Pinterest For Business : How I Get 64,450 Visitors In 90 Days | Bharath Kumaran | Skillshare

Pinterest For Business : How I Get 64,450 Visitors In 90 Days

Bharath Kumaran, Blogger/Digital Marketing Expert

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20 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Pinterest Social Proof

    • 2. Guide To Pinterest

    • 3. Importance of Using Pinterest

    • 4. Decorating Pinterest Settings Part 1

    • 5. Decorating Pinterest Settings Part 2

    • 6. Decorating Pinterest Settings Part 3

    • 7. Choosing the Best Business Idea

    • 8. How to Create a New Board in Pinterest

    • 9. Create Business + Viral Board

    • 10. The Importance Of High-Quality Images

    • 11. How To Steal Your Competitor's

    • 12. How To Use Pinterest's Group Boards

    • 13. Manage Your Time On Commenting

    • 14. Pin Regularly And Create Multi Boards

    • 15. How Pinterest's Rich Pins

    • 16. Make your website Pinterest Friendly

    • 17. How to Build a Strong A/B Test Images

    • 18. How to Build a Strong A/B Board Name

    • 19. How to Build a Strong A/B Description

    • 20. How to Build a Strong A/B Board Topics


About This Class

Viral Marketing #1: Make Your Business Visible on Pinterest

Pinterest For Business: How I Get 7905 Followers In 30 Days

According to Shopify’s study: Number of orders through Pinterest has increased by 79% since last year.

According To Sharesolic: Pinterest drives tremendous traffic than any other social network.

Are You A Blogger or E-commerce Website Owner?

Do you know how many people use Pinterest?

* 180 + Million Active Users

Are You Wondering Pinterest listed as top Social Media List?

Do you want to drive more traffic to your site with Pinterest?

Pinterest is the fastest traffic driving social media site compared to Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest can be used personally or for business. Businesses mistakenly think that Facebook and Twitter are the only obvious choices for their business

Interesting Facts On Pinterest

  1. 85 % of Users on Pinterest are females
  2. Compare to Facebook People love to buy using the Pinterest referral.
  3. Pinterest will overtake Facebook upcoming years
  4. Customer Conversion rate is higher compared to Facebook
  5. Increase Your Blog Traffics using Pinterest Is Easy
  6. 42% of US online adult women use Pinterest
  7. 30% of all US social media users use Pinterest

I felt wondering that many bloggers and digital marketers who not effectively use Pinterest and lose million's of Dollars.

Your job on Pinterest is to gather and display awesome content in your niche.

Visual content isn’t the future of content marketing… it’s here now. And Pinterest is currently one of the top social media channels for visual content

Are You Ready To Learn Pinterest Marketing And Generate Plenty Of Traffics.





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Bharath Kumaran

Blogger/Digital Marketing Expert

Bharath Kumaran is a Digital Marketing Expert and Problogger in India.He graduated from Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology with a Elelctrical and Electronics Degree and is now working as a Full Time Skillshare Teacher and problogger at .Bharath has helped plenty of Leading brands In India and All Over Globe on social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

He is a passionate blogger and Internet Marketing Expert.He 've been gaining blog knowledge since 4 ye...

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