Photoshop for Entrepreneurs: Design a Product Mock-Up

Jeremy Deighan, Online Instructor |

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6 Videos (29m)
    • Photoshop for Entrepreneurs: Design a Product Mock-Up

    • Examples of Product Mock-ups and Where to Find Templates

    • Using Clipping Masks

    • Edit a Product Mock-Up Template

    • Using Smart Objects with Product Mock-Up Templates

    • Use Photoshop Create a Product Mock-Up


About This Class

Photoshop for Entrepreneurs: Design a Product Mock-Up

Learn how to easily design product mock-ups to visualize branding for both physicial and digital products.

Product mock-ups are used commonly to see how branding would look across multiple products. It's also a great way to catch a buyer's attention to show a 3D mock-up that stands out from flat two dimensional designs. Product mock-ups really help convert sales for digital products such as software and eBooks.

I'll show you just how easy it is to create a product mock-up in Adobe Photoshop by using simple templates that you can find through Creative Cloud or online. There are literally thousands of great looking product mock-up templates that are very easy to use, but most people don't even know about them.

You will learn some basics along the way such as using templates, clipping masks, smart objects, and using the distort tool to get the right perspective. Here is a sample of the project we will work on during the class:

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Excellent class! I now understand how smart objects work--YEA!!!
great info and very well laid out, thank you!
very detailed and to the point





Jeremy Deighan

Online Instructor |

My name is Jeremy Deighan and I am thrilled to be an online instructor, helping others achieve their own personal goals. I have had quite the range of skills and hobbies through my lifetime. I really enjoy teaching and hope to provide information to others on anything and everything I know how to do! Please take a moment to check out my courses, and if you take any please leave a review and any feedback you have!

Art and Design

I have an extensive background in different forms of art and design. I have an associates degree in Computer Animation and I've worked with various production houses to create awesome content. Adobe Photoshop has been a staple of my arsenal since I was 16 and use it faithfully to this day.

I also have a history in live visual arts, specifically lighting design for music events, festivals, theaters, and corporate gigs. My passion for the visual arts has helped me become a master in understanding lighting, color theory, and composition.


One of the first things I did as a young lad was learn music. Music is so powerful and one of my favorite things in life. I love playing music, and have played on various instruments; including guitar, bass guitar, drums, and the saxophone.

I feel music can provide so many emotions and feelings, and also has science and mathematical characteristics. It is such a fun topic and I can't wait to begin creating courses on this subject.

Math, Science, and History

I can't tell you what the latest Kardashian is up to, but I can definitely tell you a lot about Crab Fisheries and the Egyptian King Khufu. Typically when I am studying something outside of the art and music realm, it has to do with math, science, and history. I'm just drawn to man's accomplishments and new ways of thinking about things!

Healthy Eating and Exercise

To live a long and balanced life, you need to eat right and take care of your body. It's a mission of mine to make sure that I am in the best physical shape so that I can be around long enough to provide for my family. If there's any courses that I can feel like I really can give back, it would be explaining to others how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I mean, if you're not healthy, how can you help anyone else out?

I've also been very active in sports throughout my life. Usually, these are extreme sports such as skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. I'm also a big fan of running, mountain biking, and have taken various martial art forms in the past.

That explains a little about me and my background. It also gives me focus on some key things that I would like to teach in the near future, so look out for courses from me on these topics!