to add group pours into your account and these are so necessary, right? Okay. So this clause is finish and let's move into the next caused that I'm showing you how you can create pins and how you can do read pins. 5. Class 5 Designing Pin in 10 minutes: Hello guys. In this class I'm going to show you how you can design a great pen that can go viral on Pinterest and that will rank higher on Pinterest using a free tool called Kendra. I will be designing five spins there in this video in less than ten minutes. And we'll show you exactly how you can do it too. But before designing the pins, I would like to share some facts whose Sudan you should keep that in mind before designing the pins. So first of all, we have to keep this in mind that 80% of Pinterest users use Pinterest on mobile phones. So we have to design the bins accordingly that would look good on a mobile phone. The second is, the bright images works 20 times better than dog images. On the right-hand side you see a bright image and on the left-hand side you see a document. For Pinterest, you should always use bright colored images because that works best on Pinterest. And the next point is use web reddened color images because those works to dance better than Dell gallery measures. Again, on the right-hand side you can see vibrant color images with red, pink, yellow, white. And on the left-hand side that you are seeing a delegate or image. So I will recommend you to avoid any del colors like blue, gray, or black. The staff of color doesn't work on Pinterest. And the third is, the point you are using on your pins should be big and easy to read. But most of the people will be using Pinterest on mobile phones. And if the forms are not easily readable, you not get clicks on your pins. So that's why I use Pig and easy points should read on the left-hand side, you can see there is a script launch italic font that is not properly readable and the color of the font as well is not properly visible. And on the right-hand side you can see the colors of the forms and the size of the fonts and the style of the forms is so simple and so easy that it's easily readable for anyone. So I would recommend you to use big NEC forms. Let's move to another point. Do not use too much information underpinned Because if you will use too much information of the pin, you will have to decrease their phone size, which is not recommendable on Pinterest. Who modules that much information or lead you some information that you think is necessary for people to understand about your pin or product. So a two liner or three Lander is more than enough for a pin. But if you want to use some more text, you can use it, but make sure it's properly readable. On the left-hand side, you can see there is a lot of information. There's a lot of paragraphs which you cannot read. So that's why I would recommend you to juice little information and useful information on your pins with proper click to action so that you can get good clicks on your pin. So now I have completed all my facts and I, and I believe that whoever destroyed how to design a pen. So let's move towards designing a pin. So for that we will move towards It's a free website and you can easily sign up there and you do not need to use a paid account. You can use a free account, and it's wonderful. You can easily design pins. We just drag and drop options. So just stay tuned with this video. I will complete tree shows you how you can design multiple bins in a matter of minutes. So let's get started. But before starting designing the pen, I would recommend you to get some inspiration regarding your niche. Whatever your niche is, just come to Pinterest and write your keyword over here. Lets you write given over here you will get a lot of pins that is ranking high on Pinterest. And that is why it alone Pinterest. It means that these steps of winter bins are working best for Pinterest. And you need to design in the same way. As you can see all of the pins that are coming up on Pinterest feed. They're all using bright gutters. Why? Burned gutters and looks appealing to the eye when you're bins loops appealing to the IP, blue, click it. And when people get more, you get more sales. You get more visit jewelry or to your blog. And does you get more traffic? In my opinion, there are two types of designs that are working best for Pinterest pins. Neg Mitchell's you those two designs and explain you a bit about it so that you can easily have a clear map in your mind that how you are going to design your pen. The first design is there are two parts of the pin. The bottom part of the pin, you need to put any image of a person doing that job related to the knees, religion, to the blog topic you are creating pin on. And on the upper part of the portion you would write the topic of the blog, make sure it's properly readable. It's colorful and used a combination of two colors and two different points. Like here you can see they have used two different forms and blue different colors. Now let me show you the other type of pin. The other type of pin, the other type of pen contains a picture with a transparent background and there is a text all over the pin. Again, they're using two forms into colors, and you can use more font-style as well, more color as will, as far as it looks good. So now we are clear with the design, we're clear with the concepts and we got some inspirations. Let us design our pin will get. So now let's go to And on the search bar, just write Pinterest pin. When you write Pinterest pin, it will suggest some options. Just click on the Pinterest pin option that chose 1000 by 1500 pixel because that's the recommended size of Pinterest. Once you click on this, you will be directed to a new window where you can see all of the pre-made templates for Pinterest pins. You can use these tablets as well. And you can customize them according to your there are few templates as well and they are paid templates as well. So that's up to you, whatever you use. But there are a lot of options in free templates choose, you can use a free template and customize it in your own way. But I recommend to use a blank canvas because these design, these templates has already been used by so many painters. But once you will pin this on Pinterest, you will see a lot of other people will be binning the same type of template with their content. That's what I'd recommend to use blank canvas and design it in your own. We're designing it is very simple. There are just two steps when you need to put an image on the pin, and that is put the text. So for that you need any image. And for a magic, you can go to where do free websites like Paxil, These websites have tons of free pictures that you can use for your pins. The other option is you can use images from the camera as well. And the second part of the brain is you need to add text. So let's just add the text first and then I'll show you how you can work image over here. So I'll put my blog topic over here and design it in a way that we have just seen, as you can see on the left-hand side, I have selected the text option. And from there I'm using different decks layers. I am using different texts layer for every word so that I can design them differently and resize it in a better way. And then I'll change the color and the form says, well, you can easily drag to any place you want it so easy, just click on the layer and you will be able to drag it anyway. Once you click on the corner of the image, you can drag it up and down to in increase and decrease the size of the fonts. And by clicking on this text box, you can change the font style. As you can see, there are a lot of forms and the left-hand bend. So you can use any formulae. So I'll use a combination of telegraph medium and open cents extra board. And let me just increase the size of this attractive, attractive DVR that people click on my pin. So you have to take care of these type of steps when you are creating, when you are designing a bin that tax you're using, you should make sure that it is attractive so that it gets more clicks. So you need to put their tractive keywords right in front of the people, right in front of the pin and increase its size so that it's more visible and people click on it again. Now my text layers is almost ready, and I've used a combination of two arms and two colours. Now I'll move toward the photo. For that, I'll go I'll click on the photo option and you can see there Laurel photos on there that you can use for free, and they're paired as well. So you need to write the keyword over here on the search button. You'll get a lot of options for the picture. I'm using this picture because it's relevant to my topic. There's a woman aware and using a laptop. So it's perfectly matching with the Dupain I'm designing. And after adding the photo, I'll add my blog name or where so that my pin can not be copied. It has my blog name over there. So it will remain my opinion if anyone read bends it, they would see my blog name. And it will increase my blog authority as well. After doing this, I will select all of my text layers and convert it in a group. So, so I do not have to move them individually by grouping all of the text layers, I can move all of them together so that it is your pain is totally ready. Now what we're gonna do is click on this button and duplicate the pin. Once we duplicate the pin will get same design in another bin. So what you're gonna do is just change the text color or forms if you want. Otherwise I'll keep it same, has just changed the picture and foreign goods. And that will get me a new version of the pin. So here you can see I have changed the image. I have changed the color. Now my another bin is ready. I'm just changing the color of the forms according to the woman's shirt. Large, ready, I click on duplicate base another time to duplicate the pen. Now again, the same process, I'll change the color of the font and the image, and my new bin will be ready. You can see how fast and how efficient is this. We'll get three of my Benzer already. So I'll click duplicate page and at that time and create one more pin. But with a slight change in design legged tool with the second type of design, I'm designing that over here. That the picture looks good. Now I will just put a layer over here. So I'll go to Elements and partnership and select a shape, a square shape. And I can resize it, I can make it for rectangle, I can make a square. Okay, so now my fourth bin is ready as real. And as you can see, I have designed some different pin over here. So as you can see as all of our pictures are Googly ready. So what I'm gonna do now is I'll just click on the download button and you can see you can download all of these image altogether. Just click on the All five pages and click on Download button and make sure the PNG version is selected for the images because it gives the best quantity for the image. You're all pins will be downloading a zip folder and you can use all of these pictures for your pins, ok. Now Europeans are ready. So what you're gonna do is just go to Pinterest and click on the Create button. And you can create bins. From here. You can add all pins altogether from hair, or you can do it manually on another day. That's totally up to you. Otherwise, print just gives you an option to schedule the pen for a later date or you can bin all depends at the same damn, that's up to you, but I will recommend you to bend them on a different time and on a different day. Because that will give Pinterest of fresh content every day and progressively loves fresh content. That way we have designed a same topic, Ben, for five different creatives because Pinterest loves and be beloved to see fresh content. So that's why we have created new design for every pin, but with the same topic only because of the reason people can see new bins every day. So this is why we designed different bins to give fresh content to Pinterest and to our people. So as you have seen now how you can design a bin and then just a matter of minutes, in less than ten minutes, you can design multiple pins over here. Just for this picture, I have designed only five bins. You can design more bin as well. That shortly up do you store up to your working hours? You can design all ten bins, all 20 bins and on the same day and Jen, and then just schedule them for a later date and then you can restaurant. So now we have learned that. Let's move to another class. 6. Class 6 Pin Effectively On Pinterest: Okay, so now that you've ever heard about creating the boards on your Pinterest profile. Now I'm going to tell you that binning is striking that. I wouldn't be telling you deepening strategy because if you want to achieve high volume, high organic reach, so you need to do daily beds, okay? So it's a Pinterest at a go to them and if you do daily pins, it boosts up job bends and you get up in ranking and you get high reaches. Okay, so I would highly recommend you to do daily bends as using this strategy. And I'll give you exact formula there. How are you daily? And after that, I also tell you how you can create an effective pen. Okay, so the formula is Ben, Ben creations, OK. That wouldn't be new bins you will create every day about your product, ok, and then heavy bends. So that makes going Pippin's daily Ben, Ben creation means you need to create your own product bend you can use different pictures of the same product efforts. Really difficult for you like if you have less number of products and you've got not a daily report, new product picture. So you can put different angular pictures and the front I'm gonna picture would be considered as a different bin, right? So this is how you can create bends. You can create ten daily events, which you can begin it with a student board at the board, and then you need to do ten VPNs. Vpns means you need to pin. There'll be spins, okay, so that scored ribbons. So you need to do when deepened study, including ten Ben creations and ten v bits. So let me tell you how you can create pin. So let's just illustrate goal where do purchase profile and as shows you, how you can create Ben. So this is my button, just profile and you can create bins from two options. First option comes up over here on the top title bar, which says create. You can hit this button and it will. I showed you create that Ben and create ad. So you can click on Create button to create a pin. And the other method is you can just click on the plus button here. And if you click that plus button overhead, you can see the pin button here. You can click it and create up in from here as well. Okay, so you'll see this interface for creating a campaign where you can see you can upload an image, you can add a title, you can add product description, and you can add your website lingo here. Okay? So you can create a bin from here and you can add multiple spins drum head. You can just, if you can see this plus sign or whatever on the left-hand side, if you click this plus sign, we'll give you an option to upload another bin. So in this way, you can upload multiple pens at the same time. You can lead or Dan pins at the same time just for Biscop shrimp di della images and publish all of them at once. All right, so let me show you how you can create a pen. I upload an image over here. So I don't recommend you to upload vertical images on Pinterest because that works best and Pinterest Flickr images that are worked it got, so the dimensions of the word together images should be 1000 pixel by 1500 pixel. Ok, 1000 pixels should be the width and 1500 pixel should be the height. Okay, so this is how you need to upload the picture. And I have a picture ready for my Pinterest. So I'll upload this picture and one more thing I'll tell you that reduce our working really, really well. As compare to the images like videos are performing six times brighter than the images. So I will recommend you if you can create videos. So you should upload videos as a pin on your Pinterest account. And you can simply create that video from or otherwise you had a graphic designer for that. So okay. I have uploaded a picture. Now I'm going to add a little more hair. I'll make sure that I'll put my keywords in the title. I have a 100 galactose or space over here. So I'll make sure that I use all the capacity of the characters and put my keywords as much as I can. Okay, so after some research, I have created a list of keywords that are most search keywords. And like the formula I told you in my last reduce that you need to create that domination of high surge, low search, medium search, key words, and then you can reuse them underpin descriptions, Print Titles, okay, so I have created a list format backbone related product. Ok, so this list is particularly legitimize our Boone related products. So I can choose these keywords on my Tyre dead end my description as well. So these are my titles or gesso. I'll just copy all these keywords and put it over here. So I will make a die data with a call to action like GET and PUT Mike evoked, you'll love it. And $5, right? So I have put the price overhead and all of my keywords, like I have put down five keywords. And you can see that they're more days getting all warned. Also, remove some of the keywords so that it gums within the limit. Ok, so now my diet and is ready and I have five give or chair. Now I'll put my keywords in that description as well. So you can port hashtags and the description, or you can put some paragraph auras. You can put a paragraph and hashtags in the description. That's up to you. I would recommend you to use a little bit of bad enough and hashtags. So these are my hashtags, okay, I have my keywords in the hashtags as well, so I'll just call pedia hashtags from my list and just put it over here. Okay? And I'll write a bit of a description like okay, so now that it comes under the limit, ok, so do more things left, I need to add an alternative text. Alternative text defines the pictures, okay, So it will define Pinterest what this Ben is about. Okay, so I write to the warhead for, I have entered my keyboard over here as well. And now I'll put our destination link. So my destination links, since I'm promoting a product, so my destination length will be the product page. Okay, I'll do mark, give the link of my main website, right? I'll just give the link of the fallback page, particular product page. Okay. So I would also recommend you to direct people towards a product page. Do not direct them towards a website if they are liking a particular product offshores and fewer redirecting them Buddha main website, it reduces the conversion rate. Okay, so I always recommend to give the particular product page which people are seen to your bends. Okay, so as you can see, I have created a word document with all of my product page links. Okay, so I'm, as I'm promoting a couple portrait. So this is my particular coupled portrait page link. I'll copy this link and I'll put our destination link over here. Okay, so now my pen is radium, our title is 3D picture description and everything is ready. So now I'm ready to publish it in my board. So as you can see here, there are two types of boards, portion board and group board. Or a board where you can see this, this public icon, this to people I can in the black. So this is a group board and normal Board is a partial Boris where as you can see no icons. As you can see there is no icon in the gauge and this is my personal board. Okay. This has gotten logos. This is my personal board. This board, this one is also group books. So this is how you can identify which one is group four and which one is personal board, so you can pin it accordingly. I would recommend you if you are creating a new pin. So I will recommend you to Bennett in endure personal board and then three pin it to the group works. Okay. So and always been your product to the relevant group or like, if you can see I have Guardiola was partial board and couple portrait illustration Board as well. Okay, so this is most relevant to the couple portrait board. So I will paint it in that double portrait illustration board, and that is my personal board. Okay, I'll publish it. And that's it. My pen has been published now as you can see, and now it's showing me another option to create an adaptor answerable. I do not want to create another pin. I have shown you how to create a bend and this is how your day one pin, and this is how you need to create ten pens daily. Okay? Now, I'm going to tell you now that you know how you can create a bin. Now I'm going to tell you how you can reap it. So for reopening, you can come over here on the business Eigen, click on home feed. Okay, when you come over home feed. So now you can see other people spins over here and you can see some different bins overhead and some cartoon related pins overhead. So it really shows you all lupins according to the address you have selected. So I'm only going to select the pins that is related to my account. Okay, there it is, it related to my niche. I'm not going to pin any other niches and do my bone because that will confuse Pinterest about my Pinterest profile. So I've only been products that are related to garden poor creates no other thing. Okay, similarly, you have to do the same, just one lip in the products. Their data related to Europe on. So this is a cartoon portrait as well. So I will pin it and you can see it. You can see this is showing you the board. So you can select the boards from here, whether you want to pin it to the group boards or the personal board, I would never have a benefit to the group board because why would I give for each to be both spin, okay, so I am only going to give reach, a good reach for my own beds. Okay. So for this bin, I shared it to my account, to my personal board only. Okay, so I'll just click on the Save button and selected my bedroom portrait bore, where now it's showing that it has been saved into my personal board. So I have could have been one very bin. Now I do more ribbons as I have told you that you need to do ten very bins daily. Okay, so this is another pin. I've just done it. Okay. So I've been doing repents. Now. I'm going to do third ribbon. And I'm always going to check that which board is it? It is going to be saved on. Okay, so this is a cartoon portrait and this picture is related, took up a reporter. So I'll search couple portrait and I'll save it to the personal board which is related to couple portrait. So you can see, I'm only reopening to the relevant board, right? If you're wondering why we are doing repents. So let me tell you they read pins are the bands were getting more traffic from Pinterest search engine. And if you reopen your account, it would bring traffic works your account as well. This is why we do repaints and so that we can get the Pinterest traffic Bu, odd profile as well. So our pens get traffic as well. Our pens get free, just read. Boards will get free. Jazz red. Okay, so this is why you should do w beds. So that said guys, I have told you that layer formula, that player's strategy on how you do. You can do daily pens. I've shown you how to do reed pens. I have just created five ribbons. Similarly, you need to do boundary pins, daily bank intuitions and gone back. So just follow this formula and you'll achieve that success. I hope I have cleared all your bonds about Pinterest. I have been able to make you understand about this strategy and I'm sure you're going to get great results where this is strategy. So congratulations for completing the course. Now. Now we have a class project consisting of two tasks that you need to do so that we can understand that you have completely understand the Pinterest is strategies. So here did do tasks that you need to do. First of all, you need to optimize your Pinterest profile with the right keywords. And second thing is you need to create three boards, optimize boards, right? So once you complete this boat task, you can submit your Pinterest profile link in the class project so we can see and give you some recommendations if required. Otherwise, you are ready to go ahead and I wish you best of luck for your Pinterest future. And I hope you'll get tons of traffic to Pinterest profile. So please give me your feedback about discourse. And if you have any question you get asked me and I'll try to answer your questions. And thank you very much for watching this course. Wish you best. 7. Results Day - Did we Achieve 1M Traffic?: Hello guys. So in this class I decided to show you the results that we have achieved from this strategies that I have shared in the course. And this is the final glass and it's both month of going, you're going to win and v, we're making this worse on first month of 2021. So far it's been four months. And you can see in the previous classes that when we were recording this course, we would do 60 thousand monthly. We were okay. Now to them I'm going to show you this is the fourth month and you can see the date on my screen that this is going to second that Braille. And I'm going to show you the results within the whole month. So let me show you the results first. So here you can see, guys, we have finally achieved at 15 monthly we were, as you can see at the top left corner of my screen. Let me take you to the dashboard so you can see it properly that how much we have grown within four months. So you can see this starts over here, guys. We have achieved through 15 million impressions and the growth percentages 121 percent. We have guard 6.1 guess is, and what if 2% growth in outbound clicks? We have got 198% rule. So you can see guys VR gleaming 1 million impressions within two months and within all months of Peter, we have achieved 15 million impressions. So you can see it over here as well. It's 2.5 million monthly views and 7.7 gave followers. So you are aware that in the course I didn't talk to you about followers like you should do. Follow for follow. Okay, I'm not doing that, but it's getting automatically followers coming automatically on Pinterest follower doesn't matter. The thing that matters is views, monthly views. Okay, so let me refresh it once again and let me show you that these are actually start and these are not like it's been George or anything like that. So I have just refresh my screen and you can see 2.5 million monthly views. 2.5 million monthly views with 7.7 good followers. And you can see it over here as well. The percentages are just still the same. 2.5 million, 120, 1% growth to 42% greater than 198% growth. So guys, if you follow my strategies, you will definitely get these results. And these are the actually starts there. You can achieve also get the strategies that I've heard in the course. And if you like my course, so please leave comments, leave good reviews. And if you have any questions, you can ask questions directly to me. Within there is an option in the course as well. I'll try to answer all of your questions and I hope you like the Boers. So if you like that boars and you think that your friend or family, someone who you know, needs this course, so please share it with them. I hope you get great results. So best of luck for your Pinterest account.