Pick the Right Font: When to Choose Comic Sans Over Helvetica, And Much More. | Natanael Gama | Skillshare

Pick the Right Font: When to Choose Comic Sans Over Helvetica, And Much More.

Natanael Gama, Type Designer

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12 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Get Started

    • 2. Long Text or Short Text?

    • 3. Large Font Size or Small Font Size?

    • 4. Print or Screen?

    • 5. Versatility or Limited Scope?

    • 6. Style or Function?

    • 7. Evolution or Revolution?

    • 8. Free or Paid?

    • 9. Good Design or Bad Design?

    • 10. New or Old?

    • 11. Save 4 Fonts From Typapocalipse

    • 12. 12 Closing


About This Class

Nowadays there are thousands of fonts available for you to choose from. How can you know which one to choose for your next project? What’s the difference between a web-font and desktop font? How to pair fonts? Which fonts are more suitable for long strings of text? What kind of font design works better in a small font size? Or even the million dollar question: What’s the problem with Comic Sans?

Those questions and many others are answered by the type designer Natanael Gama in this class. Whether you are graphic designer, or web designer, or even if you just like to play with typography, this class will boost your capacity to make wiser and more effective typographic choices.

Let’s learn how to pick the perfect font! 





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Natanael Gama

Type Designer

Natanael one day decided to play with fonts and never stopped. Inspired by the typography classes while taking his degree in graphic design and multimedia in ESAD.CR he started drawing Exo. It was a successful project on kickstarter and is part of the Google Fonts Library. Since then he has already released two more types via Google Fonts, Cinzel and Exo 2. Apart from other commissioned works he has been creating his own typographic library. 

His work has been ...

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