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Photoshop for Startups - Create brochures, flyers and more

teacher avatar Radu Velcea, Nothing more practical than good theory.

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

79 Lessons (4h 45m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. 00 Exercise Folder

    • 3. 01 Introduction to banner sizes

    • 4. 02 Creating a new document

    • 5. 03 Creating a shape with Pen Tool

    • 6. 04 Inserting an image

    • 7. 05 Inserting text

    • 8. 06 Inserting more text

    • 9. 07 Saving our banner

    • 10. 08 Sketching a banner

    • 11. 09 Placing the image

    • 12. 10 Abracadabra

    • 13. 11 Creating the last banner

    • 14. 12 Facebook Ads Creating guidelines

    • 15. 13

    • 16. 14 Facebook Ads Inserting text

    • 17. 15 Facebook Ads Second banner sketch

    • 18. 16 Facebook Ads Banner #2

    • 19. 17 Facebook Ads Banner #3

    • 20. 18 Facebook Ads Banner #4

    • 21. 19 Facebook Ads Assignment

    • 22. 20 Facebook Cover Sketches

    • 23. 21 Facebook Cover #1

    • 24. 22 Facebook Cover #1 Text and Uploading

    • 25. 23 Facebook Cover #2 Using clipping mask

    • 26. 24 Facebook Cover Insert text on different layers

    • 27. 25 Facebook Cover #3 Inserting multiple images with clipping masks

    • 28. 26 Facebook Cover Adding text

    • 29. 27 Facebook Cover Assignment

    • 30. 28 Facebook Cover Assignment Solution

    • 31. 29 Instagram #1

    • 32. 30 Instagram #2

    • 33. 31 Instagram Assignment

    • 34. 32 Instagram Assignment solution

    • 35. 33 Trifold Brochure the sizes

    • 36. 34 Trifold Brochure First Side

    • 37. 35 Trifold Brochure Lorem Ipsum

    • 38. 36 Trifold Brochure QR codes

    • 39. 37 Trifold Brochure Finishing up the front

    • 40. 38 Trifold Brochure Side 1 Back

    • 41. 39 Trifold Brochure Side 2 Back

    • 42. 40 Trifold Brochure Final Side

    • 43. 41 Trifold Brochure Assignment

    • 44. 42 Flyer Sketch

    • 45. 43 Flyer Vector Shape and Image

    • 46. 44 Flyer Inserting artistic and paragraph text

    • 47. 45 Flyer QR Code and Contact Information

    • 48. 46 Flyer Assignment

    • 49. 47 BC Sizes

    • 50. 48 BC #1 Front

    • 51. 49 BC #1 Back

    • 52. 50 BC #2 Front

    • 53. 51 BC #2 Back

    • 54. 52 BC #3 Front

    • 55. 53 BC #3 Back

    • 56. 54 BC #4 Front

    • 57. 55 BC #4 Back

    • 58. 56 BC Assignment

    • 59. 57 Voucher #1 Size

    • 60. 58 Voucher #1 Sketch

    • 61. 59 Voucher #1 Insert Image in Clipping Mask and The Stroke Effect

    • 62. 60 Voucher #1 Inserting the text

    • 63. 61 Voucher #1 The back

    • 64. 61 Voucher #2 Front

    • 65. 63 Voucher #2 Back

    • 66. 64 Voucher Assignment

    • 67. 65 Presentation Folder Sketch

    • 68. 66 Presentation Folder Creating the shapes

    • 69. 66 Presentation Folder Clipping Mask an Image into Multiple Shapes

    • 70. 68 Presentation Folder Inserting some text

    • 71. 69 Presentation Folder The back

    • 72. 70 Presentation Folder Finishing up

    • 73. 71 Presentation Folder Assignment

    • 74. 72 Email signature Sketches

    • 75. 72 Email signature #1

    • 76. 74 Email signature #2

    • 77. 75 Email signature #33

    • 78. 76 Email signature Assignment

    • 79. 77 Final

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About This Class




But not knowing how to use it in your benefit is stressful and can make you neglect such things.

Have you thought about how it would be to prepare all business promotion materials in Photoshop?

To be sure that these materials will turn out to be exactly as you wish them to be? And that you will also save money?

Or maybe you want more than just this! You want to fulfil your dream of working in an advertising agency or of being a successful freelancer! You can have all these.



I don’t believe in magic pills, and I am not saying that this will happen overnight. Those who want this will never reach success.

All I can say is that there is a process leading you to this and the good news is that you are one step away.



If you choose to step into the advertising field, you are in for an interesting journey, with me by your side. During the next 4 hours, you will gain solid information about graphic design in Photoshop. At the end, you will be able to achieve all materials you want.

"Photoshop for start-ups" is structured into 3 methods for each section: Open explanations, Parallel work, Creation of individual materials.



You benefit from 77 videos with clear examples for the preparation of advertising materials. Moreover, you receive supporting materials, icons, images of a very good quality and case studies.


Course Projects You'll Learn How to Create:

  • Adwords Banners
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Covers
  • Instagram banners
  • Trifold brochure
  • A5 flyer
  • Business cards
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Presentation folder
  • E-mail signatures



+ You find out about the differences between printing materials and the Internet

+ You discover many methods for reaching the desired result

+ You eliminate or reduce time and energy consumers while working in Photoshop

+ You will understand how the program works

+ You will find out how to organize yourself so as to cope with the stress and deadlines

+ You save the money you would have given to an advertising agency

+ You have total control over all colours, fonts or design of an advertising material



- You will not be able to differentiate between the sizes and quality of a printing material

- You will occupy precious time that you can use for developing your business

- You will not understand how the program works and you will only work like a robot

- You will not be able to efficiently organize yourself and you will fail at the first sign of panic

- You will lose money that you can use for promotion


Opinions of those who already attended my classes:


★★★★★ Aja Fenn – “Very clear directions. Nice pace. An instructor who really cares that you "get it" and responds to questions (should they arise) promptly and thoroughly.”

★★★★★ Casandra Munteanu – “Very good explanations. Great course: full of valuable information, every topic is well explained, good balance between theory and practice! Clear and nice presentation. It's obvious that the instructor is both an expert in photoshop and a dedicated teacher. Thank you so much for this course! I'm looking forward to your next course on photoshop.”

★★★★★ Vasilica Gheortan – “Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations to the author! This course is very well done and provides clear and concrete information, it is all it takes to understand the way of functioning and the basics of Adobe Photoshop. I recommend this course!”


Get a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course!

Guarantee for number of trainees – During the past 5 years, more than 1500 trainees attended my classes in the classroom and more than 2000 in online classes.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Radu Velcea

Nothing more practical than good theory.


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1. INTRO: Hello, My name is the vulture in them, A professional graphic examine and trainer. I've been working in graphic design since 2000 and three, and I am training for a shop in my classroom since 2011. If you choose to step into the advertising field, you are in for an interesting journey with me by your side. During the next two hours, you will gain solid information about graphic design in for a shock. In the end, you will be able to achieve all the materials you want. You'll benefit from 77 videos with clear examples for the creation off advertising materials or over you receive supporting materials. I was imaged upon very good quality in case studies. By the end of this course, you'll be able to create Edwards betters, Facebook ads, Facebook covers, Easter ground banners, truthful brochures, a five flyers business cards, gift voters, presentation folders and email signatures. During the past five years, more than 1500 students have checked in in my classroom and more than 2000 in my online classes. If within 30 days you are dissatisfied with the results were full reform, you and you also get to keep ultimate love that you have done 2. 00 Exercise Folder: Hi, guys. Welcome to the course. From this lecture, you can download the exercise folder. Okay, That I think there is a link somewhere right here. And you can download all of these folders. It's Ah, however, they are high. Okay, So in this folder you'll find the banners that will be working on the images that will be used to create our banners and just download those and carry on with the course. 3. 01 Introduction to banner sizes: hello and welcome again to this very shop course. First of all, we're going to talk about the size is that we're going to need for our first marketing campaign. I think you already know, uh, about re marketing and will add words, if not, please Looking to see particle add worthies, especially the display network, because the banners that we're going to create here another before the shop will relate toe that network that display network in Google AdWords So they're free sizes that we're going to create in ah before a shop and one off the first size. The first size is 300 by 250 pixels. The standard size in Edwards in Google, adores and size that you will often see on many other websites. So the vendor that we're going to create eyes just like this one that I have already created. We have here in the background on image, an image that you also see here in the layers panel. We have a logo. We have a special offer which is boxed in in a red rectangle. We have, ah, some kind of shape here on the background of blue shape. We have. Ah, big text, Some informational message and cold direction. Bottom Ah city A Okay city. Instance for cold to action. So we're going to create this in the shop. Let's get under it. 4. 02 Creating a new document: Okay, So in order to take best advantage of this course, you will need to follow along with me. Don't just watch the scores like a movie or like a presentation. Feel free to pose the course at any time you feel like and create the design and the the actions that I am also doing at sometime at the end of every chapter, you'll also have an assignment that you will have to create on your own. Okay, so there will be a lot of practice in this course. So for now, let's just create our new document to do that we're going toe file new or you convince the shortcut, The Keeper's shortcut control and or command and Mac. And here, well, said the name, let's say, um oh, Edwards Benner. Okay, From pretty set, we're going to select Web because the better we're going to create will be displayed on Internet. And from with and high, we're going to enter the sizes that we've already established 300 pixels and 250 pixels. Okay, the resolution will be said to 72 because if you remember from our previous course, we use 72 uh pixels per inch for online advertising, like banners and, um, newsletters and emails, signatures and so on. And we use 300 dp I or dots per inch for print. Okay, but for now, this is not the case. We're just going to use a 72. Okay? Of course, the color mode will be rgb RGB stands for red green and just hit. OK? And you will create a new a new document or with that size. Okay, semen, that is document when we're in the next video, when we will create our first shape. 5. 03 Creating a shape with Pen Tool: Okay, so next we're going to create our first shape. I remember that old documents that were creating in the photo shop will be placed here in different taps. Okay, so this is our document, and this is the better that we're going to. Great. First, let's treat this blue shape right here. Okay? So going back to our ligament, the tool that we're going to use to create the shape it's called the mantle. I hope you already know how to work with mental. If not go back to our previous Of course, we just doubled at the beauty shop for marketing. Okay, so again, this is not a basic beginner's course. It is a beginner to intermediate group course, but it's not the basic beginner scores. So you will need how you need to know how to work with a handle. So let's elect handle. And maybe the first thing we're going toe to set as a non option for for this tool is to make sure that here in the options bar we have selected shape. It's very likely that if you haven't used the lately Bendel, you will have bath year, so make sure you have shape selected. Okay, so after you, you have selected shape. We're just going to click here outside off the document once and here again and, you know, again here. And we're just going toe clothes that, um that shape I would go. I was going to call it rectangle. But it's not true rectangle, it's ah, it's a shape. Uh, it's uses as you see me and drawing this shape when I first clicked, and then I'm going to click in another one another. Now, just spot you see that I have this line which is tied with my my mouth. This is because up here in the options bar near this little gear, I have rubber bands selected. Berman is an option that allows me to see how the how the bath is going to look like before I click in location. Okay, so you can select rubber band or can you use Bendel with rubber band off? It doesn't matter. Okay? So again, I'm going to use the under for now. We don't see any color here. This is because the fuel, the fuel color, it said the white. So to study toe a dark blue, just click here on Let's select. Maybe this This is great. Okay, this is a very nice bluish color. And after that, let's go back to moved on. Move Tool, which has the keeper's shortcut v. Ok, and now you see that our shape is all sides of the off the document. But this is shown on Lee because we have the layers selected. We should click on the background that those lines will disappear and the visible area under off the off. The shape we've just created is on Lee inside off the document size. Okay. So we can create anything we want outside of the document about the visible part will be on the inside the different. Okay, So this is our first shape. Creative within our Benner. See you in the next video. 6. 04 Inserting an image: next, let's open our image. In other before the shop. It will be the image that we will use on the background. Okay, so to do that, let's go to file open. Or you can use the Keeper for cat control or command or on a Mac. Okay, so this is the image right here, doctor. She open, and it will open the image in a different document to copy that image from its own document to our document. We're going to use the three keyboard shortcuts, but that we have already discussed in previous courses. So control A. To select the image control, see to copy the image. Let's go back to our document and control V to paste. Our image is you can see here the images paste it in a in a new layer. Layer one. Let's rename that by double clicking on the name it's Let's that's called that dark. It ended confirmed. Now we don't need this image anymore. We can just close it, and now we can see that that we only see part off the image. That is because the images very, very big. It's a very high quality image. Okay, so in orderto scale down the image we're going to have to transform it. We can transform it by using the transform Function function, which is available in Tobar. Edit free transform. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut control, the which I highly recommend because free transform is a shortcut that we were is a is a non option or a function that we will use very often. Okay, so first of all, let's click on free transform, and you can see that the image. Actually, we only see the top left corner off the image against. So if you zoom out by using control minus because that this is the entire image, you need to hold down, shift to skill proportionately or just click this little chain right here and then scale the image down by dragging, it's ah, it's corner. Okay, now go back with control plus zoo mean 100%. You can see here the viewing percent, and now maybe just drag it two rounds and he enter to confirm now the problem is that our images above our previous shape then that is because the layer with the image is it's situated above the shape all you need to do is just drag this layer beneath the shape. And there you go. Now, I have a problem because I want this guy right here. I want to be on this side. So I have to flip result on the image so that we're going to go back in free transform control T or command, and then just right click in an image. And here we have flip horizontal. Okay, So again, control t to go on free, transform right, click inside the image and then use flip horizontal. Okay? And they were just going to drag it. Conventions remember that always after using free transform, you must confirm, um, the reaction. And you can you can confirm either by clicking this check mark right here or by using by hitting enter. Okay, So this is how we're replacing an image into our banner. And this is how we transformed the image in orderto place is exactly where we wanted next, we're going to talk about text, and we're going to insert some text in or better 7. 05 Inserting text: Okay, So the first test we're going toe insert in or bear is is actually the main taste, which is healthy. Smile. Okay. So to do that, let's make sure you're on the top layer in the layers panel. We're going to select type toe, or you can just Presti and just keep an eye on the area that you're going to click the insert attacks. Don't click inside off this rectangle off this shape because it will place the text inside off the shape. I don't want it takes to be inside of the ship. I just want Toby toe, place it over the shape. Okay. So you can see also the cursor changes when I'm here, and then I'm right here. OK, so don't click here. Click outside off that rectangle. Just click once toe. Insert that blinking bar case, so make sure caps lock is on toe to enter attacks in caps mode. And what What was the text? A healthy smile. Okay, get healthy. Hell, see? Okay, Okay. And we're not we're not going toe right. Judge in Texas. Well, smile just goingto go back to move toe, and I'm going to explain why I did that in just a just a short while. Now on to I want to transform this thesis text right here. Healthy. First of all, it is very small, and I want to make an impact with the text. So the phone will be area, which is just fine. And from regular Want to goto bold. And the size will be, um let's say maybe 30 30 points. I think this is Ah, good. Good size. If you don't see the character polite, you can open it from window character. Okay, you know, character. So what is that? Why didn't I also typed in that? The second word? Smile. Well, because, as you can see, right here, smile is a little bit bigger than healthy. I did this on Lee because toe properly align those two together. Because if I wrote, um, if I would enter, smile exactly the same size with healthy, all the tax will be aligned to the to the left and right here, I would have ah, blind spot, a blank spot. Okay, so I want o insert the next time, the next text different. And you will see that I also can align them properly if they are on separate layers. Okay, so I have healthy right now, and I'm not going toe select type tool again and Creek. And then set the characters again with the size and the bold and so on. I'm just going to create a copy off that layer. So I'm going to create a quote by using the keeper for cat Control J. And you can see here the copy. And I'm just going to drag this drag this all the way down here. And then if I double click on this T in the layers panel, the text will be selected. And now I can use theater text, which is smile. Okay. Just what I've said earlier you can see that now. I have some space here in some space year, but I want to I want toe in large stakes. Let's say maybe for six a little, a little more. 48 38. Maybe 30 eighties is good. This I like this size and I think healthy should be a little bit bigger. Let's say 36. Okay, lets say 38. Story 38. Okay, This loves right. Okay. And you can also use the arrows on the keyboard toe aligned them properly. Okay, so this looks real good. If I want to move them together, I need to select both off the layers in the same time. So? So to select them, just hold down, command or control and click on the other layer. And then you can just drag them around, okay? And place them right where you want it. Okay, So this is how we insert the text in our better see you in the next video when we will insert the rest off the text. 8. 06 Inserting more text: Okay, let's continue way. Have a lot of work ahead of us, and I really hope that you are are at the same base with me in this project. Next, let's enter this text right here. Special offered 20% off. First, let's inserted the text. Please make sure your top layer click on the type two and just click outside of the blue rectangle. You can see here that this part is very large. Let's scale it down. And now a special offer, if you can see the text, is because I'm writing it with white Special offer 20% off. Okay, go back to move tool. Okay. And this is the text. And let's place it in a red. Our rectangle just like here, just like we did here. Just electric tangle tool from the toolbar. Now. Okay, don't select the selection because now we're going to use victor shapes tools. So rectangle toe again. Please make sure you have shape selected in the options bar and just click and drag around our text. And then really, you will see now that the rectangle is covering our case and that is of course, because the rectangle is placed above. Above. Ah, our text. Ah, but before we before we dragged the rectangle down Let's change its color. Let's make the red. So let's go here in the few options and that's shoes. Some rights. Okay, I think this is a nice read. Let's make it a little brighter, okay? And then just drag the slider dragged the later beneath the text. Okay, Great. Now, if you see here in this, uh, this better the text and the rectangle is rotated. So we're going to select both of them by holding control or command. And now release. Just hold control when you click on the second layer, and then we're just going toe transformed by hitting control teak or command D on the mac to rotate. Just watch the my mind. Courser is I go outside of direct angle, click and drag to rotate the text. Okay. He enter to confirm and just move it where you wanted. Okay. I think this is Ah, this is very way. Can also modify later on next. Let's insert dental care for the full for the whole family. Great. Let's just do that. Check the like, the temple again. Click and right dental here for the whole family. Great. Place it right here. Okay. And now let's make this call to action Bottom Seymour and, um, our rectangle. Okay, again, please the title. Click anywhere and enter. Seem more in caps. Okay, I said right here. And now you can see that the direct tango that is drawn here has Onley edges of ale available. Well, we can only see the edges off the rectangle. How can we do that again? Select rectangle to click and drag around the text to create some kind of bottom just like this. And of course, it will be a rectangle field with white. Now all you have to do toe make, um, the feel color, transparent and toe preserve. Only a stroke Just said the fuel to transparency and said the color to the stroke. Let's say white, okay? And I can see here that we only see ah, on edge a stroke. Let's set the waves off the stroke from three to only two points and then go back toe move toe. Okay. Now I want to place these two layers into a group because we will never use these two layers separately because they are a bottom. Okay, So by selecting them both, we can use the keeper for cat control. G toe, group them into a group and you cough cough court. You can rename that as a city. A bottom. Okay, cold direction, bottom. And this is all the text needed in our Benner. All you have to do it. Just place the logo in the upper on the top right corner to do that file open and choose the longer double click. We'll open the logo in in another document. And remember the three magical keyboard shortcuts toe copy on object or an image from a duck Minto another control. A control. See Quebec Tore Benner and controlled V. Okay, of course, The logo is much bigger than we need. So we're just going to use control T which is free. Transform to scale it down. Check this little bottom right here. Or hold down, shift and scale it down just like this and hit Enter To confirm You can see now we all we have older off the object on different layers. If you want, you can also rename some of the layers Here I have a layer that has nothing on it. Layer one, I think I've created this unintentionally. So just a selected and deleted and this is our first better. It's a better in 300 by 250 pixels you can select. You can save this banner and place it on on your Edwards campaign. In this final video about this manner, I will show you how to save this better for web. Okay, so I hope that you've usedto work, Worked with me with despair. And, um, if you have any questions for me, just leave them in the urinate section and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Okay. See in the next video. 9. 07 Saving our banner: saving the better to display on your others campaign is very simple, but there are a few tweets that we must talk about. First of all, the better is complete. And to save it, you go in the file and we're not going toe to save or save as like, you normally do in other software. What we're going to choose save for when, uh, I'm running now. I'm working on the photo shops here. Six. If you're want working on for shop, see Sissi or Ah, earlier version this day for Web function will be under export. Okay, so you will find this here. Export on DA somewhere here will be safe for well, but in, say, six is just right here. Or you can always prince the Keeper's shortcut. Old Chief Control s okay for option Shift Command. As on a Mac, I think. OK, so let's open save for Web Here. We have a few options in the top right corner. We have extensions available. We're not going to discuss about each of them. We've already done that in the previous scores, like before for marketing, which is a beginner's course. Okay, so the best option for you right now is Jay Peak. And make sure that the quality is said toe maximum, or you just going to sit here toe ah, 100. And that's it. Or you have simply just, like, safe and save it to your desktop or your your folder. Okay, seal with the next manner. 10. 08 Sketching a banner: Okay. Welcome back. Our next bearer will be 798 pixels by 90 pixels. So just like we did before, first of all way, just have to create a new document. We're going file new with 7 28 Hide 19. Big sauce resolution of 72 color mode. RGB in the name of the project. Doesn't matter. We will save it after that. Okay? And this is the size off are better. I'm going to create. Ah, you need to do this. But I'm just going to show you how How will the design off the banner look like? Okay, I'm just going to use ah brushed photo to show you that you came again. You don't do that. I'm just showing you. I'm just showing you. Ah, rough our blueprint. Okay, so our image, our doctor image will be on the left side, and here we'll have we'll have some sort off. Um um let's call it a shape. Okay, Let's go with the shape. And here on this shape, let me just go back. We will have the two words. Okay. Healthy, healthy smile. Okay. Healthy smile will be here. Here we will have the other text, which is dental care for the four, for the whole family. The discount. Okay. This Ah, this rectangle with special offer will be something like here. Okay. And the call to action bottom will be down down here, okay? And this is our our banner will look like in our next video. Let's, uh let's get on to it. And we work a little bit faster because I think you already get they get the hang of it. OK, so you're very fast in our next with them. 11. 09 Placing the image: Okay, let's get started behind a lot off work. So we have already done. We have already created the document. First thing first, let's open. The image has gone file open. Choose the doctor image. It kept it open. It opens in a new document, Of course, like we've done before. Control a control. See? Going to are no document control V. And of course, you see only part off the image because it's a very higher quality. Image has, ah, bigger size and better so control de to free transform Zoom out, control minus and hold shift and dragged the corners That day's control plus to the mean And of course, we're going toe fleet horizontal the image just like this. Okay, maybe I want to place it just like this. If you enter toe, confirm. OK, CNN's you 12. 10 Abracadabra: How was your reaction when I just told you in the previous video that we have a lot of work ahead of us. Did you've taught us two? Did your father? Oh, no. Now we're going to write the text again and create layers and free transform the objects all over and said the phones again. And the colors? Well, the beauty of working in photo shop is that you must learn how to work in a smart way. Okay, so we already have this banner created right here. We've just rated, and all of our texts are on different layers. Okay, So all we have to do is just first create our shape and then just dragon drug, the objects we have here, okay. Into texts. OK, so first of all, let's create the shape again. We'll use mental with the shape options available here, and we're going to create a shape just like this again on the outside of the off the banner . It will be black. Doesn't matter. We can change the color from here. Okay, great. Next we have some, uh, text right here just going to your Edwards banner that you've created earlier in the previous section and just select the text that you want by holding control down or command . And now you have selected thes two layers here. And then just click and drag to a new document, wait for you to open and then place it where you want it. How about that? Okay, so now the text is placed on its own layer. And of course, it's still vector shape so we can adjust the size, the colors or the or the phone. OK, but, uh, there's more came next. Dental care for the four for the whole family. This is the last year Click drag. Place it here on Wait for it to open. Place it down and release. How about that? Next we have the cold direction Bottom. Seymour. Oh, look, The contraction bottom is a group, so we don't have toe klik toe hold control and click on two layers because we have already placed them in a group. So this is an advantage off working, organized, and again click drag boss over. Place it down and release cranes. Um, maybe I want toe select all of them by holding, shift and move them stood right. Okay, because in this every right here. I will place the discount. Go back to your others. Better select the special offer this and this, who can also group them by by using control G on golf course you can rename it. Let's say discount and that site, and then just click and drag to the new document. Right. Great grain. Great. Okay, if you want. Uh, if you're on the logo, you can also place the local right here. Okay, Let's place the longer also, let's choose the logo. Where? The logo. Here. The logo. Let's rename it so we can find it. Easier. Click and drag release. Perfect. Let's place it right here. And the discount and me. Right here. How about that? Are better is complete. Okay, uh, help you. You've understand what what I have just done. And, um, if you haven't created the this better yet, posed this course and create this better so we can move on to the next one. Okay? 13. 11 Creating the last banner: our last Barrett is 160 buying 600 pixels. So let's create a new document. File new 160 600 again. Something The do are to be okay. And where his damage here is the image Control a control C Go back to your better control V control T to scale it down. Control, it is free. Transform. Okay, maybe I want toe flip it Horizontal. Okay, Just like this hit Enter to confirm. And now let's read the blue shape again with Pento, we're going to pray, Uh, just like this from here. Toe here and again down here and we're going to close it, Change it to blue. Okay, I'm not explaining all these because I've already done this in the previous previous exercises. Previous banners. Okay, so again, we're not going toe right. The text again. We're just going toe. Drag it from another from one under. Benner. Let's say here would have healthy smile. Control toe. Select them, click and drag and place them over here. This was great. Great. Maybe a little bit here. Ok, Next. Uh, came here. Then don't care for the four for the whole family. You can drag just like this. Okay? And of course, you have the Sorry, no call to action bottom. You can drag just like this, I think. And let's place the discount. We can close this well done units anymore. This comes grades. Great. Great discounts. Special offer where this is a little bit bigger that I made so control T free transform hold shift down and scale it down Like this perfect, healthy smile. Maybe placing the just like here great and magic magic with the Arabs. Okay. And, uh, this is another another better for your marketing campaign. I really hope that by now you've understood how we create these banners. Basically, just create a new document with sizes you need and then just place the image and the tax write their own different layers. Okay, If you have any other questions about creating banners for your marketing campaign or for Edwards campaign, just let me know in the organization, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Okay. See you in the next section. 14. 12 Facebook Ads Creating guidelines: Okay, so Facebook can't. Well, you've both seen it. You've Lola click on it. And if you have a small business or ah, product that you want to advertise, I'm pretty sure that also, you would like toa have some Facebook ads. So your friends or the people that, like your page, could click on that image, and they they would be sent to your product or to your business page. Okay, So first of all, there are some rules that Facebook gives us. The most interesting money is that the text in Facebook ads doesn't it doesn't have to be more than 20% off the entire banner. Okay, so this is, Ah, sketch I made for better that we're going to create eyes. You see, the orientation will be less cape because the better size is 1200 by 628 and we'll have We'll have the text on the right side. Here will be a new image. Okay, We'll create and beliefs like that, and we'll have some text year, some text here and call to action bottom down here. Okay, So, first of all, let's create our new document. Were going toe file New I've already entered the damages dimensions 1200 pixels by 628 pixels. Off course. The resolution is 72 the color modes RGB because this will be displayed on a monitor. Okay, so this is the size off the Facebook yet? Next. I've said earlier that the text doesn't need to be more than 20% off the image. So this means that we will have to separate our our better into multiple rectangles. And we're doing this by adding by adding guides. Okay, so to have the new guide will go, we're going toe barbs. You knew Guide. And from here we have the two organizations horizontal and vertical. Again, We're not going over view new guide, uh, feature again, We've already discussed this in ah, in a previous course. 11 for sure. For marketing gauge. That is a course for beginners. Okay, so if you've already saw that course, this new guy feature should be a piece of cake for you. If not, go back to this course to the course and um Onda then follow along with me here. So, first of all, the orientation should be vertical. And the position here you enter some values. The default value here is pixels, or depending on what you have. Workplace recently in the shop could be a inches millimeters or any other unit of measure, but we won't need pixels or inches on millimeters. We will need percentages. Okay, so we can understeer. 20% impress. Okay. And we will add a guideline. Um, vertically, get view. New guy. Still vertical fourth percent again. View your guide. 60%. That was you. Your guide. 80 percent came the same. The same thing do with the horizontal axis. Okay, so now we have divided our entire, um, entire banner in 25 rectangles. If the text needs to be a to most 20% off the entire image, that means that our tests must must be within 55 rectangles. Ok, so first of all, before adding the text, we need to insert the image and then create our shape with that in our next video 15. 13: Let's insert an image in our Facebook banner. First of all, we need to open that image in other before shop to the debt file open. And the image is called living room. It's open. Okay. And to copy the image into our document, control a control, see? And control the right here. Okay, if you want. Of course, you can scale it down by using free transform control the Okay. Perfect. Clear. Nice image. Okay. Oh, by the way, all the images that we're using in this course are downloaded form picks obey dot com. Okay. Ah, very useful Free stock image website. Um, ticket out. Okay, if after inserting the image, will need toe insert. Our ellipse here will do that in the next rhythm. 16. 14 Facebook Ads Inserting text: Okay, let's insert the ellipse here on the those bar. And we have a live still again. Make sure in the options bar you have shape selected, not bath or pixels. Just shape. OK, let's change the color. Let's make it on orange, okay? And then just go outside of the banner, click and drag to create some kind off lives just like that. And then go back toe move to Lori can just press the keeper's shortcut. Victor. Okay, so now we have the image on the big Grow and also the, uh, lips on the right side. If you want to temporary hides those guidelines you can use control age. Okay, control age again. Toe. Make them appear and control age toe. Hide them A from height. Okay, in control age. Okay, so now we have to pick five Rick tangles in which our text will be inserted. Let's choose type toe and, uh, going the last last less layer the top Blair and again, no click inside the little clique outside their lives and let's enter some text with caps Will enter will say interior. Okay. And let's drag this over here. Let's make it bigger interior okay. And I have the taste right here. Let's call it the core. Or design whichever, like Onda again, like we've done in the previous exercises. Don't click on the title again and try toe create a new test, but duplicate existing one by using the keyboard shortcut control J Drag it beneath that and double the quantity to select the text. And you can enter your text again. Um, we're doing this just so we can adjust the text better. Because with this one, you can use control 30 toe. Scale it individually. Okay, so this looks pretty nice. Let's say, um I want to He said the text into your decor in this too rectangles. So by using control T and holding shift, you can drag this to make it bigger. Ah, very interesting effect about, um, about the text is that it really needs to be inside off those rectangles. If the text is are here. Facebook considers that the text occupies for, um for, um rectangles. Okay, so it really needs to be inserted in this right here. Uh, okay. Next, let's create another copy for interior placement top and drag it down because we'll change the text. I've used control t to scale down and another text will be free consultations for today. Great double click. And that's right. Free consultations enter for today. Great. Now rearranged the text. Okay. We can also decrease the the value between, um, the two rows can do that. You can do this right here. From the leading option. Let's say a 30 0 this looks right. It's not the tested value. Okay? And all we need now is a call to action right here. Let's say, uh I think you can know. So get another copy. Let's down here that say click here, make here he enter to confirm, uh, the enter to confirm is not the main ender by the enter on the new pad. Because if you hit enter, it will go on the other role. Okay, so not the main enter by the enter from the new pal. Okay? From the far right of the keyboard. Okay. No, because this is a bottom, um, we don't need leading anymore. And maybe the options the size can be a little bit smaller. And of course, let's on a rectangle rectangle just like this. Let's make the rectangle. Uh, color red. Okay. How can choose the color, Will you can just double click here, or you can change it in the options for Okay, let's change from dashing bar options, Mark. Great. And of course, we just need to rearrange the layers so we can have the text on top off that rectangle. Okay, free consultations for today. Maybe I'll make it a regular. Okay. And maybe a little bit smaller. Now, we 33 let's make it down toe 34. Okay, this looks pretty nice. Hopes. Sorry. And let's hide for a moment. The goodness control age A care. And this is the This is all the taste that were allowed on Facebook. I know that way. Have covered for Rick. Tangos want to free and for And we have another one available. We can use the other one for, um, our logo. Okay, if you can place the local here or or here, but don't place the logo here, okay? Because it will. Facebook will well think that we're covering toe spaces. Okay, But remember that Facebook is especially for images showcase for ah, social interactivity is not made for advertising. So the less text we have in or better, the less the budget you will need toe advertise. Okay, I think made by now Facebook allows you toe go a little bit beyond those 20% but the coast off click will increase dramatically. Okay, So the best practices to make sure that your text is within those 20 percent. Okay. So again, control age to hide those guidelines. By the way, those guidelines won't be in your final banner. Okay, there are available only in other before the shop. So this is our Facebook? Better a very simple facebook. Better again, we have an image on a background we have on our lips. And we have some text year with ah, contraction bottom. Okay. And again, a call to action button. It's only a rectangle with some text that invites you to perform in action. Okay. And that's why it's calling. That's why it's called for coal traction. Okay, so that's ah, one way to great. Ah, Facebook can't see in the next video with another type off design 17. 15 Facebook Ads Second banner sketch: Okay, so our next Facebook cat will look something like this. Of course, it's a sketch I made on a piece of paper. So we have the Facebook ads right here, and we have some sort of shape right here will be, Ah, full color. We have some texts here. A small tax in the large sticks and a call to action bottom. Okay, so of course I'm here. It will be on image. Uh, this is our better. Let's get on to it. 18. 16 Facebook Ads Banner #2: just like we've done our first Facebook at banner. We're going to create a new document. So going file new. The size is 1200 bytes is on 28 pixels, Of course, of its motion or resolution in 72 color modes. RGB hit. OK, and now we're just going to create those guidelines again. Okay, so now we have our guidelines right here. Next select. Insert our image in a photo shop. So we're going to file open, and we're gonna just this photo right here, which is called a laptop hit open. Okay. To move their toe, our new document control a control, see and control movie. Place it and resize it as you may wish. Okay. It is something, something like this. That's great. Okay, It entered to confirm and in. Okay. So to create our shape, remember that the banner must look like this. We're going to use mental. We can press control age now because we don't need the guy lets right, right now. So let's create with mental, make sure you have shape selected. Ah, feel color of your choice and just click here and maybe click here. Click here and off course go outside the government camps. Great. No, let's add some text. We're going to do this with type toe play here, and let's say explore again. That's a very good phones places right here. And we're gonna create the copy. We control J so we don't have toe toe pick the timeto again. Double click on the tea. And six, Let's say have the text right here. Says your ideas. Explore your ideas. Perfect. Okay. And now I can press control age again, toe. Make those godless visible and you can use control d toe transform to change the signs of the text. And right now I'm pressing shift and bolt toe recites proportionally and from the center to the, um, the sides Okay, explore can be a little bit bigger. Okay, Just like this. And of course, you can select both of them and place them where you want them. Okay. Remember that our our text must feel must be within five retainers like this. Okay, we can place it here. Or maybe here. Maybe here is a good option, because it's in the It's in the middle of off the off the banner. Okay. In the center of the banner. Okay. And we just need a cold traction right here again. That's correct. Explore control, Jane, to create the copy. Place it right here. Um, what do you want the protection to be? Were you more? You more sounds ok. Okay. A few more. You can also scale it down again. Control t shift an old you more. You can just place it right here. And of course, it's not the bottom it if it doesn't has a rectangle, so we can't just rectangle toe. Make sure shape is selected and please make sure you change the color. Because if you create the rectangle in orange and your backgrounds post orange you want, you won't be able to see the difference between them. So let's make summer reds, okay, Something like this. This looks great. And now I only have to be just change the order off the text. So the view more must be on top of through a tangle. You can select both off them and place them in a group by bye bye. Holding control J. And of course, you can rename them saying this is a city. A bottom call to action bottom and just move them to the duck. Okay? Control age again to see how it looks in reality. And that's it. We've created another better. How long that day? Today. 2345 minutes. That's it. See with the next batter. 19. 17 Facebook Ads Banner #3: Benner. Number three again. The same dimension. The same sizes we have, um, straight A straight light here. Off. Of course, it will be a ah, a shape. Much simpler than the ones we've prayed before. Some text, local traction. Off course in the left side. It will be on image. Okay, that's listed this very fast file New. The size is 1200 by 67 28. And let's place the nice. Okay. And of course, let's open another image. We're going to use this image by control a control C control movie. I want the team to scan it down, not have toe place the image all the way to the left because this part right here will be covered by our victor shape. Okay, so the image can also be something like this. Okay, again. Every time I'm scaling down, I'm holding shift. Okay. Could end to confirm control age. If you want to hide those deadlines, maybe you you're asking yourself why do we need to create another banner that looks pretty much the same as the others? Well, I am. I highly recommend that you create this manners too, because it will give you a very, very important advantage in learning for shop on that advantage or that boost is confidence . Okay, It will give you confidence that you can create this sort off simple banners. Okay, so that's great. The shape again with the mental shape, selected fuel color. And, uh, let's say like this. Very nice. Read and again the text type toe click here once, and the text will be The executive will place the on, uh um, in a row console J create a copy. Never click that you to select, executive. Okay, Control age to make those galvanize visible again. An executive, of course, will be a lot bigger. The executive. Okay, so we are also talking to the target off this ab. Okay, if you want to sell suits, if your clothing company, this also helps by differentiating the targets attack it. Okay. And now we'll need the protection about them. Let's say shop now. Show no, maybe 24. Okay. Great. And of course, let's make a rectangle rectangle. Let's make the Rick tango white and the shop now text will be in Brent. Okay, So I have the rectangle selected shape is here. Feel. Let's make a feel white. Something like this. Great. Remember to always changed the order. Shock now must be on top after tangle. Of course, there's you can see now because they're both in white. If you have trouble selected, just goto color in the character palette, and it's to get You can choose the colors from here. Or if you can go outside of the color picker and you can click on a color and it will apply that color over there. So we want to read. He's okay, and this is a very fast banner. Okay, a very Facebook are very faster. Facebook cats see with the next matter. 20. 18 Facebook Ads Banner #4: Okay, Another better one that we're going to create. A Facebook cat will look something like this basically on the bottoms out of the better we'll have ah, rectangle, which is which will be filled with color. And here we'll have some texts, a big text, and above it will have Ah, call to action. Okay, so let's just do this file you The size will be again. 100. My it does not. I'm sorry. 1200 by six times. 28 on. Of course, the resolution is 72. Okay. And let's, uh let's place those guidelines, Okay. After placing the government's let's open on image file open and which is this one yard? Very nice photo again. The photos are from picks obey dot com. We'll see. Control a control C control V. Here, control DE to scale it down. Okay, maybe something like this looks for it. Okay. You can use control age to hide those dead eyes. For now, actually, make that led them visible again with we're going to select the rectangle, make sure shape is selected and pick a nice color for your for your rectangle to something like this. This was great. and the text that we're going toe assert will be 25% off. Okay, now this is for me. Do you know why the text is not visible? Can you spot want Have I done wrong? The text is under the image. Of course not visible. OK, so we just need toe change the order with test dragon above. Ah, brother damage. Ok, so now placing right here enable those guidelines control aged painting this visible again Control de to transform hold shift to drag and toe scale This text Okay, this it looks very, very nice. And now let's just greater contraction. Let's say shop now. Show up. No And of course not A call to action button if you don't have a rectangle cake red rectangle and we'll set the color toe red Have you ever wondered why most of the coat collections bottom bottles are in rent? Well, because it's it has been proven by scientists that red when you see red, actually your your blood pressure goes higher. So when your blood pressure is higher, basically your body sends a signal toe to your hand or to your body toe do in action toe May connection toe click on something or toe pick up something. Okay. So basically, when you're when you're hovering the mouse over, right, bottom on the body sends a signal that you should do something. The first action that you feel the need to is to click on that bottom. So that's why cold elections are in rent. Okay, Okay, so that's our better. It's very easy, very simple. And, um, try it for yourself. 21. 19 Facebook Ads Assignment: Okay, So now, after four better is creating another before shop is time to create your own banner. So I have here a pre screen from my Facebook where you see a net for 19 school. That's for morning. Some sort off boot camp. Okay, so you can see the structure off the better is very similar to what we've done before. We have ah on image placed on the left side. We have here on the right, some some, some sort off shape. And of course, we have here Text. This is your assignment. I want you to create your new documents to have founded by 628 pixels 72 d. P. I and RGB. And you will need to place an image on the left side of the banner. Any image you choose with mental to create this shape, don't forget to set the mental with shape mode enabled. And of course, you have to place a text in the middle. Um, don't forget again toe to set those guidelines and place the text within toe rectangles. Okay, so this is a re segment after after creating those four burners, I look forward thing the result, please. Uh, upload the final result off your assignment into the Q and A section. And if you're in my feedback, I'd be glad to toe offer it to you. Okay, so that is all for Facebook. It's I'll see you with the next videos. 22. 20 Facebook Cover Sketches: Okay, So Facebook covers. I know you've always wanted to create a Facebook cover, and you've always wanted to know how to create a Facebook cover. Well, it's very similar with creating a Facebook better or a Facebook ad. But let's see the designs that we're going to create right now. This four, actually this free. This will be your assignment. Okay, this will be the designs that we're going to creating or the before a shop. And this will be your assignment. But don't worry, creating this re you have no problem creating this last one case on this will be your assignment. In our next video. We'll talk about a size. The size that we need to create Facebook cover does that we're going to use and see you with the next video. 23. 21 Facebook Cover #1: Okay, so let's crew and let's create our first better. First of all, we're going to create a new document file new and the size I recommend for using for creating the Facebook cover is 1920 by 10 80 pixels. Resolution will be 72 in the color modes. RGB, of course, because we're creating this for online display. Okay, so click OK, and this is the document. Great. Next let's open the image that we're going toe. Because here on the left side, we have an image going fine, open and choose this image right here, which is sports. Jim, We're a nice picture again from picks. Abate that come control a control, See and go back here. Control v paste it. You can use control different to scale it down off course I'm using shift right now to skill to maintain the aspiration on may be here I think I'll flip or result of this image. Yeah, this looks much better because here I'll have have a shape that will be field with color and off a couple that have some text. Okay, so he enter to our firm and let's really this layer one. Let's call it. Fitness. Great. Next we're going to create. Let's look at our sketch. This polygon right here Actually, we're going to create a rectangle and after that will just skew it. Rectangle with the rectangle toe. Make sure you have shape Selective. The fuel color doesn't matter right now. So let's fate Ah, rectangle just like this. And then go back toe move toe off course. The rectangle is to be a little bit higher and the wider and of course you're going to meet to skew it. Okay. Scary means that the rectangles will cute. OK, so control of the this means for the transform Drag it over here. Over here. Okay, maybe from the sides a little bit and then turns cute. The object you just need to right? Click inside and choose cute. After choosing skew, we go in the top off the the rectangle and drag it to the right just like this. Okay, Okay. This was great hit enter to confirm. And now let's change the current. Let's make it gray. Okay, to change the color, either go back toe rectangle tool and change it from from the options bar or if you're within with move toe active. You just double click on this little I can hear, and it will prompt us with the color color picker and this shoes. It's just some great a light gray like this. Okay, right. And now let's see. Here on the right side we have another the corner with color and with the special discount placed on top, so we can just great Ah, copy off that rectangle rectangle one copy. Let's rename. Let's say discount, use count and enter. Let's change the color again. Double click and let's true something red like this and just drag on the side and to have Onley part off that rectangle visible just dragged under rectangle one. Okay, and you have something like this. Next, we're going to place a text year. A discount here on duh, that's it. See with the next window 24. 22 Facebook Cover #1 Text and Uploading: Okay, So the text that we're going to insert goes like this. First of all, choose the type toe, click on the top layer. And remember again, Don't click inside the vector shaped click outside on the doctor shape and then just entered the type. The text I have here best enter toe, get fit Body. Okay. And this is a text toe. Yeah, get people are into fitness. Okay, so let's place it something like this. They change the photo Ariel and maybe a little bigger. 72 or cape. And let's say that I wanted to be bold. Okay? Of course, You can also play with colors. You can select just some type. Just some or part of the text. Let's say best that can change the color on Lee on that word, Gates. Maybe I want this red right here. Best time to get fit Body. Okay. Next, we'll have a text message. The sketch. So this is ah, text will have some little little small text right here. And the web address. Right? Right here. So next will be this text and again, just the type toe click anywhere. Let's make it maybe a little bit smaller and the text will be 30 days. Okay, 30 days free. Trial for a limited time. Okay. Setting a coal trash in here? This was right. Maybe have a space here. Yep. Kids looks great today. Three for a limited time. And, of course, by me, you can change the color or the text. Let's make it, uh, rent. And let's place W w w one address we can control Jake. And copy that can copy that. Liar racket down. I'm holding shift while dragging because I want to drag it vertically. Double click. Let's see, a company that w not websites that come came enter to confirm. And let's change the color. Maybe make it a great die. Correct. Like this. Okay, great. I have, ah, small recommendation for you. Don't get Don't place the text or near the top or near the bottom, because this is not the exact size off the facebook cover, but this size will help you with facebook. Cover with the group covers with your profile page cover so you can place this size on multiple. Um, multiple. Let's say platforms. Okay. So you can select all three of these by holding shift And now all has to do just place discount right here and say, Listen, this kitsch, okay? We'll have some sort off star shape and then off her discount. Inside that shape, he's found under custom shape to get custom shape toe, and here on the top will have Ah, some sort off star. Let's find it. Here it is. Okay, this one right here. If you don't see all of these, just make sure that you click on this little gear and choose all okay? Just both. And then you'll you'll find this one right here again, make sure you have shape selected. The feeling color again doesn't matter right now. And let's say like this doesn't matter. If you goes beyond that that area and we're going to place discount inside, Let's say $90 make it white it okay? And just place it inside if you have to scale it. Of course, you can do that from here or can use control T holding shift and old and dragging. Okay. You can also nudge it by using the arrows on cue board. Right. Okay, So this is Ah, very fast. Facebook cover. It has an image. It has. Ah, message. It has a price. And let's see how you can save this. You can go in file, say, for web, or you can use the keyboard shortcut. Old Chief Control s remember that if you're using for shop CC, this safe for Web option will be available under export. Okay, so say, for Web, make sure you have J. Peg said the quality to maximum the quality here, of course, the 100 clicks save give you the main fitness. Okay. And let's see how it fits in on Facebook in a Facebook page. Okay, I have here a page that I'm currently administrating. So going change cover. I'm lode. Photo choose the Facebook cover you've created Click Open. And of course, is that you see here you can drag toe reposition this thesis Facebook cover. Okay, Amy, like this, it's perfect. And then you just click on safe and we will be saved on that page. Okay, So this is how you create a facebook cover. This is how you upload toe your your facebook, and, um, I see you with the next design 25. 23 Facebook Cover #2 Using clipping mask: How is it that you managed to create the Facebook covered? The first phase will cover. If so, continue. If not, go back and Frank. And okay, now let's carry on with the second faithful cover. We're going to create this design right here. Basically, there is an image right here. We have some sort of shape here with the color and some text Align to the right. Okay. You can also play with some background color and on the right side. First illustrate any document filed new the size will be 1920 by 10 80 pixels. Resolution 72 color mode. RGB. Okay, so, first of all, let's create the shape that we will place our image with them to create the shape way will use mental. Make sure shape is selected and fuel color. It's not very important right now, but make sure it has a field color off any any kind. Okay, so our, um our object will be something like this. Okay, so just click somewhere here, here and then here and then go back to close that shape, OK? And you can see here that we'll have another shape behind. Did well have Ah, some sort off color. So creed another one just like this. Okay? And let's make it all right. Maybe you're right. Right? And just place it under the shame that will contain our image. Okay, let's rename those so shape one, the black one will be image, container and shape. The will be read shape. Any kind off title will work. So first of all, if you want to place an image in this object, we'll first need toe open that image in other before the shop. So let's just do that find open. And we're going to choose this one right here, which is entitled top. Basically, it's a business meeting and it would work just fine for our project to copy in your document, control a control scene and control the here. Now you can see that the image is placed on top off those layers. As you can see here, the layers panel and we've already talked about this in ah, emeritus course in photo shop 30 ways the world like a pro. We talked about clipping about mosque clipping mask you can with the clipping mask, you can insert an image in tow. Ah, vector shape or Ah, type. Okay, so to do that, all you have to do is make sure you have the image which we will rename right now. Let's say business anything. Okay? The image must be placed on top off the layer that that has the factor shape and only have to do Just hold out down or option on the mac and when and go with the mouse between those layers. And when you see the curse of changing, just click there and it will place the image inside off that shape. Pretty amazing, right? And of course, the images still edible. It means that you can drank it where you want it off Course. You can also scale it if you want to, uh, resize it can You can use free transform, control t and maybe places just like this he entered. Confirm. And this is how we place image. Your This is how we're placing images in victor shape. OK, next we're going to play some text on the right side and adds color to the background. See with the next video 26. 24 Facebook Cover Insert text on different layers: Okay, now let's continue with the Texans took place the text inside the our Facebook cover. I've drawn the taste right here on a piece of paper. This is how we're going toe. Make it look so he says, Explore your business. Work hard to get success from business in their website address, so explore our it's for your business. Will be with them in caps, and business will be placed inside them for rectangle. Okay, so let's just do that and explore your and business will be placed on two different layers because it will be easy for us. Toe transformed them if they're on separate layers. Okay, so let's do that first, Mistress timeto frankly, anywhere. And let's right the first text with gaps. Explore your explorer. Your we can't see the text right now because it's going to see here we have the color, said the white syndrome A to select the text. And let's change the color. Let's make it black. They explore you. Let's make it a little bit bigger. Let's say maybe 48. Okay, this is a good text size. Create a copy control Jay dragged down and double click toe right, a new text. And that's right business. Okay. And let's make this Ah, this text bigger. Let's say 100 points. Okay? Something like this. And we've said here that we want to place a rectangle behind our text just to make it Ah, pop up a little. So to create a rectangle, plead the rectangle toe, make sure shape is selected And let's change the cardinals make a readiness. Let's make this check this room right here and just create your rectangle. Okay. Off course the week. Think it will be on top off our things because this is the layers order. Just drag the rectangle behind business and maybe change the color off the text. Toe white. Okay, this is nice. No, let's right the second taste. Of course. So we have to have here also this one right here. And that text is work hard work heart. Okay, First, let's change the color. Let's make it black on, Of course, way smaller. Warren Harp's to get success from business placed on the right side. And now just create a copy control J to and the Web address DoubleClick quality to select the whole text. Okay? Not really. W W that websites not come. Sorry. This is a not here and of course, leading to the right. If you want, you can change the color toe, make it less visible. Let's make it. They're great. Okay, this looks great. And now this layer and this layer and this layer this layer and this layer, they're all in this part of the better. So selecting gold and then control J toe. Place them on a group. Of course, you can rename it Thanks. If you don't like the color toe the whole background, just click on the big ground layer. Choose a color in the foreground color by clicking on the foreground color. And let's make it something from this image. Maybe this gray, maybe some green. Let's say let's say this is very, very light green right here. PICO Kate. And remember from our previous courses and from our previous Facebook banners that was created toe and the facebook to add the foreground color toe a layer. Just use old big space. Okay, this is looks very nice. And now maybe place this on a little bit higher. Okay? Now, just save it with safer where function and as we've done earlier upload to your Facebook page. So this is another better with created. If you want all the texts here on the on this side, Toby, much bigger. Now you can take advantage that you have placed all that text in a different group and then just use control de to scale that text up. You can see here that it looks kind off pixelated, but this is only a preview. If you hit enter to confirm the text will be very sharp because text is a vector object. So this is our second, the Facebook cover. Try to create your own Facebook cover, and I'll see you with the next cover our third faithful cover. 27. 25 Facebook Cover #3 Inserting multiple images with clipping masks: Okay, guys. So we are on our front at our last place, we cover our third facebook cover. So in this service will cover will create something like this Will have a shape on the right side, will have to Ah, lips is here and within those ellipses will have to images and some takes right here. And, of course, an image on the left side off the Facebook cover. Okay, so let's get on the wit first, let's create a new document. Find new damages would be 1920 by 10. 90 excels, of course. And first, let's fade this shape to create this shape. Remember, the color must be within this area, so we will create the shape like this. Okay, we can use Pento to do that. Just make sure shape is selected and have a feel color. So just click waas flick twice and so on. I'm just close it. Okay, if you want to drag this point Ah, little bit, uh, down Must select direct selection toe Didn't have bad selection to their exhibition. Took the one with white interior. Click once on the path and then click on the point to selected and drag it where you wanted . OK, this is Ah in option that allows us to modify vector shops shapes with objects. Okay, so something like this we will have here on image here. Another image in here. We will have some text. Okay, First, let's let's place the media behind this shape found open and choose multi. Okay, A very nice for again. From peaks of it that come. Great. Control a control. See? Control V control T to skill Top a little. Okay, These looks very, very nice. He ender to confirm. Okay, So in order to create the images here and here, we'll first need to create our ellipses. Okay, right. Click and choose a little Make sure shape is selected and choose a different feel color from the one used before. It doesn't matter because it wouldn't be covered by our image and to create a circle hold down shift. Because if you don't hold and shift your just wait and lips. But if you hold down, shift your your shape will be constrained. Toe circle. Okay. Something like this. Off course you need toe change the order. Just drag this ellipse above shape one and you don't need to create another one with their lives to just read the copy off this one. Control J. Place it right here and make it a little bit smaller. Control T and shift to scale it down a little ended. Confirm. Andi, This looks breaking. Nice. Okay, See, the sketch came just like this and again to place those images right here. You first need to open them in before the shop file open, and we're going to use boats and model. Okay, First, let's choose boats, control a control, See and controlled Z here. Make sure that you are on the above the above the circle that you want to insert that image within. Okay, So when you're on that position, that whole ault down and click with between those two layers, okay to create a clipping mask. And now, of course, you can also edit the image individually control T to transform it and holding shift and all. You can scale it down proportionally. Maybe, just like this course, you can see that the image is much bigger than the circle, and that only wants some, um, some part of the image visible, and that is just fine. he entered. Confirm Click on the last layer. And now let's open the other image model Control a control. See? Controlled the and again old and click between those layers control T to scale it down. Chieftain Old. Okay, Maybe like this he ender to confirm and that's it. This is how you placed images with using clipping mask inside some shapes. OK, in our next video, we'll add the text here on the right side, and it will be very easy for us because we've already done that in our previous Facebook covers. Okay, so I'll see you in just a second. 28. 26 Facebook Cover Adding text: Okay, so now all we have to do is just add some text on the right side. First, just the type toe and click wants to add a line off text. The first line with sticks will be your dream. We want to write your dream destination. Okay, so this is Well, this will be our first. Thanks your dream. Here. Control Jane to create a copy and drag it down. Double click the tea to select it. And let's write this D nature. Okay, let's see how it looks with white. Not very good. Live it the black again. We're going to write another text here. Let's see this catch. Okay, so we have another text right here through the capital again. Click once and make it smaller and the text will be Make a wish and make it happen. Something with a lot of motivation. Okay, Just like this. And all we need is another one. That will be our website address. Control Jane to create the copy Dragon hold shift while dragging nobody double in W that websites that come he ender. And that's it. All you have to do you just save it a blow to your Facebook page and carry on with your marketing campaign. Okay, Now all we have to do in our Facebook cover section in this course two, we need to create your assignment. Okay, So after each section, you'll have an assignment. And now is the time to create your own Facebook cover by some sketches. Okay. By bias catch. So, uh, CEO with the next video. 29. 27 Facebook Cover Assignment: Okay, so let's talk about your final assignment for this section of the course. We'll need to pray. A Facebook cover with a wedding style combination. Images some sort off theme right there. Okay, so this will be the design. Basically, you'll have four images and some text. A little right side images will be placed within some rick tangles. So you need to create with the return goto for rectangles. And then you will need to place those images inside those rectangles by using the clipping mask method. As with Anna here and here. Okay. And here you're just at some some text. I just give you the text right now. I'll just place it the randomly in. Ah, new document. The text will be just like this. Wedding photography upto 50% cash back came to say we have an offer and the website address . Okay. Of course you can select them and hear from a top top side of the screen. You can align them to the right. Okay, so this will be the text that you wouldn't be You'll need to place right here. And you can see that that place every line of text on different layers because it will be easy for me to edit it in this way. Okay, so maybe I can make photography bigger like this. I think that's well. Okay, well, the grassy, maybe dragon. The raw. Okay. Upto 50% up to 40. 50% cash back like this. And website. Maybe I don't need it in bowl. Just may make it a regular, okay. And again aligned them all to the left. Okay. And this can be Ah, nice arrangement for your for your text. You can see that I have. I haven't done anything special. I'm just, uh uh, edited them individually. Okay. So again, you'll need toe create for rectangles. Victor shapes OK. And place for images within those within those re tangles. The images and rose wedding wedding to and wedding three. Okay, these are the four images that you will need toe to to clip in those rectangles. Okay, with the next video, I'm going to show the solution for this assignment. But please, for now, oppose this video and try to create your own Facebook cover based on these recommendations . And I said that you my version off the place will cover. Okay, so good luck. And if you have any questions for me, just, uh uh place them in the curly section. Ok, see you with the next video. 30. 28 Facebook Cover Assignment Solution: Okay. So to create this Facebook cover, you'll need to create first for re tangles. Remember that this is not really the size off the Facebook cover, but this just allows us toe dragon reposition the image within the Facebook of Okay, so we won't create the rectangles from all the way up here will drag them from the from the centre and well, please. They're somewhere in the center. Okay? And after creating one rectangle, don't create another one, because it will be very hard to place exactly on position you want. So just create a copy off that rectangle by using the keyboard shortcut control J and drag it to the right. I'm holding shift down right now and to see if I want a rectangle here and there Rectangle here that just wanted to be a little bit smaller. I can use free transform just like that. Just like that Hit, Enter and again control J to create the copy and place it down. I can't. I want toe make it this little bit bigger just like this. And of course, you can use the arrows on my keyboard to knock it down. And I want some sort off. Rethink. Over here on the right, it will be something similar to this one. So select this rectangle. Create a copy control Jay dragged drag. It is right. And then just scale it down using free transform. Great. Okay, so now we have the for rectangles, which will be our image containers. We already have placed the text and, of course, can also reposition the text and not just Let's just open images that will be part of our faithful cover. So we're going to use Rose wedding to writing three end wedding. I'm holding control or commands on a Mac down to select multiple images and then click open toe. Open them in before the shop. Okay. Select one of them. Control and control. See and controls the here old and click between the image and the container toe. Place the image in that container and drag it where you wanted. Of course. Can also scale it down if you want. Okay. This looks great. Next go in the top on the next rectangle. Just another image that said this one. Control a control. See Control V here and again. Old and place arc every place in this, uh, this container I hear it's pretty day. Actually, it's pretty nice because, uh, this jury, um, looks very good here. Okay. Next, this is the rectangle on the top, less. Let's just close. This image is somewhere you'd want. Ah, we won't be crowded. My them. Okay, I thought this these roses control a control. See, Controlled V old include between a lot of those two layers control de to transform hold shift and ult and dragon right there. And the last wedding three until acorn close See and controlled me here. Drag it on top of the container and old and click toe. Place them inside places inside. Okay? Right. And this is how we create your assignment. I hope you are managed toe do this. I believe this thing, this PSD document within the exercise folder. And if you want, you can take a look at. Ok, so this is how we create facebook covers in other people shop Next we'll talk about Instagram 31. 29 Instagram #1: Hi, guys. And welcome back to Instagram. Okay, so Instagram is very popular these days and faith sacraments are also popular. But you can also just post on Instagram and he will get some high reactions. Okay, so let's learn how to create those Easter brand post that's really stand out and give you the customers that we're going to create species free designs. Actually, two designs. You're going to create the last one. It will be your assignment. Together we will create this one and this one, and this will be your assignment. But I don't worry. We will talk about each one individually. Okay, so let's begin by creating our first design. First of all, you must know that instagram images are always on the square. Okay, So to create a document that will be eventually are missing or imposed first you need to create the document in just 100 by 1200 diesels. That's 100 by 1200 pixels. Okay. And this is the first design that we're going to create here at the bottom. We have, ah, rectangle that it's some sort off color. Then we have here, um, square Ah, White square with with an edge. Okay? With with a stroke again. In the inside we have another, another square. But this will be a field with an image. Here we have some thanks to be the title here a subtitle And he will have Ah, Web address. Okay, so let's start by creating this rectangle right here and to the Denneboom use rectangle toe . Okay. Something like a death. He doesn't have the fuel color, but remember to always have shape selected. Next. Let's fit this square right here. It will be Ah, White Square. But it will be We will have a great stroke. OK, So called shift actually go back to Bagram because if you hold chief while being on a rectangle on a vector shape, it will add to that shape in the same layer. Okay, so we don't want that. We want to create another layer, so go back to bed grown Hold, shift and create square. You said that by holding shift down, you can only create a square. Cannot create a rectangle. Great. Okay, we'll go outside because then we need toe add toe drag. This, uh, this one inside. Okay. And it's a little bit bigger. Control to transform. Okay, Something like that. Okay, let's make it want. You can either double click here on this image toe to change the color, the white or by going into rectangle tool. You can change it from field cancel exchange on Dwight and let's at a stroke. Let's add some gray stroke and said the way for the stroke to two points. Okay? Okay, this was very nice, but remember to put the rectangle to the second rectangle of bothering tango one. Okay, so we'll get in effect life like this. The chief. This bluish color. Let's make something more light. Let's say, um okay, something think like this can. Okay, this one's friends. Next, we will greet another, another square inside of that skirt. And And we will place an image inside off course with clipping mask. You don't need to create another square. Just create a copy off that one. We can go toe by holding by. First in control J and Control. Deke holds shift and old and scaled it down just like that hit Enter to confirm. And that look spring. Now all we have to do with this rectangles remove the stroke. Okay. Going stroke and click this diagonal line here and it will remove the stroke. What you see here is only a preview because the rectangle is still selected. Okay, you can click outside and one bass elected anymore. Let's use the color. So, uh, we'll see whether the rectangle is a document that can, because it will be covered in, um, with our image came Let's at the image inside. So file open and we'll choose. Um, let's say this image okay, yard, it doesn't matter. Image. It's only for practice. OK, so control a control. See, Come back here in control V Between the two layers. The rectangle want the rectangle to copy which will be our image container and layer one. Hold out down and click in between Off course. You can also read resize the image if you want. Okay, Kidman confirm. No, let's write some text here, as we've done in the most catch title. Okay, I have the things right here. It says the exactly executives. No, the executives. Okay, lies and let's just play a little with with our text from aerial exchanging toe times, New Roman. Okay, let's make it a regular, not bold maybe 60 points and let's increase the tracking. Tracking refers to the distance between the characters within the text. Okay. And the 200. Okay, I like I like this executives. Okay. And we'll have a subtitle here. It says new arrival. Okay, let's say that we're sending this and we creating formed no line store. So control J to create a copy. Write this down. Said that tracking back to zero maybe reduced the size to start six and double click to enter the new text, which is you arrive new. All right. Okay. And to confirm, and then we can select both of them and drag them just a little bit. Great. Now all we have to just enter the web address control J again to create a new copy of that layer and drag old away down here. Double click the tea and just right. Ah, your web address. Okay, so that's all this. How you create an image for instagram. It's an image where we used a rectangle. We've used the stroke off a rectangle, this one right here with the use clipping masks and text, and with a text we've also used tracking. OK, so These are some good hints toe to use in the liver shop when creating on online Benner. Okay, so on a better for Instagram. So try try for your own to create this. Exactly this. Ah, this instagram post the or Instagram banner. Call it whatever you want. And after we've completed this one, I'll come back and see you with the next video. Okay? Where we'll create our second instagram maenner? 32. 30 Instagram #2: Okay, so our next better. It's pretty simple. O r. Easter Graham boasts good however you want. Basically, it's just image placed inside this rectangle. And here we have a square, which will be a black square. But we will reduce the opacity off the square and above it on top of it will play some text . Okay, so let's create on your document. 500 by 1200 pixels. Resolution of 72. Okay. And let's up on an image file open. Let's say I want to place this image right here, okay? And let's move it in our document. Control a control C and Control V. Okay, I really don't need toe scale this image, but maybe I just want to move it like this. Okay. To place this black bar on the center. Okay. So as we've said here, we want to create another square right in the middle. It will be a black spare, but with the opacity reduced. Okay, so let's choose rectangle toe. Make sure shape is selected and from fuel Select black. Okay, hold shift down. Click and drag just like this. Okay? Go back to move toe and place it somewhere in the middle. Okay. Next reduced the capacity to dead layer. Now it's 100%. Let's say said it to maybe listen, maybe 80%. Okay, of course, you can always, um, modify the opacity later on. OK, next. Let's insert our text or texts will be placed on multiple layers because it will be easy for us to edit it this way. Okay, so go back to background. Because if you click on rectangle, it'll have the text again. It will want to place that the text inside the rectangle. But we don't want to place that this inside every single just above the rectangle. Okay for the square. So go back to background. Click anywhere. Okay. Make sure your text said toe white. And let's insert the text. I have the text right here. It's called The text will be soft Opening day, A soft opening today. Okay, so the text will be soft opening today. Okay, So, first of all, let's enter our first text, which is soft. Dragged the text above together. Make sure tracking is set to zero. And let's change the phone. Let's make let's make it toe less change in tow. Impact. Okay, control de to scale the text. Something like this. And for the copy console, J trade the next. Thanks. Opening Move. Both of them a little bit. Gank with your copy control. Jay dragged things down and the other text will be today. Great opening with needs to be a little bit higher. Okay. And all the way down here, we'll have a line. You see, you have to have ah, line here. Okay. Toe, add a line. Another from the shop we have lined. All okay, behind rectangle Tool said Lyinto said Wait, let's say half or five is, but let's make it whites. Okay? I think it's, uh, size. Okay, this looks great. Let's remain the same line. White line. Okay. And all we have to do set is to establish the opening day. Okay, which is okay. Let's, uh, another text in the opening, then it's saying or the opening hours. Okay, let's go with the opening hours will be from 9 a.m. Until eight. PM OK, so this is our storm schedule. Okay, so this is all off course. If you want toe make the the Rick tangoed. That's the square behind. To be more of visible through just origen the capacity me to 60. Okay, let's change it to 70 and 70. Thinking we would be a great value and indeed it is. Okay, So this is how we create announcement for Instagram. Better for your instagram profile. And I'll see you in the next video with your assignment in Instagram. 33. 31 Instagram Assignment: Are you ready for your assignment? If Yes. Let's get onto it. First, you'll need to create a new document, those 100 buttons 100 pixels like we've done before. In this Benner, you will create a rectangle here filled with any color. Remember that, Ukraine. You can create rectangles with rectangle tool with shape selected. Okay, So a rectangle here, filled with any solid color. And here again, another rectangle. But district angle will have a new capacity less than 100%. Okay. And here, on top of that rectangle, you'd have some text. Okay, Off course here in this ever. You'll have a new image. Okay. The text that you will need to place in this area here will be I'm just going to write this year sale only this week. 50% off. Okay, so this will be the text that you will need to place in this rectangle. But as we've done before, I highly recommend that you write every row off text on individual layers so we can edit it easily. Okay, So go on and create your assignment. I'll be right here with the next video. That will show you the solution for this assignment. But don't you it yet? First, try to make your own. It doesn't matter. The colors that use it doesn't matter. The image. You can even change the text if you don't want it. Okay. But I'm just giving you some information here. Okay? So try toe, make this assignment. And after that, review it by looking at the solution. Okay. Thanks. And I'll see you in just a few minutes. 34. 32 Instagram Assignment solution: Okay, so, first of all, let's create a new document. Fired you? I told her about confounded picks is 72 DP I rgb color mode hit. Okay. Next, let's open an image file open. I would choose shoes. Okay, control a control scene control movie. Place it. We're here. Okay. Next, let's great a rectangle, and we'll fill it with the cup rectangle. Unless shoes. Uh, maybe. All right. Something like this. Okay, I will create rectangle just like this. Do they? Now, we'll create another rectangle place on top. Okay. And let's make the color the big brighter. And also let's lower the capacity. Okay, Something like that. And on top of that will have some text again. This text right here and we will be placed like this. Let's right the words individually. So first word waas saying se game or with top about our players. Let's change the phone toe. Ariel, Let's make it bold. And let's make it white friends. Just can it control de, which is returns for whole shift and drag to scale. She ender to confirm just like this. Okay, control J to create a copy. Drag it down. Double click to edit the next text, which is only this only this control de hold shift and old old. I'm holding bald so I can scale in the center. Okay. Shift to my Spain to maintain the aspect ratio and old toe skillet in the center and control J again on this week. Control de shift and old right. And another 1 50% off. Right, Craig, this count 50% off crates. You know what? Let's write off on another on another road so I can emphasize 50% Charles like this. Yeah, so it will be visible. Okay, Jane, to create another copy off. Let's make this regular. Maybe on scary down on it. Select all the text and holding shift and clicking on the first and the last layer and then move it up. Day J If you want g g or J Control G o k g. And that's it. Okay, so that was your segment. I hope you manage toe toe, resolve it to solve it before I did. And if you have any questions for me, the Q and A section is at your disposal. And so and so am I. So I'll see you with the next section. 35. 33 Trifold Brochure the sizes: Hi guys. Welcome back. So let's talk about a truthful brochure. What is a tree? Full brochure. It's basically a brochure that you can flip it in free ways. Okay, so I have here an example. And by the way, these measurements are in millimeters. Because, ah, we here in Europe use the metric system, so we'll talk about the inches in just a short while. So this is a truthful brochure that this is the front cover and this is the inner cover or the outer flap. OK, assistance here. Basically, the main factor in creating this brochure is to know that one side must be smaller than the other two because it will need a place to fold. OK, so these are the size is that we're going toe create. Of course, this is an A four document A for is 297 millimeters by 210 and 10 millimeters. And of course, this is the outer spread and the inner spread and the size will flip over. Okay, This time we'll have 97 millimeters on the right side. And here are the the size is four inches. OK, because I know a lot of you use inch, toe measure distances and these are the dimensions. Okay, you can see that the front and the back cover are exactly the same dimensions. And the inside one is a little bit smaller. Okay, Like we have here in our example. Okay. For this exercise, we will use millimeters. But remembered always convert into inches if you if you're using inches, does not go along with millimeters. Okay. I have here some drawings on how our brochure will look like. So here we will have an image. Here we have Ah, polygon with some text on it. Ah, logo, Some text. Some takes some icons in some contact. Contact the details. A cure coat will create this car code together here again An image, a title and some text here. Okay, so this will be the smaller side. The 97 millimeters side and on the back we'll have some texts for a hero titlists and text on image. Some Americans, some text, a title text, some icons and title text Title text title text San takes right here and here again some title text icons and some text. And again, a new image down here for these shapes, we will use clipping mask. It's we've done previously. OK, so first of all, we're going to start with the front cover off our brochure or 34 per sure. And in our next video will create the document. We'll set the guidelines, toe the sizes that we want, and then we'll get on with the first section. This one right here. Okay. So I hope that you understand what you're going to do in the next. And don't be afraid, because this is the brochure that we're going to create together. And after that, you'll have your assignment, the one that you will need to create all by yourself. OK, but rest assured, we will have no problem to do that. Okay, so, uh, that it steal just a few seconds. Onda, let's start creating this brochure. 36. 34 Trifold Brochure First Side: Okay, so let's start first. By creating our document, Remember inch users. You will create this document in inches and all the measurements. You will do them in Angel. Okay, but for now, I will talking millimeters. Okay, so file new. So from presets, we're going to choose international paper. U S residents will use US paper. Okay, international paper and the size will be a four for us. You will choose letter signs. Okay, am 0.5 inches by 11 inches. So international paper a four. The week will be 210 millimeters by 297 millimeters. Remember that the resolution must be 300. Because this is a document that we're going to send toe print. Okay, we talk about ways talked about in the previous course. It'll be for the truck for market again. And the entrepreneurs that the file that we're creating for web needs to be in 72 pixels per inch and the father that they were creating for offset printing or printing or digital printing needs to be in free 100 dp I okay with DB instance for dots per inch. Okay. So if these ah definitions are not very clear for you. Please check out my other course and make sure that you fully understand them. Okay, let's continue. So okay to create our own your document And you can see that we have here the orientation, the sport, Fred. Actually, we needed Toby Landscape. So to rotate it 90 degrees, we're just going image image rotation and 90 degrees clockwise. CW and CCW stands for clockwise and counterclockwise. Okay, so it doesn't matter which one we choose right now. Right next. We're going to create our guidelines toe split this thesis paper in three sides. You new guides make sure vertical is selected and our first guy will need to be placed right here, and it will be placed at 97 millimeters. Okay. Our next guy that will be placed here and it will be at 100 millimeters will need here 100 . But because we have already established this new guidance and 97 millimeters, our second guideline will be placed at 197 millimeters. Okay, because the the zone where Photoshopped starts calculating sizes and dimensions are it's from is in the left side. OK, top and left. So you knew guide and again, 197 millimeters. Okay, this is all we need. Now we have here 100 millimeters here. 100 millimeters. And here, 97 millimeters Okay. Inch users. These are your dimensions. You'll need to place the 1st 1 at 3.625 inches. And the next one will be these two values summed up. Okay. Right next. Let's, uh, look at the our sketch and we will need to place a logo in the top left corner are our first side cancel here to do this will open that logo. Here. I have one. It's called local Template Control. A control C and Control V. Okay, Of course, this will be your company logo in the future. Okay, You can place it just like that also, if you want to make the a little bit bigger control T to transform it on. I'm holding shift. Okay. Toe maintained that speculation hit. Enter to confirm, and this looks for it Next. Okay, let's close this local. We don't need it anymore. Next, we have a polygon shaped right here in which we will insert our image off course by using clipping mask. Okay, so we will first create our container. To do that will choose a rectangle. Make sure shape it selected the fuel color doesn't matter the color because it will be covered with our image. Okay, so first of all, just for it. Ah, Rick Temple a rectangle. Go back to most. And now we're going to have to skew this. Okay? Because as you can see here, the whole Rick tangle is skewed to the right on the top or skewed to the left on the bottom . Okay, control T right click. And here we have cute skew and go on the top and just click and drag into the right. Okay? And now, going back toe scale, hold shift and old to real site. Just like this. A part of the image will be on our next side of the off the brochure. Okay, So Okay, maybe this is this looks great ender to confirm and let's check our sketch. Okay, these notes pretty good. Next, we're going to create another one here on the on the bottom side of the off the image again . Make and drag greater with tangle. So let's just change the car So we want to get, uh, distracted by do ones that are applied on top of each other, one on top of each other. And they can control the and right click to secure it tryingto make the two lines, Carol. Okay, so this looks frayed. I'm maybe lectures distort toe toe, drag it just a little bit. Okay. Hit. Enter to confirm. And you know what? This looks great. Quickly. Let's place an image inside off this rectangle. Okay? That leads up on an image file open, and I will choose. Um, I would choose this image right here, which is? Ah, city off only middle of a city skyline Control a control C Go back to our document control Z. Okay, Place it right here. We need to make it a little bit bigger. Control t shift an old scale it down. Just get it up. Sorry. Make sure that your place in this image let's rename this image. Let's say city, make sure that this place right on top off that rectangle. So remember, from our previous videos, hold Ault and just click between those two layers to create the clipping mask. Perfect. This lives great. Okay, Okay, We'll stop for now. In this video in our next video will add some text right here, and we'll create the second the second part of this brochure. Okay, So make sure you are on the same basis as I am, and I'll see you in just a few seconds with the next video. 37. 35 Trifold Brochure Lorem Ipsum: for the next. Let's at some text. Our brochure. Get the type toe click anywhere, and we're going to insert the test that will be placed right here. And I have the taste right here. Let's say modern tree fold brochure. Okay, this is the only a template. Modern threefold. Okay, let's change the formulas. Make it Ariel. Let's align it to the left going paragraph the 90 to the left and make sure that the text is placed on top off all the others players. Let's make it smaller. Let's make it 36. No, maybe 13. Okay, a little smaller. 24. Okay. And let's make brochure a bolt that select the type of again and click and a whole to select only brochure and change the family form. Regular tow boat. Okay, to make it white. Going color in the character palette, Clippers and select white. Okay, perfect. This loose, Frank. Next. Let's look at the second site, This one right here. Let's look out our sketch so we'll have a title, some text and our contact information and the QR coat. OK, so first of all, let's at some title in some text right here. The title will be say hello. You can see this because I'm writing with white That's make it black And let's go back to say regular Okay, maybe just say, let it regular. Hello? Will be bolt. Okay, so this is a 24 points. 24 points. Very good size for headlines If attacked us, this place is something right here. Okay, Next will add some Some text with will be on four or five ropes. Sorry. Four or five rows were not going to insert mumbling tax on the keyboard were going to attack you insert the text that is called Lord of Gypsum or meet some. Is that text in Latin? That it? It's used in templates in graphic design templates for your clients. When you received I don't know. Maybe he send you the logo? He sent you images. He sent you contact Aikens pocketed in central information about his services or products. Okay. And you're just going to insert some text to let him know? How will the design eventually look after his sending good the text. Okay, So there are two options. Another before shop to insert that Lord from text. The 1st 1 is that you can go to a website and just just searching Google or a missile and you will, um, lead you to the Lord Mission side, which is Alex from dot com and heroes have some text lord emission the Lord stomach. It's a it's ah, texting in the Latin. Okay, so let's just select some text from here. Let's say this three phrases control See, going back in for a shop and with the title, don't just click because if you're just clicking, you're going to grate on artistic text. We don't want an artistic that's we want a paragraph text. Okay, so a paragraph Texas a text inserted is a texted will be inserted in only a specific area. Okay, so you establish what area that is so true that just click and drag diagonally toe enter this textbooks and in these textbooks, you see here that you have the coarser let's first make it 12 points and just controls V toe based that text right there. Go back with the most tool and that rectangle will disappear. Of course, unless use the family form ball to regular. Okay. And if you want to resize that, rethink that rethink that containing the test double Click that the type toe the teen, the layers and just drag it down like this. Okay, I think there's a little more the the tech that I need. So I'm going to erase this one right here. Select and hit backspace or delete, and then just drag this all the way back. Great. Okay, this looks pretty pretty, Max. Next, we have some icons right here and some contact information right here. I've say for you some icons, so you'll find them in the exercise holder here, and we need the location. Hold control down now to select multiply colors. Ah, Web phone and email. Okay. These are the contact because that we will need click open and it will open them in different documents. First, let's choose location and control a control C go back north. Document and control V. Place it near the left side. Next, let's add location. Let's close location because we don't need it anymore. Let's add the phone. One control a control C go back in our document control V Place it just beneath that. Let's close for we don't need it anymore. And email control a control. See and control V in our document. And the last one that's close email will be the Web which will refer to our where address control a control C and Control V here. Okay, just place it right here. No, Maybe, um, the alignment is not just right or the space between its Justin and Brian. First, let's rename those four. Eichel's layer toe is location. Layer three is phone phone layer for his email. And they're five, please. When? Okay, So toe, align them and toe distribute them. Distributing means to set the spacing between them, select all four of them and here in the options bar. First we have to send of them vertically, okay? And then to space them. Okay. And now you can see that the space between those four are the same. Good. That's a lineman to the left. For now, we're just going toe select, which already selected them. Control G toe group them and there's just renamed that group. Let's call it icons. Okay, in front of each icon will add some text. So let's do that. Let's at some address, Click wants to insert an artistic texts and let's at some address? I don't know. Office, forwards, streets. It said the number in front of that seven. Also street karma he entered to go in the next life. And I don't know. Um, Liverpool. Okay, I don't know any address. Okay, place this right here. Great. Let's let's treat the copy and dragged this down so we can add the phone numbers. Yes. Fear 0722123456 And let's face another one. Plus for zero. 123 456789 Okay, Doesn't matter. The phone number right now again controlled j with another copy. And let's add some email address. Let's say contact our own at, uh, company. Not come. Okay. And the last one will be your Web address again. Control j Great. A copy. And let's say www that company not come, I think Nice. And now let's group these four together as well shift and Senate, or for them, control G. And let's rename that same contact. And now let's group these two groups together. Okay, I'm holding control and selecting both of them and control g again. Toe Renay, say, let's say contact and icons. Okay, Now you can see that we are very organized and we have and we have every object in its own folder. Okay, Next in our sect, in our next video, we'll see how to create a cure code that we will place right here and we'll learn what cure stands for. 38. 36 Trifold Brochure QR codes: next Let's in sort inside our cure Coat cure stands for quick response. Basically, there is. Ah, Barcode Said is very similar to a barcode that you can scan with a nap from your smartphone and it can give you some information. It can the same due to a web address. It can give you some contacting for We can even connect you to a WiFi or send an email or just in formula with some text. Okay, So to insert QR code first, let's search on Google QR code. Yes, I have done already here and this is how it looks like you are cold. Okay, Let's enter any side you want. Okay. Let's, uh I'll click this one right here in here. I can enter an a web address that will send the the user, after scanning this scope, will send itto this website. So let's enter. I know you did me that come. Okay, create a QR code. And this is the car code download? No, thanks. I don't want to register and let's download here in our folder. Mentor, Let's you threat extract here. Okay, Lets writes that and hear that Here is the QR code Let's place this in our brochure. Far over, okay? And opens in a new document called a control. See and control V. And then just place it somewhere about here. Let's, uh, test this car courtesy to see if it works. Okay. Have a net downloaded on my phone. Not seeing if it works. Let's can. Okay, And it says you need me dot com. Okay, If I want that can say open link and it will send me toe you dummy. Great. Okay, so it works. And this is how we you insert a cure code and generate the car coat for your brochure. 39. 37 Trifold Brochure Finishing up the front: Okay, We have only this side. The left. So first of all, let's check our sketch. We have an image place here, a title and some text. Okay, First we need to create another retail. I won't create another mom because I want to have the same skewing as this one. So I'll create a copy of this one. Control Jake and this rectangle. I'll drive all the way to the top and then move it to the location that that wants that I need Okay, maybe like this. And let's insert an image here. Far open Onda. Let's see. This one is really good Student Open control a control. See in control Three places where you wanted and don't forget. Hold out. Include between those two layers to create the clipping mask J listen, breaking mice. Next, let's panther our and again. Let's create a copy off this title because I don't want Toe said the characters and foreign soil of working and just want toe. Replace the text. So control J read the copy and drag this all the way up here. Now click and the text will be who we are, who were So who are we it's more screens. Who are we? Let's make this boat okay. And let's insert yet another lonely MSM. I've showed you one way to add learning consumed by going a to the lips and that comes over upset in selecting one part of this text. Or you can create the another organism text. First of all, you need to create the paragraph and then let's make this smaller and then going toe type based, largely mission, and it will automatically place some text for you. And, of course, you can change the phone from ball to regular. Okay? And that's it. So this was the first part over our brochure. Next we go to talk about the backside off our rusher, A lot of text, some images and some icons right here. Okay. Don't forget to save what you're working on, and I'll see you in the next video. 40. 38 Trifold Brochure Side 1 Back: Okay, so now let's free the back off. Barbara. Sure. Where we have a lot off text can stop. First of all, it's frayed in your document. Found you international paper a four Remember inch users to set us paper and letter and now we know we need Toe wrote in this image. Wanted Greece image in its rotation in degrees because we need that now to be Let's get OK now The smaller side off the Berkshire will be in verse will have that one on the right side. So basically we'll have 100 millimeters 100 millimeters and 97. So our first guideline will be placed at 100 millimeters and our second would bless at 200 millimeters. Okay, so let's just do that. You your guide vertical and 100 millimeters. And the next one and 200 millimeters. Okay. And now we have here 97. Great. Let's check our sketch. So we have here a title and text and then image first, let's place the image here To place this image will need a container, basically a polygon. We don't need to create another polygon. We just need toe create the copy off the one that we have already created in our front rusher. Okay, so that this one and this one doesn't matter. Just selected control J to create a copy and drag it all the way to your new document and release it here. Okay. Place it as your desire. Maybe a little bit smaller. Okay? Just like this and all this place an image inside of that policy file open. I will choose this image right here. Trust Control a control scene. I'm control V. Okay. Can also scale the image of a little bit if you want collegiality and holding shift while scaling. And remember to create a clipping mask. Hold out in clear between the two layers. Okay. These gloves. Well, that's let's place a headline and some tests right here. We can go a bit from the front brochure. So selected text we are just drag the 1st 1 to the back of the brochure. Make sure that it's not clipped places right here. OK, let's change the color off. Weak. If I could, let's change the whole the whole taste and the whole text will be what we do. I think what we do and do now will be. Just do will be bold and it will be. And with me Let's become blue color. It would be this book right here. Okay, Well, right now let's and some techs here. Some lorry museum text. Okay. You can also add a lot of mission text by creating your area. Your text area. Make sure your characters are set 12 points long making ball. Just regular interest type and based lord in use. Okay, it will paste some text. And of course, let's make it black grants. Okay, this looks very nice. Next the images place. Now we need only some icons and some text. We won't create those separately because there will be the same icons. And this is just a fair play. We'll have the same text so well. First add the first icon and some tests, and then we'll go duplicate it. Okay. So far Open comes unless choose this icon right here. Control a control scene. Place it right here and now. Let's just at some lordly mission texts type iced morning moves. Great. Create a copy, my whole, By selecting having selected this to less control j greater copy and drag this down a little. Okay, This looks nice. Maybe I'll need you know what? Let's just do this. Let's raise deaths and let's set a type here to have only three rows. Okay? Yeah. So we'll have ah, more room. Okay, this looks pretty nice. Great. Now our first section is complete in our second video will cover the 2nd 1 Okay, this one right here. 41. 39 Trifold Brochure Side 2 Back: Let's continue. Let's look at our sketch. So again, we have a title here. Some text and some icons right here. Okay. So first, we're gonna create a copy off this to control Jake and drag them over here and miss move them. Although it up okay, this title will be our services can oh, are services and services. Let's make it bluff. I'm boned. Okay? Of course you can change that. Takes, You know, if you want next, let's And, uh, the icons here, the icons here. And it will be four icons. Those four Americans. Our file open thus far by Franken's will be tools future crusher and clot. Okay, first the does one draw a control, see? Controls the place them here. Let's close this one next future. Control a control. See? Control V place it here. Closed this one as well on a general control a control. See control of E. Let's close this also. And on the last one was a control C control v. Okay. And as again closest. Great. No. Make sure these are on top player. Make them also makes a life. Make them all selected like them all and aligned them vertically, OK, horizontally, vertically. And make sure that the this is between them on the same. Okay, now control T. I want to skill them up, gain just life this great. Let's be kept. Our sketch will have a title and, um, some more. Some text right here. Okay, So our first title will be headline business training, business training, and let's make this smaller 14 points. Okay? And let's add some text during type based in our midst room on this tax will be a 12 points will be regular, and it will be black like the rest of the text. Okay, Now, just select those control J to create a copy and drag them here and just change the headline. Future Insides. Future and sense. Right. Do this again. Select them both. Control. J drowned. Dragged down here. Double click the teachers selected text and a jar management. Okay, These are our services. Okay. For our so called company control J again and drag them here. And the last service is closers. Clouds. Sorry. Clown services. Okay, great. Now let's select all of those and control g to place them in a group. And let's just call them services. Great. Now we have some. That's right here. Can I take the time to create a text? I won't go with the text until until this side, because I'll have some part of the image here, an image that will be placed on the right side. So let's make this text smaller on regular. And it was just based on early museum. Okay, that's the second part of our back brush. Er Okay. Next, we'll create the third, the first size, the smallest one. Then I'm the one with 97 millimeters. Okay, so I see you in just a short while. 42. 40 Trifold Brochure Final Side: are less side off the back brochure. It's very simple. We have an image here and some titles and some things right here. Even some Ikea's first Let's place the image right here. Okay, So go back in from prefer, or now you can You can just copy the the rectangle from from here. Okay, Control J create a copy. And this Rick tango. Just place it on top off the others. I've used control shift and the square brackets to place it on top off the others. Okay? And I can just control t transform it to make it bigger. Okay, I can place it just like this. Here. I'll place an image, so file open and I'll place the Mac book image right here. Control a control. See, Control Vic, place it in the position you want and haunt. Hold out and click between those two layers to create the clipping mask, next title or headline and some text rights here. Okay, We don't need this image anymore, So our services here and the text is this one right here. Control J Greater copy. You can also drag this one to be on the top off the others and just drag them to the right . Our services will be entitled Now our strategy scrappage. Okay, great. And here we'll have two more icons and some text, as we done here will first create one week. One I can in the text and then we'll multiply this to toe nash them down so far. Open toe open now on image. So light open, Aiken light, Draw a control. See, Control V Great. Place them here and now Let's just create our texts again with a title. Click and drag and use past very mix. Um, to play some texts off course. We need toe edit this tastes Let's make it 12. Let's make it regular and black, right? No. Create a copy of this to type or the Stuart layers and drag them down here. And now all we have is some text right here. Okay. We can also duplicate this one on the top Control J and just drag it down. That's it. Will draw s to save and your tree Full brochure is complete. Okay, let's look it again. This is the front where we have some way. Have the logo on the mission. A nice title some contact information. A little words about who we are and on the bag we have what we do. Our services and our strategy. Okay, This is a very easy template. You can see that by working on different layers. It's very easy to stay organized. Okay, Now, let's continue with your assignment. 43. 41 Trifold Brochure Assignment: your assignment is to recreate this person right here. Okay, so this is the front brochure, and this is the back of birth for Okay, let's see, What are the elements that create that combine that are combined in creating this brochure ? First of all, you have the first side. You'll have a logo, and then you have a rectangle here within, with our own image placed inside. Remember that you can place images inside rectangles with the clipping mask holding all and clicking between those two layers. Next, here we have a rectangle, a blue rectangle with some text, a cure code and some contact information. Here we have some some text, just toe stand out the crop. Okay. On the side of the left, you have again a rick tango in which you can place an image or we can just place the image . It's your choice because it doesn't have any particular shape. Here we have some taste here is on artistic text. And here is a paragraph text. Remember that you can use paragraph by clicking and dragging diagonally here again, some text just like the one on the top. But of course, with different with different mission. Okay. Different objective on the back. Well, I inside the brochure, we have some text here on artistic text and some paragraph text right here. And like you've done on the front, you have Rick tangle with an image places within some rectangles. Sorry. Just one rectangle with some text. Here is an artistic text, paragraphs, text, artistic text, and some paragraphs. Here is, um is a coat. Okay, you can write any court you want a title, some text. And here we have some categories. Some services. We have some small images for every image. You will need to create a rectangle and place an image within. And here we have. You have the title and the part of graphs text. Okay, so that's it. You will find both of these images in your exercise folder. It doesn't matter. The images that you're going to use within the for sure it doesn't matter. The text, it doesn't matter the color. What? I'm really interested in new eyes to create the structure off this flyer. Okay, so exactly the structure that we have just talked about, So I wish you best of luck. And if you have any questions for me, that Q and a section and myself are at your disposal. Okay, So good luck 44. 42 Flyer Sketch: Welcome back in this section, we're going to create a flyer. The flight that time I'm going to great with you. It's called on a five flyer. If, like, a five measure is a dimension used in the countries that use the metric system. Basically, a five is half off a four. Okay, so if you're using inches, you're the size that you're going to. Great will be half off a letter. Former. Okay, this is the sketch that we're going to create a flyer so here will have a logo. The longer that we have used previously will have a title on Rose and some text right here . Next, we'll have some sort of shape. And with a new image placed with them here, we also have some shapes that will help us create some boundaries between image and the rest of the flyer. Here we have a small title and headline and some lording mission text right here. Here will be a cure code. Some headlines about our contact information and our contact information. And here we just have another shape. OK, of course, everything will be created with victor shapes and with victor tools. The images actually There's only one image that will going toe. But remember that this is only a template. Okay? So you can use your own information in this flyer. And, of course, your own logo. Okay, I see with the next video where we'll start creating this flyer. 45. 43 Flyer Vector Shape and Image: first, let's read our document file. New international paper size 85. Okay. Again for inch users. Your former will be US paper and the half off a letter format. OK, great. And this is the document. Next, let's insert our logo. It's been replaced right here. According to our sketch file open Lester's this local template control a control C and control Vic. And just place that logo right here. Maybe use control team holding shift down to scale the love are these respect? Next. Let's close the longer with the meat, it and more. Next, let's create this shape right here. That will be the container for our image. Will use pedal for that. And make sure that with mental, you have shape selected. Okay, The field color has no, uh Doesn't matter right now because it will be covered with a new image. So click wants outside. Click once. Here, Here, here, here, here, and close. Okay. And we'll get some sort off shape. Irregular shape. Next will create as the sketch implies, a shape that is behind the main shape and will be in a different color. Okay, so let's just do that like this. This okay. And now, to see the difference between two off the those two, let's change the field color. Let's make it red and just drag it behind. Shape one. Okay. And this is the design that I was looking for. Next, let's place an image within this shape file open, and we'll choose this one right here. Control a control. Seem control. V paste the image right here, Drag it up a little and will create a clipping mask again. Hit all to hold out and click between those two layers to place the image behind to place an image inside. Okay, so next in our next video will start adding some text here here. And of course, we'll create the cure coat. 46. 44 Flyer Inserting artistic and paragraph text: Okay, let's continue with the text. First would just timeto and we're just going to click once because we need to create on artistic text. Okay, the headline that will be placed here and the text goes like this a driving force in your online business. Okay. And then we're going to create, um, paragraph takes, picked the title again, and click and drag toe create this text box. And here we're just gonna based on Lord of Nixon, of course, was guys, we're gonna change the size. Let's make it nine and said it toe regular. Okay, this looks pretty nice. Let's take your off the this area right here. We have a small section about us headlight and some text right here. So let's end a section. I'm gonna call it about us. Let's make this a little bit bigger. Let's say 10. Let's make it bold. And I think I was gonna go with great or I don't want toe toe pop up from the from the flyer. Okay, Control J to create a copy so I can write the headline and I want for the headline to color the color to be black and the phone size, maybe 14. Let's see how this is gonna work. If not, we're gonna change later. Never click to change the text. And that is right here will be smart solutions. Smart solutions to run your business to Iran, your business. Great. And then we're gonna have some a lot and have some here can drag. Okay. Based learning. If so. Okay. Off course. We need the text. That text to be regular. Let's changing Tau nine points. Given eight points, maybe. Okay. Okay. This looks pretty nice. Next, we're going to create the cure coat and our contact information. 47. 45 Flyer QR Code and Contact Information: Okay, lets at the your coat will use the same QR code to be used in our truthful Berkshire. So far. Open. This is the car she has opened. Control a control. See Toe base. This right Sheer Okay, it's just me. Okay, Let's know the contact information. Run the type toe klik once and let's write the headlines. Get in touch. Let's make this bigger. Both er okay. And let's right the information about address I have here a man dress one on one New York trees and wise phone. That's a matter of the phone. Okay, um beautiful our own. You find it. Don't money current funny can home. And the human The Red Rose double w company. But come. Okay, let's make this regular, right? Yeah. And now just And this little shape right here. This small chair right here again. There's the type toe sequins here once years. This is just for design burns half. That's true, Miss Red and news flash. That's all. Okay. This is how you prayed? Very quick. Flyer in a lottery for Isha off course gift used the vector shapes with views, high quality images. The text is also vector on all me that was just sending toe print. Next we'll talk about your assignment 48. 46 Flyer Assignment: your salmon is to create a flyer just like this one right here. Okay, let's look. Look out. Let's look at the elements that are creating this flyer. First, we have a logo here. We have some contact information right here. This contact information are written with a small fund and with a great color. Next, we have our image, like here can choose any image want. And here, over the image. We have some text. This is some artistic text. Okay. Can write any text you want. Then we have on another more rectangle here with the color in which we have placed the web address. Next, we have just in ordinary image and some text underneath that. And here we have. You can set the services or, um, the advantages off working with your company. 101020 stands. Your four are written on individual layers as well as the title right here. And text right here and all the way down here. We just have us more rectangle that it's just for design purpose. Okay, so this is the flight that I want you to great again. It's on a five flyer or ah, half letter dimension. It doesn't matter. The colors that use it doesn't matter. The phones or the texted use neither the photos that you use. Okay, So stop breaking this flyer. And if you have any questions for me, the girl a session is right there, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Okay? Best of luck. 49. 47 BC Sizes: business cards. We've all seen it. You old Have them. You've all had him. And you've always wanted to know how to create a business card in other people. Shop for your business for your start up or for your colleagues. So these are the two sizes that the business card can be created on If you are from here saying you're using inch. This is the desire, the dimensions that you will need toe use. The size is 3.5 inches by two inches. Okay. And if you are you from Europe or you're using the metric system, the sizes will be 85 millimeters by 55 millimeters. Okay. Our next business cards will be created in 85 by 55 millimeters and they will be front and back. Okay, so let's start with our first business card. 50. 48 BC #1 Front: our first business card will look something like this. Here is the front and here's the back First will create the front in a new document. Let's just do that file new. Make sure International Paper is selected for the moment that used the metric system on the the with will be 85 by 55 millimeters. The Resolution 300 because we're going to print this one and color mode will still be RGB because we are creating this owner monitor the monitor and the only display and they display has the RGB color mode. Okay, and this is the front, the front of the business camp. Let's see how we're going to create. First, we're going to create us more rectangle here, and on top of that will place those three those three icons, the phone one, the email one and the location One here will have the name off the person that has a business card, his department or ah, the title off the off that employees here will be the contact information, the logo and a QR code. Okay, let's just do that. First, we'll create a rectangle will use the return goto make sure shape is selected. And for the color let's choose this dark grey. I think it will be just fine. Let's read the rectangle just like this. Well, right. No, let's Let's place the name here. We're going to select type toe klik anywhere and insert a name. Any name you want. I'm going to write Michael. Seriously. Okay. Michael Simson on. Let's just make this. Maybe 12 point of is a large 10 points. Let's make this bold. Okay? Just place it here. Now let's write the title. The title This this person has control J create a copy. Drag this down here and let's make this eight points, maybe even seven points. Let's make it regular. And the title will be art director. Okay, great. Just not these closer are using Now the arrows on my keyboard. Let's add those icons file open. Here are the icons. Choose all three of them and click open. Of course, they will be open in separate documents. Let's pick our first the phone one control a control. See back here, control V. Place it right, Bob, don't worry about the size right now, because we will scale them down together. OK, so they all can have the same size. Let's close. Phone. Next. Lester, is the Web one for a control scene control fee. Listen now here and the last one occasion. Control a control C control V and again. Place it down here. Select all three of them and make sure they're horizontally aligned. Vertical allies. Sorry. Okay. And now just use control. T toe scaled them down. I'm using shift now. Holding shift. I think this is a great size. Place them here again. And the location one. Let's make it right about here and again. Now we're gonna have to distribute. Distributing means that the space between the three of days, I must be the same case. So I'm holding. I'm selecting all three of them and I'm clicking this little button up here. This to beating vertical centers. Okay, this was great. Next, let's insert our text. I have the taste right here first. This is the phone number. Control a sorry control. See in photo shop. Click once and control V paste. This right here. Great. Let's create the copy and drag this down. Another copy. I'm using control J great copies. And now we just have to replace the test. They won't be need. There would be no need for any anything later. So the next X will be the website name and the email address. Okay. And the last one will be that address address. Perfect. Now let's add the logo file open and choose a dream studio logo. A control. See? Control V Control D and hold shift to scale this down. Place it something like this. And he ended confirmed that transformation. And now all we have a PSA QR code. Right here. File open Q R codes open. Control a control C Come back here. Control Z. Okay, maybe a little bit smaller control. T hold shift and ended to confirm, and we're done. Okay, this is the front off our first business card. Okay, pose this video and try to create this business card just like I've just like I've done it . And after that will we'll continue with the back off this business card 51. 49 BC #1 Back: Okay, so next let's create the back off our business card again. We're going to create a new document, filed new and going international paper and said the width and the height had 85 millimeters and 55 millimeters. Again, the resolution will be 300 here. Okay. And in this one, I'll just place the logo in the center. So I have the logo right here. Control a control. See, Control V. And I'm using control t to scale it down a little his tender to confirm. Okay, now let's review our sketch. We have the website address right here, and we have ah rectangle near the bottom. Okay, First, let's create the rectangle going to select rectangle tool. Make sure shape is selected and the field color must be black. Look, let's free the rectangle, Charles, like this. And then let's add the web, address your websites not okay. Places the center okay. And let's go back to our sketch. We have some sort of shapes here, actually, just a rectangle that has been skewed. Okay, so let's go back to our document. So, like, the rectangle tool and create our week tango like so let's change the color. Let's make it, um, orange. Okay. And then to skew this rectangle hit, controlled the again went are free transform And then rightly in the center and choose que Okay, just like this perfect control j to create the copy, drag to the right and then just flip it horizontal again. Controlled the right click flip horizontal and then just drag it. Do you sense? Okay, this looks right. And this is our back, our off our business company. 52. 50 BC #2 Front: over next business cards is a simple one. So this is the sketch. So on the front off the business car will have a name here, a title, a very thin line. We'll have some icons, and the contact information here is will be our logo, a cure code and some shapes with some text on the on the one on the right. OK, so let's break this one. File New said the sizes 85 by 55 millimeters. Okay, And first of all, let's let's insert the name and the title here. Click title Click once and lets you insert Michael same son. Let's make Let's make Michael a 10 points. That's making bold. Okay, just like this. Let's create the copy control J. Drive this down and this one will be regular on with seven points. Double click toe enter editing mode. And let's call Michael that he is art a night art director. Okay, creates And now we have ah, thin line here. We're creating lines with the line tool. Okay, lesson. Wait. Let's see how hot topic is. Five pixels. Well, I think it's ah, nice damage. Maybe three big souls. Okay, let's set it off three pixels just like this. And let's make this orange crates. Okay, This looks very nice. Next, let's add the icons and the contact information file open. Select the three incomes open and for each control a control. See Trophy a control C control V on. The last one was a control. See? So, like all three of them place them here and we make them smaller control T and hold shift. Just kill them down. Just like this. He entered to confirm, and then we're just going toe space there. Arts. Okay, Okay. Let's, uh let's make the web in the middle, and so all of them and drag them down. Okay. As rename left three is location. Level two is phone. And later, one is web. Okay, so I'll make location a little bit down here. And so, like all three of them and said the spacing between them by this reading. Next, let's insert our text. First, our phone numbers control see, like the time toe klik once. Let's make the contact information regular and with seven points just like this, Okay, create the copy control J. The web information will be Web. The website in the email address. Great on again, Control J. Great. The copy and let's end the address. Trip. Name? Address. Okay, now you can see that We need to space them again. Let's said the location now here and against I like them all and distribute them now the street will be down here on the online information down here. Okay, Rates. Okay, let's group those together. I'm holding shift and clicking on the first and the last layer and control G to group them . Let's rename this. Let's say contact in front could enter next. We have the logo here. Let's open the logo and we're going to use a different version of the logo we're going to use the longer that is horizontal control A control seeing controlled V on control theme by holding shift down. Let's kill it a little like this tender to confirm. Next we have the QR code here. Let's open the cure Cone control a control scene, control the fee places you and control T to scale down. And now the last thing we need to do in separate these two shapes right here. Basically, there are two rectangles that has bean have execute Okay, so let's create the rectangle we don't read. Thank Otto. Something like this. Okay, on control thing. Right? Click and choose. Cute. Okay. Just like this in this direction. Look in this direction. Okay? Andi, Control J to create a copy. Frank this to the right and use control T to scale this down just like this. Okay. You can also move this one closer. Great. Let's make the smaller one in orange color it. Okay, then let's just write some text here. The text will be the main services this agency offers s U C M and Web design such engine optimization, search engine marketing and web design. That's you. Him and okay has made this bold. Let's make this or orange. Okay. And place this on top. Okay? Great. And this is our business card. The front off our second business card 53. 51 BC #2 Back: the back of our business cards. Our second business card is pretty simple. Let's look at the sketch. Actually, we just have to create the copy of the front business car because this area here in this area here will be the same. Okay, So Onley will need to place the logo right here. And the web address up here gave. So this is the front Off our business card going file. Save as and let's call it back. Basic. Too back. Okay. And now we're going toe. Hold control down and select all of this and just hit. Delete the car coat. I don't need it anymore. And I'm just going to select the logo. Which is this one here? Just a dragon down here. Okay. And then just add ah, web address. So let's pick the type two click once. Number W W w your website's dot com. Okay, let's make this black and just places right here. Okay? Like in the sketch. Great. So this is our simple business card back 54. 52 BC #3 Front: our first business card has a design that you probably seen before actually is just ah colored area right here in an angle and the back. It's again pretty simple. But first of all, let's look at the front here we have ah, shape off some sort and you can create this shape with the mental. Or maybe you can use the Rick tangled. I'll just show you how to do that. First, let's free the new document filed New said the size toe 85 8 in 15. 85. 55 millimeters. Okay, so next you can create this shape with the mental, but the problem is that, like, ready with a pencil. I don't have the, um, the certainty that this other line will be placed in the same angle as this one right here . So Okay, so I can place it like this, but I don't have the certainty that this is equal. So what I recommend is using the rectangle. First of all, pull shift down and drag to create a square and this square, you'll have to rotate it, control t to enter free transform, and you can enter here the the degree of rotation at 45 degrees. Okay. And then hold shift and old. Sorry. First going from and then control the again shift and old to scale this up, playing their complacence right here if you are. If you feel that this anger right here is a little bit too sharp, you can just hold Ault down and dragged from the sides. Okay, Something like this get enter to confirm now really looks really good. And let's check out the sketch. Here. We have another shape just like this one, so we don't need to create another one. We just read the copy off that. Listen, just colored, let's make it something orange. And then just holding shift down, drag to the right just like this. Okay, so now let's look at those catch. And we need to place the logo here are here. We have a problem because the logo is in black. Okay, here is our logo. Our logo is black. These orange refuges. Okay, but we'll need to create a negative version off our logo. So first of all, let's compete in our document from a control C control V can't less places this all the way up here. And then we're going to create a very quick selection toe. This takes right here. I'm using a rectangular mark. It'll okay, just like this. And I'm going toe use control I which stands for inverts. Okay. So, control, I will invert my colors from that dark grey toe light gray. Okay, if I wanted to make it white, I can just create the selection again, okay? And I can use control l which stands for levels and just drive this to the right to increase the contrast Hit, Enter control de toe the select. Okay, so again, just create the selection with rectangular market to and then control l, which stands for levels toe increase the contrast. Okay, so now all we need my looking hours. Kitsch is the contacting foreign. The name I'm going toe. I'm goingto copy them from our second business card. So holding control down click and drag to select all of those layers. Okay. And this one's right here. Okay. Okay. So then just click and drag into the new document. Hold there, hold there, and then just drag it down. Okay? This was great. Of course, if you really need, you can write those again. But to save up some time, I've just copied them from our first for our Peter segment. 55. 53 BC #3 Back: the back of our first business card is pretty simple, but the whole back will be black. Okay, so first, let's create a new document. Found you 85 55 and toe. Feel all this layer with black Click on the foreground. Color shoes, black it old and then old backspace. Okay. Or headed. Feel. Use for down color and click. Ok, Okay. Thanks. Let's look at our sketch. We have some shapes right here. Similar to this morning logo in the centre and the web address down here. Great. Let's drag this logo to our new documents. Just click and drag. Hold this and drive this down. Okay? If you want to make sure that in the centre controlled a to make a summation off the whole book, man, then make sure you click the horizontal, the vertical line and the horizontal line. All right. And now let's just drag this from this document. Our government. Okay, great. Great. A copy. Control J. Hold shift and drag this together side. Okay, this looks nice. Perfect. Now, let's just add the, uh, Web address here, make sure you have white in a fork down, and then just click once you're website and again, make sure that toe Be sure that simple center A. To make a selection of the whole document and click the horizontal line. Great. And that's it. That's the back off our third business card. Just save it and it's good for print. 56. 54 BC #4 Front: our fourth and last business card design will be something like this on the front, we have a wide area on the top. Ah, black rectangle on the bottle here will have a rectangle that has been skewed and it will be orange. And here will have another small rectangle. The effect is that some off the area here, this bricked Iraq here is placed on top. And it goes beyond this black break tackle. Okay, I'll show you in just a minute. But I want So let's first create our new document. Fire new 85 by 55. And let's start creating this black rectangle. So just the Richter goto make sure shape is selected and the field color is black. Click and drag Charles like this. Okay, Next, let's treat another rectangle. Okay. This and let's change just color. Thanks. Control T to enter free transform, then right click toe. Cute. Just like this. Okay, hit. Enter to confirm and place it somewhere about here. Okay. Next control J to create a copy. Okay, so this is the copy of the rectangle messages color. Let's make it something darker. And control de right. Click. Flip vertical flip vertical get enter and just drive this right here. Well, it doesn't look like like our sketch, but all you have to do, just drag this rectangle behind the black rectangle, and you will get something like this off course. You can select both of them and just drag them to the right. Made them more visible. Or you can kill them. You can't drag them together. Also you can is there? You can also side the rectangle to drag them down. Okay, so this is a nice effect. This is the area behind. So you see, it's not actually a small rectangle. It's the same shape, but placed in a different position. Okay, so now all we have to do is just drag dragged, uh, logo place in the text. And your coat. That's often the logo from open control. A control C control V. Control de and hold shift to scout it down. I place it somewhere. Lie this. Okay. And now we have from here we have thes contact information. Just click and drag. So our new document, that really is okay. Make sure that all the contact information is above all layers because they're going to need to change the colors off the text. Okay, so the three I'm selecting them by holding shift down, coming color and select white. Great. Now drag them over here and the street name address and the location will be placed. Sorry. Location will replace somewhere. Life. Sure. Great. Now let's And uh um the name Michael. Susan. And he is an art director. Click and drag. Perfect. And now, just at the QR code file open. Have the car caught right here from a control C control Vic Mary scared down a little control. De he didn't that come from and that's it. We didn't get over it. Didn't go over the text again because we've already done that in the previous designs. So if you have the text already in your design, just click and drag toe adity on your document. So that's it. This is our front business card. Our fourth business card. In the next video, we'll talk about the back off this business card 57. 55 BC #4 Back: the back of our business card. It's pretty simple. Let's look at the sketch. OK, so it's a black old black business card. And here we have some rectangles, the logo with white and the website address right here. So, first of all, let's create on your document. Found you International Paper 85 by 55. Okay. And first, let's create a rectangle that will be placed right here. And let's make this orange that's picked a color from here. Orange Control J Great copy. Drag it to the right. We're holding shift. Well, you know, to change them bigger and color to black. Just make sure your own bedroom Select black in your foreground color and hit old backspace . Next. Let's open the white logo. This is it. Dream local white a control. See Control V on quality To scale it down. I'm holding shift. And Ault, it is very important when you're holding shift and all. First released the most, but then released the shift in old. Okay. And now all we have to do is just right. The website address. You see that? I'm writing with white in foreground. Just click once double, double double. You that your website? That come came. Let's make this smaller. Eight points regular, maybe even seven points. Okay. And make sure that on the center control a and make sure heart center center is clicked. Okay? Controlled the toe. This select. And that's it. This is the back off our business card I see in the next window with your assignment. 58. 56 BC Assignment: After creating four business card designs, you have no problem creating this final one. So this is the template that I would want you to create. Let's look at it to see the components first. We have ah Whiteside on the left. Ah, black brick tank on the right and the blue or a colored one on the right. Here is the logo with the white text and the information to the last K Also have here a small light on the back. You have the black bag around two shapes to colors, shapes on the sides, The logo in the centre, a cure code smell Small time. Ah, small car code here in the center and the website address right here is not something we've haven't done our gear. So by now do you have You should have no problem are creating this business card. He can be with your information. It can be with your logo. So I look forward seeing what you've accomplished. And if you have any questions for me, the current section is right there. 59. 57 Voucher #1 Size: vultures are a great way to make your business. Your startup, um, visible so voters can be used as gifts your clients can buy them, and vultures can have Ah ah, some off money of value off some sort. And they can be offered as a gift for Christmas for Valentine's Day or for ah, birthday. Okay, so your job is to create these vultures so your customers can have on alternative. Then I was then buying your services or your products. So how do we create a voter? First of all the dimensions, the sizes off voucher must be related. Toe an envelope size because you can place a vulture inside off on envelope and develop that we're going to use. It's called the D L envelope and the size off the this envelope is 20 by 1 10 millimeters. Okay, so the vulture should be smaller than this size, so we can fit properly. So we'll create our Parcher in 210 millimeters by 100 millimeters, so it will be 10 millimeters smaller. Okay, so let's just do this by going to file new make sure international paper is selected for the ones of you that use the metric systems for US residents or inch users. Make sure US paper is selected and convert those millimeters in tow inches. So international paper and the with it will be 210 millimeters and the high will be 100 millimeters off course. The resolution will be 300 because we will print this voucher eventually. And the color mode will be RGB because we're creating this voucher on a monitor on display . Okay, just give okay. And this is the final size off our voucher. In our next video, we'll see ah, sketch for this vulture and we'll start creating it. 60. 58 Voucher #1 Sketch: So this is the sketch for our first vulture that we're going to create. This is the front, and this is the back. Here on the left side, we have a new image which is dreamed like this so well. First, create a rectangle or polygon and then we'll use clipping, mask, toe, clip that image into that container. Here we have an ellipse with the value inserted in our logo. Gift voucher. A slogan here, the informations about the validity off this Roger. And here is the website address. On the back, we have the same sort of image place on the left side. Gift, voucher terms and conditions off using the dispatcher. And here we have a rectangle colored rectangle with contact information. OK, so this is the stage. And this is what our first gift watcher, it's going toe to look like. 61. 59 Voucher #1 Insert Image in Clipping Mask and The Stroke Effect: Okay, lets start creating our first vulture first. Let's start. By creating our shape, we're going to use mental. Make sure shape is selected and a fuel color doesn't matter the feel right now. So just click wants on the outside of the better. Sleep again. Here, clean plate and click to close that shape. Next. Let's open on image file open, and we're going to get this one right here. Open to place this image from its own document. Toe our document control a control seeing go back to our document control V. Okay, control T to scale this up or down. As you may wish, just like this, enter to confirm and to place this image into this shape, hold out and click between those two layers to create a clipping mask. Let's check out sketch. Here we have an ellipse with value inside it. It started next. Let's great with their little hold shift to create a circle Charles like this and let's make this circle right. Great. Now I want to set, um, some sort off separation between this circle and the image behind. And I would like to apply a stroke. Ah, wide stroke. Basically to add a stroke toe a vector shape. We go all the way down here toe FX and here we have struck could have a stroke. And the last time options will go back here. We have the size. You can see how it influences the, uh, the shape right here. And we can set the color. Let's make it white sleep. Okay. Make sure the position is said to outside and the field called the field type will be color . Okay, So you can say this, uh, does the way you like. Look OK. And then you will have that your cities stroke effect applied toe this layer, you can click this little arrow toe. Close it, you can't. Next. Let's add value inside. Click wants with a title and let's say $50. Let's use the phones. Let's make this aerial. Let's make this bolt. Uh, said the color toe white. And of course, the size. Maybe seven threes with a bit much. Okay, 64 key. I think 48 points is ah this in size. Next, in our next video, we'll insert the text on the right side 62. 60 Voucher #1 Inserting the text: Let's insert our text first, play the tattle, click wants and right gift voucher. Make sure that the color it said toe red or any color of your choice. And let's make the characters like we want. Just right now you're going to use times Roman and the phone family will be bold atomic control J to create a copy, Drive this down here and we're going toe double click that T to select the text and write vulture. So this is a gift voucher again. We arrived in this on two separate layers because we can arrange them easily this way. Okay, Now you can select both of them and control g toe. Group them in a group a group that you're also you can rename Gift. Right now. Let's add the logo on the top. That's open. The local first found open this hour. Long control in control. See Control V and control T to scale it down. And I'm holding shift right now. Clinton confirm. Okay. Next, let's look at that catch. Here we have a slugger that's under slogan that two quick points and this make this mourner your slogan. Here, let's make this black. Okay, control j great. A copy. And let's right the invalidity with this fucker. Maybe said the phone hotels. And let's make this only bolt and not just entered the website create not the copy. W w that your website dot com unless makes this regular. Okay, So this is how you said text for a vulture? Off course you can place here anything you want. 63. 61 Voucher #1 The back: next. Let's create the back of our vulture. First, we're going to create another copy of this document because some elements will still be the same. Like this image right here. Okay, so to do that going far, save as and we name your your your document gift vulture back. Okay, save. You can see here. That the title. Now we're in the second document. Okay, so we don't need from here. We don't need the website. We don't need a valid We don't need a slogan. We don't need a logo. Give Archer will need it. The value Eyes known. Alternated. OK, so next let's look out our sketch. We have the gift, doctor here. The image here and over the over the bottom. Off this vulture, we have a rectangle colored rectangle. Maybe will be a red rectangle with some contact information. OK, salt, Let's just do that. Let's traitor rectangle make sure shape is selected and less use the fielders make it red. And let's freed a rectangle like this. But now let's add some text. Okay? Have some text right here. Okay. So I have the, uh, the phone number. I have your website and I have the address in case our first Let's copy the phone number. Just click once and controlled big toe basis. Okay, We're going to place this right here. And of course, we're going to make it smaller, like, 12 points. Okay? And maybe just regular, not bold. Best right? 10 points. Okay, this this looks frank. Okay, Next, really a copy off that layer Control J and hold shift to drag it. Do it. All right, because here we will insert our website. We'll see. Double click that t toe, make the text editor edible. Okay. And again, control J great. A copy and we'll place you're the address. Great. Okay. We can no can select all of this by holding shift down and control G to place them in a group and we'll call this footer in fall. Okay, Next we have here, we'll have here the terms and conditions off using this voucher. OK, so first of all, let's make this title smaller. Just like this. Enter to confirm. And I already have text right here. All this control see? And we're going to place this in a paragraph to create a paragraph with the type told Click and drag diagonally to create this textbooks release and inside, make sure you're a line to the left Control V, the text visible because it's white. Control A to select it and change the color to black. Great. Now let's make terms and conditions bold. And maybe I want the whole text to be smaller shall select off this and let's make these eight points cocaine. Drag this just a little bit and enter a space right here. Great. Now this really looks like a voucher. OK, so this is how you create a vulture for your start up or for your company. Remember that you can always print this vulture or you can also distribute online. Okay, so I see you with the next vulture. 64. 61 Voucher #2 Front: our next vulture design is pretty simple. All we have is an image in the right side. The value of the vulture here with the title give balance, the logo and some text right here on the back. We have an image on the left side, some contact information right here, and terms and conditions on the bottom. Okay, so let's get onto it. First. Illustrate the new document file New. The dimensions will be the same. 210 millimeters by 100 millimeters Resolution 300 color mode. RGB. Okay. And next, less for it. A rectangle which will be filled with our image. Okay, we'll place the image with clipping mask. Let's open the image and we'll choose this image right here. Control a control scene control V basis right here. Move this over and hold out and click between the two layers to create a clipping mask. Next. Next, great. Some text with the value off our vulture. So let's say that this vulture will be $100 worth are funds will be ariel, and let's make this may be narrow aerial, okay. And let's make the size bigger. Charles like this. Okay and we're going toe. Incorporate this this text into a rectangle life in the sketch to the net. We're going to select the rectangle to and make sure shape is selected. Feel color will be said to none. And the stroke will be set toe black. The wave off the stroke will can adjust it later. So for now, just create a rectangle like this. Okay, I think that size is pretty good. And we're going to create another copy off that rectangle because down here we have the We have the gift balance text case or control. T two, change this like this and we're going to start a text gift Balance gift badness. Right. Controlled T to scale this down. Keep ender Conference on. Drag this here. Okay. You can also use the arrows on a keyboard toe Majette A little. Great. Now we can select with holding control or command down. You can select all of these layers and place them in a group by using control G. Let's rename this group. Let's say balance. Okay. Next let's place the logo on the left. I have also the logo here. Control a control. See? Control V drag This right here. And let's make this a little bit smaller. Control. Think and hold shift while dragging the corner to scale it down. Next, we'll have some text here. Our text will be gift. Voucher gift. March evolved. Sorry. Okay. And we'll make this smaller and we'll be bold. Okay, Like this. And let's make gift another color. Select with type two as let's make it, um, orange this orange from the local right here. Click. Ok, let's put another copy. Because here we have some additional information about the validity of this voucher. So I've already created another copy with you seizing control of J. Drag this down, and of course, we're going to make it smaller. And let's send it regular. Maybe it's smaller train, all right. And the text is van id from December 30 more 2080. Right? Okay, You can select both of those and just drag him. Dragged them to the left here. Okay, so this is a very simple voucher designed with some text with some image with a logo and, of course, some vector shapes. OK, I'll see you in the next video with the back off this vulture 65. 63 Voucher #2 Back: Okay, let's free the back off our vulture again. We're going to create a new document file new. This sizes will be 210 by 100 millimeters. Okay, on Let's look at this sketch. Now we have a new image on the left side and some text on the right. So we're going to place this image in tow. Rick Tangled. So we're going to create a clipping mask for that. We're going to create a rectangle. Make sure shape is selected, the field color, what color you want. And let's say the stroke toe none Great. No, that's great. Or rectangle. By clicking and dragging just like this, it doesn't matter the color. And now we're going to be set on image file open, and we're going to toe choose this image right here. Control a control scene and control V. Drag this to the left and tow. Create a clipping mask. Just just hold out and click between those two layers. Great. Unless dry the image to the left. Okay. And this looks right. Nice. Next. Let's insert some contact information first. We'll write some text, get in touch, okay. Giving much. We're gonna make it this smaller 14 points, okay? And we're gonna set it toe black. Great. Next we have here the contact information. I'm trusting type toe klik wants toe insert on artistic test and controlled picked. Now, you see that the text is a line to the center, so we're gonna have to like the left. Okay? And let's make this smaller. That's saying 10 points and let's said little regular. Great. This looks great. And now all we have are the terms and conditions. We have them right here, terms and conditions. We'll see. It was the type toe and click and drag to great paragraph. Call me. Let's at the space right there. And the terms of conditions will make them bigger and bolder. Okay, Perfect. Thought this looked this. How would the back of our vulture looks like? And now all we have to do just save it and you're good to go. I'll see you in the next video with your assignment 66. 64 Voucher Assignment: for your assignment, you will need to create one of these vultures. So let's seem one of the elements here. Off course. We have an image on the right side. You can also place just the image. Or you can first create a rectangle and place the image with the keeping mask. Okay. Just like we've done our dear. Here we have our square with a value inserted gift voucher, a text and your logo. All honor colored the background. Here you have the same options that have the same elements, but in a different image and different colors. For this assignment, you want need to create also the back. Just the front off this vulture. Okay, so you can use one of these two as it is an example. And I look forward seeing your vultures. Okay, So if we have any questions for for me for creating a vulture, you have the q and A section, and they'll be sure toe to answer your questions as soon as I can. Okay. See you with the next video. 67. 65 Presentation Folder Sketch: presentation folders or documents. Folders are a great way to share your offers or your services to the world and to your partners. They're great when you're in a meeting that because they have them, the logo, their contact information and some have your services also printed on them. So there are a great way toe say that. Yeah, I'm a professional, and this is how I I'm presenting myself. And here is my offer. Okay, so we're going to create presentation folder. The standard size is a three. Basically, it's a double A four for, ah, US residents or for inch users. That's letter size in the double the size of the letter. Okay, so here I have, ah, sketch off the presentation folder half made. So will be some little architects because we're going to need to create some rectangles here, and we're going to be toe, rotate them and combine them. Let's see what this presentation folder is made off. So first of all, here we have some text Ah, small rectangle. Or let's call it just a line. A thick line here is some taste in. Here would be our logo. Next, we will have a rectangle that's rotated, and it would be a great rectangle. Here we have a bigger re tangle and will be filled with a solid color next year. We have some Rick tangles. You see where those exes are? Well, they those will be the places for a new image. There wouldn't be three separate images that there will be only one image. So we'll see. How can we place an image in three rectangles here with have a couple of more rectangles, but there will be only feel with a color. Here we have some contact information, our services with the Nikon title and a short description, a car coat and an invitation to scan that. Your code. Ah, few words about us. And here there will be some lines that the person that you're giving this folder to can write its name or the company name. Okay, so this is Ah, this is our presentation folder will create on a three. And Hugh will place a guideline so we'll know where the folder will be. Folded came. So next we'll start creating our document, and then we'll just start creating these shapes 68. 66 Presentation Folder Creating the shapes: Okay, lets start creating our document file. New make sure In dimensional. Piper's selected and the size will be a three. Okay, Okay, now we need to rotate this document horizontally. Win it. Rotated 90 degrees image image rotation. 90 degrees C. Double your CCW instance for clockwise or counterclockwise. But for now, it doesn't matter. Okay, You know, we need to place a guideline right in the middle, so? Well, no, this is the front off the presentation folder, and this will be the back. So to add a guideline right in the middle, we going far of you. New guide. Make sure vertical is ticked and the position will be 50%. Okay. And now we've placed our guidelines in the middle. Let's create our first rectangles. Okay, let's look at this kitsch. So this is the first rectangle that we're going to create. It's a long rick tango, so make sure Rick tango told selected shape is, um, selected and the fuel color less made This a light gray. Okay, maybe this one. Great. Just create a rectangle like this. Must be a long rectangle and then going back to move toe and control Tito, rotate it okay. And I think this will be a nice placement. Okay, as look at this catch, okay? And now we're going to create a similar rectangle. But over here. Okay. Like this one right here. Next. Let's traitor rectangle. Right now. Let's make it. Ah, orange. Okay, control t rotated. And make sure that you align those two. Oh, okay. Okay. Something like this. And here is Ah, trick. If you can't just match them perfectly, just drag this rectangle under the gray rectangle and you won't see any difference. Okay, this was great, But maybe I think I want this rectangle Toby smaller. Okay, great. No, let's go back to our sketch. We have another rectangle here, and a couple of those right here. Hold shift so I can create the square control team. And that's rotate this. Trials like this come from control James to create a copy and drag this down here. And we're going to make this smaller drunk tea again. I did. It doesn't matter the color because these shapes will be filled with an image control J against Great. Another copy. Just like this unclothed j again. And we can make this a little bit smaller. Okay, maybe you can also rotate it perfect. And another one right here, j again. And just place it right over here and maybe maybe make it a little smaller. Okay, this one even smaller. Okay. Like this. Perfect. Let's see if we have another rectangle. No, these are older rectangles. So in our next video will start reading the text right here and the logo. 69. 66 Presentation Folder Clipping Mask an Image into Multiple Shapes: let's in certain image into these three shapes right here. This one, This one and this one. This too, will only have a feel color. First of all, let's open an image file open, and we're going to choose this image right here in New York again. This image is down and from picks obey that come from a 20 c. I have control V here. Okay. Make sure that the image Let's just rename this. Let's say New York is on top of all the other layers. So all we need now is just hide. That, for now, is to identify the layers off these free rectangles so very fast. Fast way to do that is by holding control down or command and clicking on that specific shape, and it will select the layer. So this one right here, this one and this one. Okay. So, to place a new image with clipping mask into these three shapes, first of all, they all need to be on the same layer. So hold shift and select the three of them. And to make toe, merge them in one layer. We have to use the keyboard shortcut control or command. Okay? they are all now on a separate layer. Okay, Now all we have to do is just drags image above that layer. Make sure that you can scale it and place it right where you want it. Let's say this position right here he enter to confirm, and then just hold all down and click between those two layers. Okay? And this is how you place an image within multiple shapes. OK, let's change the colors off. This shapes right here. Let's make them orange. Okay. Great. And our presentation forward is beginning. Toe toe. Make sense now. 70. 68 Presentation Folder Inserting some text: Let's add some text right here. We can add any text you want, but for this exercise, we will add. You're business. Include that riel. The world. Okay, just I'm next. Okay. Let's make this bigger your business into the real world. Let's make this regular, and they're just change some Some, uh, have fun. 70 right here. So we'll make business bolt and again reap to the world. And let's change the color. Let's make it orange. I think the space between the lines should be smaller. So let's try, um, 30. There may be close. That's changing of 34. Okay, this looks great. And now just there's just add, um, a line here. So just a Landel. Make sure I understand. With the 10 pixels wait on this till the thin Let's, uh let's try 30. You can also zoom in if you want. Hold shift down by dragging cancer can drag it on a straight line. And that's just the feel. Let's make this great. Maybe, uh, light agree. Okay, maybe this one right here. Okay. Great. So this is the text in the shape. And now let's just at a logo until a control. See, she has dragged this over here. Great. He started to look great. 71. 69 Presentation Folder The back: let's and the services on the on the back side of the presentation folder gets always to get our sketch we have here are Michael a title and a short description, and we will multiplying that we will change only dumb. So let's start by using a type toe and click once. And let's just write some text. Let's say service. So this may Okay, let's make this smaller, maybe 14 points. Okay, I think it's Ah, it's a good size. Let's try to make it white. Okay? And knowledge at some description right here for description will going to insert a paragraph text. So click and drag like this. Let's just some loading with some type based learning missem, and we're going to make a days smaller and regular. Let's fight 10 points and regular great Make sure toe the line to the left. And maybe, let's just live three rows off text right? Let's more than the left and great the copy. Control Jake to create a copy off those two and drag them to the right and another copy control. Jay dragged them to the rights holding shift while dragging so I can drag in a straight line. Now let's add some. I was here. Find open and we have the icons here. We're going to choose this one. This one and this one off. Control a control scene Control. Just place them right here. Next under a control. See control with. Here you go. Align them after that. And the less 100 a control C control. Okay, Now let's elect all three of them and let's ah, land them horizontally. Okay, Now let's select all of these and place them in a group control G. Let's rename services. Okay, great. Now let's add some about us text right here again. Just that that took flick once about us. And again we're going toe based on Lord of Ipsum text right here with a title. Click and drag once and then type. Hey, Stardom Ipsum! Great! And now let's just change the phone. We're going to make it smaller and regular. Okay? You can use the arrows on my keyboard toe Last them a little. Great. Okay, now we have the QR code here and the contact information down here 72. 70 Presentation Folder Finishing up: Okay, let's add the final text to our presentation folder here. Down here, we'll have the cure coat and some text distrusted the sketch. Okay, the car code and the text first let up on the car coat open. This is it. Often control 100 c control and drag this down here and knowledge asked at some text. Click. Once on, Let's inside the text. Scan me great. Let's make this bigger. 14 points. Great. And Kim, Let's make this bolt and Carrie, Let's say don't. Here we have another text that tells you what you're going to get after your scanning this coat. Okay, so let's set the phone to 10 and type based or a museum this time will be regular. Okay, maybe smaller. Eight points. Great. Now all we have left is some lines here and the contact information down here. Now let's add some lines and the presentation for the owner details. Okay. Folder. The strangest black folder identity. Okay, let's set this to 12. And with some lines, just like the line tool situ. Always toe maybe 4.4 pieces and just click and drag. All right, create another copy control J tracked this down of all, Jay dragged this town. Okay, Perfect. And the contact information down here. And we need toe iPhones, a phone, Aiken and the location. I can open location and a control. See Control V and the next one control a control C control of it. Select them both. Make sure they're horizontally aligned and control. Ditto. Killed them down. And we have text year in info. Not bad. Just a little clip once let's set the phone to 10 points. Cloyd's breath Another copy trying this down and we're going toe inside the address and we're gonna place London on the second row. Okay? Now we can select all off these control G and let's rename, Let's say contact information control, zero toe amount and this is it. This is a presentation folder made entirely in other before a shop with several heirs. Separate layers, which victor shapes with different phone families. Although it's the same phone everywhere here, we have bold here we have ah, regular here. We have us more size. Here we have ah paragraph text here we have artistic texts like this also down here and also up here and this presentation 40 needs good for print. You just have to save it and send it to your local print shop. Next Internet video. We'll talk about your assignment because after creating this one, you'll also need to create your own presentation folder. 73. 71 Presentation Folder Assignment: in the exercise folder, you will find this presentation folder that will be your example. Okay. And your assignment, Basically, you'll need to recreate this one right here. You can either just copy the text that is here and the information, or we can just place your own information in your own logo and your own website address. So first of all, let's see what other components of this presentation folder. So, first of all, we have a very, very large shape right here that it's filled with blue color. Then we have a shape here, some sort of shape just like this that has an image place to begin with. Clipping mask, of course. And here we have, um, Rita goat That has been skewed. And over the rectangle, we have the email address. Off course. Here we have some text you can place. Your tech story can just use this one. Ah, logo and some text on the back. On here. Down here. We have them contact information. In case he did it uses I can Still you can use your arm or your own contact icons or can use the mind from the exercise folder have provided to you. And after all, it's complete. You must make sure that you have worked with Victor shapes with high quality images. And just make sure that the colors you use match your company's color. Okay, So this is your Sandman. I I really hope that you understand what needs to be done right now. And I look forward seeing your result. If you have any questions for me, think you're in a section is just there. And I'm ready toe to answer all of your questions. Okay, So we'll see you in our final section with the email signature. 74. 72 Email signature Sketches: email signatures. They're everywhere, and they're great forcing for sending information or clicking some links or making your business out there So a meal a messenger can have on image can have. Your name can have your title, your contact information and links to your ah social metrics like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on. So these are the three designs that we're going to create, and the fourth will be your assignment. Let's start with the first you'll have here some Ah, name, a title, some location. And here's some contact information down here. We have some icons like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and YouTube. Here will just have a line. And over here on image. Okay, so let's stop grating our first signature. 75. 72 Email signature #1: There isn't a standard size for creating animal signature, so just have toe test some sizes according to your design I've tested and the best size for our designs. Here it's 600 pixels by 200 pixels. Just do that. And of course, in 70 toe pixels per inch off course, the color modes RGB. Okay. And this is the document that we're going to place our text and our photo in. So let's look at this catch. First we have the name off the the email owner. Okay, so I have here the text. Okay, So his name is Robert Simpson. Just gonna copy this right here from here. Click. Once controlled, Frito based it. And let's make sure that the phone is right where we want it. So it's an aerial bold with 18 points. Nothing fancy here, Case always just place it somewhere around here because we can also modify it later. Next, Here, on the right side, we have the title. Okay, let's create the copy. Control J Nice dragged us to the right, and Robert Simpson will be our graphic designer. Let's make this smaller. Maybe 14 points. Okay, Okay. And let's try for Robert. Let's try another color. Maybe something, uh, like this. Something orange. Okay, great. Uh, maybe graphic designer can be a little bit smaller. Life style points. Okay, great. Next. Next we have the location. This is the location right here. Here's the timeto click once control of it. And now let's make this regular. And also maybe lessons the color. Let's make it, um, Green Gray. Sorry. Like this. Okay, great. Next to contact information we have here the contact information when Trump me just seen. And then we're gonna place this on two rows. Cranes. Let's make the initials Boulder, and it's a different color. Let's try this, um, orange. And we're gonna just copy this code. It's called a hex cold. Okay. In the email and last the website address. Okay, this looks nice. Next, let's add the contact Aiken's file open. I'm going to use this contact at Americans. Control any control. See controls V from any controls. C v control. Sit here. Select all of them and control t who was killed them down like this tip. Enter. Drive them down here. And now let's just separate them. Mrs. Twitter, does this car only Facebook There they are. First on, that's your took. You gotta drag it to the right. Okay. Select all sort of them. And make sure they are evenly spaced that Okay, great control. G to place them in a group on. Let's call this group. Social icons. Close this with her. Now we have. Ah, a line here. Let's test with 10 pixels. Let's see the way. Oh, it's too too thick. Let's try five. Let's try three pixels. Okay. I think this is a great form. Andi, off course. Let's make it, um, orange. Great. And now let's just add the photo file. Open Drolet control C control V until t to scale it down. I'm holding shift. Wondering this and confirmed and just drag into the right. Okay, this looks great. This is a very simple investing insurance. You see that we have used nothing but layers and text, a few images, a few icons and a vector shape. And of course, we have here the photo off the email name and owner. So this is Ah, this is they must ensure that I hope you have created along with me if not posed this video , don't go into the next one until you have created this one. Okay. See you with the next video. 76. 74 Email signature #2: our second email signature. It's going to be like this. Here we have a new image and all the design, its place in tow, a rectangle, a colored licked a rectangle. Here we have the title, the name, some contact information, location and social likens. Let's do this first, let's create in your document 600 by 200 600 pixels and 200 pixels. Okay, and first, let's create our rectangle. It doesn't matter the size right now, because you can scale it down or up later. Let's change the color. Let's make this. I don't know. Let's make this a red. Okay, that's right. First, let's add the photo to the left. Here is the photo. Draw a control seat and control the feet. And again we're going to place this image in toe clipping mask. So hold old and click between those two layers, and I just can't it down. Hold shift while doing this. Okay, hit enter to confirm and can nudge it with the arrows onto the left. Next, the title. The title. If we done earlier, it's graphic designer such as the type to make sure why it is selected as color on and let's just leave this for like this For now. Click wants graphic designer Great. Let's place this year. Let's read another copy. Control. J drags down and let's write the name. The name is Robert Simpson. I know Simpson, and let's make the phoned bigger, maybe 18 points, even 20. Okay, not your down a little. Next, we have the contact information. This one are here. Just the title flick wants controls the and of course, we're going toe scaled them down. Maybe 10 points on 12 points. And this fright regular. Okay, let's make those initials Bolt. So with the tap to select them and bold mobile both email boned and the Where's that address? The initial on it. Okay, Bold again. Great. No, on the right side that we have the location so much. Select the location. We'll see. Cliff wants here. Control. Okay. And now you can see that we need a little more space here. So to do that, we're just going to go on image. Canvas size. Make sure relative if is ticked on. What us relative, miss, You can see that once I've collected with and the height goes back to zero. So Now we just add the pixels that we want our document to be increased. Okay, so we don't have to calculate. Okay, so let's click this one right here, because you want to increase it to right? And let's increase it by 200 pixels. Great. And now let's drag the rectangle also control T drag this. Like it like this. Okay, I feel like that. I need a separation between the area here in the area here, so I'm going to create another rectangle chance like this, and we're gonna change the color off that Rick tango. Let's let's make it. Oh, brighter bread. Just like this. If you places on top off the first rectangle, it's going to get into a clipping mask. Okay, Just a quick way to separate those two. Nice. Okay, this looks nice. Now, let's just added the social likens. Okay, select all four of them controlled the killed them down this hit. Enter and let's just face them. Okay, Just like this. Okay? And this is another signature for our email. I hope you mention toe create this, this one. And if you have any questions, please, I expect my answers in the urinate section. Okay, so we tried to create this signature, and I'll see you with the third 77. 75 Email signature #33: he were at our last email signature. And we're going to create this design right here. Basically, it's a week. Tango with an image on the left. The name of the owner email the email are right here. The title here and the location will be only on one row. The contact information and the social icons. Okay, great file. New web. Sorry. Web 600 by 200 pixels. Okay. And first, let's create a rectangle like this on. Let's make this rectangle, um, rent. That's just a nice right. Yeah, I like this room better until a control C control V. And again, we're going to use clipping mask, hold off and click between those two layers. Great. Okay, nice. Let's at the name here, Michael Samsung, this month. Michael, be there for Jane to play the copy. And Michael is a graphic designer that said this whole does okay, Like both of them, I am using the arrows of a keyboard. Not going down a little. Okay, that's at the street address. This one right here and we're going to add it on one. No, I first changed color. Let's make a great okay. Something like this and then the contact information that will be placed on two ropes. Control Jay's. Create a copy to edit it. Double click. Okay, on, Let's make initials. Um, in this red, select the initials going to color outside and click on the color You want to change. Okay. And always just at the contact. Likens bar. We're going toe. Select them from another signature. So we're just going to drag and drop them right here. Okay. Perfect. So this is another email signature. A very fast one and the very professional one. Next, we'll talk about your assignment. 78. 76 Email signature Assignment: your assignment is to create this email signature. It's a very simple one, but it will be your own investiture. And and you can also add your own data here, your own contact information, your own name and your own title. OK, so I look forward. Seeing Yuri Messenger. You can upload them in the Q and A section, and this is it. I'll see you with the final thoughts. 79. 77 Final: here we are again, off our course. It's been a long course, but I have to try to cover different topics. I've also Waas startup entrepreneur on I'm having my business for almost six years now, but I know that in the beginning it was in a need for creating business cards for creating flyers for creating my social media presence. And there was nobody to give me advices on Lee some courses that I took online and offline , And that's how I learned to create all of those things. Off course. I have diminished toe to save sounds on money. I really hope that by creating those items that were great together truthful brochure, a five flyer business cards, social media posts, Facebook, cats and all of those I hope they will be much need for you and you'll get the most off them. So again, if you have any questions for me, any suggestions or any other courses you might want toe take here on me. Let me know, and I'll do my best toe modify the existing wants to make them better or to create new high quality courses. Okay, that's all that I want to lay here my final thoughts and I wish you the best of luck in your entrepreneurial career. Or if you're working in marketing, make sure that you make best of use off all love those for a sharp tools. And remember that photo shop? It's one of the greatest software out there that you can work in. Okay, so I love what you do. Onda. Keep calm and use photo shop.