Photoshop for Lunch™ - 3 Exotic Patterns - Shapes, Paths, Patterns

Helen Bradley, Illustrator for Lunch™ & Photoshop for Lunch™

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6 Videos (44m)
    • Photoshop for Lunch™ - 3 Exotic Patterns - Introduction

    • Photoshop for Lunch™ - 3 Exotic Patterns - Part 1

    • Photoshop for Lunch™ - 3 Exotic Patterns - Part 2

    • Photoshop for Lunch™ - 3 Exotic Patterns - Part 3

    • Photoshop for Lunch 3 Exotic Patterns Extra 1 for PS CS5 and earlier

    • Photoshop for Lunch 3 Exotic Patterns Extra 2 for PS CS5 and earlier


About This Class

Photoshop for Lunch™ is a series of short video courses you can study in bite size pieces such as at lunchtime. In this course you'll learn how to creat three exotic patterns in Photoshop. You will learn to make a quatrefoil, a barbed quatrefoil and a Moroccan trelis pattern. You will also learn some of the tools for working with and making shapes and working with patterns in Photoshop. This is a sample of the Moroccan trelis pattern:


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These are fun patterns to make, and Helen explains how to do it so clearly. I don't think there's even one class of Helen's that I've taken where I haven't learned a new Photoshop shortcut and/or an easier or better way of accomplishing a Photoshop task.
Another great class on working with shapes and as always, learning new ways to work with Photoshop.
Lisa Geerman

Digital Designer

Another great class!





Helen Bradley

Illustrator for Lunch™ & Photoshop for Lunch™

Helen teaches the popular Illustrator for Lunch™, Photoshop for Lunch™ and ACR & Lightroom for Lunch™ series of courses. Each course is just the right length to take over a lunch break and is packed with useful and fun techniques. The projects are designed to reinforce what is taught so they too can be easily completed over a lunch hour or two.