Photoshop for Industrial Designers: Sketching Round Objects & Wrap Texturing

Marouane Bembli, Design Professional & Online Teacher

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11 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What tools to use? Watch out for this!

    • 3. Sketch warmup - Let's get the creativity going

    • 4. Light source: Determine this before starting shading

    • 5. Shading our ellipsoid - what to think about

    • 6. Shading our sphere - how to make it look 3D and less flat

    • 7. Visualizing glossiness with shadows

    • 8. Visualizing glossiness with highlights

    • 9. How to sketch shadows the easy way

    • 10. Texturing round objects! Make it look realistic with this 3D effect

    • 11. Your Class Project!


About This Class

Hi I'm Marouane, welcome to this class on Photoshop for industrial designers.

This is the second part in the Photoshop for Designers series and in this class we are going to cover how to sketch and render round objects in Photoshop using a digital sketching tablet such as a Wacom.

You will also learn how to take an image of a texture of your choice and wrap it around any surface you like. This is extremely useful if you are rendering products in Photoshop and need to add specific textures to surfaces. It saves a ton of time!

By the end of this class, if you decide to follow along you will have a sphere or a ball rendered in Photoshop with a texture added to it of your choice. This is your class project!

This class is for you who are starting out with digital sketching or simply want to learn how you can use a tablet to design objects and products in Photoshop.

Make sure you download the attached Photoshop file. This way you can see the layer structure and how the shading is built up by opening up the file on your computer.

Also download my brush set here if you like.

Thank you for your time! I will see you inside the class.