Pick the Right Font: When to Choose Comic Sans Over Helvetica, And Much More. | Natanael Gama | Skillshare

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Pick the Right Font: When to Choose Comic Sans Over Helvetica, And Much More.

teacher avatar Natanael Gama, Type Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Get Started

    • 2. Long Text or Short Text?

    • 3. Large Font Size or Small Font Size?

    • 4. Print or Screen?

    • 5. Versatility or Limited Scope?

    • 6. Style or Function?

    • 7. Evolution or Revolution?

    • 8. Free or Paid?

    • 9. Good Design or Bad Design?

    • 10. New or Old?

    • 11. Save 4 Fonts From Typapocalipse

    • 12. 12 Closing

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About This Class

Nowadays there are thousands of fonts available for you to choose from. How can you know which one to choose for your next project? What’s the difference between a web-font and desktop font? How to pair fonts? Which fonts are more suitable for long strings of text? What kind of font design works better in a small font size? Or even the million dollar question: What’s the problem with Comic Sans?

Those questions and many others are answered by the type designer Natanael Gama in this class. Whether you are graphic designer, or web designer, or even if you just like to play with typography, this class will boost your capacity to make wiser and more effective typographic choices.

Let’s learn how to pick the perfect font! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Natanael Gama

Type Designer


Natanael one day decided to play with fonts and never stopped. Inspired by the typography classes while taking his degree in graphic design and multimedia in ESAD.CR he started drawing Exo. It was a successful project on kickstarter and is part of the Google Fonts Library. Since then he has already released two more types via Google Fonts, Cinzel and Exo 2. Apart from other commissioned works he has been creating his own typographic library. 

His work has been used by brands like Google, Lego, Fifa, AMG, Blizzard, among many others. His fonts were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and are seen every day by millions of people.

Although the play became work, he hasn’t stopped having fun drawing fonts.

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1. Get Started: I started designing falls into the system. So my friends were commissioned by Google for their liberation library. And because of that, you can with my second skill ship, make sure you check the previous one. If you're interested in knowing in this class, I will teach you how to choose the right for No, they are full marks, and it is not, especially if you want the best for the job. What's the difference between a phone designed for three and four screen out there? We should works best in small. What about which phone is more appropriate in the building Dollar? Question. What's the problem with coming sense? I will ask those questions and many more. If you know Plus will be doing a small kettle like concepts. Are you ready to learn how to write? 2. Long Text or Short Text?: you're going to start by addressing some technical questions in literal will be addressing some. It's not enough to take a good look. You must use that formed within the context. It was designed to work. Let's start by creating to get girls short and old. First question. You need to ask, How long is the text you are going to set? You see the book, A magazine, a Blawg Flyer sticker. If the text as more than five paragraphs, you need a phone with I eligibility in readability, a serif text fund. A serif font gives it the ability to read faster and for longer periods of time without fatigue. This is due to manufacturers one off them is obviously serious, serious to create a flow direction of reading. Sensory phones don't have this kind of flow. This flow exists also because serif designs are derived from calligraphy. This ancient flow of writing and reading is also a convention, meaning we are more used to it, which makes serif faces more familiar for reading. One important component of readability is legibility. We read words, not independent letters for his reason, the more distinct the letters are from each other the fewer the chances of wrongly perceiving one letter, hence not reading the right word or taking more time to decipher it in your rent. Serif fonts create less fatigue because they have. I contrast by having some thinner strokes. This design as more white space, which is more comfortable for reading. But because it also has sticker strokes, the shade of text is not so light that you have to make an additional effort to read it Post script. I probably used some concepts that you are not used to here. White space is the same as negative space or the background. Normally, white contrast is the relation between vertical and horizontal strokes. 3. Large Font Size or Small Font Size?: the next question you need to ask with all large, will your phone size be? Are you designing a business card or a billboard? Let's talk about small phone size when I talk about small phone sizes. I am referring to sizes from 6 to 8 points, or 9 to 12 pixels. In case you are working for screen. Most Serra phones won't work on small sizes. The Siris are lost, thin strokes disappeared, and they consume a lot of the small space you have for small phone sizes. You should use a sensory front with a few special features. The first feature you need is a large excite funds that ever large excite Atmore legibility on small sizes because you have more space for lower case shapes. For instance, a horizontal stroke across the vertical axis three times the chances off these letter to look messy and hard to read in small phone sizes are high if you don't have a large excite . Secondly, you want to have a local trust theme. Strokes vanish, and the constant stroke creates a sharper, more legible text at these sizes. Last but not least, look for open counters which ensure readability on small sizes. In conclusion, you always have to test the phone to choose. What looks good is what is right for large phone sizes. Feel free to use whatever you want, but probably you want to make use off phones. You cannot using any other context, like display grunge in the court of fronts. These phones have a very high contrast and small details which look very good in the appropriate context. This display front that I use over here works very well in titles and headlines. Notice out of the sender is short. In order to create a tight line height. This way you preserve the short white space in the bulky look of the phone. 4. Print or Screen?: Even though technology has advanced a lot and there are more and more retina displays available on the market, there is still the need to think about the medium when choosing a typeface. Maybe one day this won't be an issue, but today it still is. This is because a front appears differently on screen than on printed paper. Will talk first about forms for Prince. If you are printing, particularly on uncoated paper, the ink will spread. If you're type of small, you might experience loss of readability. Ink traps are literally traps that make the ink spread to the inside of the letter instead of the outside, preserving the design of the shapes. You should even be more careful when choosing phones for screen. You must choose a phone that is optimized for thes phones. Have anything? Ending is a set of instructions that helped the front design adjust to the pixel Greek. This way, you can ever clean sharp in a line text flow. Look at this example. On the left, you have Helvetica, a phone designed for print and on the right. You have one off the best screen phones ever designed. Ariel. Look at the shade of text is much more comfortable 5. Versatility or Limited Scope?: when she's in deformed, you must keep in mind the extent to which the phones will be used. I'm in the language. Maybe you are creating a website that will have content in more language than English. Most funds you buy every basic Latin character set, but you might need something more like extended Latin, Cyrillic or Greek. You must think about this before choosing the front. You should also consider if the front you selected as enough weights in it waits helped to create order. Italics change the texture of off without changing the shade. Also, be careful if your phones don't come from a trustworthy distributor, italics and bolts can be fake. True, italic is not a mere slant. Italics are redesigned, shapes are optically adjusted, and some glyphs are completely redesigned to fit the calligraphic tradition of the italics . A true world is not an offset. Beth contrasts need to be adjusted in. Proportions must be kept. You should also remember to consider if you need any special feature like small caps, style figures superscript etcetera. Not every phone contains open type features. To see all the features of your phone, opened the glitz that one illustrator or in design, Or if you don't have adobe software, open your OS character map 6. Style or Function?: we have learned how to give a proper acid to technical questions. No, let's focus on design questions. Even if you are technically correct, you might still get things. This is because there are more layers of communication. Besides Corey. You might communicate well. People get the message, but I conveying the right message. Could it be that the phone you're using is in contradiction with the message you're trying to convey? Let's start talking about contacts and style. This is the moment you were waiting for thistles the moment I'll give you the opportunity to use Comic sans instead of Helvetica. But first, let me talk a bit about these two forms. Alv Attica is, in my opinion, operated an excellent phone. Timeless for sure, however, it is everywhere in nowadays we have better grotesque style alternatives. On the other end, Comic sons is underrated comics, and it is not about fund. Everybody thinks it is, but it is not. It's just badly used. Comic sense was designed with the purpose Microsoft phones were all too serious, so a more child is designed, was created at the time comic sense filled the gap, and if you wanted to do a comic strip or make something for your five year old kid. You have an alternative to times New Roman, the design of a phoned convince ideas, and you must be aware of what kind of idea are you conveying with your phone choices? Look at these examples. Can you spot the in currencies? Funds convey feelings and ideas? Remember that when choosing your next fund. 7. Evolution or Revolution?: Let's talk about paring forms. This is a topic a lot of people are interested in to correctly para formed. You always need contrast. For instance, he used two different humanists and Siris both in the regular weight. That barely creates any contrast and therefore is not useful. Basically, there are two ways off bearing a phone correctly. I call them evolution In revolution. In evolution, you create contrast within the same front family. You make use off different weights, italics in other features like smell caps and alternates. This creates a very consistent look because you are always using the same phone family. Alternatively, you can use Revolution Medic in Revolution used two or tree different phones from different fund families, but that work together as a whole. This made it is much more difficult to use because you need more time in skill, but it can also be more rewarding 8. Free or Paid?: This is an important question. Should you buy any form when there are so many free phones out there? Are there any good free phones? Do you need to care about food licenses? The answer to all those questions is yes. Most foundries are made of one or two designers. When you use their phones illegally, you are arming small businesses, not big corporations, as some of you might think. There are also good free funds available, especially on Google phones. The problem is that everybody is using them, and if you want something new and fresh, that might not be the best option. There are also plenty of good and bad phones available to buy, but if you want the best of the best, you need to invest some money. So when choosing your next phone, make sure you can legally use it that designers off the world, we live you forever 9. Good Design or Bad Design?: In my previous class, I talked about what makes a good front design. You can check that if you want, but I'll give you a summary first look at the shapes are the curves. Smooth is the front balance, and there's a comfortable spacing and untrained eye might have difficulties evaluating. If a front is good, you could ask a more experienced designer or a consultant type designer for help. Also, if you have very specific needs, you should hire type designer to guide you on your choice or even to design a custom fund. After that, make sure the phone as good Corning You can check some common pairs like uppercase t in lower case Oh, or uppercase a envy. Tried to put the spares inwards and see if it feels right. Additionally, don't forget what I mentioned earlier. Check if the Daleks are real or fake. The same with Boldin condensed styles 10. New or Old?: some front designs at almost 500 years of existence. Others have less than one. There is a slight chance that the oldest were seen more times than the most recent ones. Sometimes you want a fresh design. Sometimes you want a safe design. Old phones there are still used today, passed the test of time. However, new funds are more trendy, and they have more impact when seen. Besides, most new phones have new features that make them work better and improve. Your workflow here is a Vatican. Helvetica is a great fund, but it was used until exhaustion. Do you know that there are other great disc phones, equally good or even better than Helvetica? The same is true for all other classical funds out there. 11. Save 4 Fonts From Typapocalipse: no, What I would like to do is to create a phone collection. Imagine that there's going to be like a coca leaves or something and you can only save for families. Which ones will you choose? Select the forefront families that you say and then create something decks we didn't adding Syntex religion to style and functionality tried to create a versatile from collection because those are the forms that you left from. Now, let me show you my friend collection. I decided to save the most important typeface designs from a historical point of view. I did not say the ones I like the most, nor the ones I think are the best. I saved the ones that are more relevant to the history of typography. I chose Gary Moment for a long strings of text, even though it was designed in the 16th century. It is still used today and there's inspired a lot of other serif typeface. I also chose Helvetica Migra tisk, more neutral type design. These modernist design made the permanent mark in graphic design in the past 50 years. It is impossible to not see Oventic everywhere. Guidoni is a beautiful display typeface the king off the D don't style. It has more than 200 years of history, but it hasn't lost its flavor yet. Last but not least, flu Tyga, my humanist workhorse, a very versatile design that have passed the test of time with distinction. 12. 12 Closing: I believe you are now well equipped to see what the next from for project both with wisdom and style. I believe the wages phones will never be the same from now. Simply scrolling through your phone management toe won't be enough. It's time goes by and you get more experience. You'll start heading in your mind an idea off the phone you want to use even before you see thanks so much for watching. Please upload your front collection in the project section so everybody can be inspired in Latin by your choices. I stay and always pick the record.