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Photoshop creative animated poster 1 : "Say Something"

Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

Photoshop creative animated poster 1 : "Say Something"

Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Say Something Intro

    • 2. Say Something 1

    • 3. Say Something 2

    • 4. Say Something 3

    • 5. What is next?

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About This Class

This is the first poster from my Instagram where I publish posters daily.

Follow me on Instagram for more tutorials and my support

Included in this tutorial:

  • Detailed video tutorial with instructions
  • Project files (photos and fonts) - download them here: @freds_gallery
  • Possibility to contact me for any further questions

Any Questions? - Message me at my instagram @freds_gallery

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Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. Say Something Intro: What's up, guys? My name is Farid on Die. Create weird and creative posters every day at my instagram at Fred's Gallery. So today we're gonna do one of my posters on. I'm gonna show you a tutorial for wait. Wait for this poster. So this actually on animated poster on If I press, as you can see, the hair is moving on. This was opposed to the first poster. I credit, as you can see here. I have day one on right now. I'm already on Day 51. I still keep going. So I'm going to show you how to create this one. Okay, first of all, the project files that all the files that you need are in the project file so you can download them and use them as well. 2. Say Something 1 : Okay, let's go to for the shop. Now, First of all, we need to create a new file. So we just goto file on you. Andi, we should make wits on height 1000 by 1000 pixels. So I usually 2000 1000? Because it's easier to work like this on his ocean. I put 300 or color motor GB on. Let's create Now we wait until it floats. Okay, let me just change fewer things. So, first of all, I want to close this step. I don't need it. Okay, so first of me, too. Take the picture that I have in the project files weight with me. Wait. Okay, this picture on, we need to put it here. Now we have to make it full screen. So there are no white space here, so we have to hold shift on out together. It's shift and optional mark on. We just hold him and drag. We have to put them out of it. Left. So it's centered like this. Okay, Almost perfect. I'm a press. Okay. Here. Now let's deal. Deal it This background. Think we don't need it. So now I want to make a copy off this one. So let's hold out or optional. If you're using a Mac, we hold out on just make it down on when you see two errors black and white. Then you can release your mouth on you have a copy here. So next thing we should do is just Let's just turn off this copy on go here. So I want you to click twice on this layabout click. Not here and not on text. But click here somewhere is empty space. We wait on, we have lay styles, opens open, so we have to look at channels. And here we have three channels Air Gobert, which means red, green and blue. So all these channels together create these colors on the return of one of the child's let's say return of blue. As you can see, the cold has changed because there is no blue Right now on we only see yellow unless press okay, so let's not turn off this one and turn on the this one on again. Press twice and now we should turn off the Green Channel on. We can see the color has changed again and purse OK, but not if we turn on both of them. We can't see them again normally. So what we should be? Why do we system normally? Because like here we have boo off. But it was the local channels on here and here We have green off, but the green is on here on they combine together and make all and so so when they combined together we have all the called all the core channels on. Now we have to take this layer and move it out a bit right on when we moved. As you can see, we have this really interesting glitch effect. But we have to make it a little bit, so we should move it to heart. So religious press Eric Aero keys on the keyboard on a little bit. Right. Okay. Perfect. Next thing we should do is we have to change the color. So we go here on dso like gradient map. And here we should select one for the shop standards graduates, which is this one. We just press it. And now we have this This colors that pop up If you want to change the color, just press here on here. You have to cause you can change them. For example, you press advice on the color on now you can make a different color. You press twice on another car. Let's say here and now we make a different color here and it's like, Yes, you can see the color is changing, but let's just take the standard one. So this one round Pressel cape, But you can play with it if you want toe close this one on. We're done with this lesson. During the next lesson, we're gonna make the text appear here on during the sort. Listen, we're gonna make this animation move. 3. Say Something 2: What's up, guys? Welcome back on during the last listen, we created this image here on change the colors. During this lesson, we're gonna add this text to our image. So first of all, let's take textile on. Just press here. Okay? On the fund that we need is called RINOs have included this phone in the project files so you can download on my spell is called Arena Strokes on again. You can find them in project files on Let Hypia say enter something. Just press okay for now. Okay, First, the first thing we need to do is going to change the color on Let's exist. Panel here. China Director Panel on. Make sure you have your layer takes so it takes selected and the new president Tractor power. If you don't have the tractor panel here, you can go to window on, find the character panel here. So now let's change the color. It's, um, similar to this color. So something similar to this one. Okay, on if you want, you can cook. Is this called Thio? Thio? This court in your for the trip and then you will have the same color. That's personal Cape on may result of it down. Okay, The next thing we should do is we should adjust the line, the line hide between the hide between lines on it's actually here, So probably your says something like 72 or maybe even more. But we need to make it somewhere around 48. So it's called it to each other. Okay, Now we should we have to rotate this text and we go to edit. And here we have free transform. The whole key for it is controlled. There. We just press it on. Now we can rotate this one, and we pray places somewhere here on the just press. Okay. For enough. Okay. Nice. And we need to do is we need to create mask. So why do we need a mask? We have to make sure our text appears on the on on the on their faces. So I'm going to make sure what this doesn't appear on their their hair on ice, smiles and soul. So what we need do me to do, we need to turn off both off this layers on now. We should we should say, like this picture go to select on Jews here call a wrench. So cool Ranch helps us toe create a mosque based on color. So first thing me to do is we're to press on white color on if your if your image if your mask looks differently, it's not read or something. I just make sure your selection preview is quick Mosque on. Not anything else. OK, now we have. Now, look here. Everything that is black is not in our selection. Everything. That is why it is in our selection. So what we need to do we need to take her face is also into our selection. So we just take, I drop a plus on, then we press on their head. And as you can see, it's quite a swell on. Now we can use fuzziness, toe mayo, our selection bigger, or make it smaller. So let's just put it somewhere here. Yeah, perfect. So somewhere around 100 body. So it may be it may be a different number for you, so you just have to control yourself on them. Just persecute. Now we have this selections here on. What we can do is we should turn on this this one and then we should turn on Texas. Well, and now we can actually create a mask already. So we have to select the text on press here to create the mask. And, as you can see, with Damascus created on everywhere Where is black? We don't see text on black points here. We only see text. Where is right? So what? We did we? No, no. We need to adjust the takes a little bit. So what we can actually do? We can press here to on link our text on mask. Make sure the text is selected on press control there. Which is Ah, the same one Free trance frontal. Now we can make this a little bit smaller like this. Maybe even rotates the ultimate. Okay. Perfect. So why did Bientot unlinked the text and the mosque? Because if there were linked together, then the mask would move the text together on now we would have different parts of taste this happening now, but but no, but no one's there are linked mask sales at the same place on when we moved the text. Mosque is not moving, so it's It's easier toe. Make sure the taste doesn't appear on the places we don't want to toe appears on her on her hair eyes and so Okay, Perfect. So now we need Now we just need to save this project on you. Make sure you say with just in case you didn't do it, okay? And just let's call it, Say something And now we need to export it. Go to expert on Choose quick, Quick. Expert s PNG on you. Say something about P and you're perfect, okay? And we are done with this. Listen us. Well, so during the next lesson, we going toe any mate there, her their hair. 4. Say Something 3: Hey, guys, what's up on? Congratulations to reaching up to this point on. Now we should go to our brother on. We need to go to a website called whatever's dot com. So this one game whatever is dot com on when you entered, First of all, you have to create your account and then you have to sign in after every registered on. Then you will see the same the same page. So photographer Otis part open eyes actually, and moving commission like this one. So this one is This is the media is created using this sort for photography on Also, we have some other other pictures here, like this one for the past. You can see it's also credit using photography or this one, for example Here, you see. So what we're going to do now is we have to create our Hurst photography great photography . Okay, now, just press somewhere so we don't need is or press here to hide it. And now I have to press a game plus and photography. So first of all, we need to a name this man. So we're goingto name. Just say something. We have to choose an image on. We have to go to our that step on. Choose here, say something on press create. And now let's just wait until it uploads. Almost done. Okay, cool. So first of all after tell is that this software is actually paid now. But it was free when I was creating my posters. When I was animating my posters. It was free, but unfortunately, it's paid now. But anyway, I mean, it's not that expensive. And plus, you can start here in this program, and you can share it with your friends. The only problem is that you can download it. If you want downloaded Assad and video as an MP four file, then you have to pay so you can. But you can buy a monthly membership where you can pay for picture. So it's not. Actually, it's not that expensive, so that's not a really big problem. Or anyway, what you can do is you can just record the screen, actually, let just created the photographers, and we will get to that part as well. Okay, so what we have to do now is we have to press here. Let's just use animation points. So how does this work. We press here on drug. We just press on drag press on drug. So when we press undergo actually happens, we shows the software's as this point. This is the point that needs to be that are needed to be animated, so legis press on drug on their hair. So just toe more time doing on it will be fine. Cannot be press play just where locals I should get. As you can see, it's animating, but it's not really well, so it so it's not very good. So what we need to do is we toe president again and me to stab Elazar points. So Stabler's appoints are going to help us toe make some places do not animate, so to make some places be still, so we have to press here. You I want to make the place between their head, not get animated them. If you press play again, as you can see, it's already much better. This place is not animating anymore, So what we need to the next is me to create more stable as a point around their hair. So on the border, off their face and the hair some and then here as well. And the same applies to both of them. Okay, Perfect. Now we press please. On as you can see, it's getting animated. Perfect, right? Looks pretty cool. If you want to continue playing with it, then you can country exploring it. But we're done with this one. So what we should do nicely? Should go here, press here. This expert on then we just named the slopes over a say, say something. I'm gonna name the three because I have already done this twice, or I'm not sure I don't really remember how many times I have done so already about religious price. Next on share. Okay, so now we should go to our my toe. My experts, we can't press additional experts, sees a lump. This doesn't really matter. OK, now we should go toe My experts look So this is the thing that we created. Say something's is our expert on. We have to wait until it loads on. Yes, Yes, I I said it before. I've done the world a few times. So actually can't say the same project your whenever. So Allstate slow that you see here we have done work, but actually to be able to download it. You have to unlock it for 24 hours or by a monthly membership. So if you're looking for 24 hours, then you create you can create as many as possible and you just have to pay for one day on DSO. Basically, if you want to be to become a photographer, parties and create this thing every day, every day and put it on the segments and you can pay for it. And as it is a way of courses as well, just, you know, press play, for example, which is opens this one press plate and then probably you can record your screen. But I mean, this is not off court. It's not legal, but, you know, I would usually I would prefer to pay for this. So yeah, unfortunately, it's paid now, but it was free when I was using it. So sorry for this four story for bad news guys, but I think it's also for free for now on their mobile app. They also have mobile applications for us. An android on, I'm sure, but I'm not sure, but I think it's freezer. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on you really like the way we created this poster. And if you want to see more cool stuff every day and you can follow me at Fred's Gallery, and as you can see, I create a lot of weird, sometimes crazy art. 5. What is next?: my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before you continue have electric a venue some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me as though I will miss all the unique projects and classes I create every single week at your my recommended classes for you Enjoy. This class is dedicated to advanced for the shop animations. I will show you how you can Really Any makes your images on. I will show you I can basically take your still photos and bring them a life is different options and this is just one of the projects They're going to be four really cool and interesting projects that you should take. This is in us animation from that same close as you can see, it looks also really colorful So we're going to animate the course here on after this project, you will be able to animate any colors on your own images as well. This is a really cool poster and during discuss, we're going to transform a normal image into something really magical. And as you can see, every creating this kind of liquid glitch on I will show you I can do that. It's actually a secret technique. On also, here we have this golden light. I also show it will show you that. I don't say we're doing some color grading to give it some really artsy look. I would say so. This just an epic project and is Goto Wydell on instagram? Make sure to check this out. This class is related to for the shop animations. So I will show you I can create this kind of interesting animation off poster on as you can see, here you have the text and the text is gone. Also appears this led the blue light, which is again on and off. It looks just really magical. That's it. I hope you found something interesting for yourself and you doesn't like Blessed by