Piano Series: Dark Eyes (Russian Folk Song)

Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Dark Eyes Left Hand

    • 3. Dark eyes Both Hands

    • 4. Dark Eyes Right Hand


About This Class

Learn to play this famous and beatiful song that belongs to the Russian Tradition, Dark Eyes.

You will learn step by step how to play each hand separately and then how to play both hands at the same time, according to the appropiate way to study piano. You can download the sheet music so you can keep playing offline.

Join this class and improve your music reading in a progressive way. This class is good for beginners that want to learn to read music, play piano and have fun learning beautiful repertoire that is according to the beginners level.


Ilse Lozoya