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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Intro - what this class is about

    • 2. Panels and artboard

    • 3. Basic tools

    • 4. Color

    • 5. Selection

    • 6. Layers

    • 7. Liquify and masks

    • 8. Summing it p

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About This Class

This class is for everybody that wants to learn about Adobe Photoshop, especially begginers. If you are an advanced connoisseur of this software and still manages to learn one thing or two, then I gladly achieve my objetive. Here I talk about panels, artboard, tools, color, how to make a selection, how layers work, the filter liquify and masks. Time to learn!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Ortolan

Illustrator & Animator


I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a Post Graduate on Comics and a Post Graduate on Game Design. Right now I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. It's not only something I believe I'm good at, but also my passion, although still have a lot to learn. And by doing that I discovered another thing I love: animation. Well, in fact, tradicional animation. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

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1. Intro - what this class is about: do you? Hi, everybody. I'm Gabriel. And this project is going to be about adobe for a shop and a quick lesson about the basic tools and workspace to use this software. This is a project for beginners that want our need to use for a shop and don't have much free time to explore everything the program is able to do and are in a hurry wherever the reasons. The objective here is to explore the basics as much as needed so that you can handle program very well without going too deep in its mechanics, So let's do it. 2. Panels and artboard: so we're going to talk a little bit about four or shop. The software debt can pick Chu, either. A deep images are photos or produce a pixellated image so well, that's cool. Create a new Here is the basics name we're with and high that can be measured in big SOEs. Scent emitters points inches. You're going to pick how large it can be. The most interesting is the resolution, because it measures pixels by inch and pixels. Bice intimate er's when you're doing that just by showing on the monitor. Oh, are the Internet 72 is is enough. But when you need to print 300 eased minimum that are required here color mold. Let's set to rjb background. You can have their right background color or transparent that have no no color Europe, and we have Okay, so this is your art, Bart. This is where you work, and these are the tools and deserted panels. There is a lot off finals a year, then one I used most are layers as usual. I like to leave similar panels next, true each other, and you can have it in the pure light t's. If that's going to tell you very useful information about what's going on, uh, his to read. That's going to allow you to undo your previews action or redo your next June. A character that's going to have a bunch off parameters and you can have them shrink expand are even close and his image. You can go to either major size or convoy size. The difference between image size is that you apply it with it in the high, directly own the image. So, for example, when you open that's open in image, you can apply it, for example, 3000 and see how much it restrained proportion its scale with it. So you can click here and you can realize that the chain is now going, so see how it got bigger and now you can make it smaller. No, the country size. He's something that you can apply it to the canvas, and you can tell how much our direction that you want to making it bigger or moaner. For example. Let's make it 1 70 and one hundreds, and over here can say that we want to expand from the left bottom, and that's it. So you can see here that eat this, not moved or the rays are change the image in any form. What it just did was about shrink or expand the art part, the Congress size. So, for example, I'm going to put 70 by 50 so we'll know reduce this size so it will give you a warning because size is more than the current color size, so you can proceed. Arkan cell. So here we are. 3. Basic tools: So here we're going to talk a little bit about the tools. Probably the most important to is this one move to that has a structured to feed. And for that we're going to We have to demonstrate it by creating another layer. So if this is out, select is not selected. It's not checked. It doesn't matter where you click on the layer. If we move that layer. No. If is this select, we will change. For example, here, we're going to select it. These layers zero because it occupies the the majority off the screen. Click right under this folder shop text for it to be selected so we can move them around. But we feel we selected, for example, Over here it is. Well, move various house. So rectangle marquis, too that is going to have its own video. But we can see that ISS for selection and we have to live to go to Nice to that would be used going to be like these. Do you poor legal? No, Last year, too. That is acts by geometrical shapes. Their results for the magic key went to that select one color by its tolerance. So for example, the background, the layer zero he's selected. But before we had and Big Dio a magical went to it would selected just these one or this one. Oh, are these one? And Conte goes, if it would not be selected, it would selected them all over here, over here and over here or off course. This could be used for the black as well. And we've what moved It would be good from new regional farm. And also we have the crypto debt would make eight group our art Bart four in large. And just when you are doing click enter and remember that if we click it fight crop the rest off the art bird is erased. So you wear off this fact and also have a drop too that either select over here that you can see that has changed toe white. There is also the brush to that. We're not going tuned ship in its mechanics. Here we have some presets. There are a lot of presets that inclusive you can download them on the internet. Each one has a form, a shape, for example And here you change capacity and here you can change it it's dynamics the way that the brush works. There are a lot to explore here, so I'm going to be directly own point. You can change this size off the brush by using brackets. See how ah break its is working. There are a lot off parameters that you hear. We can even configuration with the tablet if you have one. You really suggest that you bought you one if you don't have already and here you can see how we do result off the oh, they applied options, for example Let's see, earned will boorish That's see, for example, to over sh It makes the properties off the chosen brushes. Each brush has its own mechanics, its own way off working. And we have the razor that also has sighs, change of ICT brackets and also has the same presets s the brush to and here also, you can change the opacity. So, um, have delete that and just wait that I show you. As you can see, the number off possibilities is almost limitless because there is so much options and, um, parameters that you can mix. You make the way you want. There is also hidden too that is actually very useful, that is accessible was control. T or free trips for that can actually change dis ice off the you much so over here you have were you with and high that you can maintain a spect Rachel, for example, are not, and we can't even change eight more more deep in its mechanics. You can basically give. Do you expect that you want very the former or very smooth, and when you're done with, you can check here, confirm or enter, or you can consult transformation that, as a short, good esque have in mind that once apply it. You cannot go back to normal because you have to start over. There is the option off the history. Dead will be a selected number off actions. For example, let's say you will have thes brush over here. When it selected Control Z, It's moved the way to the bottom and control Z again. It's select from the British took that I used for last. But if we pressed control out Z, it goes back. One action at the time and Quantrill shift. Dizzy it redo one action at the time, So let's say you were here before the transformation toe. When you apply it another up mother action, it replaces it. So be aware off the disrespect that for the shop works. 4. Color: So we're going to be talking about how to be callers on for a shot. Here you can set the foreground and the background caller and just one click, and he opens this window. No, there's a lot of off ways off choosing the color here, either. By code, when you enter Exodus, Imo called or even input the RGB cold or even Simek cold and by you saturation and brightness. Now let's pick a caller on Brendan Color. See how this changes everything. Changes called the color and we just click OK and heats. Set it set. As for a grown color. Now, if we just pick the background color, we can choose and we can see that nothing has changed. But if we swapped, this will change. We can change by input. The cold here by our pick directly owned it. This Hugh panel. So these air the basic ways that you can change it. But if we weren't too few with foreground color these entire area, we just click out to make space. We can click X chu swap like an X. If we want to feel with the background color, we just breaks control backspace So Outback space for foreground color and contra backspace for background color. If we want to pick some random color, we can just hold out. But you make it for the eyedropper tool, even if it's not selected c o holding out. It changes. True that. And even if the color panel is active, it changes directly for that. So, for example, its changes automatically changes, you know, to pick radiant. You have to pick this option here, Grandy and two or G, and you can have its extent. Oh, the way even outside the art Bart. No, there are some options, but I believe that the ones you're using the most part linear and radio No, you can pick some patterns or create your better. No, you can blowed save Great a new one And the top is the capacity that you can change by older waitress hero are even 100% same here, and its location is also affected. But now, on the bottom disease, the color stop that you're going to pick a random color. For example, if you were going to pick memorandum color over here and you cannot sue and, uh, we can have, let's see your yellow so everything is customizable and you can name it. And if you are not satisfy it. You can delete Teoh color Stop or drag it true Department Seen over here you can drag eight older weight should. And when you were done with, click OK and see IHS. It will not be immediately apply it to it. I used to have true apply it. They were You went so, for example, or like this remember to click in the gradient, not in the arrow in the gradient to did it. 5. Selection: as we have seen before, there are plenty off options chew, making a selection own for a shop, and having mind that everything goes by this selection. Everything happens inside the selection and one off. The most important sharp cuts is control D that this election it, including the control, backspace and Outback space works that way, too. And you can move the selection for any direction that you want. Let's see so rectangular and the elliptical marquee to are both pretty much what the tools are referring. If you hold, shift it, keep Z y square and the same way if you hold shift, it gives a perfect circle. It is important to see that whatever to East, select it, elliptical or return Glor and last so or political? No last two. It always moves the selection around. Now, if I move movinto R V, he cuts from its. So have mind off this aspect. These four Jews are most used for quick selections, but these two, the magical want to it's for Let's create another layer weeds, and let's say you want to be This is green over here. It just selected the middle tones by here because off the tolerance. Let's see what happens if we put it by five. He got even smaller. No, let's see for your gods 100. That tolerance sets the amount of range that is going to pick. The lower the number, the more restrict it's going to be and higher. The number eats wider tolerance, the range it's going to pick. So, for example, let's keep it on 100 so we can see that it's got a wide range. Let's keep it it. Then it diminishes. So having mine debt to lower the number, the more restrict it's going to pick and the higher the number. It's more like a wide range. I set the tolerance by 200. It only left outside the selection the yellow because it kept in range the purple and agreeing another. Important, too, is the invert selection that is control Shift I that is now inverted and also a very user for two. Let's keep it seems 200 best to tolerance, and let's say you don't I don't need this. Whatever you choose, the pre spoke. It's the same, so have out pressed hand with it pressed, drag it so the the selection can keep out of range despite to screen. So we face election again. Well, good by its amount. And if we the same Crispo can be applied here. So like this. Now let's say you want the the rest off the sport. The same can be applied, but we can hold shift. And this part was added to the selection. No, as revealing out. It's for delete and shift is for at and, uh, let's see it precisely selected. They're mount that pixels that we want. But if we changed by 20 pixels, see how it got smooth third angles on the edges. And that applies to last two as well, because if he tried to select, for example, this amount, it diminishes it because off the feather we thought the feather with the feather 6. Layers: this video topic is going to be about layers. When you create a new fire, it's going to be by default background, and it's going to be locked. So you click twice. Give whatever the name you want to that layer and click. OK, so it's not going to be 82. Have in mind that there are a lot to explore here, since the layer properties Oh, our little years style. No, we won't talk about them. Oh, but I'm going to give a few examples what could be done. First, we're going to talk about the difference between capacity and few. And for that, we're going to create a new layer disease. Basically what these pictures the icons suggests here you re create a new layer here you delete. And here you create a new group, for example. Let's say these layers are insight, this group, so we just drag and when you see group highlight you just truck and what you just did It is organized your early years. So from creates another group No, he just try and to highlight. And his layer is now inside the group. True have in mind that the order matters see No, let's set the invisible see s effects both off these layers. But if we would like true making visible just layer to just click in the I icon and the same can go has delete, and you have the option to group and contents group Onley, Arkansas. Now I want to say group and contents and let's finally go true. The difference between capacity and fuel. Let's add a drop shadow, and I was so inner go that we will allow you to set visible. Each effect, for example, and obviously is will allow you to set everything invisible or visible again. So the difference between capacity and few is that this will allow you to change the whole layer and its effects. And this we will allow you to only make the layer visible but effects we remain the same. Now let's see you and to move one layer and you want to drag the other one as well. You just clicked in both and link layers. Whenever you drag one layer, you track the other as well. No, let's play a little with in the years titles C, as in a glue and drop shadow is already apply it, so we are going to make them invisible. The ones that I used most are Bavel in Boss Stroke, Calder Overly and Drop Shadow. But you can choose whatever you like to make your heart. No, BAbreu and in Boss are something that create this three D effect, and when you are going to dude it, it applies to it as well. See how it blends together? Stroke? It's self explanatory. You change this size of stroke and the color, of course, and the position inside center and outside color. Overly. It's basically a color that you put a both delayer. So, for example, and as you can see, it can change a lot of the art. Burke and the drop shadow is also self explanatory. You can control the distance off the the offset off the shadow, the spread and the size. If it's going really big or really small, here, can control the to blend mode and the rapacity and the angle as well. There are a lot off parameters a lot to explore here, and I will encourage you to do so because it can create rate effects. No, we're going to be playing it'll be with blades, and there is a lot off glands here for you to have fun with. We're going to be used. This an example. Normal is by default, but I believe that you're going to be using mostly move to play. Scream are overly No. Let's see about border play and let's create a northerly year. He needs it with the earlier on, both said as multiplier. See what changes when you be Kevin and Color, for example. Now it's the default. See it basically erase all the white owned the picture so we can see benefit? No, let's see as we changed your screen, you convey rarely see it, even even if with darker scholar applied, it's basically the opposite. Off move to play. You can paint the outline off the picture. They're leaving inside white and now for the last overly that. It's a mix off them, too. But it changes. We go look to your right toe, and they're years a lot off blends that I encourage you to find out what it does. We're going to be neat shoe. Make this, um, true to any by 1/3 said the lock. Transparent picks us because when you do that, it's big. Another caller here is good and you will not have the problem off. For example, accidentally going to pixels that you don't want. Because what is this? It's it blocks transparent, big source. So you go into to find out that very useful toe and one last thing. I believe you're going to find it most useful. That's creating another another. Uh, and that's you making it Invisible control J copies that layer with Korpi in the name of it , even if oh, let's see, here is multiply control G again. It's a copy, too. This is a new way to intensify the effect of it. And if just so part off the picture is selected, make sure you select the right layer control shift J called peace Tim Selection. Actually, it cuts then this election. So we have here selected good 7. Liquify and masks: next, we're going to be talking about a future that I find very, very useful that is liquefying or control Shift X here. You're not going to work on the layer itself on the image itself. But we're going to be working on a previews that if we are exacts fired with, we can click OK, or if we're not satisfied, we can click on self. So what is this? It does many things. For example, the forward work, too. It pushes the image, the word one direction. If we're going to be working with septal images, can definitely work with this. And we have the Booker toe that let's use another example off these images. It's going to a shrink, often synergy, and it keeps going, and we have the opposite bloat, too. That is true inflate. So if we're going, Tru needs inflated limps. It's definitely the way true Zoom works a year school and the hand to as well. If you were not satisfy it, we have two options. The restart, all that removed. All the distortions are the reconstruct that keeps individually. It can go as intense as you want, and he for your SATs fired click OK, and we are not sets fired like so and that applies to it. And for last we're going to talk about masks and we have three options should do so. First, it's the quick mask. Daddy is active with Cuba. Now let's see you what it changes. He didn't change anything because you are the one who are applying the mask. So, for example, let's chair his old selection. It's far from perfect, but his do serves an example. But if you click here again, it select just the outside off What we selected If you click. Q R click here. It's too applied. So let's Beijing teach as well. Benefit Click. Here it's elects the background as we can see the selection that you make. It's outside, off off the range. It's left outside the mask. So that's one way. Now the second can you see it is I come over here at layer mask, so you're going to click it, and over here you can make any changes You want to the image, for example, painted green. Now, if you click here, the colder has changed. And what does he mean if we paint with the black as foreground. It raises it and we have a layer beneath it. That would appear now if we swap. If he raises the mask, see as it became normal? No, let's see another example. If we would frieze, it's part over here off the image. It is not a green brush because it's the way that it raises it, that you were going to be seen the layer underneath it. And if we swap, I can move. He raised. No, that is the second option, and the third option. He's when I see create, not early year. And on top of that, we create even bigger earlier. No, if you hold out, we can see that it changes to a arrow pointed down with the little square right next treat . No, if you could take it, what happened? We are moving the layer, each site of it, and we feel like it layer below. We are changing, positioning off the mask itself. So one is the mask and the other east cold don't off the mask. And if we want to go back, there's the altar again. That is the arrow cut, and it is released before you go again. So this is basically the ways that you can apply masks on for a shot 8. Summing it p: so just sum it up. Topics off for a shop that we discuss about venues. Art board in resolution. Basic Does color selection layers liquefy masks. So that's it.