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Photoshop with Logan #5 - Woman in the Waves

teacher avatar Logan Susnick, Photoshop Master

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Class intro

    • 2. What doesn't work

    • 3. How to do it

    • 4. How to do it better

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to extend an image by using the content aware scale feature. I will show you why regular stretching doesn't work and also different problems that you may run into with this approach.

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Logan Susnick

Photoshop Master


Photoshop with Logan is a set of Photoshop projects designed to improve your existing skills and teach you new ones. Each course is one relatively simple project that uses different tools to achieve intended results. Most courses are designed for the intermediate user.

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1. Class intro: Hey, students. Welcome to another photo shop with Logan Class in this one. We're gonna use our content aware scale feature in photo shop, and we're gonna go from this image to this one. We're just going to extend the area outside of the main subject. Nothing complicated. Nothing fancy. Pretty simple. I'll just show you different types of issues that you can run into doing this. So I hope you'll enjoy the class if you like it. Please don't forget to rate it. Don't forget to give it a thumbs up and enroll in my other classes. Let's get started. 2. What doesn't work: So let's say that we have this image which we need to prepare for a video, which is in a 16 by nine format. And this image is probably like a three by two or four by three or some aspect ratio like that. So the first thing we need to do, we're gonna take a crop tool, and we're going to change this to 16 by nine. There's a preset, and here we can see what that actually might look like in this image. But we don't want to just crop. Let's say we need all that area to add something. So what we need to do is increase this to the edge of the image and stretch stretch out these corners. You can you see like this some weird line at the bottoms. We're gonna crop that out. So basically, there it is. So this is our 16 by nine image. Now, if you wanna make it Mork kind of punchy. If that's the right word. Used the's golden golden lines, golden racial lines. You can You can actually do this. Maybe you wanna have the head more on the on the third line Here, make this a little smaller, so we'll put her right in the middle and will stretch this out. That's probably too much because we need her in the center. So we're gonna but say it's like this. So the horizon line is right in the third. She's in the middle of an image, although this would be kind of, you know, powerful as faras composition goes or here on the crossings of thes thes lines. But anyways, give it simple. That's a different topic. So she's in the middle and this is set on the top line. So we liked us now. So I'm gonna hit, enter now or return. And this is the image I have now. So whats wrong? Obviously, we need to fill in this area. And the question is, how do we do it now? Clearly, if we just take a transformed toe command T or controlled teeth, we can you know, we can stretch this out like, if I hold this, I'm gonna hold up. Well, I'm not gonna hold any keys if I just stretch this out to the corner. And if I stretch well, you know, this excite is already filled, and that's obviously wrong. If I hold the option and shift. What's gonna happen is it's gonna scale proportionately from the centre. But everything changes. I'm just scaling the image. I'm not really feeling groups. Sorry. I'm not really feeling anything. Right. So I want her exactly where she is. And I want this to be here. So, you know, you're thinking maybe maybe you can just select this whole area here, and then do the transform command t control t and stretch this out. I mean, you could, but you know that you can I can see it now. I mean, maybe not really. But it depends on the content of your image. What would happen? Or imagine if this was if this was, ah, bigger stretch than that, You know, like imagine, uh, me. Let me just stretch it further. See, Like it gets totally weird. Obviously. Now that's not really an option. And usually at the edge here, you know, when you have such a big difference, something changes. You can see a lot of breaking or colors changes. He like you can. You can almost see the line going right through here. So clearly that's not the way to go. And the only proper tool for this job, especially for wound when you have areas that don't have ah, uh, kind of more like a texture kind of area, not without too much detail. The best tool for the job is content where scale. This is the one that's gonna let us do this by paying attention to what's in the image by observing the focal point of the image, observing anything that has high contrast colors and stretching out to rest everything that's kind of not as defined. So this is a great image to use this store, so let's let's jump to the next video for that. 3. How to do it: Like I said, the Content Aware tool, which is sorry. The content aware scale tools are different content aware tools of Elba. This tool is right here in the edit window. Or you can just hold all of these. This is shift option command or shift Ault Control one of B. C. I think, and basically the way it works it really pays attention to what's in the image at anything that that has kind of recognisable detail. It's going toe avoid stretching until the last minute. So basically, you see, I can stretch this out and the girl doesn't MSM really all the young woman doesn't. Maybe she gets stretched out a little bit, right? Like look at, look at her right butt cheek outside. See, once I get to hear she is fine. But as I keep going, you see how it stretched out. Now she has those saddlebags. And as I keep going, you see saddlebags shows up on on her left on the left side, over. But you see, like outside of it to see that whip. And that's not really something that you want now. Generally, you know, content aware scale tool is is good at this, but there is a limit. So if I were paying attention to her well behind, which I normally would in real life, I guess, um I would notice, you see, right here, I think is the first big difference. So I would say I could go up to here and stretch it out. Now, let me Let me try it on the on the other side, See what happens. Um, paying attention. See, it's kind of you can see almost like stairs getting getting stretched out like a new accordion effect. Like I see it in the third way down the way I can't show you cause I'm holding the mouse like 1/3 way on the left side. You could steets suddenly stretch out and then a little further somewhere where the first drop. Sorry. See how it stretches out? And then you see, as you stretch out, it keeps getting closer to her. Now she is in the center of the image and there it is. See, Boomed. But gross. So probably up to here. And this is a Sfar as I can go. And then if I go this way now let's pay attention to the top of her head. See, I think it already seems a little longer, but let's keep going on and OK, now I'm over doing it. Obviously, you can see the head is starting to grow first her back seeing the back and then her head. So there is a limit to what you can do with the stool, obviously. And there are several ways that you can you can avoid kind of hitting that limit. Now, would you Could you could do a simple fang, which is which is just, like, make a selection like this and grab the content aware scale and stretch this out. So basically, what you've done is you've avoided touching her, so I'm gonna hit enter, and that pretty much works. You can do that on this side as well had its content to wear scale, stretch it out, enter. And then if I do it here, I don't have much off her head. So I mean, her head kind of takes up a lot of the possible area that I could be stretching. You see, the horizon line is old way down here. Ideally, I'd want to stretch it from here, but let religious, do it from here and see what happens. Gonna hit return and, you know, like, this is generally acceptable. Now, in this particular image, I don't think we can see artifacts from stretching it out on on this straight line here. I think it's this year. I'm not sure. You see, Like, I can see this line here and here is well, but, you know, I could be imagining now, here. I dont know. Can you tell if this is stretched out? Probably this line is straight for a long time. Doesn't look realistic. Um, so, you know, But this is not the best way to do this. So this is certainly one option to deal with. It is basically select the area that you wanna stretch out and then use content aware scale for that. But you will typically get some, uh, from some. You know, along the line where you made a selection, there could be some differences, is really depends on the on the image you have. And, you know, we already know that this tool is not the best for every job. Sometimes it's just impossible. You're gonna have to do some manual work, but you can get away with it. If you do like bits and pieces at the time, right? So in the next video, let's let's look at another option that we can use to make an even better stretch. 4. How to do it better: the proper way to preserve the image that you want to preserve. The part of the image, the person, the object, whatever's in focus, or several different areas that you wanna make sure don't stretch out when you do the content where scale. The way to do this is to create selections that you save that can be registered by the tool . I'm sure you have that stunt, so basically you can do a very rough selection. I'm going to use lasso tool. Now. You could you could get into more precise selection, but for some reason I'm getting a problem here that I'll show you, but I'll show you how I deal with it. So I'm just gonna do a rough selection, which most of the time this is gonna work. Fine. So I created a selection, and now I just need to say that selection you can literally go to the select menu and do safe selection, which is the same as going to the channels and creating a new channel. It's It's an Alfa Channel. It's an additional channel that's gonna be remembered by the by the file. It's it's kind of something like a layer mask but different. So it's Ah, it's an Alfa Channel. Save selection and just give it a name. We're gonna call it woman and there it is. Now I'm going to de select from one of whatever click in there with any tool. Now it's right here, and this is what it looks like. Or if you click on it, that's what it looks like. It's whites, I said. It's similar to the Alfa Channel to the mask. So, um, I'm back here. All my channels argue beer selective. And I'm going to do the content aware scale. Now what we can do you we can sell like the Protect area woman. Now, ideally now, ideally, I'm going to say, ideally, I'm even gonna turn this song because it may be helpful. Not really for this, but basically, let's stretch it out and see what happens. I'm going to stretch it out and yeah, it's actually helping me, because as I was testing, let me do this and show you, uh, had it content to wear scale. Woman, I'm gonna turn off the skin tones I'm going to stretch out and you see, even though I selected the area as I stretch this out. You see how her right? But Cheikh actually breaks. So there are a couple ways. So one of the things that I've discovered obviously is you can, uh let's do it again. Content over a scale woman and this. And now I can actually stretch this out, and it does seem to work nicely. Let me try the other side. Yeah, I think her but is exactly the same as before. We try this and this. Actually, this is pretty good. So that's one way to do it now. You hit enter and it's safe. Let me just show you what happens if you're having problems content, aware scale. Let's turn this off, Woman going to stretch it out on until you see it breaks. So I'm gonna go back, leave it there, stretch it out in the other direction. But I can see that actually see the right side brakes as I stretch it out. So I'm gonna leave it at this. I'm gonna hit enter. And now keep in mind that now that the image has moved so the path has kind of stretched, right? So what you can do, you can throw this away you can go back, create another selection. Now, you know, our selection is not really behaving properly. So this is basically the only thing we can do. So save selection again. I'm gonna call woman. Or I could have created another one and just called a woman to And then I would say like that. And now I can go back again to that. It got a select A layer Added content, aware scale. Select a woman again. Um, let me stretch it out again and see if anything's breaking. Now, you see is undoing the second the second stretch? This actually everything's working. Okay, let me try this way. Yeah. So, you know, depending on the version of photo shop, maybe this is something that was fixed on purposely using an older version. See, a six year. This all seems to be working. So, you know, do it in stages, create a new selection, or use this. See whichever one helps you. But either way, this tool is supposed to work perfectly. As you do this. However, you get there in multiple steps or you want to use the preserve. Skin tones protect skin tones. In a way, we got there, so I hit return and here's our layer. Now I'm going to zoom in just to see if there's any artifacts, because our selection was, you know, outside of her. I don't really see anything, But you can actually recognize that. You see this like there's so many stretched out droplets here. Not so much on this side. Now there some here because it's the most stretch that it happens. It happens on this side. And then as you get closer to the center, there's less stretching. So if you see something that clearly doesn't look right, you can fix it later on. You can fix these. Maybe you can pick up something from the other side. Or you can Maybe when you making a selection, maybe you want to make a selection. That's outside of that because you know that it's gonna be a big stretch. So keep that in mind. This tool is not perfect, And, uh, I didn't get the types of off problems that sometimes sometimes you can see literally, like some of these drops are just cut in half. So what you can do is you can you can use any one of these, you know, healing brushes, for example. But you want to use a similar area. Let's let's use let's use this or let you some things further away and just kind of cover up this the stretched out one, right? See, this looks now more natural. Maybe it's not as noticeable as before. And then you have these guys here, see if I can use this. Maybe, you know, to avoid these stretched out once. You can certainly do something like this. So, like I said, you can prevent us by doing a different selection. Or you can just come in and fix it. Sometimes you'll you'll see certain areas that it just You know, I don't know if this is a side effect from stretching, but, you know, this is easily fixed like this. Uh, there are some you see, like big, big stretches. Here you can you can cover it up like this. Anything looks unnatural can be cleaned up. Now you can use Thea. You can use a stamp, but then you probably want to go with the healing brush after the stamp just to smooth things. As you see this, This is not not the best thing. So there there is a limit to the stool. Clearly, you can stretch it out so much. But for the most part, I think a few people wouldn't wouldn't notice any problems here because, obviously, you know, this woman certainly gets a lot of attention away from these areas. But, you know, you can You can always go in and fix things up. Now, let me get the original image in. Okay. I pasted the original image here on. I just lowered the capacity and and put it in the in the exact same place so we can look at it now, you see, like you can see the areas. See this. This is clearly something that's kind of been stretched out. It doesn't have as many waves. That's something you could work on. And what else? You know, these areas now, sometimes things that maybe are like that once they stretched out, they there, you know, they become even. Things that are naturally like that can look wrong, but this is clearly wrong. Just the end ending without, you know, sudden drop of this wave is probably not correct to see. Um, you know, you can investigate like this. You can just look and see what you can see visually. Or you can you can look closer and see what you know. What bothers you from the Comme Parris comparing the image. But you see, as far as the woman goes, would did a good job. She's she is pretty much intact. It's only well, she I think she is intact. It's just the water around her that stretched out. So, you know, like, you know, we didn't set out to do a perfect anything here, but we just needed a 16 by nine image. And when you have, ah, simple area to stretch out like this, you can you can do it with the stool. This is a great tool that can save you a lot of time. If you have to be pedantic, you can always go back and fix it up with another with one of our tools, or just work on the areas a little by little and just stretch it out. One little selection at the time. Maybe you start out with the selection that you will not like this selection, but start out with a small stretch, then start with the 2nd 1 and then so on C. See if that that can help. You definitely do a couple of runs and see what the best way to do it, because there's no perfect, perfect way. But for most people looking at this, as long as the item or the person and focus is, is intact. Most of the other areas they're not really gonna be, you know, looking that bad. So there you go. That's your rah content aware scale. There are several content aware tools. This one is very, very useful. It's been around for a while, and its it's working pretty well, as you can see. All right, if you enjoy the class, please give it a thumb's up recommended, and I'll see you in the next one.