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10 Videos (29m)
    • Introduction: Pinhole Photography Projects

    • Step 1: Building your Pinhole Camera

    • Step 2: Basic Darkroom Set Up

    • Step 3: Cutting your Photo Paper in the Darkroom

    • Step 4: Testing your Can for Light Leaks

    • Step 5: Testing for the Right Exposure Time and Making a Negative

    • Negative to Positive: Option 1- Setting Up Enlarger

    • Negative to Positive: Option 1- Making a Final Print in the Darkroom

    • Negative to Positive: Option 2- Scan and Invert in Photoshop

    • Negative to Positive: Option 2- Adjust for Exposure in Photoshop


About This Class


This course will teach you how to build your own pinhole camera, create paper negatives and turn those paper negatives into positives using traditional darkroom techniques.  Additionally, you have an option to turn your negatives into positives using Photoshop. 

Through the process of creating your own camera, basic concepts of photography such as Aperture, Exposure, and Print Developing  will become clear. 

Previous darkroom experience is not required, however access to a darkroom is.  I will be using a large community darkroom where I teach photography, however you can use your bathroom or a basement to create your own darkroom with an at home darkroom kit. (See Supply List)

You will also need Photoshop and a Scanner if you would like to digitize your negative and turn it into a positive on the computer. 





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Bethany McCamish

Artist | Photographer | Wanderer

Hello, I'm Bethany McCamish. I am an Artist and Photographer who happens to be lucky enough to teach these subject in Vancouver Washington.

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