Photoshop for Lunch™ - Complex Selections Made Easy - Master Refine Edge & Select and Mask

Helen Bradley, Illustrator for Lunch™ & Photoshop for Lunch™

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7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Photoshop for Lunch Complex Selections Made Easy Introduction

    • 2. Photoshop for Lunch™ - Pt 1 - Selecting images

    • 3. Photoshop for Lunch™ - Pt 2 - Analyzing Images and Tools

    • 4. Photoshop for Lunch™ - Pt 3 - Making and Editing a Selection

    • 5. Photoshop for Lunch™ - Pt 4 - Fine tune the selection

    • 6. Photoshop for Lunch™ - Pt 5 - Select and Mask

    • 7. Project and wrapup

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Project Description

Your project is to choose a photo to use (you can use one of those that I used) and cut the person out of the image and place them on an appropriate background - choose a background that will work with your chosen image. Post an image of the completed cutout as your project. 

If you wish to use the images I used here is a link to the image of the dark haired woman and the woman with curly hair at Sadly the curly hair woman image at is no longer available but the good news is that there are lots that you can choose from and which will work just fine. Click here to fine lots of curly hair images - just do yourself a favour and choose one with a fairly evenly neutral background!

Student Projects

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Kathleen Ruhl
Joy Vick
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