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Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

teacher avatar Nadine Thomas

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 Making The Batter

    • 3. 03 Baking The cupcakes

    • 4. 04 Making The Frosting

    • 5. 05 Frosting The Cupcakes

    • 6. 06 Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Here is a refreshing cupcake for you summer gatherings.  In this class I will show you how to make Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. I will start by teaching you how to make the cake batter.  Then we will move on to filling the cupcake tins and baking the cupcakes. Next we will make the frosting for our cupcakes  With the frosting made we will frost our cupcakes using a tip to make a swirl on top.  Then we are ready to serve. Yum! Yum!


Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Nadine.

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1. 01 Introduction: Thank you for taking this class. This class will teach you how to make even eliminate a place. I'll first teach you how to make the cake batter. Next, I will teach you how to bag and pull the carpels. Then I will teach you how to make the frosting for it has books. We then we'll pipe a squirrel on our couples. Make your to do list. Some retreat to serve at our next gathered. A self taught. Many years ago, I opened up my own home. I had this business for several years and tell my husband got a job offer. We've worked. This was a good move for us. So we move to New York sued and I'm closed. Now here in New York City. I do not watch those steps to open up at another. This is part of a series of videos. Then I automate several years ago to go with my blog. I no longer have the block, but I feel like the skills taught in this class are still some skills. And I wanted to share them with you on Skillshare. In this class, we will be working on many skills that you take with you for other projects. These skills are making it better, making it a swirl onto computes. This class is aimed at the bank, but watch and learn how to make a fun summer. Forward to teach you skills in this class. Your mom to lesson number one. That came back. 2. 02 Making The Batter: Hi, today, I'm going to show you how to make pink lemonade cupcakes. I have my flowers, my baking powder, and my salt. Just picked those together into this bowl. And I'm going to do just a light stir to make sure that that baking powder and salts is thoroughly mixed in to the flower. Now, this flower has already been sifted. It's very important that you always shift your flower before you visit. All right, So what, and decide about what the milk in our bowl, we're going to add the sugar, level, the vanilla, and our pink. We want to mix this. Well, now we're going to add this 1 third at a time to get it all. Now, the third half of what's left. So none third flower. And now we're going to add our last flower. And now you can see that it's not made pink. So I have a couple of journals during the battle. Don't want angry and I want to keep a more, we need to mix fat because it has oil instead about us and the oil is, and so inlet, which one? Now we're going to do is I'm going to be part of this cupcake liners. So in doing that, I want to actually my bad. 3. 03 Baking The cupcakes: My team's ready to go into the oven. I need to do is pause. And I want muffin tin to be about halfway full. So I'm just going to carefully pour till it looks like it's bad. Haslett filled out and we'll move too much. We'll see now these cupcake liners are little bit larger than most. So it says it only makes about 13 to 15. I'm hoping to get about 15. I'm looking as I fill each of these and they look like they're more than halfway. And so I may need to scoop some out of him so that I can't get 15 that I hope to get. Three right here are about the right and the rest of these tabs too much. So I'm just going to take this and spoon out of the rest till I get them about down to where those three are so that it will be about the right size because I do want them all to be even. Right now we have 13 filling up the 14th one. So slick and like it's probably going to make mine a little bit about leftism. But I don't have a whole lot. Let's see how far the span of hose looks like. We are going to be 40 if the normal sized cupcake liners, you're probably going to get about two dozen, at least 18 out of this. This isn't a bad gig, this recipe, because these are a lot bigger. You're not getting as much. Now you'll notice I got some cupcake that are on. I'm just going to want to take a paper towel or a napkin to wipe off some of that excess. You're not going to go to get it all off. But the more you can get off, the less that will burn. So just do your best to try to get that up and you have to leave it on and then scrape it off once it's done. Now we're ready to kick this to about 20 minutes at choosing how long it takes for pet peeves. This recipe actually says ten to 15 minutes. I know when I do many cupcakes, they're usually about 12 minutes. When I do radio is size cupcakes, they're using closer to 20. But since this recipe and this is a little bit different badder than I normally use, does say 10 to 15 minutes. I am going to check it out 15 minutes. Let's get these. All right. We're just going to stick and then set this for 15 ohms. So well, I'll be back when these are done cooking and show you what we did. The time is just about ready to go off. And as I look inside, they look like they're getting close. I'm gonna go ahead and check. Oh, you can see that still very, very liquid. So I had a kid about two more minutes. So we'll check that step. We've given this another couple of minutes. We're now going to check it as the timer goes off and see if this system I would check before and it was not quite done. Hope that in so close, but we poke a couple of others. All right, It's so close we're going to get one minute. That is good. So we've got one minute talk. We will pull them out because all we need to now take these out of the pen and let them cool on the cooling read. So in research, we will come back and I will show you how to make this osteon. And now we get created for our pink lemonade. 4. 04 Making The Frosting: We have the cap case. They're cool. Now we're ready to start doing the first. I've measured out all the ingredients. So this bot by two cups folded edge softens. I repeat this for two to three minutes in Charles fluffy and it is tuned a Pell, the pillar. So I'm going to show that I'm going to add like powdered sugar. Now I want to mix that powdered sugar. Sugar has a tendency to prefer low beginning law. I get all that sugar just kinda absorbed in my place. Now I can turn it up. I wanted to submit force being too. I can add more sugar. We're going to need more sugar. But before I do that, I am going to add just a little bit of red food coloring so I can get a comparable all right. Let me just scale and I can tell you state the scale that I like. So I am going to o bit more cabbage. Again, I will start palette sugars pretty much mixdown. And then I can speed it up. And I didn't want this to move up just a little bit about the consistency or Waltz. Just a little tiny bit more shadow now. Just a little bit. So I don't want this to come to South pulling at it in the bent. I've been out there not just for rows, the rows. We want, want to be a soft for us to not wrong, to be stiffer law. It will pipe alphabet. 5. 05 Frosting The Cupcakes: Caucasia, you, and we've got our first version one yet are fasting into a piping bag and the tip has a scalloped edge. Rwanda. They have just a little bit of texture. So I'm yet just porosity and fill up my Fill No. Into the top. About halfway through. More than one talked entry in the first seat. Now what's the frosting? Wanted to come in to tourists. And you see, it's coming out of her cupcakes. Now for me, I find it's actually easier to hold the cupcake like that. Let me show you how that cap k. And I go all the way to making a little peak. So I'm going to continue doing this until I'm all done. And you'll notice I'm not as full as the others, but you're not able to tell one story. And I'm just going to keep them down there. And also we're scripts. 6. 06 Final Thoughts: Thank you for taking this class. This class, you learn how to make pink lemonade case. We learned how to make the cake batter, and then how to bake and pull the cupcakes. We also learn how to make the pink lemonade frosting and then how to pipe the swirl on top of the cup. Your project for this class is to make them. You will need to make the batter measure out the cupcakes into the cupcake tin so that their IPO, thank the cupcakes. Make the frosting and then pipe a swirl onto your packets. I hope your cupcakes turned out the way that she wanted to take a picture of them and post them on our project page. Let us know how it went. For my kitchen to your kitchen hat.