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Pinterest: How To Schedule Pins For Free

teacher avatar Ole L, Physical Product Management

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Class Is About

    • 3. Tools Needed

    • 4. Creating Accounts

    • 5. Populating Google Calendar

    • 6. Create First Applet

    • 7. Create Second Applet

    • 8. Monitoring

    • 9. Wrap Up

    • 10. Class Project

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About This Class

This class is a follow up to my other Pinterest class called 'Pinterest: How To Auto Pin For Free'

A limitation of that method is you aren't able to keep track of what you are pinning or set limits on how many times you pin a day.

This class shows you a method that allows you to schedule your pins to your boards, at times you specify during the day.

This class is for those who already have a Pinterest account, either personal or business and want to have control over what is pinned and when images are pinned.

All this is possible without having to pay a subscription fee for a scheduling service.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ole L

Physical Product Management


There is no reason to stop learning and the best way to learn is to share the knowledge you have.

Through sharing my knowledge I hope to add to mine.

Having been fortunate to have worked in buying departments as a Merchandise Planner on three different continents, I have been able to gather a wide range of experience and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, as a Merchandise Planner, which I am now imparting on others.

What is a Merchandise Planner?

A Merchandise Planner is someone who through planning sales and inventory increases profitability by maximising sales and minimising losses within a retail buying department.

Have specific questions related to planning? Email me at [email protected]

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1. Introduction: Would you like to find a way to pin your content to Pinterest boards? Would you like to know how to do this by scheduling them? Would you also like to learn how to do this without subscribing to a paid service? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, this classes for you, that is because in this class you will learn a strategy you can implement now to start scheduling pins to your Pinterest boards with no financial outlay from you. This class on Pinterest scheduling is for anyone who wants help implementing a cost effective way to schedule pins without having to subscribe to a paid service. This Pinterest scheduling methods can be applied to both personal I'm business Pinterest accounts. Still interested? Watch each lesson to discover what process to follow. 2. What Class Is About: this class is going to go through a method you can use to schedule pins to your Pinterest board or boards so you don't have to physically log into your account at specific times off the day to pin. It can be used to schedule your pins as well as other people's pins, and can be used in conjunction with any other pinning leopards you're currently using, like the one mentioned in my Pinterest. How to auto pin for free class, which takes you through how to set up a handsfree way of pin in other people's pins. In order to use the method shown in this class, an assumption has been made that you have a basic knowledge off how Pinterest works and your account on boards have been set up. If you do not have an account, please set one up before continuing with this class. This class will not be going over any off the following. How to create pins to paste, how to fill in a Pinterest profile house to create a business account, how to switch from a personal to a business account, how to create boards or how to pin the sole aim of this class is to teach you how to schedule your pins using tools that are ready, available for all to use. 3. Tools Needed: as the outcome we want is to have pins pins to our Pinterest bold. At times we specify we're going to use the falling tools to achieve this Google calendar. This is part off a global suit of products that comes with all Google accounts. Google sheets also part off the global suite of products. Dropbox Dropbox is a cloud storage app you can use to securely store and share files with others through the use of links. You can sign up for a free account and access to files from multiple devices. The free account also comes with two gigabytes of storage. And if this been that account, if this been bad, also refer to as i f T T T allows you to create outcomes based on specified scenarios. And best of all, it is free to use Integra Matt. It also allows you to create outcomes based on specific scenarios 4. Creating Accounts: time to creating accounts of each tool needed. Google CALENDAR If you don't have a Google account, you need to create one. Once this has been done, you need to set up a calendar for the board. You'll be pin into. There's a Google calendar on the left side. Off the screen. Click on the plus sign next to at a friend's calendar. Click on new calendar, typing counter name and description. Click on Create a Calendar. Any calendar has now been created. Google Sheets still in Google We're going to create a folder where all Google sheets created will live this camp ident either from Google sheets or by going to Google Drive. Here are the steps to fold a using Google shoots. Click on Google sheets made many select Google Drive. Click on me Quicken folder Main folder. Click Create. Get back into Google sheets and create a sheet called Google Sheets to Google Calendar. Do this by opening in your Google sheet. Name in it. Google Sheets to go account there. Name each column as follows COLUMN A cabin debt column. B image, Euro calm SEA DESCRIPTION column D. Source. YARO COLUMN E start date. Common If start. Time COLUMN G End date column H and time. If this, then that next is to create and if this, then that account. And here's how to create one. Go to i f t t t dot com. Click on Sign Up. You can sign up with Google Facebook or by creating a user name and password, go through any human verification requirements. And this is done to make sure you're not about opening an account, typing an email address and password and click on signer. And now for Dropbox, the reason you need to use drop boxes to store the images you will be pinning to Pinterest . The APP allows you to store image and share their image via a link. If you already have a DROPBOX account, all you need to do is upload the images to your accounts and get the share a bowl link for the image. If you do not already have a DROPBOX account and you need to create one, here is what you need to do. Get a drop box, fill in your details on the sign up form, including email and password, leave their terms and click the box next to I agree to the Dropbox terms. If you agree, click on Sign up. You need to go to the email account you signed up with to verify your account. Follow any other promise you're given to complete the sign up process. Once you're locked into Dropbox Creator folder for your Pinterest images by clicking on files you folder, type in the folder name and press enter. You're now ready to either up late or drag and drop your Pinterest images into that folder . Integra Matt This embassies to get information on to Google Calendar from global sheets. To set up an account, go to integral mats dot com. Click on Sign up, typing name, email, address, password and Select Country for the account you're creating. Read terms of service and decide if you want to be kept informed off. What is happening. Integra Matt Click on Sign up Free and then follow screen instructions, if any, to complete the sign up process. That is it. All tools have been created 5. Populating Google Calendar: sheets to calendar. The way we're going to schedule pins to our board was going to require a few steps. The first step involves filling in the spreadsheet we created earlier, with all the information needed to create a pin. Get back to the sheet, created and fulfilling in each column, renamed the Tad Yearly. Filling in, I usually renamed the Time to be the same name as the board. The tabs information would be pinned to image. You are Oh, you need to create an energy r. L. So there is an image to pin on Pinterest. To do this, a played or dragon drop the pin image to a Dropbox folder. Quickened share to get the image URL and paste that into Google sheets under description. Type in or paste the PIN description you want the pins have for source. Euro. This is where you would like to send those who click on your pin Once the pain has been created, this could be to your site or a specific block paste, or even to a product. Select that day. You want the pain to be created on your board. Integra Matt. Any recognizes date formats in the four more the air return. It was four digits month as two digits and day has two digits. So make sure to format the data column to reflect this. As for the time you want the pin to be created and paints to the board, make sure you use a format off hours, minutes and seconds. As again, this is the former Sir Integra. Matt recognizes Foreign date. I was make this the same as a start date, and for end time, I add five minutes to the start time. Once you feel dingle sheet morning to Integra Matt and create a scenario that would automatically populate your calendar on the day and at the times you want each pin created on your court from the integral Matt Dashboard, Click on. Create a new scenario. You'll be on a screen asking you what service you want to integrate in the search box. Typing Google sheets. Click on Continue at the top right off the screen. Nameless scenario. This would make it easier to identify at a later date. Click on the big question mark in the big circle. Click on sheets, click on watch a sheet click on add to connect your Google account under file. Select the File Way. You have saved all pins to create a calendar event. Select the specific worksheet. If there is more than one that has the information for the event for maximum number of returns, type in nine. All this means is that it would bring back nine rays at a time. If you have more than nine rose, you can either choose to run the scenario manually or increase the number of returns. Click on OK under. Select the first row type in one. This just tells the AP to ignore the head away. Click OK, hover to the rights off the Google sheets. Circle on a plus one appear click on the plus sign and where it says search typing. Google Calendar Under actions, click on. Create an event. You should already be connected to your calendar as you connected your Google account in previous stare. However, if not, correct your account again. Under calendar, select the calendar you want to create an event for In this case, it's the retail calendar, and now we're going to map the Google sheets Information we filled in to Google Calendar sewn events can be created under event name. Select Image Rural for start date, select start date and Tight Capital T and then select start time Foreign date. Select end date. Tight capital T select End time The tea's away For Google calendars, recognize the date and time when creating the event. Click on show advanced settings on the description. Select description for location. Select Source. Jarrell. Click on OK, go back to the Google Sheets model and click on the clock to set how often this scenario is to one. I'm certainly to run once a day at 11 p.m. All this means is that I can pocket the spreadsheet all through the day and have the events created. 11 p.m. At night test. The scenario has been set up correctly by clicking on run once. Now go to calendar to check the information is visible. Also, check the events has been created for the right date, the right time and all the information is correct. Now, whenever you populate back tabbing Google sheets and Event will be created at 11 PM in Google Calendar, which will have the image and source your L and the PIN description, which is used to create a pin 6. Create First Applet: calendar. Two sheets. The next step is one I have tried to eliminate from the process. I used to schedule my pins to Pinterest without having to pay a subscription. Unfortunately, I am yet to come up with a way that avoids using this step. Say, here it is. Now all the events have been created in Google calendar. We're gained. Teoh automate the movement off information from Google Calendar back to Google sheets at the Times We want the pins to be created. But act workings who used to do this is if this, then that And this is one off to APP lets we're going to create for this pin dress scheduling method to work. Log into if this, then that select new apple it click on the word this, which has a plus next to it in blue type in and selects Google Calendar. Select event from search starts as the trigger under in which calendar select the calendar . The apparatus to use, which in this case is the retail calendar. Under time before event starts, select how many minutes before the event is due to start. You want the applicant to run. I personally have selected 45 minutes. The options are 0 15 30 or 45 minutes. Leave everything else as is click on Create trigger Click Home Bat with the plus next to it , which is in blue in the search services box. Type in and select Google sheets. Click on add row to spread sheet. Type in a spreadsheet name. We're going to be creating a spreadsheet with this name later on and formatted from. Delete all information in the box except for title description and where. Note that the three lines in between title and description and description and where is what puts the information into separate columns in the Google Sheet in Dr Path folder. Delete the information in the box and replace with a folder name we created earlier in Google Drive, which waas in this in this example to as in the number to Pinterest, click on Create Action. This is where you can name Apple it you have just created. If you want to, you can either delete all the information in the box and type in the name for the apple it or add the app. Listening to the end of the information in the box or just leave it as is kick finish. And it would say you made a new apple it click on check now at the bottom of the apple it and if it's been set up correctly, it would say appliqued checked. That's it. You have now created an apple it so events that you've created in Google Calendar will populate your Google sheet when you want the pin to be created on your Pinterest board. 7. Create Second Applet: sheets to Pinterest. This is the second app let and final step we need to do to have pins created on a Pinterest board before creating the APP. Let we need to create a Google Sheikhs document in Google sheets, open a new worksheet and give it the same name as the one used in the apple it created in the previous lesson, which was called Calendar two sheets. Make sure the file is saved in the dry folder that was also created earlier. The dry folder name was to Pinterest. To do this, click on the folder image next to the file name, Select the folder and click on maize. If the 1st 3 columns the following headings call him a image, you are l. This maps two title in the first Apple it created column B description this maps to description In the first Apple, it's created column C so c r o this maps to where in the first apple it created. Now look into your if this, then that account selection. The apple it click home the word this with a plus in front of it in play. Type in and select Google sheets. Select new euro added to spread sheets as a trigger paste in the spreadsheets girl, which you can get from Google Drive or the address bar on your browser. Click on Create Trick in Click Home the word bats with a plus in front of it in blue in the search services box. Type in and select Pinterest. Click on add pin to board typing board name exactly as it is in your account. In the enter aboard named Bogs in photo year old box, click on Add Ingredients and Select Column A, which has the image Jarrell in add a description box, delete information in box, click on Add ingredients and selects column B, which has the description in source. Ural Box. Delete information in box, Click on Add Ingredients and Select Column C, which has the location Earl Click on Create Action. This is where you name the applet you have just created when she couldn't do by. I've been deleting information and type in a new name, adding to the end off whatever information is carinae and the box click on finish and it would say you made a new apple it click on check now at the bottom off the tablet, and if it's been set up correctly, it would say Apple, it's checked now. The specified board would automatically have pins added at the time you have specified in your Google calendar, repeat the steps above for other boards. 8. Monitoring: monitoring. Perhaps now we have automated scheduling pins to our Pinterest boards. It is best to monitor the entire process for the first week. All say this way. You can be sure you have set everything up correctly. If you're not happy with any of the steps, you can always switch the apple it or scenario off or delete it and create a new one to help with monitoring the process. You can download the Integra Matt Dropbox and take this, then backed APS from the Google Play Store for Android or the APP store for Apple devices. 9. Wrap Up: wrap up. I hope you found this class helpful, especially as it is a very cost effective way off being able to schedule pins to Pinterest boards without pain, a monthly subscription fee in following this process. The amount of steps involved may seem like a lot initially, however, once all steps have been set up and you have monitored the process to ensure everything is working correctly. Replicating the process takes very little time to recap other than creating the to Google sheets documents. There are three main steps to this process, first of which is creating and Integra ments denarii that creates an event in Google calendar from Google sheets. Second step is crazy, and if this then that APP let but adds new rose to Google sheets at the start off a Google calendar event. And the third step is creating. And if they said met at let's that creates a pin from Google sheets to a specified Pinterest board. Once this process is set up, scaling it by adding more boards is easy to do 10. Class Project: Now it's over to you. Go through each lesson in this class, set up a scheduled pin to pin to one of your Pinterest boards and share an image off your pin with us. Then paste the energy R O source. Euro and the description in the class community section for me to pin to one of my boards to share an image of your pin. Take a screenshot once you have finished creating it and upload it by clicking on the your project tab played in the screen, shot and clicking the create button. You can also use the community tap any questions you have. Oh, additional ideas you would like to share with myself and other students. Also feel free to share this class link with those, Do you think with benefits from it? And don't forget to leave a review and it comes up. Oh, and follow my channel for more classes by sloppy success