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Photoshop for Beginner

Nikhil Kr., Design & Marketing

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10 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Introduction to Photoshop for Beginners

    • 2. Photoshop- Basic Interface

    • 3. Photoshop- Working with images

    • 4. Photoshop- All about Selection tool

    • 5. Photoshop- Healing and Clone tools

    • 6. Photoshop- Basic of Masking

    • 7. Photoshop- Type or Text Tools

    • 8. Photoshop- All about Brush tool

    • 9. Photoshop- Enhance your image Colors

    • 10. Photoshop- Convert image size and save file

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About This Class

Who is not able to create fun design projects? Play with these features and you'll be amazed that using Adobe Photoshop is so simple. 
Learn Adobe Photoshop's basics and fundamentals like how to open files, work with the interface, save work and more. Explore this beginner's guide to learn about Photoshop basic tools.


1. Introduction to Photoshop for Beginners: who say's bigness can create cool design project and all in the schools. And you will be amazed that using photo shop is so simple. My name is Nicole from emotive dot com, with eight years of advertising and marketing industry experience, but includes corporate lines, agencies, filmmakers and also that can't make sector. So we took an initiative to bring out the best of their dynamic, valuable content, which actually works in real world. Meddled in theoretical terms. In the schools, we've uncovered a basic interface. Ofoto. Soffit includes selection, tool healing, toe glow to it also includes layer mask type toe pressure, how you can enhance your photos, how you can convert your image sizes and save your files. So steak and interpreters for future Bates and follow along with a beautiful and amazing skillful journey. 2. Photoshop- Basic Interface: Hi, everyone. My name is naked and I'm your instructor for the schools. In this chapter, we will learn about the basics of the photo shop and more importantly, we will cover the interface of the photo shop in the step. Let's start so heavy on before the shop and we will go to the file and we will go to them new and we'll see this. So we have different preset here that will give us a very different titles. They have different sizes for four toes. We have different sizes for print. We have different for illustrations here. Differences for very purposes were differences from a while and we have different states is for families that so we will stick to the recent people to the custom size reveal Stick to the basics. Eyes off full S t video 1920 10 80. And they And here we have dimensions. So this will be calculated in excel or intense with centimeter millimeter born to pick us. So we will stick to the pictures and we will keep our resolution to 72. Always remember anything related to Internet or anything. You want to put our internet that you will keep the resolution to 72. Don't go into the stepped off it for now. Just remember you 70 toe for column or we will use RGB. You have to remember that if you're working for Web or anything related to Internet, you have to keep the color moto RGB red, green or blue and anything ready to print. You want to print something or anything with two magazines, newspapers, brochures and is likely dependent. You have to go to the sea and by kids theon magenta, yellow, black. So we're working for the veteran a former now, so we will stick to that as you because and we will keep keep the rest. Yes, it is and really create a style. So here we are with our tools and our boat. Actually, we have different options for our board. Here's don't if not, option on board. We will learn that later on. So this is a canvas. This is off canvas. These are tools. These are title these air tools for, like supporting tools for this. For these are the palate. These are the helping palette that will helpers with patterns with period and a threat to the scullers. These are the property pallets, the other adjustment palettes. We can always drag them and move it around anywhere. These this is the layer part of the most important palette in for a shop. This level library is not working because of the Internet. So people close it. Here's a loan ballot. We can close it if you don't want to use it. Is the history palette weaken dragon closer if we're not going to use it. So we can always air just this palette wherever we want. And we can always save this like setting. We have to go to the window workspace and you look space. You can always give this name my first works base. So any dime like anytime you think things are messed up, things are like not according to your settings. You can always go to the vin windows workspace and my first workspace Click on it and everything will be so for now, I'm going to research this So the question is here. Oh, we missed us and shows. So we will go to the workspace and reset essentials. So very needing Kingdom. We learned more about other things. And next to you guys 3. Photoshop- Working with images: Hagan for your back. Where? New Chapter and in Deceptive. We will learn some more tools about for the shop. Let's see how we can open any made in for a job. Soto, open any may just look like and select a mate and drag your mate to your art board or or this bar. So if you drag and drop the same it here, it will open in a new window. And if you dry any mate in Samarra board, it will open like this to replace in domains. Here. You just have toe like here or disturb you. Press enter. So we had the major and we can always open any emails or any document from here. Also, we have to go to the file open. Click on and he made It will open all within a new document. We can always move one image toe under our board and here we have that image. It's a very big Ament. So to zoom out to zoom our two deserters like the stool and minus black hair, click here, click here, Click here. Okay, zoom and you just click on the bless. Just like that are we had a shortcut for the zoom in and zoom. We have to click Control old and space bar. Zoom out and we have control and Space Bar, presuming so we zoom out and level control de returns on who's like this image and with the transformer down and reveal place it it and defect toe the art board. We just have to press control zero and we will fit through the screen. So we have one. Imagine doing it. So to move any made, we just have to select by selecting it by move tool And we have the shortcut removed. All is the like if they are in like any other tool, we have to just press TV, switched to the move tool, and we have to click, and we can move any image or any object on dark. So we have here layer pallet. We have two images, and if I drag this image, Teoh and here move this behind. You just have to click and drag this image below that. See that the blind and you can move up and down. So so that's how we can move any you made. So in this chapter, we have learned how to open any emails and to move at home. So I will see you guys in next feed you. Until then, stay safe. 4. Photoshop- All about Selection tool: ware back with new chapter on selection tools, so we will learn about selection does in the sample. Let's see how many selection tool today. So we have a tingle mark, you tool. So it will help us to make a selection off any like geometrical rectangle or square to make any selection in a square form. And I have to hold the shift. Burton, in my keyboard, the moment I hold shift, it will turn into a square. I can click and drag and make a square or a rectangle selection the next we have a lips marketable to to make any selection letter toe elapse or in any circle informant, we will use the stool and to make it a perfect circle, we just have to hold shift in our keyboard and drag this tool so weaken always create a buffered circle. I don't any object, and we can always select both toll and move this here. So the background color you see is from here you always research this color by clicking here We have a shortcut for D and X to change these color. The switch discovers to undo this selection or this move. We have controlled Z Now keyboard to under this or weekend. Undo this from here to de select any selection, we have to go to a select and day select selection. So for now we will day select the selection. So next we have single grow market tool. This will help us select a single pixel line in a document and the same as this. We have a single goal, a marquee tool. It will help us select a column in our document. No, we have lost. Or to the lasso tool is a free hand selection tool so I can drag my mouth and make a selection around us, and I can move it. So Kamanzi and control the today's elect The selection the next we have is a polygon lasso tool. The Parliament lasso tool is Eddie selection tool, so it will help us create a men Will Eddie for Ligon selection from the moment I click and will it lender node and it will select part. So the moment I make any mistake, like I will go this or this, I can always press backspace to go back to back, to go back to back to go back to my previous step. And just like Dad, you can make your sharp selection so can help us to make pretty sharp selection. Then we can move it. So next we have is a magnetic lots of talk, so this tool will help us create a magnetic part and owner object. So we will click and create a new old, and it will automatically create some random notes. Arounder object. Sometimes it won't work properly, so we can always, always good to backspace and create a north by our own self and give stool some direction to move forward. So that's how I feel. Create other selection. So we have a new selection by magnetic lasso tool for next to laze object selection will. This tool isn't going for the shop, so let's leave it for now. We will learn the stool later. Let's see quick selection tool for now, so quick Selection don't will automatically help you select your object, and you can see we made two mistakes here. Sotto sopra actor selection. You can always go to the miners section here, and you can always be selected section, or you can always would've plus section here, and you can add more selection. So for now we have to subtract the selection for our main selection. So either we have to go. Here are we confess old in our keyboard and it will turn into the minus sign, and we can subtract the selection. Or you can bless space to add this addiction. For now, we will press old and subtract the selection. Sophia. It's a drag dissection, that's how, regardless, that's how we got our selection. The next we have is the magic one tool and work something like magic. So we have Dolphins Valley, where the intensity that will define the selection off that made the color. So we click anywhere. So let's click here. We have clicked the color here, so we have click here, and it will automatically select the clothes color related that killer. So if I increase the sovereign's until go more provide in selection for the moment, I increase this little bit move. It will go more right, and it will end more colors like more white colors from here. Also a keep on increasing this, and it will keep on increasing this value. Let's make it 32 let's click again so we have. So So we have came very close to a selection. So let's use other tools also to make a perfect so to subtract this girl, this selection just we have to just hold all the button and drag it here. Oh, the moment you realize that you're doing it wrong, we just have to suit to the ad Burton this whole shift and add that election and this ad that selection and Roman and add these selection also and you were using quick selection tool. And we're adding these selection so we can always perfect a selection by using other selection tools. Just like that, we can subtract something like this and we can keep on subtracting and adding the selection . So now we have a selection and we see that our selections elected the entire art board, not our subject. So we have to learn to inverse of selection and to inverse the selection, we have to build a select and in verse or control shift I to inverse the selection. And now we see we have something here Also the movement feet more fit. It will move when this square. So let's subtract that part also subtract does areas as well, and we have a selection to make a copy off any selection. You just have to press all the buttons on the keyboard and click and drag to any place when you were. But that object will be in similarly only so we won't be able to modify that object the moment we de select a selection. So the moment with the selector selection, we won't be able to more factors. So let's see how we can cut this out from this this layer toe Cut this out from the Slayer . You just have toe press control J on your keyboard, cut it out and have a new want you. And now you have a new object. You can click and scale this in. Place it anywhere, and you can always make multiple copies off it. You can do with it just like that. So let's see how we can use this selection tool. So let's see how we select these three cookers out from this eyeball. So we're zooming in to one cookie and we had clicking group selection story, and we're clicking and dragging it so this will whipped up perfect tool make select something like this and we can subtract this. We can always add the selections. I'm just making a rough selection to give you an idea. Do lift. Add this election's subtract some collections and we Hera to know we have a tree cookie selected. Let's that was controlled J to cut them out their new layer and drag it to a new document. So we have a goal kicks there, and we can always kill them down. And we can always put them here. That's how you can do it. The let's see one more option to make a selection. This one is a new tool, and this one is a very good option. So we have object selection toe, so we have to select a layer, and we have to plague select subject. It will automatically track and do our job perfectly. And we can always just control J. And we can have our goal. And now you have it. Tell me the nerve I the hell we have to learn all these tools rather than we used this one . But let me tell you, you have to know these tools because sometimes these two saves lot off errors off us in their own time. Most ordered I am. This won't help us like us. And let's see it will work Hill or not select subject. So oh, it's worked perfectly fine. That's great. Let's see another example. Let's do it here. That's perfect. That's that's really, really effort. And now you can always use a Paulien tool to subtract this part. These are the hooligan sharps shaped shapes and so you can remove fall again. Oh, you can use quick selection also, to reduce the size off this brush. You just have to go here and I get very small, smaller in size. Oh, we will make most mourner And now we can subtract this part and we can add this part. We can end this part. We can subtract this part. That's how you make your selection. So that's all the selection tools. So now we have learned how to make selection perfect election off any object or any picture . So we will move forward with other tools in our next lesson. Stay safe if I 5. Photoshop- Healing and Clone tools: Hey, we're back again. A new chapter and in deceptive we learn about sporting tools and tone. So let's see how sport ailing restaurant will help us. The letter zoom. I want to remove these two words from this picture. So let click here to unlock our background layer so that we can work and edit this image. So the movement I brush over this bird, it will get some off the similar colors around that bird and clone it over. So let's see if it books for this one. Also sometime it won't work just in one go. So we have to try again Lake selecting by selecting a few parts of it. So we were pressured over or and over again and in trill just go like that. So let's see how sport hailing vegetable will help us. So first we will make a copy off this layer so that people see the difference later. Make a copy of this layer. Either you have dragged this over this Burton a new layer. Burton, are you just have to press control J to make a copy off it? Sylvia, free. Have you control J to make a copy off the Slayer and now we have toe zu one to this layer, this bird and they have to brush our healing breast tool over this bird. What it will do. It will become pixels and pick some colors around this bird and word on the subject of want us removed and it will clone that media. Or would it? So let's remove this bird also brushing toe like this and let it load the let's check how it was before and how it is now Let's zoom. So let's see the lizards. It was like this before and test now. So even work like that. So let's see how sport healing and healing bestowal are different. So now we will select No, we will make another copy of this inmate and now we will select ah healing restaurant. So healing breast will will not work and it will show an error hair so it will work to show you with this era. The moment you press the old button on your keyboard, it will change it to the Seiken and you will click here or anywhere near the subject and you will brush it. Oh, and what? It will go it will march. Those two colors most of these color and this girl. So let's increase the size to increase the size of this brush you had. Just have to right click on your outboard and increase the size. And now we will against click oId the Cold and Blake. And now we will brush it all to understand. To understand the difference between these two tools, let's see another example. Sport healing Rest will automatically pick, color and ultimately tryto clone the object and healing breast tool will let you pick and object on a place to clone it with the color and healing brush Tool. Will makes this color with this background so that it will mix with this background color and blend here so we can see the blue color is burning here. So let's see. Let's do up in cash color here. Let's pick color from here and let's paint here so you will see it'll blend over there. Let's pick from here and we'll blend over there. These are the difference. So these are the major different sport. Tailing will do automatically the entire thing, and healing the stool will require you to pick some area and blend it all. So in the blending option you will. You might see some patterns here. Let get rid of those Patties to pick closer color and painted over. So now you can see we have three bird tail and we have no more tail. And in this example, we have one bird here. So let's see how bad stool works. Let make a copy off just when again and know that to help bad stool books. So Pat Stool works exactly like its name. Very well. Make a patch around any object we wanna remove and we will drag it or to any veil in our canvas and interval blend over door. It will blend over that color so it will look like charm sometimes, and we will. It's like and drag, and it will go like that. So in past tool, we are selecting a subject and VR asking that selection to remove that 80 a hood on new area. Blend that area on with a new area. Let's see another confuse example. Another confusing duel is content aware Move told So in this tool, what did window will make a selection and in this tool it will help us dryer, subject to neo new place. Blend it there so it will move, are subject to a new place and try to blend their background. Let's so let's try this one also. So it will go there and try to blend it's background with the for that back home. So we'll work like that. So let's zoom. I won't do select this and move it to here, but this tool is clearly used. So most importantly, we will only use sport ailing tool or healing tool. And now let's move on. And now and now let's move on to clone two rolls off, which is also similar to sport healing or healing toe. Let's see. And now we have grown. Julia The Clones time tool is for cloning any object toe anywhere or any Lear off your document. So for cloning, any object anywhere or any color anywhere, we just have to give instruction to our tool. So if I click here, it boned. So for picking any area or any color or any object from my art bored, I just have toe press all to Burton and it will change it. I can be. I will pick a starting warned off our cloning so it will pick a starting point, and the moment I brush it in evil, it will clone my tire object there and it won't blend with background. So in sport healing tool When I pick dog checked and I painted over here, it will try to blend with the background. But in Clone tool, it won't rain with background. It will have come exactly the same. So let's see another example with other image. So we have a newly major. Now we have to scale it down and let's assume we want this bird to be here. So let's turn off this layer down on our main layer and let's tryingto grown it. So the moment I want to clone it to show me and the smart object must be that strays. So the small I can you see here will defect that this is a smart object. So we will learn about smart of bacon later chapters when we learn about the mid scaling in all. So for the moment I have frank click and make it restaurants live. Always remember toe clone anything on the nearly so that you can always modify it. Object. So I'm clicking here to create a new layer above it. And now I want to clone. I want to select this layer and now we will change this current layer all layers. No. I will press oiled Invictus area and click on this layer and banded here and it was blown their entire body. Now let's see how healing brush tool book So healing Vestal. I will pick this area and I will try toe painted here. It won't work because we are on currently more so we'll turn into all those and we will select this layer. We will pick This area will click on this layer and we will painted here so you can easily tell the difference. It is blending with the background That's a different including to lend hailing toe. So these tools are used for makeup for restoring toe only meters for disappearing object for cloning object. Let's see example how we can remove a sports from our face. So let me make a copy off it. By pressing control G, it will make a copy. Now we will come to spore tailing tools and we will click here reflect here. Andre will click, click well, like we will make it more low and we will click on the sport sport we're going to remove. Just like that. We can all days restore or always improve our image so you can see the defense. That's how we can remove sports. And that's how. Also, we can restore this image, the restore, this old picture. Let's see some example here also. So we will get this back in the sport. Hill is let's make a copy off this Lou now pressured over. Precisely. And it will restore that area. Sponder this brush and restored that area and he stored that data so we can always work on it and restored and dire, which, by using sport trailing by using clone tool by using hailing brush tool so you can see a difference between previous and no. So that's how these sport healing and these flooring tool works. So that's it for this chapter. I will see you next one. Till then, stay safe 6. Photoshop- Basic of Masking: hair games. You're back with New Chapter, and in this chapter we learn layer mask and clipping mask so there are lots off techniques or masking images. Let's see how. Simply weaken, do the llamas or a clipping mask. To understand the Leo Mass technique, you have to understand the layered first. So this is a layer pallet, and here you will have anything you will see here. You will have lay off that object here to Let's zoom. We have to make this plane go with this image. Let's try how weaken do it. Let's click and drag this image over to here and please it here. So we have the picture here. Let's see how masking books. So first we have to make a selection off this airplane to make a selection of the airplane . We can use any tool here. We have learned in previous chapters. So using this select subject tool, and it will automatically select our plane like more precise manner on more perfect man. And we can always improve this selection by adding last election, any duel like for leg unless or do a quick selection toe, adding my subjecting by subtracting by adding again with attracting mailing again. And now we have a selection of this airplane. So let's see how well you must worked to make it work in a layer mask. Form it. You just have to select the same age, make a selection off this image and click on this Burton layer mask. But are you have to go to the layer, their mask hide selection. So we made a plane disappeared, and we wanted our background to disappear to Let's command Z and let's inverse the selection first, select inverse selection. Now we will go to the layer, the A mask, hire a selection. And now we have our plane. So we will move a plane here, trance on the plane. You just have to press control T, and you will have this transforming bars and you can transform the plane or any object you want transform. And now we have our plane so it will work exactly the same as a selection toe toe foots the interesting part in the layer mosque. So let's see the interesting pardon off layer mask in our selection. If he made a selection wrong or we destroyed a selection here or here or maybe some other places. We cannot go back. But in Liam ask, we can always go back and come forward. So let's see how we can bring back this area. So we have to select this layer and particularly select this layer mask area. So select the slave on Syria. Click select our brush tool and to do the size of the brush this right click on the outboard and reduce it here and now it will only work on black and white colors. So it was like black color and we will painted over and it will start disappearing. But the void it to appear so we will reverse the sculler and we will painted over and it will automatically come back. But it will come back with more area. So we have to be precise off our brush on. We can do a maker rough selection here so we can make a very rough selection of this blue area. And we going always mask this out like my click King selecting black color and painting it all and we will the selectors and removing this sharp end is you just have to paint it all . So the moment I paint black anywhere. It will start disappearing in the moment I've been dried to start appearing again so it will create a mosque over our original betcha that will be so much helpful. Begin any dime. Any time you move any part off richer and bringing back, we can make mistake and begin attack defied. So that's how the layer mask work so we can make this image to decimate the tower. Earlier. Masked book to let's see an example off clipping mask. So let's Exume born this picture in do off frame. I have selected a rectangle mark your tool. I have selected an area and select a new layer and I want to fill it with black color to to fill it with any color. You just have to click here and select the color. Yes, OK, and to paint it we just have to go here and paint press tool and click on the color. So the movement to make selection and fill the color we have the subject. The letter zoom. We've owned this image to put it into this frame. Vacated the box a creator so vivid Drag it over and we will go to the layer. We'll create clipping, mask or control. Chef G. Endo was We will press control Old G. So we will make control Z. So let's see. We have create a clipping mask here so we can do this. We can do control, Old de are We can click old and move our arrow between these two layers and the moment it convert into this arrow in the shape. You have to click between those two layers and it will move our and it will move our image in tow. That shape, let's see another example of this. So let's write something here. Let's see. So we have a text here, we have a text to and we want a pitcher to look from this, like inside this text. So we will more picture over this text and done it on and press old and click between these two layers. So we will have our picture in between our text. Let's don't on this layer. Let's scale this layer. Let's see how it came to. So fill any layer with any girl. Oh, you will see here to fill any background color you can press control backspace. We can always change color. This is a color picker tool. The moment you click here, it will turn into this pick up. You can always pick any color from anywhere inside this area. So I'm begging this color and I'm making it lighter and no control. Backspace. So we have the background live, we have our text layer and we have our image into our text so we can always transform it, control D and transform it down and move it or and adjust the amazing like we want. That's how clipping mask work and that's how layer mask work. So that's it for this lesson. I'll see you guys next lesson. Until then, stay safe. 7. Photoshop- Type or Text Tools: Hey, again, you're back with new chapter on type tool into photo shop. Let's see how type work in for a shop. So here we have take stool or type. You'll type horizontal dual. Let's see if I click here and tried to type anything, it can easily come up with a type and we can always skillet from here. So if you select our decks and if you turn off, this option won't show any selection here. So I'm turning this on and I'm scaling this up. That's how you can type or text simple dates. So let's see how we can type of article text. So we will click here and the village type N e the blue head phone. So here we can. So that's how we can dyp vertically. So similarly, we have vertical type master that will create a selection off your text. So we have Lori MIPs, um, and click here and we only have selection for the text. You don't have solid text, we just have selection so we can click a new layer and we can fill it with Nikola. So we have learned controlled backspace to fill it, and we have a text tail, so because it was converted from selection, it was a blank layer. We cannot edit this text again, but we can always add it. This takes again because this is a type. Form it and this is a Leo form and this is the image former. So let t we have horizontal mass tool. So same again, it will convert our horizontal text into selection. So let's see. Let's see an example off this selection. So I am typing head phones again and we will have selection, and I'm scaling the selection so I cannot scale any selection With moved. All I have to go to a selection tool. Have you clicked after right? Click on this transform collection and select transform in, place it here and reveal fill it with regular and level less controlled the really select object. The select selection, I mean, and we will drag it down so it will give us effect. Think this you confuse it or you can ignore that tool because most probably you will be using these two or more. Probably you're using this only. So that's a simple type tool. Now we will see how we can write a paragraph so we will turn this off. And now to write a better off, we have to click and drag and it was complete and area and create an area into which we want our text. So we have our thanks to So let's see, from where we can modify this are to let see how we can modify this text. So we will select our text first and we will order the windows. We will do the director ballad or if we can pest control D or we can select the stakes and press control de toe. Open it and horror Hide it. So we have corrected palette here. So this will help us modify this or we have this here so we can get on the phone from here . We contain any phone like and we can you choose for family from here we can change for in size from here for family from here on size from this pallet or we can always change color from this palette or this palette. So now we have our text, but it all in caps. So we have our takes in a caps for Mitt because there's a Burton to convert all the takes into caps for me. We will turn this off or we will click here and reset a ballot so it will reset our palate until the fall for Mitt and the forefront wouldn't clean the phone size. Do you agree the foreign size? We just have to press control shift and greater than arrow and to reduce the size control shift smaller than so. Either you have to include the size from here or here, or you will use short skirt. You can always increase this increase or decrease the size greener. Decrease the line spacing which will call leading. You have to use this area. Or we can always use the shortcut by holding old and down arrow key to Ingres, the leading or line spacing you could call it, so we will increase the line. Spacing from this will hold, oiled and decrease the line spacing from up arrow. We will hold ordinance fast forward key to increase the diamond like void, spacing, character spacing. We can decrease it by or than back at all. Detto this all mortified short girls and from this palette. So this is lying spacing this character spacing. And now we will resected and we will make it 72. So now you can understand how you can change the excise. You're formed lions basing your connector spacing. And if you want Oh, Ally, in this paragraph, you will have to go prepare it off. Ballot. So here we have battered off palette. That comes with character, pal. So you can see a hyphenation here to turn off the hyphenation. You can always turn off this, Burton. We can always left line it center, line it right. Landed from this pallet. We can always left the line, justify centerline. Justify right? A linguist if I or force justified, was the soup I will do who forcefully justify our entire paragraph even with last line. So if we have only one word in last line, it will go like this. So you might have seen this in magazines or newspapers. So most probably it will depend upon your client or your requirement you will use left online, left justified or force justified. That's your choice. So you can change it from me. The debts of basic thing. Well, dive to how you can type Bad enough are a simple text. So we have simple thanks to you that stone off this live We have simple text here. Let controlled backs presenting the color symbol tax nimble paragraph. We continue the settings from here Line spacing, character spacing This is scores strong. This is gold metallic We can make in italics From here we can make all gaps from here. We can make small gaps from here so we can make subscript. We can make super starting. This is super script is subscript. We can make underline weaken good Some text from here. That's how these things work. So all of the text option and all other type option You will find character palette and better talent and these other basic settings don't go on the settings, these other advancement and you won't need it. For now, Just stick to the setting. Let's remember the character spacing and line spacing. These are the important one. And the moment do mess of with these settings just selector, text and Rick said your palate. So debt on basic off takes tune and how you can use your taste and you're better off the debtor for this lesson. I will see you guys in next lesson. Stay safe 8. Photoshop- All about Brush tool: Hey again, we're back with new chapter on brushes. So let's see how brushes work and for the shop. So we have brush tool here. So the moment I will right click on my cameras, I will see the setting off my brushes. So here the size off my brush. So it's 44 pixel for now and let me increase the size and you will see the difference. Let me in Greece more and it increases. So let's create a new layer to see the effect. So we have press tool and let's don't color to black and we are painting with this size in this muteness. Let's make it a little bit more sharp or hard to let make increase the hardness, and it will harden answers. Let's increase hardness 200% so you will see. Now it will create a sharp shape so we can control size and hardness from here or begin Tuesdays. Different recent used this sizes and hardness settings. So we're using this. Sighing is in using zero hardness. For now, we can always take an angle. It won't work on circle like said collaboration, so let's see other brushes also, So we have soft brushes. We have hired round rash so let's move on to other brushes. Spatial effect Fresh is so we have particles. Let's see. Let's see how this works. So we have this particle brushes. We have black color. We have to 48 weeks of 302 106 pixel size. No, let's try this So it will create affect like this So you can imagine how you can use this tool. Let see more rushes. These are different kind off rushes. Let's see what else we can do. These bushes We have met media brushes also so let's see how very medium bridge. So we have vet media. Russia's dry brush is these other therefore braces we will have with photo shop. We can always import our own brushes from this palette. Import brushes begin. Always export This brushes. Let's see how we can import brushes to let cool do the Google. So it's 34 The shop brushes called the go to any website. Any three left side still like to use any off the brush we want to two. You can make this effect that brushes these effects Thesmokinggun fect watercolor effect. Before now Let's see this example. We have this pressure. Let's see how we can install this pressures so it will get dot A B R file as a brush. Form it off for the shop so we can always right click. Select a brush tool, slightly kill click a oh and import brushes. And we will select that a b R fire and the moment the selected a beer file. We will have that. So let's see how we can use any off this. Let's elect this one and let's create a new layer. And let's make this size a little bit more bigger and I will click here. This is the water gonna effect. Let's dial. Don't rush is also I didn't please the size never painted here. It will give you a pretty good effect, and you can always try other brushes and look for brush. Seven. Use it in your art for letting how we can use this pressure in this to let me unlock this layer like we dry clipping mask with this pressure. So we have learned to click old and click it between these layers and it will move our picture in that rush and we can always paint on this layer different dresses and weaken more to fired. They weaken. Add more Leos, and it will give you a pretty good watercolor effect on your image. Let's create a background layer. Make a pretty look. Let's lock this layer so that we can not move or background, and we can work on our layers toe. Select this layer who will control on our keyboard. Click here. Select Board the layers Press Control G, the group that layer the moment or tired toe. Move this group. It will select this layer for that meeting in the setting Toe Auto Select Layer Group. No bacon only select group and move it so we can move it. We can transform scale it, place it here and begin. Always add some more effects. Let make a copy off this layer. Transform it, and let's place it here a little strong from down here. Let's try toe. Add more rushes in this layer so the Wilton convert this to Leo, so we will convert the setting Leo here and we will goto our breast Leo and we will try to add more rushes to let let's add the splashes Now we will try to wear special effect, firstly, splashes, so I wouldn't greet the size and we will air the splashes. We will have the same age. That's how the user brush tool. Let me turn this off. If we create a blank canvas, the clear new layer we will create a new layer and now we will try to change the angle of this version. We can always narrow it down. You can always make it bigger. We can always taint angles. We can always increase or decrease. The size is so it will give us of watercolor. Takes your effect. So let me Dr ID different colors also. So we have red color. We have different color. We have different all the days. We have difficulty. There's so that's how we will use the breast tool. And these are the basic setting. These are the basic things you can do by using vegetable. You can always download brush from this left side or any other website of liver you can always download. Arab Russia is charcoal brushes, rain brushes, and you can create those effect. So these are the basic settings and basic options with brush tool So let's see even more palette that comes with breast. Oh, so we will order the window, We will go to the fresh and we will have this brush ballot. So we have that brushes that we got here when we could right click on our canvas. We have Russia than we have brushes, settings. Let's see how brush starting folks for us, it will be close. It will create a new layer. So we have selected this brush. Begin click sizes from here. This is the current size offered. We can flip it so it will flip, begin flipping and via direction. Well, we can flip in and board the directions so it will look like this. We can turn these auctions off. We can all attain the angle that we have seen here. Also, here is the angle. You can always put any angle particular angrily wanna change it. We contain the roundness offered. Let see how around this work. This is the roundness. We have seen it. These are the roundness option we have seen here also with these other similar option. Here is a spacing option so we can increase the spacing or decreases spacing that Let's see how this will work. So your feet. So if I increase this so if I increase the spacing, it would turn it off that we keep new Leo to make a a new color. And if a and if I created the spacing and I will drag it over cameras, it will automatically take that spacing and spread out brush so I can decrease the size. It will come like that and can decrease that. I can decrease it more and become like that. So that's how these setting will work. So let me and read the spacing. And let's see more options to insure dynamics in size. Your every you 0% it will be the same sex. And if we increase the size, it will very insiders. So let's see. This is how size your books. It's Kamanzi. Let's see other options. So we have seen size you The moment I increase the size you do it will Donald Dis option so it will define our diameter off this size. Ditto for decreasing diameter and will come like this you can already in the angle of a brush we can already in the roundness are are fresh. We can scatter our brush, weaken Ingres, account off our brush on every stroke so you can always trying on these options so we can always try shape dynamics and scattering. And there is one more off important option colored animals. Let's see how color dynamic help us, so I have selected colored an Imex. I have increases the foreground background. Jetta and I have selected thinking for round. And if selected, let's elect green in background so it will choose both pink and green and makes those colors and give me a final color pictures. Let's see another example. If I increase the Hugh Hughes a color value. If I increase the hue and proteins the intensity, you can see the difference between these two colors. Now, if I includes saturation, saturation will be the intensity off particular color, so let's see how saturation will affect it. So it has increased the saturation off background color. So let's see how brightness will affected. It hasn't increase of brightness off background color. How priority will affect it. It has headed that foregone color, so these are options you can experiment fit. You can always play with these options, so go try these options and make amazing things. That's it for this lesson. And I will see you guys and next video. Until then, stay safe. 9. Photoshop- Enhance your image Colors: hi again. You're back with new lesson on colors. So we will learn about colors, how we can improve it, how we can add it, how we can change it in for the shop. Let's see an example. Let's see how we contained color off any image. We have a image here, and we will first make a duplicate copy off it by dragging it here or pressing control. And J. The region is a color we have to select layer and click here and go to the hue and saturation. So we have the property off hue and saturation here, and we have this layer to let's see how this will work for the moment are dragged this left or right, it will affect the entire image to let ting the color. First, let's do the better option. More alternate option The letter zoom. We want discolor on this image and we don't want this purple color on the face or on background. So we have this mask Aiken that we have learned and Liam asking option. So we can always click here, select a mosque and select a journal brush Stonebridge, but own brush down the hardness to zero some medium size, and we can paint the door So we have to remember we have to paint with black color. So let's be intimidated. Black color. You don't have to look this size because you know our Lord's off purple area. You just have to emphasize here a little bit besides you and that's how we will convert. That's how we contained the color off any clothes or any meds. There is another option. Let's see how the other option work. So first we have to make a selection. We will select object selection tool and select object there will select our entire character. Let's And now we will go here Cuban saturation. And now this will already create a mosque for us. So if I drag it left or dry, it will blend with the red color. Or if I click on colorize, it will give it a new color. The color we want to set So we want This color will increase the saturation a bit. We will click the lightness or just a lightness. That's how you will change a topical. The more perfect election will make, the better it will look. Are you can always use mask. Or you can always improve this mask so you can click here and you've been a brush tool, and you can always brain dead the black color. It will hire new painter that vied color Gladys. New Color Leo. Okay, so we have used this option from this drop down menu, and it will work on every layer below this layer. That's how we're going to change the color. You can always remove this area, painting it all by black color. We can paint it over. We condone this off and they can broke. So let's see another example how we can improve or changes that could. Let's see how we can add a skin doing on this picture So we'll go to the hue and saturation and they will go to the skin tone. It warned. Effect because it is backing right and we will. We cannot blend any color with black and right, so we have to click on color eyes, and now we will go. The skin don't really increase the saturation and religious lightness, and that's how we can add the color to this image. But in this case, we don't want to change the girl. We want to enhance the image to. Let's see how we can use other option to in house Amy. Click. Here we can cope with exposer we can and explosive tow them age. We can decrease the upset. We can correct it. We can create. We can correct the gamma and we can chick and now we can see the difference between before and after. That's how you will improve your immediate. So let's see another example. Let's zoom. I have between this color only this color. So I will select my subject and I will goto human situation and and it will effect on my subject. But I don't want to effect him. But I want to affect the background so we will inverse the selection. To invoke the selection, we have to press control less. I and the selection will be involved and we'll click here and we will change background colors and we can always click, Gonna rise to give it a new color. So here's the before, and here's after we can always seen Niccolo from any part off any image. Let's see another example here. Let's see how we can add lightness or darkness do any image. So we have levels here. To the moment I click on levels that over an open a property here, these epic darkness, the depicts lightness. This is McDonnell so we can always add darkness, toe beige, lightness to the same age. And we can no Hahn's the brightness and contrast off this image. And now you can see before and after. That's how you do it so you can do it by yourself. Or you can always click on Auto Burton. So that will do it for you to Let's even more option we have Gove's that will improve our made. Let's see how Ghost book we have darkness here we have lightness. Here we have McDonalds here and in the same days. We have darkness here, lightness, hair and midterms here. And this is the graph off the image with the big stir color off, then tie image so we can always click anywhere and create some points. And we can always create increased lightness, decreased darkness and just what you mean and we can use or to overturn. Also real automatically character inmates weaken. Try different channels off timing. Red, green and blue TheStreet channels make any image we see on Internet door anywhere on them so we can read channel, which will improve the red color of the image because we can improve green part off they made, which will add or subtract the green part in the major, we can always just a blue also to weaken. So we have lord of option flavored images. So that's the basic options we have. So these options are important for image correction, human saturation, exposing girls and levels. You can always add brightness and contrast that will automatically broken brightness and contrast of the image we can always turn into the black inviting made Don't it off we can, in just the great part off black invited mates Yellow part of breaking way to meet. We can improve the colors off, like in my image so we can always or just these bars, and that will effect on colors in our image. So let's see another example on a human character. We can always use vibrance to enhance. We can increase of i brains. If fixed, increase the saturation, it will burn our image. It will always that the radar inmate So we have to be careful when you use saturation so we can always go for vibrations and increase a little bit. Enter just a saturation little bit. That film improved. Oh, what a limit So you can see the difference. Add colors to skin tones. That's how we can improve the color in our images. We have learned brightness and contrast levels go to school. You buy brains, you win saturation and these other basic options, which will help you improve your images. And you can always make selection and the colors that shirt for this lesson and see you guys in exterior until then, stay safe. 10. Photoshop- Convert image size and save file: Hey again, you're back with new lesson, and in this lesson we will learn about a mid size is two. Let's zoom. We want change. They made size to check that mate size off any made. You have to click here a maid and it made size. Here you can see you can see the size. You can see the victor and height off the image in pictures so you can change it to pixels into his the scenes scent emitters millimeters point because in column, so more probably will use big cells or enters to Let's zoom. I want this picture for my social media and most probably, social media and wages are lower incisors, and we have to use low size images so that our state will work smoothly. Don't change the size. We just have to type the bigs assays you some typing 1200 it will automatically adjust the height fire Turn off this burden. It won't work proportionally and it will stretch animated and that will that will destroy remembers and that won't work properly. So on these I always use this burden and try to scale proportionally. So you just have to type 1200 it will automatically convert your image and you press OK and you will save to save this image. We just have to refile, save as new file and save. And this is the quality often made, and you will see the sides here. Sometimes we have to use lower size image you uploaded on social media or other back mom so we can always increases that would increase our size. Or we could always decreases it. That will decrease our quality a little bit, but that will also degree the size. Let's stick to the medium, and that will be fine with us. So it will be okay and you can see a new major. So we will see the size is 3744 by spare. 5616 And now we have our new made enjoy 100 by 1800 fixes. That's how we will change the side off image. Let's zoom You wanted on a particular size. We will open a particle size with Philip Goodall, file new, and we will convert it two inches and we will type like four by six or four by 24 by it, and we enter, and this will be a new size. We will drag her image to this size and just remember before scaling it down just right. Click on the image and convert it to the smart object, and now you will scale it down. It will keep your quality off your image. If you don't scale Yuri made by converting into a smart object, it will destroy the quality of your image. Let's see an example. Let me open a new file off print version. A four size create. Let's see, we have decimated. We will drag it here. Place it here and this is a smart object. Let me make a copy off this image, and now we will restaurants this layer. But this is a restaurant, a normal layer, and this is a smart object. Let's see. Let's see how scaling effect your image. So if I scale this address trays, Leo this size and I place it till and I scaled this image to the exact same size, and I place a tale you might you might notice some difference. But if you are not able to notice the difference, let's scale it back again. And now you will see the difference to see this image. And now let me increase this size and now you can. And now you can easily find the difference. This is a little bit hazy and this is more clear. Picture you can see these details are hazy and easy together. Clear. So always scale your image by converting them into smart object. You just have to rightly going to read. You just have to right click on image and convert toe the smart object. So I have adjusted my image. 04 based eight size on new size. This is a new size and now I have to save it. So I will go to the file save as and make it J peg or make it be anti whatever form and you want to save most probably make a chippy, and so we have a new size. Let me share another example off. Smart object with you. Like we have this picture. We have a smart object and we make a copy of it. We make it dress tries, we scale it down and the scaling back up It's already Haitian. His enough. It's already here. Is he now and now will do same for this image Were scale it down with place it, scale it back again, and this will secure the pixel and this will already destroyed. So? So so before scaling any meeting for the shop Just converted to the smart object and scale it the secure the pixels off your image. So that's how you will change any side of any made and you will, you will. Or you can create a new size for any image. So if you want landscape or portrait, if you want to rotate this, you just have to. You just have to go to the inmates in majority ation 90 clockwise and control. Tate and I will turn on my layer, and I can always rotate my image from these corners when this I can turn into the rotation part and I can and consolidated the snap MMA perfectly rotate name, age or scale the image. We just have to hold shift on your keyboard and it will snap. We'll replace it and we can scale it here. I always tried to scale any made from the corners. It wants that your image. And now we have image. Asper name it is using this scores. I don't royalty free. Immediate from the West Side called unspool ash and pixels. You can always use these images and give them credit for their work. I will try to incorporate these images to the resource is and make sure to share your comments and feedback about the schools about this lesson. These lessons that will be very helpful for us toe create more shame or the new guys. So we share your comments. Please share your thought. So deterred for this lesson. That's it for the city's See you guys and maybe another lesson or another cities. Then then learn more. Practice, mold, stay, save, be heavily.