Pinterest 101: Four Beginner's Tips to Improve Pin Performance | Emilia Gardner | Skillshare

Pinterest 101: Four Beginner's Tips to Improve Pin Performance

Emilia Gardner, Learning every day!

Pinterest 101: Four Beginner's Tips to Improve Pin Performance

Emilia Gardner, Learning every day!

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2 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Four Tips for Pinterest Beginners

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About This Class

Are you new to Pinterest? Are you pinning, but struggling to get any traction with your account?

In this Pinterest beginner's course, we'll dive into Pinterest and look at the elements of what makes a successful Pinterest pin. We'll do an over the shoulder and look at real pins, and pull out some of the nitty gritty that you can apply in creating your pins TODAY. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Emilia Gardner

Learning every day!



My name is Emilia.

I'm not an expert. I'm learning every day, just like you. I'm here because I am passionate about: "Learn, Do, Teach." I truly believe that teaching is the best way to master a skill or concept. I create content around the topics that I am implementing for myself.



I am obsessed with building passive income streams. When my children arrived, my dreams of the corner office with the view changed. Now I dream of having complete control over my days so that I can be where I am needed, when I am needed. No more trading time for money. My classes focus heavily upon helping others build the same skills that I have learned (and earned) since making my career pivot. 

One of my goals here at Ski... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I am Amelia. And I'm just gonna tell you right now, I am not the online like person person. So in this course, what we're going to do instead of me talking at the camera is we're going to do a screen cast of what it looks like in Pinterest. And we're going to go through multiple pins in Pinterest and examine them for what it is that makes them successful and how you can apply that to your own Pinterest account and Europe interests business. Now, in this course, we're gonna focus on pins for things like affiliate marketing, small business, getting conversion. So getting people through to your website if what you're looking for in this tutorial is, ah, videos about making beautiful pins. This isn't that course. Okay, go on and look for how to create wonderful pins. And this course we're going to focus on what makes up in effective four marketers and small business owners. They get so much, I will see you on the inside 2. Four Tips for Pinterest Beginners: All right, everybody, let's jump right in. We are going focus on four tips to improve the performance of Europeans on Pinterest. And again, this is a Pinterest wanna once. So if you are an expert spinner or someone who has a ton of Pinterest experience, this isn't gonna be a class that's going to be for you. This is a class for people who are in their first couple of days or weeks and Pinterest and are looking for the basics in order to make pins that will actually do something for their account. So first, what I want to do is just show you what it might look like if you were on your screen. Now this is in my Pinterest accounts, and it's an account I started just a couple weeks ago. So you will notice that there are a ton of monthly views on it and there isn't Aton of engagement. So I've been building this account from scratch. Most of us who do, if late marketing or do other online marketing, will have potentially multiple accounts. And this is one that I started for my Web page. Better sales funnels because I wanted to drive more traffic from Pinterest to my ASIO affiliate site. So when you're looking at this, you know, I you look at it from the 10,000 foot view. You look at it like a Pinterest user would look at. OK, now, as I'm scrolling through, you have to think what first catches your eye. Now, when you're creating pins, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a user can. What is going to catch their eye? You might go into Canada or in a photo shop, and you make something that looks really, really awesome. But it's not going to do anything if the user whose scrolling along who sees a page just like this if they don't want to click on it. And so, as I'm scrolling here with my eyes right now, you know I'm not seeing a ton of things that say, you know, click me like I really want to click on this. And so what would I probably do? I would scroll, So tip number one. You know it goes without saying, but your image must be attractive and eye catching. To do that, you must uses many bright colors, including the color red assed much as you can. So this is another screenshot in the same same frame, you know, with within minutes of the last frame that you saw and I scrolled down a bit. And now what you'll see is, at least in my opinion, there's a pin that stands out. There's a couple of them one, I would point out, is this red one here that says how to make money online today? Not that I'm so much interested in how to make money. But what I'm saying is that my eye catches it, and that is what you want to do. So if you look at the pen next to it, which is says pray plan, prepare versus this bright red blinking light that says, Look at me, Look at me. Look at me. I can't help but look at it. If you go around or you talk to other people who are using Pinterest, a lot of them will say Use Read as much as possible used. Read his red is red. Come over here to look at this been. This is black and white for the most part, with a little bit of yellow, but again this $1000 that sticks out. So you're going along going along going along, then? Boom $1000 6 out. This bright red square right here sticks out. You know, secondary to that. I see this one here and bright colors. It's got the colors of the rainbow. The one down here It's his 21 the 21 6 out to me. So again, if you're just somebody you know who's sitting at night scrolling in front of their pinchers, scrolling along, you want to give them a reason to stop. I have selected this pin because I think it is one that those a really good job of using red without having Teoh to make it look overly stuffed. It I mean, it looks like a natural pin, and it has a really great head on is how to make real money. So they're making good use of a headline, Um, and then from home selling gift baskets So this pin are really like because it's attractive . It's bright and its eye catching and has a really great headline. So when I see it, this is how to make real money. So it's not just how to make money. How to make real money from home selling, get baskets. It's attractive. It's simple. It's professional looking. I think this is a really great pin, and, you know, I would be really tempted to click beyond this to of life and money dot com to see how I could make real money selling gift baskets. This was a pin that I saw in my feet, and it's not an awesome pin, per se. But what I do like again about it is that it uses bright color, so the bright green circle and then also uses it bold headline says, make $316.65 every day for free. So you know the rest of the pin sort of disappears in the noise, But again, it's got a really bold, bright headline that sticks out on the pin with a bright green circle. So as you're scrolling along, this is something that's gonna help this pin stick out more than the other pins that are super super bland. And this brings me to my point, says the majority of Pinterest pins are blander, full of white space. I don't know why that is. It could be that people are using the same templates or they are focused on, um, the headline, you know, not really thinking so much of our color. Or maybe they're just not comparing their pins against the other pins that you'll see a Pinterest. But again, most pins are full of white space. Those pins are not going to perform as well as pins that are much more colorful. Here's an example of a really bland pin, And if and if this is your pin, you happen to be watching this video and you see this, I'm really sorry, but it is OK how to become an unforgettable presence, But this is the most forgettable pin. If you think about it, shrunk up and small on someone's phone screen, they're not going to stop and hit the spin. You know when you see that the painter you know who pinned this has 4.3000 followers? You know that's great, but think about how many followers this guy could be using or having if she had a better pinning strategy than then using forgettable pins like this one. This is also another pin that I think could really use some changes in color. So the article summary writing tips. Now this seems like a really interesting infographic, right? You. It makes you want to click on it potentially and see what it has to say. But unfortunately, if you were to compare it, especially looking at the pins that are below it similar pins this man is going to get lost in the noise. It just really is the purpose. Advertising has 1.4000 followers, which is awesome. It's a great account, but this been while it has a lot of interesting information. I think that a lot more people might be clicking on this if it were just a different color , if they use different graphics and something that was more attractive because I think this one is unfortunately going to get lost in the noise. So again, let's just do another example of looking through and and looking for pins that stick out. What makes them interesting to the I. You know, from the left, I think that the the copper cups stick out with the green. I think using faces again, that's something that sticks out. So these wants to got compared to some of this pin of the ocean. Not that exciting. Not that interesting. I would squirrel by it. But my face, I'm drawn to pictures of faces. Now you will talk to different pitchers. And some people say, don't use faces. Don't miss faces. Faces are not good on pins. And other people say, you know, faces air. Great. You have to, you know, test that split says that you know the same. Same everything but do a pin with the face and without. I think you know kittens. Definitely. They do well to track me at least. But maybe not everybody how to start a profitable block from the beginning. You know, this pin could do a lot better. It's super super bland. Uh, food pictures. It's hard not to draw your eye because they are so interesting and colorful. But when you're working with just headlines are three ways to make money. Blogging. Come on. This there is nothing to this pin. Um I wanted to draw your attention to 50 income reports from 2001 million per month. Now, what I like about this pin is obviously the color. I think the headline is really good, and it says you're strolling along with your eye. It sticks out because of the blue and red. I do think that the 18 affiliate programs this pin sticks out to me more, and so does the 15 tools to grow your business. These air pins that are going to stand out from the Super Super White three ways to make money blogging type ins. I wanted to zoom in on this pin to point out a few things in addition to just the fact that it stands out visually now. I wanted Teoh just say, I don't think this is a really beautiful pin, All right? I don't think this is a pin that you would submit to the Grammys of Instagram pins. Okay, it's it's not style IQ ballistically awesome. It's got a weird 50 Um, and you know, it's got blue and bread that don't really go together with the yellow, but we have to remind ourselves again what it is that we want people to do. We want people to look at the pen and maybe because it's kind of ugly, but bright people will be tempted to look at it and be tempted to investigate what it is that, you know, gets people from 2000 to a 1,000,000 a month. I find myself interested and I zoom into it. And then I see who there's a free cheat sheet and I look at the income reports and and I find myself more interested, then following this to see what it is that is behind this pin. I just think that this is a kind of gross looking pin that is really, really effective. So if this is you, Raylan 10 watch from this video, good on him. I like this pin. Then you can probably hear when I'm guess what I'm going to say is I like it because it has color I like because it focuses on the headline. So six No failed tips and tricks to skyrocket your affiliate income. The I like the word skyrocket. That's a unique word that you won't see necessarily on Pinterest. I like the Big Six. I like the yellow box behind tips and tricks, and I like the green dark green box behind the income. I'm not super fonder of the graphics of the rocket ship in the random shapes, but I think it's effective because it is colorful in lots of different ways. And again, I don't think this is going to win any prizes for design. You know, I think it could be prettier. Definitely could be prettier, but it attracts the R, and it communicates quickly what it is and what it can do for you. So it has a great headline, and I think it it makes you want to click on its tips and tricks. So no failed tips and tricks. This is something that you might click all the way through the website assembly because your eyes settled on it for just a second one last time before we move on to our next tip. I just wanted to go through the feed and just let your eyes wander and see what sticks out to you. In this case for me, the the dish here, the vegetables in the shape of an owl stick out to me. The C V J. Sticks out to me, Um, because it's something unique and different. The line here and then also the word ceviche. The color against the black really sticks out the pin down here. How to become more flexible, I think, is um, fairly bad. For one. The flexible doesn't been on the same line. And then the words It's just hard to read over the ballerina. I think that the freelance job writing board freelance writing job board you'll ever need. I think this one is effective because it does have the box the color box with the headline later over top of it. It's incredibly easy to read, and it is attention drawing, uh, some of the pins that I think could do. Ah, better job. You know, the teachers owner students, this one. I'm not particularly fond of the top three. See, the thing is, if some of these, like, really squirrely, uh, lyrical fonts, sometimes they're really hard to read. So the top three and I sometimes I can't even read what to say. I'm guessing this says reasons most handmade shops fail and how to avoid them. You know, this headline is fairly good and the color of it, but I think the headline is just kind of hard to read. And so again, I'm gonna pass by it because it doesn't look like something that I want to find out more about. Tip number two. So once your pin tracks EI, your headline must reel them in. So we talked a little bit about this in the previous step. We're just looking at the appearance of the pen, but the actual words are so key. So I will say this without compromising the integrity of your account or your content. You must push the limits of what you could do with your headlines. So when I say push the limits, what I mean is one you don't want to misrepresent on the pin what is actually behind the leak? So you don't want to say, you know, click here to get your free e book and have it land on something completely different. You know, that's unacceptable. But, you know, I'm not even talking about going something like for or Spam just talking about sending people to something that isn't what it is on the pent. So there's lots of different ways to Teoh to convey a headline you know in the headline doesn't even necessarily have to match the title of the block post. You might have a block post that says, you know, 10 different ways. Bloggers can improve their website speed and on the headline of your pin, you could say something dramatic like, you know, slow website. We're, you know, struggling with your website speed or something else that's more actionable. That is more interesting that will draw people to your block Post. This is one that cracks me up every time I've seen. I've seen this pin come through my feet a couple times, says you don't need a damn log to make money online. So I doubt that the post, when you get to is full of cussing. And you know it's probably about how to make money online without a block. But this is a headline that just makes you stop and say, Well, what? Huh? You know, you don't need a block to make money online. It's just something has a lot of personality. It's super bright. Okay, yeah, I'm really curious of how how this particular article is better or different than any of the other articles that I've just seen in my Facebook or my Pinterest feed about making money online. I like this spin because it just makes me so curious. I don't think of craft fairs as being, I don't know, challenging or difficult You know, I think of craps affairs, but it says 15 things no one told me about craft fairs, so that applies there. That there is something I really need to know. Um, and it's about tractors, which seems unique. And so it seems like it's going to take me to someone's legit story, some authentic recitation of something that happened to them. And it seems like this is gonna be really awesome advice, so it makes me want to click on. It makes me want to find out what's behind this, this pin, says the lazy person's guide to making 1000 each week from home. And then so you check the title. It's in 17 genius ways to make money at home. So I think this is an example of someone who has trying to be creative with the headlines on their pins in a way that doesn't necessarily match up the title of the block post. I suspect that because this does appear to be a Richman, that the title of the CEO title of The Block post on the website on B t. X capital dot com is 17 genius ways to make money at home But what this Pinar has done is trying to attract your attention. And so he's just coming up with any headline that's kind of similar to the block post to catch her eye to get you click. So The Lazy Person's Guide to making 1000 per week you know that's gonna potentially a tractor. Somebody's attention. More than 17 genius ways to make money at home may basically they have 17 ways to make money at home. Not that sexy, not that interesting. But when he throw in The Lazy Person's Guide to Making 1000 per Week, that may strike a chord with more people who were just like 10 17 more ways to make money at home. Yeah, so Tip number three. This is something that's so important, but you really have to decide the purpose of your pin before you create and post it. If you want people to click through your website, infographics are the wrong way to go. So infographics are super, um, enticing to do right because they look so interesting. They have so much information they make you sound like an authority and, you know, potentially what happens is a lot of people click to save these. But what I find with infographics is that they may not achieve your purpose. If your purpose is to get people to go to your website, then you have to do a little less with your infographics. You have to leave something hanging for them. Toe. Have a reason to go to your website, and the reason I picked out the spin is I think it's the prime example of a pin that may encourage people to save it, but it won't encourage them to go to the website. So it's a 17 ways to make your pins go borrow. So it has all these ways to make your pins go viral. But then you say, Okay, well, I got the 17 ways Why do I need to go on to the website now? In the description they do say, you know what the top three s your ranking factors are. But this is an example of of a pin that doesn't necessarily match up the description and also a pin that doesn't make me want to go beyond this. I'd save this pin. I don't think it's particularly attractive, you know, it's bright color which is great. It looks like somebody who's just getting started doing this. Even though my Johnson has 10 points, 3000 followers, it's further basic. So you say Okay, well, you know, this is a prime example of why it is that you're pins don't have to be Oscar worthy. You know, you can create a simple pin that has good information that is valuable to people and that will get good traction in Pinterest's as far as getting interaction with it and saves. But if your goal is to get people to say this pin to their account, for whatever reason that infographics air great for that, you might even get more followers with infographics than people to click through to your website. But if you're on Pinterest to make sales, if you're on Pinterest to get email addresses so you can email mark to them or you have some other conversion goal, that infographics are not necessarily the way to go because it's not going to encourage them to go beyond Pinterest. This is a pin that will encourage people to stay in the Pinterest environment, um, and not go beyond that. I really like this infographic it's the breaking the 1% block post checklist. So what it has is a lot of helpful information encourages you to pin for later. It has some unique color. You don't see Aton of orange. Um, And it also could potentially encourage you to go on to read mawr in the block article about this because it does make this Pinar seem like a riel authority. But again, I'm just gonna go back to infographics. I got the information that I feel like I need, and I don't necessarily want to click on the link to breaking the 1% dot com. Potentially, a better way to have done this would be toe have a headline that says, You know, 17 step block post checklists you everything you need to know and then have that is the headline on Attractive Pin and then encourage them to go to the webpage instead of giving them everything here. I think this is a good example of, ah, pin that will encourage people who are interested in this topic or the snitch to go to the website says seven positive parenting tips to become a more patient. Mom, this is a bright attractive pin. It has a very bold and easily readable headline. It has people in it. You know that you you can't help but not look at this pin is it's going by and then it has , you know, tells you what you're going to get when you click through to the website. And so if you click on this pen, most likely it's because you are interested in finding out what those seven positive parenting tips are now. If you say this, it's not because the pin gives you everything you need. It's because you eventually want to circle around back to it and actually read that, and you will get to the website, which is ultimately the goal of what we want people to do. Tip number four Now This is not necessarily a high level tip, but I just wanted to point this out to you. Camera is awesome, but everyone is using the pre made templates. It's just true. Canada is such an easy way to make Pinterest spins and super fast. But there are thousands of people using those same templates, and so often times you will use a template and post it up and then Pinterest will show you all the thousands of people who have made pins that look just like yours. So I just wanted to point out what can Va looks like and you see on the left is the Canberra layouts. Now you can absolutely use can vote layouts, But one of the things that I think you would be better off doing is either searching, clicking on the background section and then searching the backgrounds for unique backgrounds by the color or pattern or whatever, or going to websites like Splash, which is free. You could get free stock photos, um, or pixels dot com, and what these websites will do is give you free. Stark photos that you can use to build your pins doesn't cost anything, and it's super fast to do. One of the things that I really like to do is get backgrounds and use thes backgrounds and my pins because I'm the only one potentially who will use some of them and use them in the way that I do. And this is a great way to create things that other people aren't using. Well, everybody, this was the four tips. It's been fun talking to you guys. If you have any thoughts or comments, please feel free to leave them in the common section. Thank you so much.