Piano Song-Playing: The Two Most Powerful Exercises

Alon Cooper, Founder - The GuitarHippies Blog

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2 Videos (16m)
    • Getting Those Inversions In Our Fingers

    • Making Your Chord Changes SMOOTH


About This Class

Are you a beginner piano / keyboard player - who was some knowledge in chords but still can't "translate" it to smoothly playing songs? 

In this class I'll share with you the two absolutely most powerful exercises to what I call the most important ability of all when it comes to playing songs smoothly - and this is the ability to quickly move between all the different CHORD INVERSIONS. 

When you have total control over at least the basic chords and all of their inversions,

  • Your song playing will be a lot more fluent for you and will seem like much less of a "work" - and instead more as " pure fun".
  • Also - moving between the inversions (instead of just the simple triads that start from the root) will enable you to "automatically" have excellent voice leading in the songs that you play - which simply means that everything will sound a lot more smooth and pleasant to the ears of the listeners.

I am a professional piano player and I still do these two exercises every morning - that's how effective they are - not only to gaining this skill but also to keep always improving it with the more complex chords that you keep learning. 






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Alon Cooper

Founder - The GuitarHippies Blog

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