Piano Reading 101 Level #2 A progressive and complete approach to piano playing. | Ilse Lozoya | Skillshare

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Piano Reading 101 Level #2 A progressive and complete approach to piano playing.

teacher avatar Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
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Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Treble Clef -Half notes #1-

    • 3. Treble Clef -Half notes #2-

    • 4. Treble Clef -Half notes #3-

    • 5. Treble Clef -Half notes #5-

    • 6. Bass Clef -Half notes #1-

    • 7. Bass Clef -Half Notes #2-

    • 8. Bass Clef -Half notes #3-

    • 9. Bass Clef -Half notes #4-

    • 10. Bass Clef -Half notes #5 -

    • 11. Congratulations

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About This Class

This class is the number 2 in the Piano Reading Course, is dedicated to develop your piano playing while you learn to read the notes, it has been specially developed for the very beginner, in a very progressive way so you can go through the exercises at your own pace.

This class is dedicated to learn to play half notes, which is the second rhythmical figure that you are going to learn in this course.

Each class has 10 exercises that you will learn through practical videos, this class has dowloadable material, a PDF with more exercises and audio files can be downloaded so you can keep practicing offline.
Join this class  and start playing piano and reading the notes today.

It is recommendable to to take the first class of this course but if you feel familiar with half notes go ahead and take this class.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ilse Lozoya

Music teacher and Online Educator



Hello Skillshare community!!

My name is Ilse Lozoya I am a pianist and educator, I love to teach online because I can share about music, piano, and education with student around the globe and I think this a wonderful thing in our days.

 My Skillshare classes are dedicated to music students, if you are a beginner or a advanced student I am pretty sure that you will find a class that can help you in your music journey, you will find classes basically about piano, music theory, ear training and education.





Here are the links to my classes:


        Piano Technique 101 #1   - The 7 Min Routine -  https://skl.sh... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to this place. My name is Instill a story and I'm going to be your instructor today. This last is it number two in a very progressive piano course, This course is dedicated to help you to and teach you how to play piano and read notes at the same time. In this last, you're going to learn how to read travel cliff and bass clef playing health notes, everything in a very progressive way. So you can really go at your own pace. I'm going to show you how to play each of the exercise. You can also download the pdf with all the exercises you can download the all the files so you can keep playing off line If you, uh, very happy, very excited to be part off their musical journey. And I really I encourage you to keep practicing and followed your dreams. If you want to start playing piano today, welcome 2. Treble Clef -Half notes #1- : Now let's practice half notes. In the previous exercises, we practice whole notes, which are rhythmical figures that last four beats. Well, the home. The half notes are notes that need to last two beats. So if I play a C note that they say half note, I have to count 12 So it's going to last two beats in this first exercise. We are practicing right hand truck left and half notes on in the first section, the note said. We're going to play our see the e f e the e c. Again see the e Beth e the E C. Off course if we are using all the figures were playing more notes in each exercise. So it's really more importance getting more important for you to practice this several times to read aloud. Many times many times as necessary. You can down No, the additional researchers. You can print this exercise asked. You think it's necessary for your learning, so I'm going to pray to play the first section more to count to four because I have four over for in this measure. So this is a time signature. It means that I need to have four beats on each measure. 123 for C wan to be one to eat to f 12 e 12 the two e one Jute on and see? Yes, I set the Metra non on 60 bits per minute. So little bit slower because we're going to each note, are going to last less so you can have the sensation that you are playing faster. Of course, that's why I decreased this piece off the Metrodome. I'm going to play the first section one more time. 12 tree for seeing the t de b. The thing seen Second section begins with a G note and I have g f e d e g e c Again g f e d e g e c. I'm going to play this 1234 g e g g c to play one more time to second section three and four and e E. C. Now I am going to play the whole exercise. 123 See the three de being be being thing seeing. I have just saying the notes aloud so you can follow this. That's why I'm not counting on saying not so But if you're playing, this is lower. You can do both things at the same time, and this was exercise number two. 3. Treble Clef -Half notes #2- : not going to play the exercise. Number two. I am practicing half notes Trouble Live Hand tried to hand. I'm a right hand in the first section. Pay attention because the last measure off this section has a whole note. So we are combining the true rhythmical figures that we have learned by now. So the 1st 1 it's a C note. I have C. C the the e the C again seeing see the the e the C. So I'm going to play this. I count to 4123 and floor Seeing seeing C 234 Would you play one more time The first section and see seeing thing thing thing Seeing Want Teoh 34 The second section begins with a C note and it iss e f g g g e c So I need to repeat three times a G note on at the end. I am going from line to the next line, right, working with the staff, so I have G e C audience Gene, these you can practice asked way played something Underwood similar with or left handed previous exercises. You can't just practice this which play the second section one, 23 and four b g g jean seem more meets Tree am four one more time The second section and G g G C E 034 I'm going to play in the whole exercise. 1234 c Want to tree floor E g g g sing want Teoh Tree and four and this is C exercise Number. 4. Treble Clef -Half notes #3-: Now let's practice this exercise number tree. We are working with trouble. Place half notes on the right hand. But as you can see, we are alternating one measure. We have notes, then another with whole notes. So we have to bad, then should there and don't like faster. When you are playing whole notes, you have to maintain the same speed. That's why I'm using the Metrodome when I am show you. How do you need to play this? So in the first section we have E f. C. Be careful because we are not beginning on the C note and we are skipping e f C and then e d G one more time e f c and then e the G. I'm going to play this tree and 4.5 being see him starting to tree for the way you want. Teoh. 34 One more time seen Teoh Tree. Four Thing Jean Tune three for the second section begins at the F note, and it's going down. It has F e d on then e the c f e d M e d c. So I'm going to play this beginning at the second section to play in the F note with my finger number. Four. 123 and four e. T. To Tree for and being Dean seeing 12341 more time. One Tree four. The thing the singing Want to 34 How much Play the whole exercise. Three and four Teoh 34 e Want 3434 Being thing seen. 1234 and want to play this one more time and three for 13. June 34 C 234 And this was the exercise number tree. 5. Treble Clef -Half notes #5- : I am going to play the exercise number of five. Remember that we're practicing using trouble, cliff, half notes and right hand. And as you can see, ass we played actually, in the 1st 4 exercise, we have the same shit to issue Here we are playing at CNN. We're skipping, knows we're going from seeing teen and at the end, off the section I have a whole note. So in the first section ISS c g the G if e the one more time it is c g the g f e d. I am going to play this 12 tree four c e g b d. I think the 2341 more time that for section and see g g I mean dream And for the second section has the e the G e the C one more time the e the g e the I'm going to play the second section 34 and G. They seem to dream for one more time to second section tan teen teen Me being me See now I'm going sublight They hold exercise 123 and four de tree um four To me, G B C one last time. The whole exercise. 1234 g D to three tour to be See you three and four. And this is the exercise number five. 6. Bass Clef -Half notes #1- : I want to play. We did practicing with my left hand. I want to play bass. Cliff and practicing have notes. And of course, whole notes were working with this too rhythmical figures that we have learned by now. So we have one to entertain me in realizing here. My see my finger number one with the C note. So I have the first section of this exercise has C B C A. Be careful because we are skipping C B C a and then g b g on the end off the section. We're going to play Gino four beads. So it is a whole note. I'm going to play this off course, especially with based class, because it is possible that you're not really familiar with this Cliff. If you need to breakfast more times this type of exercises well, read more times before playing tree and four. See me. See? Okay, B G 123 Part time. Three m four. Seeing me si k thing be 23 and four. The second section begins with a B note and it has B a g A g B c. We have We're skipping a note. Right? The almost at the end. So I have a B a g a g B c. I'm going to play this one, 234 me thing G. Okay. Be seen Teoh tree for one more time. I have being today B and C wan to DRI for good. Now the whole exercise. 1234 Seeing me seeing. Okay, Me want Teoh tree for second section B K. Okay, The DNC wan to tree floor. And this is the exercise number one practicing base. Cliff, I want to play this one last time. That full exercise? Yeah, See? I mean, see? Okay, three gene Want you 34 and ping. Okay, B C 123 and four. Exercise number. 7. Bass Clef -Half Notes #2- : Now let's practice the exercise Number two using our left hand and practicing base clip. So we're using basic left half notes and left and we are using your practicing the whole notes. This to me coffee years that we have learned by now. So the first section has C B, C and B A B again see BC and being a B go to play this one too. Three and four C three c 34 be they me? 2341 more time and seeing the scene want you tree for three. Okay, Me. The second section begins with the A note. It has a B G then a g c Be careful A B, G and a G See, I want to play this to your brilliance. And no finger number 33 and four. And they me she want Teoh 34 a g seen Teoh tree for one more time. The second Section 10-K me one Teoh 34 They me gm. Sorry, Seen Teoh Tree For now we want to play the whole exercise 34 and seeing B c want tiu 34 b hay being want Teoh tree for stay me g Want to tree four g seeing 1234 And this is the whole second exercise 8. Bass Clef -Half notes #3- : Now let's play the third exercise Exercise number three. We are practicing and playing the with the left hand baseball have and we're practicing whole notes, half notes. The first section has C, C, B and C C. A. Actually, I have repeated the C note purpose so we can practice s keeping notes. So I want to play this first section three and four and see seen the 234 seen seen today. I want to three for one more time. See See Way one Teoh 34 Seen seen a tree for the second section. Keep practicing the skipping note going from the C note. So it is C, C, G and at the end, f g g. The last two measures are other bit different. So again, the second section is C C G F G G. Good to play. Second Section three out of four and C C. G. 1234 g to tree for one more time. See seeing want 234 Jeanne 1234 Now would you like the whole exercise? Street and floor and see See me! 1234 c. C. Paying 1234 c c t. Want your tree G 312 tree for one last time and seeing see mean 1234 Seeing scene they want Teoh 34 C C j Want to tree floor G Want to tree and this WASI exercise number tree. 9. Bass Clef -Half notes #4- : Let's play the exercise. Number four. We are practicing left hand, basic live and have notes. So pay attention to the notes because we are playing health notes and the second measure were playing whole knowns and we're changing from half notes, toe hold notes and if you take a look, the first section you have C B G then f g f c b g f g f So I'm going to play this 1234 Seeing mean 234 and 234 Actually, it's not difficult, but you can teach pay attention because you're going to skip a note. I'm going to play this one more time three and four and seeing 234 234 The second section it iss f a g See being see. As you can see in the first measure off the second section, you are going to skip the G note. We're going from F to a then the gee note and at the end we co from G to see. So we are skipping two notes and finishing plane. Sea beast. I've been going to play this beginning in the second section. 123 and four and 234 three time and 2343 The scene to tree. For now I'm going to play the whole exercise. 123 and four Seeing 234 and three and four and two Tree for seeing me See 23 and 41 last time. This exercise number four tree four and 13 Teoh tree and four and 10 to 3 m four and 1234 Seeing me seeing tree and four and this is he Exercise number four. 10. Bass Clef -Half notes #5 - : now in virtually the exercise, number five were practicing with left hand bass clef and half notes. As you can see at the end off which section there is a whole note, so and something important is that we are practicing going from the C note to the F and the G note. So the name off the notes in the first section R C F c G If if if, as you can see, I I'm going to repeat three times the F note. So one more time. The first section is C F C G F. If, if so, I'm going to play the first section. 123 and four Seeing and 23 and 41 more time and see Tree for the second section has F a G A C. If C Be careful there because I am escaping. Notes. F a g a c f c. So I'm going to play this one to tree and four see 1234 one more time. 34 and Teoh 34 Now I want to blame the whole exorcist. 123 and four One less time. And now I'm going to signals three and four and see 123 and four and C c 23 and four, and this is the exercise number five. 11. Congratulations: time. We're now at the end of this class. Thank you for lending me part of your learning experience. I hope that really? Do you have found this class very helpful. If you have any question, please let me know So I can give you tips and advice is so you can take the mosque off this course and in general offered your music. Learn Thank you. And I really recommend you to go and be aware off the next classes that you can really go in a very progressive way because each class is going to teach you how to learn and a specific away. A specific, away rhythmical figure. So my name is in silos. Oye, Thank you. And l see you in the next class.