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Photoshop doube exposure Learn by creating (part- 5)

teacher avatar Akshat Soni, Game art designer & Graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Removing background and color fixing

    • 3. Placing image double exposure

    • 4. Cinematic color correction

    • 5. Thank you & assignment

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About This Class

Welcome !

In this course you will learn to compose an amazing double exposure manipulation in Photoshop with color correction and making it look cinematic

This course is designed to learn all the skills easily that's why all the skills are taught in a easy manner.


  • Removing background
  • Concept of double exposure
  • Blending both images with color
  • color correction
  • lighting and shadows
  • Making cinematic filter
  • and much more............

Process - First we will start with removing the background then placing the images after that we will do the most important thing with color correction and color balancing between both of them at the end finishing it with over all color setup making cinematic filter.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Akshat Soni

Game art designer & Graphic designer


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, welcome to the introduction Video off face for instable exposure in photo shop. So here is I am actual Tonia Makeem, our designer and also a graphic designer with two years of experience and photo shop. So what you will learn in this whole class hole course. So here is a quick and over quick overview off this class. But this is not the only thing that you're going to earn. Here is also much more things in this class. So first we will start with the understanding and understanding, lighting and shadows off the image, which is more important for this whole double exposure than we will go for the removed, removing the background and blending the force in midst of gather color, correction and balancing, creating background and much more. So what is a process and how you're going to create it? So here's a quick process overview for you to better understand what we are going to do in this whole course for us, we will start with the removing background, which is according to lighting and shadows off the important part. After that, we will start with a blending images than understanding that here you will understand the concept of double exposure and blending the images perfectly on a seamless manner, and here you will understand everything about double exposure hard. How does it works? And after that, vehicles fixed all the things and make it more realistic in fixing all the effects, like the finger and Cullerton out the places which is not automatically connected by using the big brushes. We will do it with a small brush and will make it more perfect and offer that we will do the color correction, which is the most important part off irritable exposure and manipulations. So we will make them look much better and much realistic, and we will make the whole for look realistic and much blended with togethers according to the color. Just like here is the yellow themes or both. Media should Masti yellow themes, and after that we will do the touch up on background creation, create the background which would suit our subject on we will you. The filters were making the our overall the exposure more better, using the Grady and and also a lot off filters for fixing or another things. So here's a that was a quick or review about everything. So why are you waiting for? Let's get started and let's jump right into it, creating the double exposure face effect. And at the end, thank you for what? 2. Removing background and color fixing : Okay, So now here we are in this products in this product, what we will do, we will simply put this photo in the face off a word model. Okay, so in the previous ones, what we actually did is we just placed the photos on the back, and we have shown the face off the model. But in this one, we are actually going to do that, oppose it. So this one will be a little bit off dark words and a little bit of different one from day the previous ones. Okay, so this one, we are actually just going to put this image on on the fees off everyone, OK? And now what we actually have to do is we don't actually need to change anything in this one forward. This is amusing. Already with Fintor than ready. And okay, now let's go over here. So things we actually have to do is we already have a white background, so we don't need to change any or do any kind of cutting to simply place it the select that much and try to do that little bit off. I mean, I can say like, a little bit off can just increase the tolerance a bit and do it again. Then you can see that. Okay, so this great perfect, I guess. Okay, I'm Yes, Yes, that's perfect. So I can also do some like this. Point us. We don't need that. So I would like to add it. Also, we're here on some of these Also were here. Onda. Somebody here. Okay, now redid the all correction. Just doing this same thing again, Okay? Just making the Moscow over here. Just press control. I own this one, and that's it. He regarded. Now this placing that. Okay, 11 thing also is left over here. This this place, I will just try to You're is that one, okay? And that's it. You regard our model with our proper, So we need a bag now. I will create it. As I told you, Mr as I told you, go to solid color hit like, okay, eschew the white color and that's it. We're not actually going to too wide or we actually going to do something like, uh, yellowish or something a bit lighter, Like this'll much. I guess so. If if we will choose anything which may affect the background like you followed us to make it black. You can see there is some mess around over there and we can still fix that. Okay? Just how you had to do it. Just go public on this one, right? Take over here. You can select out. OK, select the mosque when you can see the mosque over here. Okay, Now, just press go to the selection. One on. Just Sorry. Expresses. Um, actually, you know that said KIIS for shock for so Okay, I always you sorted. So and I some of them I just forgot to tell you. So right now, So you ve got our model right over here, but we're not actually going to face it. But still, I will do that because we are making quality and then over here. So the school were here in this side. Okay, You can also do that with right leg and goto uh, select and mask. Okay. And masking. And this one you can just doing this. Actually, we can also do One thing just increased the smooth myself. It several automatically will be smooth if you're small. That more bent like this much on trying to refine that place. Okay, now, just like this area, actually, this area needs to be replaced. Okay, Because video smoothing, that's why it's not perfect. We don't need anything to do now again. Because we just moved it. Okay, now a little bit over here. A little bit of smoothing many crowd over here. Just that this much. Okay, now it's all added. Just go to this place right now and try to find this mud. Also. You're some mess. Which is Mesereau on? Yeah, and that's it. This is it for this much. Okay? And that's it he regarded. Just lead the mosque and create a new one. So you steed that mosque and create a new one, and that's it. You regard their refining a perfect selection. So if there is something like going outside, don't worry about that. Go to that place. Okay? And child, feel that much. Do fill that much ripped brush. OK, The British press X on your keyboard so you can switch between black and white color and you select that. Okay, so that's it. Here. We got the perfect selection and very likely hitting you back to here. And that's it. here. We got the perfect cutting off our model. Okay, Now what? We actually have to do this. Placing this on the face off for model, but we need it to be proper and clear. Felled is put it over here. That is actually not looking that good. So we have to find a perfect place to show. Not like not to make it veer looking, because how did make it make sure it's looking so good? OK, and we will just put this sun in the center of his head. Okay, so I just places like this march on, and yeah, this is perfect. This place is perfect. So just attach it with that on now you can see it. Okay. Still, I will do the lighting thing or screen if you want to under lighten, so you can see that between it. Okay, Now, what actually happens with lighting iss everything you can see through it and you can know what actually happened. But in this one, I'm going to try something more different, okay? And that is I will just make this model get blend with that whole color on, be more darker than this whole background which is the forest. So I will do and make put some cubs over here this car and try to make it darker, a bit more docker so that trees will blend with our model. Okay, Blend with our models shadow, I guess. Okay, just like this march. Okay, Now, just add one more thing, which is useful levels. So levels are actually used for decreasing and increasing the blackness off their self. So we're just going to decreased. Decreased some off the light off it, OK, It's like this just a bit. We don't want to change too much, If you will do this contrast will be increased to make sure that your contrast is not increasing too much. And we just have to make this part. This neck should blend with our forests. Okay, So we will add one more thing over here and we'll add something, I guess exposure, I guess. And decrease Try to decrease that bit something. Mm brightness and contrast tried. Increase the contrast. So you can see that black being more darker. So yeah, that's it. He regarded. Now the last thing is to make one more car and try to make it bit more darker from this side. Okay. Sorry. Not this one. Just put Sun Weibring something like that were here. Increased some of this one. Okay. Yeah, that's great. And again, one more thing we need to add to make this thing just then be more darker. So we would just decrease that. Not like this, because there's too many things over here. You can see the differences. Okay, Now, I don't think that levels will work that way. So I guess this is perfect. This much is also perfect. If you look at this, one of people also change some things in our background, so we will try to match it. But actually, what will happen if you will do too much changes in this one? The whole thing will be messed up. That's why I'm not doing too many things. This four much is enough, I guess if I will just try to not forget, this much is looking good. 3. Placing image double exposure : Okay, So getting started the first of all, I would just put this morning on the top of the face and let me, first of all, know that how were to place that photo perfectly. And what should be the size. So I just decreased the A pass it e and I would just press control t to decrease and increase the size of our image, which we need. Okay, So make sure that you can see right now this, uh, Cree is going from this side and making a whole line over here. You can see this tree is going from the side and making a line over here. So you just have to make sure that these two can be perfectly done. We can use them and perfectly for your creation. Okay? And I will just put it a little bit on the top side so we can just see how proper we can use that option. Okay. Like this again. What actually we will do will just make only this much area for our visible for our model and that this material will be used for our forests. I guess if I was not a you can see that? How it's looking right now for this increase capacity. Now you can see that how it's looking, there's there can be a lot off real. There can be a lot of options of doing the same thing. And for the shop, actually, as you know, So I'm going to do it in my way, which is the as I told you earlier, in my religious duplicating the mosque or in a war against I don't need to clip it again right now, okay? And I will just added this mosque over here just by pressing beyond my keyboard. So I don't get the pressure here, and I will go to select that mosque. Clear now, this meek, Uh, I would just modify this mosque again. I will try to not to make it a bit more, uh, that much. Like trying to blend it perfectly as possible. Okay, we're here. Okay. And one more thing, I just forgot to do out of this press control ci and put it on the top off it. And I would just make it as screen or lighten. So Laden is looking much good right now. Okay. Yes. Okay. But in this one image. It's not looking so those I'll just decreased capacity and make sure it's normal. Really? Second, CNN, which place we needed so just getting started with the where masking layer. Okay, I will just blended. We're here just like this. Okay, Onda, look Sure, OK, this, like, blended like this much. So I guess this much is good. And now we have to do the next thing, which is the color correction. So now I I know you're just you're thinking like that. This is not actually properly merging with this, but this is awesome. It's looking so good right now that you can see that it's going through and you can either to show the face a little bit. You want to, But I will not like to show the place more. Much more like this much. Okay. Like this. Okay, now I can see this. Ah, fingers not blending properly. So I will just blend it and degrees this size. We're here and try to make it much better over here. Just like this finger is going inside. That bush, like this grass, is over here. Okay? Just like thistle. We're here. Try to this from this materia. Let's try to clean it a little bit for making it much more better quality. You don't need to go and just always use lasso tool for making it more perfect. But this much is amazing, I guess. Okay, you're going to see that. It's kind of looking much prettier now, so yeah, I got it. Okay, I hope you got what I just wanted to tell you. Now, this fingers are going out, not merging properly with that one and looking, it's making it look so good right now. Okay, we're here. And now let's do this again. We have to do the next thing. Which is the color correction. Our images. Splendid. Properly. Right now. Let's do it. 4. Cinematic color correction: Okay, so now what we haven't do, it's the color. Corrections or color. Correction is a nice topic. We can do a lot of thing about it. So this is actually a smoother one, because we have to match. Both of this image is the background went on the front one also. So I would like to go. So start with the front one, which is this one. Okay, over here. And I will start with the adjusting the course. And I would just I would like to make this one a bit darker. Possible? Clip it with badly. Okay. And just make decrease it. So that will make sure that color will be black. Get over here. Because if you will make it black. So these both do things will be easier to match and and make it more, much fun. Much better. Actually, I guess again. So we just increase that inside low a little bit. Try to make that inside life should pop out, but they should be black. Okay, so this is great one. Now, I would do changes on this one. Okay, I will this make some hue saturation over here on Dal Just tried to make it have it One color, which should be, uh, this one, I guess, a case. I'll just pick any color. I will just pick any color from the photo. I guess we can. Maybe we can color. Not can. Actually. How this find the perfect one already. If there is preset, if we have a preset than that's great, but we don't have so read for some time. We will use it up then possible. We have to make this layer bit darker. It's having we have soft lightbox. One is over here and once off boxes over here. So that is the problem. But you're actually praising right now. So this meek ah car over here and try to decrease the whole light off that food. Okay, there will relied, but they're the lightness will be less if you just just school much. We're yearly this. Okay, I guess that's perfect. Try to give some lightning like this march worst year. I guess this is great. Okay. There should be a bit lighting or here. Yep. That's great One. Now what we actually have the do would be how toe Just make the colors look same. So what I would do. I will just go with our flow, which is, uh, to first of all. Yeah, yeah, that We have to add the levels over here on trial Decrease Lyon over here and just me lighten. Make it a bit darker. Not to lighter that street and put the curves down a bit. And just travel just a co bed, so at least I can see Ah lighting over here. Okay, I guess now we don't need any course of maybe levels are making it more so this decrease this changed levels and school with cars, there's tryto make these so light a little bit much nowhere. That's great. This is it. Okay, um, don't try to make it as any of this drone tried to put it or agree or something over there . Because if you will do that, that will not look so good. Ok, that's what I'm not doing it. OK, now, I guess this whole thing is grade. There's black color. It's also matching with this one and blending properly, I guess. Okay, now what we actually have to do is to make both of them proper and actually match off them . So it's going to use saturation. I was making color eyes and I'll try to make pick a color, which is, uh, yellow are orange, I guess something like this much I yet again. And just try toe decrees Deceleration. Not too much saturated Just a little bit. So we can show that the light coming from inside is on our moral. Okay. Just like this much degrees. So actually, it takes time to find perfect one color or matching board of them to perfectly. I'll just try to changed the hue from here this priority. So I guess this one or here based perfect one for the swan a k my eldest degrees air. Increase it a little better. Mataric over inside color. Okay. Actually, this problem is Do we have a creating? The weather was just with red light, like orange, red and yellow. OK, bad one. Not orange and red. But the red, which is kind of looking or anyone so Yeah, I guess this is the perfect light One. Okay, this is how you gonna make that hope portrait. It's looking amazing. Now if I was changed the whole background bread like this much so that also the good. Okay, Yeah. We had to do some cleaning on this one's against press a Beaky on start leading a case. I was like, clean it from all the edges. Just make this'll is actually happening because off the our selection, we just can't be so this trial clean it a bit, okay? And that said that screen? Yep. And here we got our proper double exposure, which we needed. But lightning is a little bit too high, so I'll just try diverse oldest sure dot And try to just make it okay, like this one on. And I was open it one on pick any color from inside this one occasion here. Okay, Now you can see how it's looking right now. Okay, now, just this changes for that one to make it. The bulls won like this should be our engine Distribute the same. Let's do that. Actually, ready is also looking so good. You can see, but this change is this. We need to do it. Okay, But really, it's not changing that properly. So we have all this. How change thing, which is this one? Okay, like you see, it's kind of yellowish also, we can also do some changes on that. When the water which we have inside just go here, here, situation colorize it. I don't color and that we don't need it. Always. Just try to match any of them the most matching with this much. So that's it. That's great. Now, just, uh, not a natural. So I guess this is perfectly massing now. She was dosing changes also in this one is. Yep. There. Said this isn't how we have created it. But if you would still exceed some of the changes over here Not this one. This one. There is some things. We just have a change. You can see them. We're here. That's because the mosque with no biggie Sure you nose clean it starkly perfectly s most food. This news will appear, no matter how properly do anything. Okay. Years. Okay. Now this is it. This is how you can make your own double exposure thing with having your own idea. Foetus decrees it a bit more like this march. Yep. Then these whole two things are blending properly, and now you can see that how the face is becoming a forest. This is the thing I just want to share share with you. And that's the last project. I guess so, Yeah. Maybe I will add some more after this one. Okay, so that's it. That's enough for this project. You can still do a lot off stings. So this when I did my best to teach you everything about are related to double exposure. Okay, Not for added guns are use breast around peak. Ah, just a minute. Yeah. Selena. Okay, So now this is the proper project we just done right now, you will still do a lot of changes. You're not going to be get certified because you're an artist and our artists not always gets satisfied easily by making it like completing it. His art. Okay, so you can still go where? Here. I can go blending options and do some changes like this much to making it a bit more. Not that much. You can do a lot of changes. Always this by goto blending options. I'm not doing that much because I don't be that but Justin idea for you. Okay, so there is a lot of possibilities in the forest shop. You can still do a lot of things like this. Background one. Just, um, make one ingredient over here, okay? And that really will be, Ah, the same color as this one. Okay, like this one, Mr Many how Just close it and zoom in, and okay, now you can see So I will make a crean over here. But you can also do that just by choosing that radiant tool from here. Yep. So I will just go over here and sit like that. Greedy in color. Use your Angus. Uh, this one. I guess it's perfect. Okay, One thing. You can always just go and change. So three people automatically make sample color from three pixels. Three by three. Big sales. Okay, that's it. We got the color hit, OK? And then Okay. So you can see now there is a kind of Grady and in the back side, so you can see it now. Ecologists tried. Increase that radiant. Much better that get better. Okay, to do it. Okay. Yes, this march, I guess. Look, a better. Yep. Okay, so that's it. Now, just make that background one a little bit lighter. Yep. And that's it. Here, we got our proper, professionally professional top looking double exposure. And this is the project. I just want to tell you some change. If you want to make some changes over here, you'll still do some changes. Like you would like to show her, uh, show the models lines, these lines. So you can also do that. I just decreased capacity and little bit increase it like this. Okay. And try to show them like this one. We always do that. And I know it's like we would like to do that. Try to completing Or are we Never? Actually, I never feel like it's all done completed. Its done. No, that's not the way. So this is the perfection how you can go Since when I told you everything that I can exp lower you and tell you about making up creating one. Make something that is so much outside the box. And this one is too outside the box. We're not actually showing the face in this one. We are showing that forest with connecting with the, uh, with these trees, and the leaves are actually the head off it. Okay, so that's it. Enough for this project, actually, right now, let's go and move on to our next one. Maybe this is the last one case. So you last one Really? Lane Garden. Okay, so this is it. That's it for this project. OK, so 5. Thank you & assignment : Congratulations. Finally, we have completed the course off the face manipulation and also the double exposure creating the face double exporter art in photo shop. So first of all, thank you so much for taking its course. Thank you so much for choosing me. This video is up about assignment because practice makes us perfect. And here, the small assignment for you just how to create offered the course. So you just have to create the same type off double exposure effect in your by your own. The image that I have already provider if you start images with images and there are also some more additional images if we want to use your own creativity or even choose your own images. If you want to certain the wig, choose the images that you like. So what you have or do we just have to create a double exposure using the same skills and the idea that I talk you in class and submit it to me? So you have to create the face type off, making the face totally, perfectly, blending it properly with image and making the for a stipe or, if you want to put the city over here inside over there and just merge them together and also do the color correction perfectly blending them together. So once again, thank you so much for taking the course. Thanks so much What you think? Me, I have the other large in this project. This loss. And so at the end, they give so much on. Duh. Have a great day, but five.