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Photoshop & the Art of Photography

Steve Weinrebe, Photographer, Author, Instructor

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19 Videos (44m)
    • Non Destructive Editing

    • How to work with Layers

    • How to work with Channels

    • How to work with Adjustments

    • Power of the Hue/Saturation Adjustment

    • Learn the basics of Layer Masks

    • View and paint on Layer Masks

    • Make Layer Masks From Selections

    • When to use the Masks Panel

    • When to change Adjustment Layer opacity

    • The power of Blending Modes

    • How to use Blending Options

    • When to use Blend If Color

    • Make versions with Layer Comps

    • Create color tints with Hue Saturation

    • How to blend in the Adjustment

    • Use Color Fills for Tinting

    • Master Color Fills and Blending

    • Create Graduated Colors with Gradients


About This Class

Master the most important post-production photo editing features in the most powerful image editor on the planet - with Steve Weinrebe, author of Photoshop & the Art of Photography (Cengage). Use Layers, Adjustments, Masks, Color Modes, and Blending techniques to create powerful and dramatic photographs. Bring your photography to a new level with Photoshop. 

You will learn:

  • How to work Non-destructively
  • How to use Layers
  • How to use Channels
  • How to use Adjustment Layers
  • How to use the Hue/Saturation adjustment
  • How to use Layer Masks
  • How to view and paint in Layer Masks
  • How to make Layer Masks from Selections
  • How to use the Masks panel
  • How to change Layer opacity
  • How to use Layer Blending Modes
  • How to blend layers with Blending Options
  • How to use Blending Options with colors
  • How to make multiple versions with Layer Comps
  • How to selectively Colorize an image
  • How use Color Fills to tint all or part of a photo, including split-toning
  • How to create a misty look
  • How to create graduated color looks

With sample files and guided projects you will walk through the Photoshop features that will transform your photographs into masterpieces. Whether you are a photographer, designer, or marketing professional, these are the tools and features that will make you a Photoshop Pro.

Note to absolute Photoshop beginners - check out my Photoshop orientation videos: 10 Steps to Mastering the Photoshop Workspace





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Steve Weinrebe

Photographer, Author, Instructor

Steve has been teaching photography for over 25 years, drawing on his professional background as a widely published advertising and corporate photographer. Author of 2 books on photography and Adobe Photoshop, Steve loves demystifying the art of photography for enthusiastic students. Steve has won a Videographer Award for video-based training. When not teaching Steve can be found photographing the coastline of New Jersey.

Steve Weinrebe
Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI, ACE, C...

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