Piano Runs & Fills #4: C6 Rolling Waves & Waterfall Runs

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31 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Piano Runs & Fills 4 - C6 Waterfall Runs & Rolling Waves

    • Intro: Learn to Play These Runs!

    • Listen to the C6 Mellow Sound

    • Piano Tip 1: Play C6 Inversion: E G A C with thumb on the E

    • Piano Tip 2: My Magic 4T6 Handshape - Small Hands

    • Play Along 1: Use 4T6 Handshape to play C6 - E G A C

    • Piano Tip 3: Smart Fingering for Left Hand: L5 L3 L2

    • Play Along 2: Left Hand C Triad - L5 L3 L2 in diff octaves

    • Piano Demo: Left Hand & Right Hand Alternating

    • Piano Tip 4: THINK Simply: L R L R L R

    • Piano Demo: L R L R L R

    • Play Along: Both Hands L R L R L R - Slow Tempo

    • Play Along: Both Hands L R L R L R - Normal Tempo

    • Play Along: Both Hands L R L R L R - Fast Tempo

    • Play Along: Both Hands L R L R L R - Quick Tempo

    • Play Along: Both Hands L R L R L R - Super Speed Fun!

    • Piano Tip 5: Let the fingers dance

    • Play Along: Dancing Tones in Slow Tempo

    • Play Along: Dancing Tones in Faster Tempo

    • Piano Demo: LH moving down C G E tones

    • LH Moving Down in C G E Tones & Fingering

    • Play Along: LH Moving Down C G E Tones

    • LH plays one tone while RH plays 2 tones

    • Piano Demo: LH & RH Dancing Waterfall Run

    • Play Along Slow Tempo: LH & RH Dancing Waterfall Run

    • Play Along Fast Tempo: LH & RH Dancing Waterfall Run

    • Contrasting techniques: Rolling waves + Waterfall Run

    • Combining 3 techniques

    • Piano Demo: 3 Techniques combined

    • Play Along: 3 Techniques Combined Extended Ending

    • Thank you!


About This Class

Piano Runs & Fills 4: C6 Dreamy Rolling Waves & Waterfall for Songs Ending

Do you want your piano playing to sound more like a professional?

Many beginners just end their song in a boring way. When they get to the end of the song, they just play a long tone in the empty measure. They do not know what to do with the long measure. Often times, the song sounds very abrupt when they come to an ending.

How would you like to create a dreamy ending so that your audience can sit back to flavor the ending of your performance?

Here's the Secret: One way to create a dreamy ending is create contrasting rolling and dancing sounds at the end of the song. You want your audience to sit back to flavor your performance right to the end. You are going to take them up to a climax with the rolling waves going up. And just as when they think you are ending the song, you are going to start dancing with your fingers creating a waterfall dance coming down.

In this course, I will show you 2 Big piano techniques on Runs:

1. Rolling Waves going up

2. Dancing Waterfall coming down.

3. C6 Chord - 4 Tone Chord

4. Use C6 Inversion - E G B D with thumb on E

5. Learn my 4T6 Magic Handshape for Fingers Rolling

6. Use Left Hand Smart Fingering: L5 L3 L2

7. Coordinating Both Hand by Thinking Simply: L R L R L R

8. C6 Dancing Waterfall Run

9. Train Fingers to dance on staggered notes down 3 octaves

10. Creatively add Extension to Endings

11. Combine 2 techniques: C6 Rolling Waves + C6 Waterfall Run

12. Combine 3 techniques: C6 Rolling Waves + Chromatic Chord Movement + C6 Waterfall Run

Come on in and enroll in this course!

Let's have some fun together,







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