Piano Technique 101 : Class #2 -Preparing to play chords- | Ilse Lozoya | Skillshare

Piano Technique 101 : Class #2 -Preparing to play chords-

Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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6 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Triad

    • Exercise 1

    • Exercise 2

    • Exercise 3

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About This Class

This class is dedicated to acquire an excellent piano technique with easy to follow clases that won´t take you more tan 15 minutes each one. This class is the number 2 in the Piano Technique 101 Series and is dedicated in getting prepared to play chords in the future, developing a good position and getting familiar with the triad which is the basic of any chord. This class has also 3 extra exercises that combine an interesting rhytmical combination.

Join this class today and acquire a good piano technique, no previous knowledge is required.






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Ilse Lozoya

Music teacher and Online Educator

Hello Skillshare community!!

My name is Ilse Lozoya I am a pianist and educator, I love to teach online because I can share about music, piano, and education with student around the globe and I think this a wonderful thing in our days, in the upper part of my profile I share a You Tube video where I play one of my favorite songs, a Spanish piece called "Ritual Dance of Fire" composed by Manuel de Falla.

My Skillshare classes are dedicated to music studen...

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