Pintar Hojas con Acuarelas - Watercolor leaves (Spanish class) | Annel Vare | Skillshare

Pintar Hojas con Acuarelas - Watercolor leaves (Spanish class)

Annel Vare, Watercolor and nature lover

Pintar Hojas con Acuarelas - Watercolor leaves (Spanish class)

Annel Vare, Watercolor and nature lover

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14 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Presentación

    • 2. 01 Materiales

    • 3. 02 TeorÍa del color

    • 4. 03 Creando Verdes 1

    • 5. 04 Creando Verde 2

    • 6. 05 Pinceladas básicas

    • 7. 06 Tipos de hojas

    • 8. 07 Ramas y movimiento

    • 9. 08 Ramas y movimiento 2

    • 10. 09 Composición

    • 11. 10 Proyecto Final: marcasitios 1

    • 12. 11 Proyecto Final: marcasitios 2

    • 13. 12 Proyecto Final: marcasitios 3

    • 14. 13 Consejo finales

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About This Class


¿Te gustaría aprender a pintar composiciones botánicas con tu propia paleta de color?

El estilo de un artista tiene varios ingredientes, uno de ellos puede ser tener una paleta propia de color, un sello de tu identidad puede nacer de los colores que prefieres utilizar para pintar.

Cada persona tiene una visión propia del mundo y un gusto personal.

Y en esta clase te enseñaré cómo puedes ir encontrando esos colores que te ayudarán a crear poco a poco tu paleta personal.

En esta Clase de Acuarela Botánica aprenderás:

  • A crear una paleta propia de verdes con muy pocos colores.
  • Practicarás las pinceladas básicas que te permitirán pintar muchos tipos de hojas.
  • Te enseñaré trucos para tus plantas tengan naturalidad.
  • Crearás diferentes composiciones botánicas.

Descubre las diferentes combinaciones que podrás hacer en formas y colores, después de tomar esta clase de acuarela.

Que la disfrutes.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Annel Vare

Watercolor and nature lover


¡Hola! Mi nombre es Annel V. Resamano  nací en Bolivia pero vivo y pinto en Galicia - España.

Mi trabajo como artista me permite convivir con mis 2 grandes amores, la naturaleza y enseñar.

Descubrí las acuarelas en una etapa oscura de mi vida y me trajeron 3 regalos de los que me siento muy agradecida.

Tiempo para mí. Descansar de mis pensamientos y disfrutar más de lo cotidiano. Explorar y observar mis emociones.


Estoy muy contenta de que quieras abrir este espacio creativo y de juego para ti y que en tu agenda además de las "obligaciones" este el disfrute.

Te doy la bienvenida. ¡Vamos a ponernos pinceles a la obra!


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1. Presentación: people leaders bean that compose it, CNN Last color. Well, have you may lead us to either The person that told me number snl Bacchus story in the necklaces kill shit up in the rest of Pinter or house He created those primitives compartments Image botanicas in victory most likely materialise in a pile it appropriately this in no simplemente applicant Vaccarella directamente toast rockers and Basara personally ready to propose Continue Ramos Low Class A locket in singing Really very interested being Shalala's most impressed Konopka Serious covers construido different this report No one will know stroke but I could look at me Don't think about Amy and Tina to really that Finalmente I think that most of us if the color of the hospital that he composes talk a person It's time we continue dancing and rapping to scream as compulsive We can amass poco poco by Yes, it's Grendel appropriate Stay low class 2. 01 Materiales: but what I really like what a lastly importance is shown in tow one past Ilya Locus. I cannot recommend SK totally safe Zakarian's indicators. It's those for Matters Song either Alice in police shooting literal Nakahara and her name is perfect. No home. We want the means. We have a commander getting guys are recipient pairs on city on the bulletin, mostly barren stripping Terry your through recipient of political window Olympia come over most classes. A muscular No. One has been terrace like us Keogh utility for Caribbean. Taylor's better or element it for the motor, Solberg told a lie. Classical, European, Colombian tail. Maybe a little bit. I think of the Romero says. Police were sold so that a classy it'll mean propel absorbent barreling buries the carnal stripping pill. The minister classy Wasserman importante apple in There are certain mistrust, Miss class, but it's almost a relief that go they their own city on the MySQL at no extra Zakaria getting boys discuss on the purple inhabitable soldiers of the names on a political plastic Oh concept, A policy set up effective Ambien, but the most operator from being interested in terms Takahito recorded last Uncle go more in Election Day Limits. Colangelo's color It's promotion. See Thomas's Paseo Sikora Communicating Guys Kun Secular Miss Class have been Alper Casino Station was walking around. We have led unpalatable popular care. Stanton Importa tanto Paronto Restaurants, hotels Contest Hamels Being cannot Gunasekera Ayla's Communist. A class of almost 50 years. The caloric formers Because we're recommended utility most does Khalida the SEPA pay your routinely terrible alas, Practical zone Propel case. They cancelled. Get sympathy and Cellulosa case Must economic open only see them when I was 18 I think it's a little movie in this country, but depraved. Off enough off. We recommend that ultra people about this in the castle LaMarca cancel a son does. Khalida is different. This is trickery sake. A Alabama Harry dates simpleton The U for utility aereo para federal pricked off the night How could I mean the nicest about delicate? I mean, there's a console getting along It doesn't mean doubling our soul. Tello's when the guys some great Okinawa locating Escarole are or okay, Yes, and there are a whole different people seem persuade recommended on Papa locating Onal the person Hello. Don't particularly have your school or College in Kambia. Sisters were seeing the practical personal since decided on a political totally love. Pork. Asian si, no que police calories Combat on Poco Mass. Economical case. What insiders? Propellers. Getting only 10% of settlers as they gave the tourists. Oh yeah, contain material can deficit. Thomas. Accidental, extending That almost happened that I could have in Leicester's prepares, better dressed as power. 3. 02 TeorÍa del color: a deports. They bear this, but I could air on a plate That person that they were central figures on poquito another yellow color. But are simply Vicar Moto or the deck accident dress colorist remarries. I really am a radio, CNN, national poll, marshmallows, candy instead, Donnelly that I think the last Miss Class They're still stress Colorist Mario is come up with a most of the school e n barely in particular Islamist class. They lose 70 years. Yes, that is the newest Rose prepares Better this one This time Elizabeth Angelo must lower its temporary in Osaka partners in Appalachia today for less post sample, you know, getting armouti See most colors they don't allow another. Never that absolution. Well, you moisten. Sit down Your element. Economic compliment Premera Political memorial and the elephant a colossal Terry found No one spoke of scholars prisoners care element that Austin you know what I know is that Grandal to prop up a little color on the mass Paraben There up in Turkana Carella Sister currently maximum Partido It's moving. We woke up in the most agree administers pro based on a little more simple Opel determine extra personally that industry Staler uncle still helping people part of the complete Carlo realmente uni Ramu simply call again for the most killer knows parasympathetic Carlo. Then they must convince her father, Marshall said. Move just by the relevance of their official duties. Handle different this body others there many years youthfulness Skill is going to stay there Realmente tolerably must move the most liberal at the reaction of course I condor element Different A more practical No, it's Trattoria il mostro CTO Miss Glover Guerrillas, guerrillas Mr Pain Pill. 4. 03 Creando Verdes 1: getting the key Yaqui way. Everybody is there, Fulco volatile but empathetic centrist respect because we have had again a began moister. But I can say about motives on the part timers get the most your look away affair is Panetta Gouliamaki Famous crab knows those qualities or a communication from bases for in Amarillo Burkittsville killer McSlarrow is so dedicated. Problem also said last 25 years Poco poco, I must go ahead won't talk Ito the full My, my poquito A woman from is clear. Rocky golden always throw family. You mean that Castle Salido? First get in those times, Claire of the needle number, they person declared alcohol reiteration. Poquito the full Inouye available in this class. You mean of LoCascio Santiago was killed. Say I converted a number The info commercials Corita we're seeing asking those security feel like or that can't possible. Bit up on my head a helping Tell Akira Indra the whaling PR. Oh, yes. Thank God. Por que sim Procure. Okay, guess. Amending. Ah, much put up or civilly now, Miss Graders. Korea's entry in Amarillo yesterday. Africa volatile. Well, the NATO move just family. That is the best Somare Sunday colors will be this. They're almost America. Cory Cuando memory you e me full Mario Different will get any and nursing a mighty you better. I started throughout from the day. That is how many years ago we have Miss Gladys. Theo Curtis gonna stay. I didn't say that. We're going to blow the okay, We have a harm. Akila More strong You go up Intel Sicko To have full people here Almost so they're almost Oh, no Tercel days parquet Every race capable. Prayed off in l A terrible getting worse. Tosi We have medical payment innovation. Lucky panties were annually in the iPhone. I saw his car. Women respond. If a yeah, it's just implement to come in the remedy your three fungal. Which more full than eagle Trust Only that is the best cannon. Percentof Senor Michaeli Last any, though I mean, that carries a year in the mosque. A full percent poverty low in calories My superiors keep with its making mistakes gives them Osama Daytona Later this uterus closing manners when Hobart Street who wonder your and where they go to the camp here in Amarillo. Obama's Camilla food we ankle hit. It means more money you get near plenty. Polka, Sticky Camino Full getting working pastie. Occasional full. Invoke it. I mean, it's just on the porter. Sit up in a way. Sketch passed on the Marshall School. Little get any answers? Obama. Diabetic care, she'll say when they have no memory of the un poquito warily. Me memory, you, Ikemoto, Ernesto. But getting working memory of Morocco were calling upon treatable Indigo E said away, Miss Cleared Escape, Tango uncle or the number of the car. Safer for Ito, but something them. So the pool Amy better cybersecurity in the way of saying the offender is so stealthy. Nine. I would kill us with That was something. Incoming rays is carefully in the oak, and images went into the color your hair Middle Nesta Marley ravaged much of Marshall school jams, sometimes transparent. Minoso's come on camera Yes, criticism in the Bullock Erskine Senior Nok in the Gambian minister Summary years, investors. A fool s Yeah, the poor CPA the most often a different estimate. Either there's the rest Pillow cases of areas Kotoko. Cooler nausea tends to rattle 5. 04 Creando Verde 2: Mario a kinda healthy and colorist remarry years. Most Miss Clavel or somebody response to listen sincerely not serious about this come up with a more. This had to register. Scullery is a focus in on poquito mas burritos. Omar Suarez can stand on a street in this was what color hair color compliment Dalio use articulated. I stay where available union here in color cane ciccolo, Chromatic costa after a little love. The Corba Guinness, The castle where there's swollen self laws. That and cast a little sass. Laws rose, you know, in the last 30 in a practica, the clerk for him. But I couldn't get Okore immigrated through people. The charisma Suarez Mustang Kilos We have the damage. Monkey arguing Algerian book. Oh there, Rocco Kissing You have almost a full better off cuz Number this along. A very a testimony that is on. Ministers wear a vest looking constantly most. Is that a hard loss from book? It's looking only numbers. Colorists compliment barriers that may independent material will stop For someone like Alana Coalition. Scurrilous commercials point total apartheid material color Salgo. More technical unitary ever standing and they trust. But honestly, there's this class in particular. You cure skin singer Kim, and then are my practicable ace. Clara Blisters progressed on those of Elvis. You most waste. Okay, Camby. Endo. Ah, fullest memory. Yours? Yeah, the poorest people. Almost Hinkelien, pathetically avidly fit. Intestinal leader is where this young Iraqi US killers and I don't partake community in this mask. A simpleton armory in Paraguay are and better Simonetta Aqim We prioritize the SDF okonomiyaki occasion a full kabbalah talk or swallow anything new. Just chaos. Because the gorilla we have a rabbit tattle. They don't know what the Miss Clavel Oko Nono, Marina Ottaway, Miss Clark Komarow TV at me. So you know you got on the matter. You have a day's coming a few much money that often dreamers, accommodations. And I mean, it's like, you know, Cassidy escaped with a property matters. Is that the bully in the spirit? Based on those colors? And we're running course. They just oncologist a couple TV family you encounter. Some are spent under almost robotic owasi getting image of a hit off young beginners on a some rusty nationally rallies case improvisational. Their boss K minus two. Kemper, your locator actually really hard. L a fool given? Yes, they called Obama's care. O Connell Marrone. Well, I mean, the police have a totally Talaba zero troops from the USA. It's on vocally. They're gonna get you gave a yes experiment. And the colors cooler is getting guys, we're just about getting lucky number today is Miranda creo okay? Oklahoma Trapero getting walking Very Aleppo's toe. Okay, but I Yeah, eat Corrente. Me profitable over there, You know, I passed Calabria food yesterday in the port. Gamble you in the way. The last taste but a Hamlet and a more secure most of the rest Condos A full s e a knucklehead Begin yah! Dummy interlaced in there. Those are always in Moscow Healer Summary. Leo's getting your most listeners so much, Miss Clever parapsychology, parentis, colorless employees cohere Directamente A very famous classroom Osama radio or a human scandal in ways Eat them innocence in yellow cake or foolishness. Candle Kanemaru is different ways of getting up because cholera essence lay their principal get occurs and I see inter Nexium almost have a lot of they Being Salalah has put up in Tarragona house So much Chaplain there is like a real maximum Portillo Mr Up Intel, even most were taken up in Tallahassee casts a much compassion second straight month on the Departed. 6. 05 Pinceladas básicas: Nexium bombers up in their nice trip in Redondo Congress. Color dusky at the human spirit barrels they handed or say caters with voters. Colorist, caipirinha speaking use. They had eight years. Can I want to use that happened that focus el primero buster Bear Kick a puppy that they grow So if he noting in a strip intel Hey, bombers, aspirin, Ellingham with FINA. But I said Is telling me a FINA look at the numbers. Compare ISS Normal attire. Mutual Pimentel See not to get on the linear director. Can I get in the Moses story, too? Bomasch affair. Otellini in even more have literally been filling. Book it. Our moms Let me is one of the pro Cooper stealing and take a director, But it was chemo bomber separate Terrapin Cell bar standing separation. Have Cassie, Cassie perpendicular allow come away as there's been territorial understanding s diversity . That within I said, linear morphine as a lineage Races? Yes, pretty some indeed. Let's talk about that. They'll appear more separate Turner's, but I fed us. I must say that the resist they can figure Bruno where they see him. Number 10% female braiders Levante. Ours operators have played us. The Panthers creators live on this city. Mosquito Poke, optical principal of the flock opus is normal. Mama's 1/3 low. No bombing Whether we know Prieto Toronto Prieto, Toronto Prieto In the almost pitied You don't know where they dropped for Clara goes bombs . Treasures. Carlitos Camby, Endo read. Moral chaos. Calabrese on, Conceived ordinarily fit in theirs A people's know the hitter stories he come here is the former us but a Campo Istanbul Reas zero now cholera commander in a problem area. Although no Carletto. Yes, sir. Keogh caters nor management's cartas. We will redouble Cordelia. You will In pursuit of that I see in De Moneda. Well, if it you know what and people I was Really? Am Wi Fi not seen? Operate that capital in event. What? They're always abalone. Athena. A brutal element. We have to cover like I matter. But I can only ask me Venelina a parental in the event we're not doing a pena capital. If the rental you have been a little Lamento meniscal putting people to bowling can aristo , stressors, etc. Broke open a key of port of call hits the gators. Okay, so noise rim portentous. Take it important. The vistica tvo, Ezquerro, Moses To come here they grow. So nothing. I would almost certainly means Maupin a lot. Adidas said. Hmm. I don't want running a FINA tablet. Dreamers e live incomers Fino digital mantel, phenyl cabrito, mental phenyl a potato. Have until phenyl cabrito in event. 7. 06 Tipos de hojas: Yeah, whatever. Must think that 1/3 less better off booking Thomas ladders. Forget Syrian and poco monsters. Becky. Probably in the others. What a lot. We're selling a fina Prieto operator to operate Tando in a month. I see phenyl the Ato 11. I keep wonders intent that out there. Well, not school Last moment. Okay, period. We know Brito. We live on him. Fino Pareto, you know, given three. And those tippers their heaters can ask a Poland with a trabajar But Obama attracted when there's Quantas mess. But what I say I don't know, he probably must be repaired. Estimates now he dug area must be lucky. Well Obama personally order up intel about Boracay intent under the heart Estes Park in Blanco Vista Barbie Most Tofino A brittle lamento 100 roller particularly Yes, it is the key that Honduras Tippecanoe person Blank or Prieto, 11 citadels Quinta It supported a key. Is Musante kissed? Ricky? I promise I will never is must vino a little in a rental? Yeah, brittle. If you want our total, you're saying I don't people the OCA hirsuta More util Converse Somerset person up in static it or you know the name of the street I'm well being is 20. Polio had carried on the and we brought factually that it could. I'm with you as Emerson, Albania. So Wimmer's yeah, but it under yellow Bahat apurate Demos Mass. It's Kamata now Monarchy, Tosa River No Estes Removing me into helping but, you know, got a little off another little rattle Opera Thomas. I will fino Britain. People's weight Really hard time in a burrito. Have a final. So we'd operate. Also be yellow heart on me And like a particular special class polymer scared Moody s address that we have our own the tempo Whether it's putting him local head It's tough for Maliki e and immediately Oh, hospital commercial for my party. We have little Nike. They don't dress that Reba. Yeah, I don't You're an apple yet yet, Andrea, You know history, Ella. For him. The last winter out of almost I said Well, now, huh seven by my local hero now even musonye Really? They're all the popular particular there's How much are the lucky owner Speed. They love us. Cuban said kiss the horse. Abandoned data Get up. Anything Alfano said The little operator is Takamio. They grow Salafi. No, but a crab different there. So house 8. 07 Ramas y movimiento: Mr Cathy and members of the car Hamas. Let's give almost happy that last or house. But again, there are more common interest. Principe and days Yes, Keep conducted. A most interesting hasn't thrown at Rama. Intent. A mosquito dollar stores any Wallace? Yeah. They must simply will come from that remark. A stay against that TSA is Cassie. Cassie Director, Your stolen down we Pooka Pooka Malini in Tora planned I e seven. We have defeated. Look about myself. The turkey s happening. Nearly broke our last time. He does a Yemeni rocketing a movimiento itami mo motion. We can't last said that squint that its top London police acoustic movie. And there's not anymore When the DNA sections that in the movie Man, it's thought Doc see them anorexic cadaver is from vocal. Ok, kiddo. Transmitted key. Tampoco it took a little rusty Wallace. The two meter it stuck. It starts abajo, But it's a good guy. Yes. Stop Alicia keys Because Correa say well look, Osama bin ton of brick. And I think this is defective as I came through Iraqi our will not run. Meet us. But I will come upon the muscle car. So we're seven Alinea in Kamakura were here before. Stop Mass. Kamala people, you gotta make it up to a door in a Vento happy Ato element. But what would happen being killers being the last killing Derrick. Okay. No kiddin. National has the muscular, super others Devonte but a camp luckiest. That auto mask around there's seek help in Al Assad. Must begin. Yes, esta McKillop ago rco. We never took our national trust. The Aquino mission. They published their perfect I'm in the quarter different interests. How, huh? Yes. Turkey has every motive for those murders. El promedio que Mira Mita party. There's only nothing me. So house is much Corba. No thanks for picking out so fast, but almost have Erica pasok. One note in the most realmente doors meet us but a temple of almost eight on the Renea Give IRC a loud, raucous jalape Araki Yesterday's March 12 kidney trafficking So he got rid on this caper in the US leading getting Witherspoon tops Yeow! Mosad acid in Bristol assault us. We have several Muslim on their scooters much Kenya's, But I really, really that I mean, that s Quinta Get Ambien. Is Taplin that any move me in the park? A coma. Romero is post Sola dramas Kenya 9. 08 Ramas y movimiento 2: we have that? When Alinea Machicura said Me, Premera Ramelow Yes Salmeron Pakistani stinker we have said on the marquee. Hello dramas Abajo. Poor Rocky, You know, put on a bikini aboard a key, ask. But according to the national heat as compost, that's getting more safe. Imbecile Ramos Gonna be a lava. It's a you more canella We live in tow. Are you a Prieto element for here? Communally galore. Prieto 11 toe A poor you operated. If it matters, it's just There's a lot less. So much my nose. Mitch Mata manual. We have a kill number speaking. It's sort of one of their city polyp in a list. Remember me, Jethro Carson as well. And is your heart must begin years way back. You know you have normal men. Take on the Yamato Have a lot, Ramos. Principally simple. It was when I can I don't recall the wake eaters a soldier's cucumber civilian and complete your key players like I don't know he that Kenya para You noticed that you got no he talky but really interested through a quit I get a mask. Your cash creation Cosa Kate. I mean, you have been on a sugar so fast Noko Hotel will rattle Miss Multiple. That battery is that I'm innocent. Broke. Okay. Movie in para que last a package. So he testing on March? Not really locating Makor when the welcoming and aware of this. But it's a care you contrast a injury Sombra Solu First, get Emilie that must not totally that on your Amiga army so has but a Kabbalist apart though the old class most people being called the summer spin down the coast kisser C in Barcelona Alina Cho Corba Well, we're psychology. Cannot remit does. It's just the highest form a the center, a mass street. Yes, turkey embodied a street as he you're keeping in percent upping that Russell What a good excuse Like a Gareth his Solomin disreputable being tailed. But up to now Lepine Malala, Paraguay our focus Even though they don't question we picking this we together Marilyn and the rest of your heaters case until there's three Wallace custom but practicamente the solar home being Taylor discusses Informa local recommend Temer's when the year come out of the three noticed how is that the almost kiss cereal now composed, composed of women the compostable Get any. Okay, there's a bigger problem in some compressed moving move back. A little thing that economist Amartya Sen among targets both Any course. No salary. Go on police there, then the most different is my neighbors. That movie mean don't list are so harsh again? Mr Obama's for the most of settling a score of us Komaki, Yoko Maki Either the handle a farmer's denominator, keyless the same weapon. Remember, they're mostly Hitler directly on the last day. National heaters in Different is their experiences. But I mean that we must moving mental people will team up with the most. It convened under colores, but I can the stroke heart thing on a sensation. They lose his somebody getting licenses in the ticket on the boys took a more separate legal luxury, a funeral color or a planned, a little different stripping sale in that river in the staples. The old cast if in l mean the week Alyssa so close and lock dramas there Remorse The total on this sisario parable. There been diagnosed experimenters composes about any cast was William Senior. Different is Marcus. It was put up in hotels. Handle Pocatello commercialised Oh, in a sexy anus as he give almost heresy. Intel excel in like a perfume bombs up in that strip. Reopen alky. When I say Don't knows America 50 years. 10. 09 Composición: Lexi on. They stay close to the old Commodore and selling and Direccion bombers You're getting on both. It does Kato talk about them, but about dominance and everything. You professional create people the way of the NFL to support America's cities countries. Compositing is different. There's a new novel must have been that innocence Keenest in outer almost been reported a lawful if in a lamentable, most up interest in Marcus Sitios cattiness for Mother Cora. Each community parentis, elementos, no stressed in indifferent escalators. The people that Obama's ambassador poorest. Every middle is Marcin figure. You got nothing local watering Proyecto operates under as they ponder mapping. Terrible, Perfect. I mean, they look at ways made our corners coloristic. Europe Inter canister, abortion care of getting a martial manners. We come out of that squint. Duncan Nurse never picked them into the tiny, though. Kneeler. Mama's knee last four must include Tampa Cola. Literacy signals down. They there they come up with you that I could have looking more stopping that, but I still those predators hockey, but more South Philly Theranos market situation. Pogo much became your quarterback. You know what I think about 37 Strap a pillow, but okay, Think I'm a courageous with others Cruelty. More secular farmers have been there in a popular poquito mas around a pork in and see that a much, much respect people, people. The composition Your A C warmer shopping terrorist Marcus Sitios, Obama's investor for your state Premier Gokcen Marcin, you 11. 10 Proyecto Final: marcasitios 1: projectors. But I can't think I'm a courageous with others. It will be more secular. Almost have been there in a popular poquito mas around the park. In a city that is much, much people, people the composition of the sea. No, simplemente almost theaters. But Marshall said, maybe you tomato in the hole. Ah, so he see where that's one more step in that rubble whenever I meet that mass, William. Okay, I think of me here in Laramie passed its moment of investor hoping that national convener stops in America s case with him for European economics. Is he touched the almost multi Simone evil parent Bezerra several Because they are more bonito historic a bystander Apathy India Derailment in noisy faithful is if you feel tonight about India What are the people that get worse? Tennis? The Alamo Morriston Glucose Erica is a not a car. National heat. That's something Douglas connections to get in and Moto hoper gets his head until this same mountain allowed. Yang first Estella History A Colorado. You will you eat, Porterfield Democracy Missing Taco Moscow More than intraparty. Simplemente cambio The position where government Really Nando, is that you know we mean the understanding novel? No Strawberry Man Marcus. He used your Aquino's killing this back in their own l. A parabola. But are you the girl? One people they were looking for. The most serious international heater swelled us, it says on the day has moved in three years. Philip. With this hearing of the Indo parent, Rika said, Look, a covers looking, that come on base and your industry speaking use a lot of people listens, appearing on the straw Marcus videos, indelicate but a secular so houses to get Uncle Rondo, but mostly it outta being deafness, Rosie and America's cities. 12. 11 Proyecto Final: marcasitios 2: in the key thing Look A characterize son Los colores Pork telegraphy They esta Marcus Sitios is communal Venus colorist ways your kid and go those colorations Kudos, heroes, Colors Claros, Telegraph Fiesta in close UK We're services. Okay? That really on this kid? BMO said to Asi No, you're the hardest. Especially Mediobanca. My uncle working There were several effect. Thank you. We have stayed on until he task more If you need us, we approve a Terrapin forever. But don't bracket on mascara. Man is clever One color mass. But again nothing that a little amuse small me smoke a load, Uncle Me Because only 90 centers to the cloud. Yeah, put the thing with So he best? Yeah, the way opponent Mickey. It's the case. Marshals who? Lago is readily occasional level. You give away a pair on there, So cars, I let it of us. I came to Tokyo in Noto carbonara. Okay, Separate semen thing on expenses. Same Blanco. But I guess they know they're really feeling a little us. He took on polka waves. Bitterman single. I don't want his personal uncle, but because I know female maintenance. The key We have seen that Oh, he does. The less obvious. I see. Where could be not organist it. I was glad I can you? Yes, Eskandarian was throw market CEOs different AKI estates in people. The market seated custom. We import Christi police Practical car different This four months have been total house it Ambien the inequitable they commercial power upon their now infamous allowed report Temple Yorkie fix Iniesta You know Gators kissing Miss Clennell color intentions to recommend area K The heuristic are anti replica is that I will knock up our destiny every end up in tallow perimeters. Same across eight years. And they'll get any emotion because they're moving me and less. Yeah, a bit in the more suitable A key looking, more situation, contact different the staples. They all passed in their Colangelo's qualities in L. C and America City thunder moving interest. Every miracle, the most common. And if I didn't hear the oak ask, you must be 13. 12 Proyecto Final: marcasitios 3: Yes, some of the keeper. After a little more Marcus cities were old Him apart in industry create a penal e aqui Bombers could be not overcome. 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