Photoshop for Entrepreneurs: Easy Photo Editing

Phil Ebiner, Photo | Video | Design

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5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction and Project

    • 2. Editing RAW Photos in Photoshop

    • 3. Saving RAW Photos and Prepping Them for Re-edits

    • 4. Editing JPEG (non-RAW) Photos in Photoshop

    • 5. Exercise and Thank You


About This Class

Here's a crash course in editing photos in Photoshop. You'll learn how to edit both RAW and JPEG images (including any other format of non-RAW photo). You'll learn basic ways to make your photos look better like editing exposure, contrast, saturation. You'll learn how to crop, add a vignette, sharpen, and much more.

Here's an example of what you can do to make a RAW unedited photo look better:


Can't wait to see you in the course!