Pinterest Marketing 2021: From Beginner to Expert in 17 Lessons | Gvidas Maskoliunas | Skillshare

Pinterest Marketing 2021: From Beginner to Expert in 17 Lessons

Gvidas Maskoliunas, Digital Marketing Specialist

Pinterest Marketing 2021: From Beginner to Expert in 17 Lessons

Gvidas Maskoliunas, Digital Marketing Specialist

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17 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Intro Pinterest Marketing Course

    • 2. My Results and What this Course is About

    • 3. Introduction to Section for Beginners

    • 4. How to Create Pinterest Business Account

    • 5. What are Different Types of Pins

    • 6. How to Create Boards and Add Pins

    • 7. How to Claim Your Website

    • 8. How to Check Analytics Data of Your Website in Pinterest Dashboard

    • 9. Introduction to Section for Experienced Users

    • 10. Optimization. Keyword Research Tools

    • 11. How to Optimize Your Profile

    • 12. How to Optimize Your Boards and Keywords Research

    • 13. How to Optimize Your Pins for the Best Engagement Rate

    • 14. Pinterest Marketing How to Use Video Pins to Get More Traffic

    • 15. Easy Way to Find Viral Pins

    • 16. Schedule Your Pins And How to Get Easy Repins

    • 17. How to Get Unlimited Content Ideas on Pinterest

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About This Class


Student Review Nilofar Naaz

This class exceeded my expectations!

"Loved the lessons. I am a pinterest beginner and I was looking for various tutorials on youtube and everyone was saying Pinterest is great for traffic but no one was telling how to use it and how to get keywords.You have described really well and I am very thank full to you. WIll follow your Macrame profile on Pinterest.."

Do you want to learn how to unleash the full potential of Pinterest? How to attract free and passive traffic to your website? Are you interested in growing your Pinterest profile much faster than ever before? If the answer is yes, that means this course is for you!

So as you probably already knew Pinterest is one of the largest social media platforms out there. On average people tend to spend more money on this platform than on Facebook. That means if you have an e-commerce store having a Pinterest profile is a MUST.

I have a question for you. Do you think Pinterest is like any other social media platform? No, it's not.

You're probably using Facebook and Instagram. Am I right? And on these social media platforms, you share your photos, thoughts and communicate with friends. But I can guarantee that you don't use Pinterest in the same manner.

You see Pinterest is more like a search engine; that's why it's so unique. The idea behind this platform is to help people to find things which they would love. That's why the average shopping cart from Pinterest traffic is higher compared to Facebook. 

Imagine that Lilly just moved into a new place. It's a single bedroom apartment, and there is no furniture.  So she starts looking for ideas on how her bedroom could look. That's not an easy task since she has no idea where to start. What furniture to choose or in what color paint the walls.

But with the help of Pinterest, just by entering the keyword "bedroom ideas" she can start creating a clear image of her room. She might as well search for furniture or decor ideas. So this is how Pinterest works; the primary mission is to help people.

But you're not Lilly you're a person who owns a business. Your story is different. You want to attract visitors to your website and grow your profile.

In a course Pinterest Marketing 2021 you'll learn how you can achieve these things. I'll teach you everything you need to know about this social media platform to grow your business.

You'll learn how to optimize your profile, boards, and pins correctly. As well I'll show you what tools to use to grow your Pinterest account faster. And I'll share with you all the strategies which helped me to get massive traffic to my website. The best part is that once you apply this information, you'll be getting passive visitors to your blog or e-commerce store.

Doesn't this sound great? Because you wouldn't be able to achieve such things with Facebook or Instagram. Like I mentioned to you before Pinterest is different and that's why it works.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that you don't need to have lots of followers to get great results. One of my profiles has over 5 thousand followers, and I'm getting more than 7 million monthly unique viewers. By spending only 20 minutes per day, I get about 250 targeted clicks to my store each day. Good luck trying to get similar numbers on Facebook. It's just impossible.

Once you finish this course, you'll learn all the needed information to grow your business and your Pinterest profile. And don't forget to join my facebook group where I'll be sharing useful information not just about Pinterest but all other social media platforms as well. If you'll have any questions feel free to ask I'll be here to help you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gvidas Maskoliunas

Digital Marketing Specialist


I work at Hostinger as a marketing specialist, and in my free time, I run my own website. Most of the time I spend focused on growing social media presence and working with WordPress.

I decided to start teaching because I felt a strong need to share my knowledge with others who are interested in online business. I realized that I enjoy doing this, and it's a good feeling to know that my courses can help someone.


If you're interested in learning more about digital marketing, please join my Facebook group. 

As I like to say we are all in this together that's why we should help each other. So if you're going to have any questions feel free to ask I'm here to help you!

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1. Intro Pinterest Marketing Course: Do you want to learn how to skyrocket your traffic from Pinterest? Are you interested in growing European dress profile much faster than ever before? Are you tired off low engagement rate and you're looking for the waste How you couldn't prove it? Or maybe you are just a beginner who's not sure how the social media platform works. Anyone to learn all these other things which I already mentioned? Hi, my name is with us and in this course been just marketing 2019. You will learn everything you need to know. In order to successfully grow your Pinterest profile, attract more visitors to your website and how to increase your engagement rate. And if you are just the beginning, I will teach you everything you need to know about a social media platform so you could learn these all other things as well that will share with you my old strategies and techniques which I'm currently using in order to grow up in dress profile, attract visitors to my website. And don't forget these Mrs Bassett. So that means I don't really need to do much been dressed. Basically, I just spent like 20 minutes per day and I'm getting targeted visitors to my website. Once you finish the scores, don't forget to join my Facebook group where I will be sharing batteries, information, just about interest. But about a lot of social media platforms is well, I will share with you search engine optimization tips on all that information which will help to grow your business. And if you're gonna have any questions, feel free to ask. I will be here to help you. 2. My Results and What this Course is About: Hello and welcome to introduction off Pinterest Marketing 2019 course. In this course, you will learn how to skyrocket your traffic and you learn how successfully grow your interest profile. So I have some real life examples on the left. You see my Facebook page, which has our 300,000 lives and on the right. As you can see, there's my Pinterest profile, which has 4.5 1000 followers. So my Facebook page is about 70 times bigger than benches profile. So compared to Facebook page, my Pinterest profile is Justin, and it's nothing. It's just dust. Let's take a look at monthly reach. As you can see, my Facebook reaches 7.1 million and on the right, I have almost six million reach from benches. So isn't this crazy? My Pinterest profile is 70 times smaller than Facebook page, and I'm getting almost the same results. That's just crazy. Let's take a look at monthly clicks from Pinterest on the average per month I'm getting about 6 6.5 1000 clicks. Meanwhile, from Facebook, I'm not even getting 2000 clicks even follow my Facebook pages 70 times bigger than Pinterest I'm still getting more clicks from Pinterest and don't forget guys. This traffic is targeted so that means a making sales and I'm not spending a diamond is clicks and this traffic, it's passive. I'm constantly getting traffic to my website. So that's why I believe 80 20 rule works on benches for me the best since most of the time about 80% of my time I spend on instagram and Facebook and what I get just 20% of results. As you can see in this slide, I'm not even getting 2000 clicks. Meanwhile, I'm spending most of my time on Facebook and Instagram. I spent about 20% of my time on Pinterest and I'm getting 80% of results. So this is crazy guys, you don't need to do much to get a good results. So why? I think 2019 is the best year for you on benches. As you can see, Pinterest was lounged in 2000 and 10 and Facebook is six years older. I've been on Pinterest for three years with this profile, and I started noticing that this year I'm getting the best results. Ma reaches outstanding and what I'm doing right now just works like a charm. Meanwhile, Facebook, with every new update, is making things worst. I'm not getting reach. I have to spend more money on my ads. Basically, competition is very high, and the golden era of Facebook for me was about three or four years ago. And since the Pinterest is six years younger than Facebook, I believe interest this year has a really huge potential. How unique ISP interest compared to other social media platforms. In this case, I'll be comparing Pinterest to Facebook and Instagram. So let's take a look at statistics off the most popular social media networks worldwide. As you can see, interest is in the bottom. Meanwhile, Facebook is on the top. Does it mean that Pinterest is not as good as Facebook or Instagram for your traffic? No, of course not. Because interest you see is more like a Google. It's more like a search engine. What people do on Pinterest is they look for ideas, how to decorate, living room for kitchen ideas or any other ideas. You see, people are constantly searching on Pinterest and looking at things which they like, so most of the users don't use been just as a communication tools with friends. So people you spin just searching for ideas and another reason why Pinterest is like a search engine. It's because in order for you to get good results, you must know how to optimize your profile boards and Ben's just like in Google search. If you want your block block supposed to show up, you must optimize it. Otherwise you will not be getting in the result. So how is this good for you? Why, it's good That interest is more like a search changing not just any other social media platforms, so that means you don't really need to have a huge fan base to get a massive reach. You don't need to have lots of followers to get traffic to your website. That's a really good thing. If your Facebook page doesn't have a lot off likes, that means your reach is going to be very low with Pinterest. It doesn't work this way. Also, you don't need to waste any money in order to grow your profile. Yes, you total don't need to make ads in order to grow your profile. You can easily do this organically without spending a dime, and one of the best things is that you will be getting a consistent and targeted traffic to your website. What do I mean? So if someone's gonna search for your pen and someone's gonna enter a certain keyword to search bar, they're going to find your pen, so that means it's not going to get lost. Your pins will not be forgotten. When you're going to learn in the scores in the section for beginners, I will teach you how to set up your benches business account. I will teach you how to create boards at Ben's. How to claim your website in other wards. How to connect your upside to Pinterest so you could see analytics data off your website and in the section form or experience users. You're going to learn how to unleash potential off pinches this year as well. You will learn how you can get a passive and targeted traffic to your website without doing much, and of course, I will teach you how to successfully grow your pinches profile. After you will complete the scores, you will become an expert off Pinterest, and you will skyrocket your traffic and you will be able to grow your profile like never before, and I have some bonus for my students. I have created the mastermind Group where I will be sharing useful information about Pinterest tips on how to grow your business CEO tips. Since I'm working without a social media platforms as well, I will be sharing ideas, tips how you can grow these profiles as well. And if you're gonna have any questions with interest, just feel free. Ask and I will be here for you to help. Thank you for attention and after finishing the scores, you will learn how to unleash Ah, full potential off Pinterest in 2019. 3. Introduction to Section for Beginners : First of all, I would like to thank you for purchasing my Pinterest marketing course. This will be a very short introduction What you're going to learn in this section for beginners. So what I'm going to learn. I will teach you how to create your Pinterest's business profile. I will show you how to great boards and you will learn how to make your very first spin. Because in order to start using your binges profile, you have to make your first been. So I'm going to teach you that as well. I will show you how to connect your website to Pinterest or, in other words, how to claim your website. And I will show you different types off pins. So regular pins with the images you learn about carousel prints with different images as well, and I will show you video pins for best engagement as well. I will teach you how to check your insights. You will learn about analytics data off your Pinterest profile and you're going to learn about analytics data off your website. So in order to see this information, you have to claim your website at first. So if you feel that you are familiar with this information you can skip to experience user section. Or if you feel that you are a beginner, please continue watching and at the end of this section will include a Pdf file, which recommended been dimensions and best practices. 4. How to Create Pinterest Business Account: this part off my courses for complete beginners who don't know how to great been dress account or who are not sure on how to do that. So, as you can see, you can set up a regular Pinterest account. But I recommend you to start with a business account. So just enter your email. I will be using one off my emails. All right, just enter your email, your password, and thats it basically okay, Just wait a few seconds, and here we go. Says, welcome. Come commit big your language and countries. So the language will be English and for country as strongly recommend you to choose United States or United Kingdom since you will get more features. All right. Next. So tell us about your business. Depending on your business, choose the right option. I'll be choosing brand and the business. Same will be, um Akram. And this one is quite popular right now. Hit. Next Linked to have upset off course. If you have a website, you should add your link right here. Since I don't have a website for this profile, I just gonna skip this part. All right? Connect your other accounts to Pinterest this one is very important. If you have instagram profile just claiming here, it's very simple. Just sent a real credentials right here. And Breslow Logan and you done same goes with etc. As you can see, same goes with at sea and same goes with YouTube. So if you have these profiles are strongly recommend to claim them because this will help your business. All right, let's it next. Do you plan to run ads? If you're planning to run ads it? Yes. Since in this scores I will not be teaching you on how to run ads because this course is all about setting up your Pinterest profile, optimizing it and growing it without spending a dime. So just in case in the future, you will be running ads you can select. Yes, I just next. This party is for choosing topics that would best describe your business. So depending on your business, choose the right options. Ah, Frank. Yeah. Home decor will be fine for my design art. What else do we on my island? Off course not my graft. D i Y furniture. And this should be enough. So depending on your business, select the right options hit Done. All right. You can install Pinterest extension for easy pinning. Since I'm not using it, I just gonna skip this part. But if you are interested, you can definitely add this extension to your browser. This will help you to be in the certain pins from various websites easily. So I'm just gonna skip this part. It's not essential since to start using Pinterest you have to make your very first been. So I'm just going to use a pin which are found on Pinterest from one off the macro man enthusiasts. She's selling this Ah, piece off Laurette on her etc profile. So I just going to include her, her link, Teoh etc. As well it's gonna name it my crime man. Sorry about that. I just gonna add description. Nice. The's off, Micro man. This one is not very important. I'm just using it to set up the account. Later on, I will teach you the proper way how to write a description, how to write a name, how to include your website and basically you will learn how to optimize your pens for the best results. So hit save Choose a board. So you will have to create board as well. Makram it again. This one is not important. I'm just showing you as example how it's done. Just click create and you save it right here is this is select and published immediately. Say follow these suggestions to great great first ad Since like I mentioned before, I will not be teaching you on how to create ads so we can skip this part. Okay. As you can see, Pinterest account is ready. We don't have much right now. Just one board and one pin is against in macro me. And here we have been. So this section is for your tries. As you can see, it says right here, pens that you try living here. So basically add modes and photos to recipes. You are made placing your visited and other ideas you have tried. This is not very essential to discourse. It's up to you. If you are planning to use it there you will see your followers Here You will see it. The list off people you're following right now. That's it for this part. Let's move on to another one 5. What are Different Types of Pins: all right. In this section, I will show you different types off Ben's, which available on Pinterest. So in order to make a pin just hit this red plus button, and this one is just a regular pin image. This one is a new one. You can make a carousel off images with links, of course, and we have a video pence. This one is just for creating ads, and in order to see this option off video pins, you must have a business account, and the location off your business account must be set to United States. Otherwise, you will not be able to see this option. All right, let's start with a regular pen. That's great one. All right. You can drag and drop image. You once add a title description and your URL once you've done just a select board and save , of course, in the next section, which is for experienced users that will be teaching you on how to optimize title description and the image itself. Also, there's an option to save image from your website, so just hit this one based your euro and submit so pinches will take all available photos from this link and you can select one and just the Bennett. I usually don't use this function since I like to make my pins of article and eye catching , So these pictures are not good, so I don't usually use this one. What I do is just upload my photo had title description and at my euro. Okay, let's move on to another one. And this one. It's castle pins. This one is really good, especially if you have equal more store nor Webster. Let's say, Were you selling all kinds of T shirts? And you have different categories. Let's say you have a category for cat lovers and you have about 10 or I don't know, 11 T shirts, the's T shirts, all different. They have different titles. They have different descriptions and off course. They have different links. So what do you want to do? Is just upload one photo, for example. Just gonna take one photo Doesn't matter which one. And here you add your title description and dealing. Once you've done, just click this one, add another one at title description and website. Again, I will show you how to optimize the titles and descriptions in another section. I will teach you on how to optimize your images as well, so you will get the best results. So let's move on to another one. Video pins. So what we have here interest is already giving us some suggestions. You should use the square videos or vertical ones. Always use vertical pins, because these are the most eye catching pins and the it's very easy to make vertical pins go wir als. So I strongly recommend you to use a vertical pins as well. And the length of video should be between six and 20 seconds. All right, let's let's try to upload one video just to see how it works. All right, She's gonna select random video is you see, like I told you before, I like to use vertical images, so all right, you can. She was a different time name. Or you can upload your own Tom Dale. All right, what we have here. So we have a description and this nation Euro, that's it. You write description based your your URL. And once you've done just pick up board and that's it, that's all we need to know about widow pins. So this is it, guys, this that's all you need to know about different types of pins and let's move on to another section. 6. How to Create Boards and Add Pins: in this section, I will teach you how to create Pinter's boards, and I will show you whole pinning process before I start creating pinchers. Boards always like to spy on my competition. So since I'm creating a profile of macro may I wanna look for macro man people who are interested in micro man who are doing the same thing right now, so it depends on your niche and what you are interested in. You will be searching for that keyword. So already chose to two people. Two profiles. This one macro macro man, you can check. Ah, boards off. This profile is you can see it has monochrome Akram a. D I. Y and other boards and I have another profile with other boards and it AZM or board. So, as you can see mantra my bags, Macromedia's and etcetera. So then you start recommend you to start with five boards. It's It's more than enough, and later on you can create even more boards. So here made a list off possible boards, which will be Makram airbags, McCrum ideas, Macromedia. Why? Macro man plans Mark Makram chandeliers. So what I want to do right now is I want to create boards with these names, so OK, let's start. Let's go home. Okay, Macro man. And choose boards and create some boards. So name. So just put a name on this board. McCrum airbags. You don't want to make this secret board create McCrum airbags. Now we're just gonna finish making the rest of the boards just finished grading my boards with titles from the list. In total, I have six of them, and the next step will be adding some pains to each board. I'm planning that about 5 to 6 spends. And to do this I will be using search. So I'll be looking for Ben's, which suits the best each board. This is where a simple step. I'm just doing this to make this profile look more a appealing to potential followers. I'm not focusing right now on optimizing Ben's or boards or anything like that. I just want to make this profile look nice. That's all I want to do right now. I will start with micro my bags. To be honest, I'm quite interested in how these bags look like this one Looks like a cool pin. It has two K reprints, so This is very popular one. So we're just gonna added Teoh McCrum. Airbags hit save and that's it. You're done this one as well. That's at that one. So right now, we're just going to continue adding pins to the rest of the boards. I just finished all bidding process. As you can see, a profile looks much better right now. Each board has five to see expense. Probably next step will be to change profile image. I just going to create a very simple logo with a title and macro, ma'am. So that's it. That's it for now. Now you know how to create your boards, how to had pens to these boards, so we will see you on the next lesson. 7. How to Claim Your Website: all right. Next thing which you should do right now is to claim your website in order to see analytics data right here off your website. This will be shown right here. Of course. I have other Pinterest account. Which shovel? Show it to you with old data where you can see how many clicks you got, how many saves you got and so on. So in order to see this all data, you must claim your website it first. So what do you want to do is go to settings here. You can see claim and add your wraps. It since it's just a example for you will be adding my very old website. It's just doesn't matter fantasticks dot com and you want to hit claim. So right here you have two options choose from. If you're not sure what to do, you should contact your developer and he's gonna do it for you. It's very simple, but if you want to do it yourself, the easiest path to do this would be upload html file. It's very simple. So select upload html file hit, download. So the next thing you want to do is you want to access your file manager. It depends if you're using C panel. It's very easy to access your file manager or maybe are using files. LF two piece. So both ways are very simple, and I'm going to show you both face on how it's done. So we are here in C panel. As you can see, here is file manager Just get file manager Andi, you want to go to public HTML and you want to upload your code Your your file, which shoot downloaded from Pinter's previously right here. Just upload. Select that file. As you can see, I have a little bit off gas. Obviously files, not here. Just find your file. Get open. Once the upload is done, you can go back to file manager and you're done. So the other way to do this would be using file file Zilla. Ah, just enter your credentials right here. Host user name, Password port should be turned to Since I have already safety settings that just gonna connect to Systemhouse, that son of the website as well. Is it ok again? Listing looks the same public html Go to public html and just drag that file right here as you can see. Here's that file. Of course, it's another file, but it's it's the same. Once you're done, you can close file Zilla go to to Pinterest again. Hit next. And if all set hit, submit. And you should be okay After two days, you should start seeing statistics 2 to 3 days, I guess. And this is it. This is it. That's all you have to do. Teoh. Claim your website. It's quite simple. But if you're not sure how to do it, you should contact your developer and he's going to do for you. Just gonna take two minutes. All right, let's move on to another section. 8. How to Check Analytics Data of Your Website in Pinterest Dashboard: all right. Once you have claimed your website, created some boards and added some prince from your website, you can check the analytics. Ah, this will take about two days for analytics data to be updated. So Ah, the very first day after you claim you upset, you will not be able to see any day that right here. So these two first windows are the data off your profile so you can check how well your profile is doing. How how many average monthly viewers you're getting is against him. So this these two windows are not so important because the most important one is right here . Here. You can see data off your website itself so you can determine how well you're bends from your website are doing so how many clicks you're getting, how many saves how many impressions, As you can see on average, I'm getting 245 k impressions. Andi saves should be 1.2 k saves on how many clicks I'm getting. It's 224 klicks per day. And don't forget, this is a very targeted traffic. I'm not spending any money for it, and I'm making sales so This is crazy because you don't need to spend any money to make. Sales and Teoh have huge numbers. You know, 300 clicks for free. It's quite good from Pinterest. Um, I'm not. To be honest, I'm not spending much time on on this profile, mostly half an hour per day and I'm still able to get these numbers. And the reason is why it's because my profile is very well optimized. And after you finish this course, you will learn how to optimize your profile as well. And you'll be getting even better results, since I'm not spending a lot of time on this on this profile, so you can expect even better results. Eso This is it, guys, this is it for now, and let's move on to another section. 9. Introduction to Section for Experienced Users : This is a very short introduction into section for experienced users. So what exactly going to learn? First of all, I will teach you how to properly optimize your Pinterest account. I will show you what tools do I use for cured research in order to optimize my Pinterest profile boards and pins for the best possible results. Next, you will learn how to easily create eye catching pins for the best click through rate. And, of course, you'll learn how to get targeted traffic to upset without spending a penny. Next, I will explain you why it is very important to interact with your audience. If you want successfully grow your Pinterest profile as well, you will learn the main differences between video pins and the regular pins and how you can use video pins to grow your Pinterest profile much faster. Once you finish the scars, you will learn how to skyrocket your traffic and, most importantly, how to grow your Pinterest account. So if you're ready, we can start the section 10. Optimization. Keyword Research Tools: but I'm doing a cured research. Ah, usually use just free tools. So the better first stool is actually not even a tool is just a Pinterest search bar. And what I usually do is just center my main keyword, which is Makram M. And let's say I want to optimize my boards. I don't like how my title sound, and I don't think that my title, sir, very well optimized. So when I find the right keywords from a titles off my boards, so what I usually do. Like I said, I enter my main cured and I look for ideas. So once you enter, your main cured Pinterest is is giving you some suggestions. As you can see, like Makram, a wall hanging Plan hanger and lots tutorial, one center discovered. It gives you some suggestions. And let's say I want to get some more ideas on Makram a Wall, and all we have to do is just center mark Ramat Wall and then just starts giving suggestions like McCrum a wall hanging McCrum, meanwhile, hanging there y and so on. So if you want, you can even enter another war like Malcolm a Wall hanging and again Pinterest will start giving you suggestions. So the second to again, it's not actually a tool. It's just the feature off, Ben. Just and it's been. Just add skipper, too, so that you don't need to worry. You will not need to pay for anything. It's a free tool. I will show you how you can access the stool. And again, it's very simple to use. You just sent remain cured and Pinterest gives you loads of suggestions. Lows off suggestions based on this keyword. So I usually use the stool for gathering ideas for my board, Spence, or even for content. And the best part about the stewed is that it gives wall him off monthly searches so you can see which cures a proper and which I'm not so popular. And the last tool, which I usually use, is uber suggest again. What I usually do is just center mark. Your let's say this time I will enter my main keywords and uber suggests, shows me monthly search volume and how difficult it is to rank this cured in Google search . So if this keyword is very popular in on Google, if it has lots of monthly searches that means this cured is also popular on Pinterest. And another great feature off this stool is that it also gives some suggestions off the ski word. So I will show you how I'm using these tools in order to optimize my board. So our pens. I just wanted to introduce these all tools to you So you would be for Millard with them. All right, so we can start optimizing my boards. 11. How to Optimize Your Profile: all right. The very first thing I want to do right now is to optimize my profile already. Know that the main keywords which I'm using is Makram in. So Mark remains my main cured. I don't need to do any research for discovered since I'm using it for my in my title. And I want to include this giver in my user name. User name is here, and as you can see, my user name right now is calm. Calm it It doesn't make any sense. I want to include my keyword in my user name. Another thing which I want to do. I need to write a description about your profile. As you can see, description right now is not existing. On best case scenario, I want to include my main keyword twice and description. But you don't want to go over the top. Don't include your main key word in description more than twice. Otherwise the description won't make any sense. And it's not good for optimization. Actually, it's bad for optimization and it hurts your ranking and search. This is what I did. I will start from the top and I will go down. So first things. First you want to optimize your photo as well. So what do I mean? I mean, you want to change the title off your photo to your main keyboard. So as you can see, the title of my profile photo is Makram as well. So So you want to make sure that the title of your photo is with the keyword. So this is this is very simple, but actually, these things work. All right. Profile. Photo is set. Next thing user name. I decided to go with Macron Victorian because I did a little bit off research on Mark remain on. I found out that Makram it was the most popular in Victorian era. So the second thing I did, I decided to include Makram a keyword twice. But the first skewered I made a little bit longer. So this is not just Makram a keyword. It's a little bit longer cured as well. It's It's Makram it, Deke. Or so it's Ah, discover this from two awards, actually, basically, since I wanted to make sense in my description. So I decided to describe my profile and these three wards that it's going to be Malcolm a Deco and tutorials. And since I didn't want my my profile description sounds, though, I decided to include a quick history lesson that their list recorded. Use McCrimmon style notes above, above a bar. As I mentioned before, you shouldn't include your main cured more than wise. It's bad. Practice and description cannot be longer than 160 characters says You can see it cannot exceed 160 characters. So once you've finished, just get done. All right, this isn't my profile is now optimized. My title has the main keyword, Makram Al Ma profile Photo is optimized as well, and the as you can see description has to keywords Makram. And so it's optimized as well. And my user name is optimized. So this is how you optimize your profile. And in the next lessons, I will show you how you can do a cure research and how to optimize your boards and pens as well. So this is it for now. Now you know everything you need to know about profile optimization 12. How to Optimize Your Boards and Keywords Research: All right, so right now I want to optimize my boards and the very first board I would like to optimize is this one, Makram and plans because I don't think that the title of this board is good enough. I think I could give this aboard another title more optimized, more Pinterest friendly. Since I just copied this board from other profile Adam thing, that is, it is optimized very well. And since I did a little bit off research on the skewered Makram and plans on uber suggest I got results that this keyword itself is basically not existing and no one's looking for it On Google, that means if it's not popular and Google, there's a huge chance that this keyword mantra meant plants is not popular on Pinterest as well. So I would like to find a better name, a better title for this for this board. So what I want to do right now is just use Pinterest Search bar are just gonna enter my main key one here and here. I'm getting some suggestions and the second suggestion is Makram a plan hanger. So actually this is the same as Mom Akram and plants says most of my Pinson, this board um Akram a plan hangers. So a good idea is to use this keyword since it's very popular. Otherwise, Pinterest wouldn't be suggesting it to me just to be sure. I want to do a little bit research under skewered, and I want to enter this keyword and uber suggest and see how popular it is. All right. As you can see, this is a very popular cure. It has over 18,000 monthly unique searches and the CEO difficulties. Four Date, which is medium. So that means you have a 52% chance to rank your content in top 20 position in a Google search. Now I exactly know that this keyboard is very popular and not just on Pinterest, but in Google search as well. That's not all, because, uber suggests, also gives some cured ideas as well. So much for my plan Hangar is very popular. Mark Grimmette Plan Hangar there. Why this one is even easier to rank, and we have even more suggestions. So this is the whole list of suggestions. These are not just good for optimizing your boards or pence. These are great ideas for your content. Let's say you have a board with a title. Makram A Plan hangar. You could possibly make some content about Makram a plan hanger dear Why? Or let's say Makram, a plan hanger patterns and so on. So now I know 100% that marquee word Makram a Plan hangar which I want to use in one of my boards is very popular and I can expect good results. So what I want to do right now is to change title. Like I said, this title isn't good enough. It's not properly optimized, so we want to change it to mark remand plan hanging. Next thing I want I want to do is write a description so description is very important as well. Otherwise your board will not be properly optimized and how to do this. You just want to write a short description between 50 and 150 wards. Let's say so. I already wrote description for just bored, as you can see, and it has my keyboard macro Met Plan Hanger. So here it is. McCrum, a plan hanger and as well decided to use this. Give it one more time, but this time the second keeper that decided to use a long tail keywords. So that means it's gonna be a longer keyboard, which still appears, and Pinterest search or even in a Google search, so discovered this macro my plan hanger ideas. Basically, this description is about my board, what this board is going to be about and included two key words, and it's totally enough for description optimization. Next thing you have to choose your category. Don't forget to choose a category. This one is very important. Obviously, Ma board is about D i, Y and craft. So I want to choose this one. And of course, if you want, you can change your cover. You can choose from all from all of your pins and that's it. This board right now is optimized. 13. How to Optimize Your Pins for the Best Engagement Rate: All right. So in this video, I will teach you how to properly optimize your pins for the best possible results. Otherwise, if you're pins are not optimized very well you will not be getting good results one from Pinterest search The procedure is very similar. Teoh Optimizing board So you want to find the best keyword for the title off your Ben and you want to write a description based on disk cured. So like we did in optimizing boards as well, you must change the title of your photo with the keyword, so you must include keyword in the title of your photo. So this helps a lot for search optimization what I want to do right now. So let's say I want to create new Quran like I mentioned you before on almost never used this tool to savor Ben's from our side. So when you use this feature off interest, basically what it does, it takes all available photos from this link and you can create a been from from these photos. So I don't do this since ah, most of the time, when I create my pens, I always like to make them vertical and want to make them stand out. So, um, I'm never able to use these type of photos in my block both so it's basically not possible to get eye catching image when you're using this future. So I'm not using it at all. All I do is just upload my photo. So what I did that I created a very simple photo. As you can see, it says the most saved monochrome weapons in 2019. So as you can see, it's a vertical image as well. Always like Teoh include, let's say, my main key word in the text off image when I'm making these types off Ben's because Pinterest algorithm can identify text in images right now, it's not essential, but I just wanted to mention it for you. So as you see, I created a vertical image, and the title of this image, as you can see, is macro me Ideas for projects plan hangers, wall decor. My main keyword for this been will be Makram ideas, so as well. It includes projects planned hangers, so I never give title for my images, just with a single cured. But in this case would be Macromedia's always like to make it a little bit longer, so it would make sense and it wouldn't appear just a keyword targeted image. So I always like to make my titles longer, and I noticed it works much better. That's basically what I did with this image, and this is a vertical image all day. I mentioned several, including pdf file at the end of the scores. So you will have all needed information on how to create pence, so you will not need to look for this information anywhere else. Okay, so let's great a pen. So much is gonna drag this image here and the most saved micro weapons in 2019. The title will be the most popular Macromedia's, so obviously I'm focusing on the key word macro my ideas. So I did a little bit off. Research on uber suggest on how popular this keyword is, So the search walderman Google search isn't very high with so CEO difficulties medium. This cable is not extremely popular in Google Search, but I just a checked stats of this keyboard in Pinterest's keyboards to and as you can see , it shows this keyboard is actually very popular on Pinterest. If it's not popular in Google, that doesn't mean the Skillet isn't popular on been interest. So my main mission is to optimize the spin on this cured. So Makram el ideas. As you can see, I'm not just naming this been Macromedia's or I'm not just giving title for this image. Macromedia's I'm making it a little bit longer, so it would make sense. It wouldn't look a Spammy or anything like that. Next thing is description. Basically, I did almost the same, and I was optimizing mob board, So I created a very short description. Description is about 100 words. You want to make your descriptions between 102 100 words, so you don't need to make it any longer. This amount is more than enough. Once you've done, just add your your L and select the board. So my board's gonna be Macromedia's and they're just gonna hit save and that's it. You done. Basically, that's how you properly optimize your pens. So the main free factors when you optimizing your spends, make sure the title off your image includes your keyword on which you are optimizing up in second. You must include you're cured, entitle us well. And the third thing, you must include your keyword one or two times in description. So this is how you perfectly optimize your pins. And then the tools, which I was using for doing a keyword research this time was again Pinterest, keywords, stool and uber suggests so as well. You can use search bar, but this time I didn't need it. So the reason, like we are optimizing men's boards and profile with keywords, is because then someone's gonna enter the skewered. They will be able to find your pin or your board or even your profile. So if your profile is not optimized on the ski words, the most popular ones which people are searching for your pins won't show up. That's why you want to optimize everything. So right, guys, now you know everything about optimization. 14. Pinterest Marketing How to Use Video Pins to Get More Traffic: all right. Video pens vs a regular pins why it's so important and how video pins are special. So I believe that in 2019 you can expect best results from Video Pin. So I started noticing in increase off reprints off my video pence dramatically about four 03 months ago, as I remember about three or four years ago. Yeah, it was about four years ago. Most of the time I was using Facebook to grow my business and to grow my Facebook page. Most of the time I used videos, so it was very easy to make these widows go wild and very easy. T attract new people to like my page today. It's a completely different story. It's not happening and more on Facebook. Yes, you still can grow your page. But of course, this course is not about Facebook. So notice that in 2019 for some reason, Video Open started doing very well, so you should focus on video pins as well. You shouldn't ignore them. These type off pence could get you massive results in growing Europe interest profile and attracting more visitors to your website, so you should definitely include video pins to Europe. INJURIES PROFILE So why these video pins are so special. For some reason, people tend to interact more with video pins. They tend to leave more comments, and they usually repent them more often once someone leaves a comment. Of course you must reply, because this way you increase your engagement. And Pinterest loves when people spend their time when their social platform. And that means the more time they spend, like leaving comments watching videos. Because of that, Pinterest is going to reward you and show your videos in top positions because that's the main reason off social media platforms or basically offended website or YouTube. Let's say you too. The more people spend time on YouTube watching your videos, the better your rankings will be. So the more the more time people spend on your content that means they like your content. And that's why video pins are so important because people tend toe watch. It opens much longer than when they just scroll down and see some regular pins. And, of course, it's much easier to make video pin go wild compared to regular pins. I have done this at least five times, most of my videos get about two million views, three million views. And considering that these views I'm getting on Pinterest, that's quite a lot. It's nothing compared to Facebook but still managed to grow. Mob ventures profile basically without doing any work. Since most of my videos are wild, it's much easier to make your video pin go wild when it is to make your regular pin go wild . And, of course, once your pin gets noticed, more people start interacting with your video pin. You will start getting massive traffic to your website, so be prepared once your video pins out properly optimized and you're getting re pence, so be prepared to get massive traffic to your website. This is how it works. I know from my experience. So take a look at these soup INTs from one of my profiles. The first stats from my regular pin. It's just been about tabby cats. This topic is quite popular between cattle hours and as you can see in period off 30 days, I got just 63 clicks and 11 saves, so that's not so much. And and the bottom as you can see there is my video pin with a video open. There is a completely different story. I got 6.3 K clicks to my website and 40,000 safe. So that's a lot, guys. This video got three million views in 30 days, so don't forget, the spins were made about 2 to 3 days apart and the widow pin got wild. So that's how it works. Been dress right now. So you should consider about making more video content on Pinterest for the best results you should. Great vertical video opens. And don't forget to include eye catching text and distinctive background like used used. These bright, strong callers sore or something like that. As you can see on the right side, I have some examples. These are two of my pins and they're doing really well cause these ah, eye catching pins. And of course, it's very important to optimize your pins properly, so that means you must include you're cured in title of the video and optimize it based on your keyword. And don't forget description. Description is very important as well, so you should include your keyword one or two times. Just don't go over the top two times are completely enough. Basically, you just have to optimize these video pens to get good results. Once you start using video pens, you will start noticing difference in attracting more people. More followers. That's just how it works as well. Don't forget that your videos must give some kind off value to your ordinance. It it should be entertaining or interesting or something valuable. This type of video content does the best, so your content must be in summer another way available to your audience. So I just wanted to show you how well your content can do on Pinterest and been especially inventor. Search when your content is optimized properly. One center disk. Your cat video. It's quite broad cured, and I scrolled down and I can find my videos. This one is one of my videos. As you can see this, this video has four K reprints, 19 comments, and this one as well is one of my videos. Has almost 60 k reprints. 95 comments Course I interact with my audience, always replied to their comments, So sometimes I even include keyword in my replies. And as you can see, this one is moderate as well. This one as well. Andi, I have this this one as well. This video is also mine. As you can see this, this really doesn't have memory pins. But it's, ah, new video. And I did optimization part on this video more seriously, ban on others. So even for it doesn't have many reprints, it still has a really good position in search this one as well. So again, it doesn't have to minnery pins, but it's doing quite well. And these videos are growing in uploaded these videos about a month ago. These are quite new videos, actually, and these ah much shoulders. This one is about six months old. This one is about one year old, something like that. And they are doing quite well even for I didn't optimize these videos very well compared to these other ones because I wasn't taking this part very seriously. And I was doing stupid mistake. So you shouldn't be doing this. All I did is just, um I gave title for this video. As I remember, the title of this video was hunting simulator cat video, something like that. And this one is well, cat, lady cat video, I guess, and the title of this video was something similar, but always including in videos cured GATT video. So that's the reason why these pens are doing so well in search. And I believe these Sutter prints going Teoh, get ah, higher position sooner or later. So right, guys, Now we know why we reopen so, so important and why you should be using them. I'm not saying that you should focus on the on video pins, but you must include videos in your content. If you want to grow your been dress profile fast and if you want to get massive traffic to your website very quickly. 15. Easy Way to Find Viral Pins: so another great tool, which I always like to use. Its called pin sniper. It allows you to find the most popular pins based on your keywords, so I will demonstrate you how it works. Just click on it. Enter you're keyword. Let's say macro me and let's sorted by a likes and let's see what are the most popular pens . As you can see, this one has 8000 reap INTs. That one has 11,000. You see how it works? This one has to k reprints, so this stool allows you to find the most popular content based on your keyword. It's very helpful if you are lacking off ideas what type of content might be popular on been dressed, and I always like to use the stool for very simple but actually very popular content creation. So what I usually do is I find the most popular, the most Repin pins, and I just make a list of them, download them and make a block post with the most popular of Ben's. Let's say the most popular pins in 2019 Top 20 popular bins in 2019 so I would make up in of course, I would make a vertical pin with some text on it. So let's say the most awesome bends in 2019 the most awesome Makram at pence in 2019. So this type of content is very popular and interested, and it does really felt so. The stool is free. You will not need to pay for it. Just Google it social pin sniper. So it's very easy to use, but it's very useful. Also, I like to use to find, like I said, the most popular pins and sometimes a post these photos of the spins in my other social media platforms since I Now these photos are doing really well on Pinterest. That means these photos are going to do well on other social media platforms as well. This is very simple to, but it has helped me a lot, but creating viral photos, viral videos and all other sorts of content. So I definitely recommended for you. Just try it out, and also, once you find very popular prints, you just can add them to your boards, they say. Basically, you have boards with the most popular content on Pinterest. That's that's just amazing 16. Schedule Your Pins And How to Get Easy Repins: All right, guys, I have another great tool, which I really recommend you to try it out and use it. I'm using it with the been dressed and with Instagram as well, so it's a really great tool. It helps you to schedule pens, and it has much more features. Actually, the stool is paid, but you will have an opportunity to try it for free, so it gives you a free trial of 100 scheduled Ben's. But the best part about the stool is not that you can schedule pens or anything like that. It's about that you can share your pins. Two tribes. So tribes are basically Pinterest groups on Taylor nap with a similar interests. So let's say I'm sharing content about cats, and I'm a member off four different drives, which are about cats and general pets. So this way, once you share your content in these stripes, you can expect repent. So these are real people. They're not bought or anything like that. So you will be getting organic and riel reprints, and this is very great tool, especially if you are just starting out or if your profile, let's say it is very small. The stool will help you to grow your Pinterest profile much faster. So once you create your account on Taylor nap, the very first thing which you should do is go here and at your account. This is very simple and easy. If they even have their own tutorials how to do this? Once you have added your account, you should join some tribes. Click on this one drives and as you can see, I'm a member off four tribes. So this is how the tribes dashboard looks like. So these are all members off this tribe called blogging about Bets with Post. So here you can see your stats, how many pins you have created and how many pins he have re shirts. So if you have created, like one pin, you should re share other continents. Also, you create one pin and you re sure like three prints. Weapons, most of content and tribes is very high quality, so you will not be disappointed with content which you are re sharing from others. And it's very simple to you, is just once you find the content you like, let's say let's say this one. Select one of your boards from this list and click ataque you. This is very simple and straightforward. If you will not be sure how to use certain tools. Tailbone app has loads of tutorials area in a different tribe right now. And I can check my my pence, which are great right here. So this been got tender iShares. So, basically, once I submitted this been I got 10 reprints from from other profiles. So these are rather than profiles. And don't forget it's not boarding or anything like that. It's not against interest rules, so you can use the stool without worrying about anything. It gives more exposure to your opens, and you will be able to grow your pin dress profile much faster. Like I will demonstrate you how you can add spends two tribes, click on this one publisher and select draft. This is where you can schedule pence. As you can see, I have already scheduled some pins. It is happens from tribes from other profiles. And if you want to create your been just upload image, so I have created vertical pen. I received a partnership deal from pretty litter, so I promised them that I will post Ben to their online store. Once you have uploaded your image, just select the board and add your your L. So by default, your your l will be sent to your home page so you can change it to the one you like. And I will write a short description. And once I'm done, just click at two tribes. So this is a really great to let's say you have a content like this and you get 30 re shares from this tribe. And let's say you get from all these other tribes about 20 or something like that. And all in all, it's over 100 re shares. So this way it's very easy to grow your profile. I really recommend you the stool. Try it out. 17. How to Get Unlimited Content Ideas on Pinterest: All right, guys, In this section I will show you how you can get unlimited amount off content ideas. It's gonna be very used because you will have a popular keywords and your content ideas will be based on these skewers. So in this tutorial, I will be using free tools. So I will start with Ben dress keywords tool and the later I will use Pinterest search bar and the The last two level use is uber suggests. So in order to access a Pinterest keywords tool, you have to click on ads and you have to click on over you. This is the exact order. How you wanna do this? Otherwise, for some reason, when you look just great ad, you won't be able to get access to the stool. So once you, I here and all over your section go here and click create at don't worry, we will not be creating any ads just to be saved. Click, pause and to random numbers. It doesn't even matter. All right. Since we continue and you want to scroll down and here we have cures stool. So what I want to do right now, I want to I want to enter my main keyword. Come in. And look how many keywords I'm getting. And you can see how each keyword ISS popular according to monthly search. So these are very popular. About five million searches per month. So how to Malcolm? Um, Akram projects Easy, mark. Just click this plus button and you will be adding this givers here to the list later on. You can copy this whole list and saved your note pad. McCrum a cheer. Let's add some keywords. All right, Jewelry. You know why Ideas? I have a board name McCrum ideas. So that means it's Ah, The title is very good. Since this what is very popular. Okay, Cartons, deco or how to also want to mention this only works when you enter your main cure. Just with one. Just with a single cured that safe are gonna enter Second world. And I'm not getting any results. So it only works with a single word with a single keyword. All right. I think it's gonna be enough. Have wide a lot keywords right now, he's already good ideas for content or even for boards. You can Great war, the sacrament bracelets. We already know that this keyword is very popular. It has above five million monthly searches and what I want to do right now I just want to go to been dressed on this is search on wanna and I want to enter this keyword Let's say Makram Ayed chair, OK? And as you can see, a Pinterest is giving me some suggestions on Margaret Mature dear. Why McCrum its share hanging mark, amateur back and so on and so forth. So let's say if I go back again, Back reading back tutorial. So this is how you can get unlimited ideas for constant or we can use the very same keyword in uber suggest. So I just enter the same cured McCrum a chair to suggest and the monthly search volume is low and CEO difficulties medium. So again, I have a 52% chance to rank this keyword in top 20 position in four Search wall, um is low in Google. As you already know. It's very popular in the Pinterest. Search has over five million unique monthly searches on Pinterest. So if it's not popular and Google search, that doesn't mean it's not popular in the and Pinterest search. So here we go again. Let's scroll to the bottom and, uber suggests, is giving us some great keyword ideas again. Makram, a hanging chair is even more popular, and CEO difficulty is lower. So you could make, let's say, a block post about McCrum. A hanging chaired the wires or anything like that. It's just unlimited amount off. Possible content ideas. McCrum a teacher, DEA watcher patterns, Makram el long cheer patterns. Makram El. The list goes on and on, but monthly searches goes down. Micro may launch airframes, so if it has 50 unique searches on Google per month, that means the skilled. It is much more popular on Pinterest since, like we saw before Makram it share, it has over five million unique monthly searches on Pinterest. Meanwhile, in Google it only has 880 so I wouldn't go below 40 since I believe monthly unique searches and pinches would be lower. But these are really good ideas for content, and like I said, list goes on and on