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8 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Picasso Pebbles Earrings

    • 2. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - materials

    • 3. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - equipment

    • 4. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - a few pieces from the soldering kit

    • 5. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - preparing the tube

    • 6. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - making the earwires

    • 7. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - finishing the earrings

    • 8. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - final thoughts


About This Class

Welcome to the Picasso Pebbles Earrings class! This class is named for the beautifully patterned beads seemingly suspended along the earwires. Picasso Jasper has a lovely soft colouring, ranging from dark greys to soft browns and creams, and is actually a form of marble. I will take you though everything you need to make your own pair of earrings, and show you the secret of this design - tube!

This is a solder-free project, but we will be using some of the soldering kit to make a pair of extra long head pins that will be made into the earwires.


This is one of a series of video classes, each one showing you how to quickly and easily make a lovely pair of earrings - sometimes two pairs - as part of my #52earrings challenge. I have challenged myself to design and film tutorials for 52 pairs of earrings in 2017, and I'd love you to join me. In each video I will show you the materials you will need, explain the tools and equipment and go through all the steps needed to create your own lovely pair of earrings. Along the way I will share with you the same hints and tips that I teach in my jewelry making classes and private tuition so that you become more confident with your techniques and design skills with each class that you watch.

This class is for beginner jewellery makers although those with more experience may learn about a new tool! The equipment needed for the project is explained in the videos and also listed on a downloadable document that covers most of the tools that I will use in future earrings video classes as well so you can plan ahead! All the equipment listed can be used for a variety of other jewellery making projects.

Earrings #15 in the #52earrings challenge



1. Picasso Pebbles Earrings: my name's John. Do you design a teacher from the South and welcome to because, Syrians this is a base simple hearing design that is probably the quickest jury projects that I'm showing you so far. Video classes. But it's a great way of showing up some really lovely beats in this face. Our museums Castle Jasper. But she's actually a marble that comes in quite a range of colors, from grey to cream to light brown. I'm going to be accusing three barely much pairs of closely, much as I can. What is a natural stone from a pile here? Creates a pair of earrings with three beads on. Each hearing appear to float on a wire. This is a no soldier project. We will be using a little bit of equipment for soldering kit to melt a born on the end of a couple of banks wired to form here wise, But other than that, when I touch, you need to use that much of equipment. There is one new piece of equipment that I have shown you before. It went never on its used to easily hold tube to be out Kostic to quite precise. Thanks, but If you don't have assist world those Don't worry. You can do this project without one just simply by supporting the pinching with to be using this video class is part of the 52 earrings Chance I set myself teen to design and film 52 different hearing designs. If you like to find out more about for judge, then have a look. But the HASHTAG 52 earrings you might find some before and you see that. So if you're ready, that's started by happy with what could be equipment. 2. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - materials: the theme of the materials that you're going to need to make pebbles hearings. I've named the project after the Picasso, just for beads says they're going to be the highlight of the design. This stone is actually a form of marble, and as you can see, it comes in a beautiful variety of colors with street. Some bands are running through it. The beaches I've got here are a wound L shape so they're round what they've bean flattened the best way to describe it on they've got a lovely matte finish, so they're going to contrast beautifully with the Polish silver. I've also got a lynx off fine tubing. This tube is sometimes known is hinging tube or joint, too, because it's used to form joints or hinges on its 1.6 millimeters outside diameter and one millimeter inside diameter. It doesn't matter what exact dimensions of tube that you use, but you don't want to tube. That's too big. We're just going to use it to hold the beads apart. We don't want it to really take attention away from the beads, but it does need to thread onto the North 0.8 millimeter or 20 gauge wire that we're going to be using to make the earrings from, but it also needs have an outside diameter great enough so that it's not going to thread through the beads that we're using. 3. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - equipment: thieves. The controls I'm going to be using to make the earrings are going to use the ruler to help me work out how much tube that I need to catch off. Andi, I'm going to catch the tube using the jurors sore on, going to support my work on the jeweler's bench. Paige with a leather underneath to catch a little pieces that full. But I'm going to support the work in a tour that I haven't shown you before. This is a joint leveller. It's given this name because the small pieces of tube that quite frequently cut endures workshop I usually used to make a hinge or a joint on this tour helps you to cut each section of that joint to precise length on DTA. Hold to put Avery still, that you can cut it to the ends are level. I'll show you this tour in more detail when we actually come to use it. I got a flat nose pliers, nylon pliers. Andi, why cutters? I'm going to use those to help me to form the ear wires on going to form the air. Was Bentham around the step Mandel that she was seen in my other videos, but don't forget anything that this is for suitable size and is round such the pen barrel or a knitting needle would do is your just as well. I'm going to use a flashing hammer to strengthen the A waas. Well, im going to hammer on top of a nice smooth steel block that you referred surface on a steel block is going to sit on top of a leather cushion to help keep the noise. Now, although this is a no soldier project, there are a few pieces from the soldering kits that we're going to need. We're going to use those to mountain local board on the end off the wire that's going to form the ear wise, and I'll show that equipment next. 4. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - a few pieces from the soldering kit: we're not gonna be doing any soldiering on this project. You are going to need a few bits out the soldering kit. I've got a pair of er section treaters. Hold the while I'm working with it and a pair of brass tweezers to put the wire in and out of the pickle. The tweeters is sitting on a couple of soldiering bricks on bond. They are interns. It young couple off site tiles order that she's going to add a bit of fireproofing to my work desk. We're just going to need a small blowtorch for the project, but I've got the high technical quench pot for cold water on Do my Slow Cooker. But for the safety, Pickle says, I can call the work down and clean it up. Remember, Sterling Silver has got 7.5% copper in it, and that's reacts with the heat and oxygen. The flames because copper oxides, the safety pickle, helps clean out off, and it works best and fastest when it's a war. The plastic sieve is there because it can save you a little bit of time and trouble. I'm going to drop the finished head pins inside the sieve in the quench, particle them down and then put the sieve in the safety pickle. It would just mean that I don't have to go fishing around at the bottom of the quench pot or the safety pickle forward. Very small, thin head pins if you're going to follow that tip. So please make sure that your sieve is just plus that you don't want any metal bits in there. Otherwise, they could cause problems that could actually discolor the silver when it's inside the pickle. Last but definitely not least our powers. Safety glasses. You've only got one pair of eyes. Please do look after them. 5. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - preparing the tube: I think it's time now to cut off some short length of tube to go between the beads. Hold him separately on the air wires. I'm going to use this tool to help me to hold the tubas. I cut it. It's called a joint lover, Andi. It works by holding the wire with some guard goes across. So use that toe hold the not the wife. So the tube, Um like so this moves you undo, not here. And then you can just slide this back with the forwards to set the distance that you want to cut and then China by cup again on the sore, then fits through. It's through this section. This is a great way of helping you to cut the same links of tube each time on. You can also use it to cut. Why was well, music could cut quite thick metal. As long as this some guard can fit across and hold it. Hold it still. So I need to now toe workout. How far along half are part? I want the beast be how so? How far along they want this slider today. So I put three of the beads on a piece, no 0.8 millimeter wire on and come on them to pay that distance apart, approximately something she used to Rula. That's about 45 millimeters. No more expensive versions of this actually come with a gauge on this section to help you work it out. But some I found that those Russians are a lot more expensive, so I opted for the Russian without gauge and a ruler. So loosen this off a little bit. I'm measuring distance between this side of the stop her. Andi, the slot that the blade fits into Let's go for approximately five millimeters doesn't matter whether it's a little bit less with little bit bigger, as long as I do for of the pieces saying so. But I set up my titans this again. Copper tubing make sure send Is Thean inside re fashioned out? By the way, she said that I filed this end to make it nice or flat, so it wasn't cash. An awkward angle. Some got across on my preferred way of holding it is to have it set up on the bench, paid leading on the bench. Plague, like so other people sometimes have it like this go for the way that you find most comfortable. And this is actually I think the only tool that I have that is designed for right handed people because the some guard is on the right side to hold down with your left hand. So holding some guard down blade goes in the salt. Okay, you see one on. That's the reason why we have an apron underneath the bench, pig. So she's a little bit says they fall down and see it. Just that. So I pushed the tube forward again. That's touching. Stop her on bond number two. I'm cutting out four of these, Chief. Each hearing. - Okay , so four little pieces of tube I've got three beads on each hearing, so I'm going to have a piece of tube in between those three beats toe. Hold him apart to give me them the illusion that they are floating on the air. Wise one now, seems anything do Tooth, um, is just might show that they are nice and smooth on the ends. I'm just using a needle far. Tell me to do that Trickiest bit of this job is actually holding onto the tubes and there we go, ready for the next stage in the project. 6. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - making the earwires: Ah, cut for banks of approximately nine centimeters off. No 90.8 millimeter sterling silver wire. Andi, I'm going to melt a ball at one end of each. I might make you one pair of earrings in this video, but by making four head pins, I can choose the twos of the best match to get the best matching pair of earrings on the other two. I go through so many hedge prints, and the other two will get used pre quickly for other projects. No, everything is set up in this way, so it's nice and safe toe work, and I've got the blowtorch on the left hand side because I'm right handed. Somebody want my right hand over here. I don't have to lean over. The blowtorch appear to be able to work. So going to hold plates of why, in my right hand, I'm going to take each one in turn and hold it in reverse action. Tweezers talk tweezers that you have to push to be able to open and hold them in the flame . The ball will form at the bottom. The why will melt automatically into a little ball. And when the ball's about the right size. I'm then going to drop the work in the quench parched That's over here on my right, so everything set up. So it's nice and safe. Is our slate child so fireproof course soldering blocks behind us here to about a little bit more protection. Everything set up so got Leave the flame over here, and then it goes into the question pot. So show you how we make them China talk. Sean should just about to be able to see in the picture that that is the tip of the blue flame. That's the area that we want to work in because that's the hottest area. As I said, silver balls are automatically as you melt it, so folded just in the blue tip. There I just sit a bit brighter than going red, go under ball starts to form when they're happy with the size of that, drop it in the quench pot. Let it cool down. Keep everything nice, is safe. I prefer to move the wire around a little bit in the flame buying that that gets me the smoothest, neatest Andi. Most importantly, for May, the most central board, he doesn't sit at one end or so one side of the wire or the others. Actually, six saluted when the flame offs. It's nice and safe. I can show you close up of those forehead pins. So there you go, forehead pence, two of which I'm going to choose the two that are the best match. So two of them are going to be turned into ear wise for the castle, just for hearings on the other to, as I said, I'll find a use for them. Don't get used pretty quickly. He's now to need to be popped in the pickle to clean up. Andi. Once I've done that, I will show you how to put the earrings together and to finish it off. 7. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - finishing the earrings: I checked the lengths of no 0.8 millimeter wires. I balled up in the previous section of the video to choose the two. That all the best match Andi. They started off. Remember, at about nine centimeters off, no 90.8 millimeter. Why? And because the ball's assigned mounted on a great big, they've only gone down to about 8.5 centimeters. I've divided the six beads. Try chosen the six because so just beats up into three sets of pairs. Andi, I deliberately chose to that were quite dark to that. Were middling aunt to that. A fair bit lightest. They're going to graduate from dark, little lighter as we go up the hearing. So finishing off the earrings is very simple into threat. Well, Mom beat one piece of tube, so I like to beat Second Peter Tube and would like to be so there. If you look closely, you can see that there is a, uh, slightly thicker section in between the beads compared to the rest of why here, If you weren't already aware of that, it makes it look. If one's already where the to be, wouldn't probably wouldn't notice that much it looks as if they are floating when you do the same to the next one. Beach peace chew next beach Last piece achieve with brightest reach. I think I did do before I threaded the beads on this to make sure that the wives were nice and straight. So I used the night on your place now going to use a few other set suppliers on demand or to finish forming the ear wise so that bent over and you can wear the earrings. So he used the middle section of the step Mandel use use on and like the earrings. I don't now that foe bend around, but this is there for me. I have to trim the wire off a little bit of the back. That's fine. That won't go to waste yourself. Something else. Help you with that. So tricky things always is. Get the two earrings to match up, so start to avenge the 2nd 1 Check the length. This was definitely too long. So this was to go and I put it back on the mandrell. It is the front section. Tony Teoh bend round a little bit more to use up some of that links? Yeah. Have you got? It's like a finished pending. The UAE rounds with the Y casus. I'm going to trim off the wire. So this is about level with the melted board. Younger Andi. Hold two hearings together so that I can see how far I need to trim off the 2nd 1 Although the beats on the tube can still move, they can't go post op end, send license. Safe from that. Can it be done? What was I spit such the weight. So I'm going to hammer this front section here to harden it to help, though I keep in shape. Not better. Remember, I'm using the punishing hammer. To do that shape was now got a bit of a spring to it. It's definitely stronger. They used my flat nose pliers to look out to the end of the wire. Remember, I used the wits of the pliers as a measure of so that I put the tick of the wire flush with that side of the the place we just pulled back Quiz the same with next room. That way I always know that the hearings going too much or my stung one last thing at the moment was quite sharp and scratchy. Those ends, we're going to feel critically uncomfortable. Each I'm put through the is, so I'm going to use a needle file to smooth Fathi innings. Use your fingers as much as your eyes to make sure that feels nice and smooth. - Thank you. Another pair of earrings, toe edge to your collection. 8. Picasso Pebbles Earrings - final thoughts: that definitely wants the quickest hearing of projects I've shown you so far. We've now got another lovely designed to add to your range chilled jewelry collection. This is a great project for showing off different beads, and you don't have to use the same type of bees throughout the project as I've done here, I go over quite a a subtle, neutral pair of earrings, but they would look just as well in a great mix of colors perhaps showing off. So you're gemstones or some really nice pairs of Lamport beats. Remember that you don't need to use a joint clever to chew. It is a really, really great tool for help me to cut tube to precise lengths and to hold it very easily, especially quite sick tube. But when it stings you like this, you can get away with holding it by hand on your bench. Paige, you just might have to do a little bit of finding just to make sure that you end up with pieces that all the same length as always. I would love to see what you make using instructions in the video, so please do upload photos into your project. area. Remember that I'm here. If you've got any questions on it would also be great if you could leave a review to help students. Thank you for watching.