Photoshop: Vectors & Shapes for Beginners - In Depth | Benjamin Halsall | Skillshare

Photoshop: Vectors & Shapes for Beginners - In Depth

Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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17 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Setup your Document

    • 3. Vector Tools Introduction & Overview

    • 4. The Rectangle Tool

    • 5. Selecting & Moving Shapes

    • 6. Copy, Paste, Move & Align Shapes

    • 7. Combine Shapes with the Pathfinder Options

    • 8. Modify Shapes with the Direct Selection Tool

    • 9. Tidying Up Your Layers

    • 10. Shape - Create Arrows

    • 11. Shape - Create a Custom Banner

    • 12. Shape - Create a Perspective Grid

    • 13. Shape - Create a Heart

    • 14. Shape - Create a Teardrop

    • 15. Shape - Create a Custom Frame

    • 16. Shape - Using pre-built Shapes

    • 17. Shape - Turning Type into Shapes for Logos & Designs


About This Class

About This Class


Hello! In this class you will develop your knowledge of working with the vector shape tools. The great advantage of designing with shapes is that they are 100% scaleable. This means that you can design something for the size of a postage stamp but scale up that design to a large billboard poster.

In this class you will learn Photoshop’s vector tools step-by-step. The goal of this class is to set the foundations and then to go on to look at how you can create custom shapes in a number of different ways using the rectangle & ellipse shapes, working with the pen tool and even converting type into shapes which is great for logo design and other graphic content.


Working with shapes and combining them with images and the brush tools in Photoshop opens up an incredible array of creative options and I cant wait for you to get started in this class.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn the essential skills you need to create, manipulate and combine shapes in Adobe Photoshop. This lesson is one of several classes I’ve created about the shape tools in Photoshop but it is the most in depth. If you only have a few minutes to play you might want to check out my Pen Tool Abstracts or Create Nodes classes which give you an insight into what is possible.

  • What is covered:
  • Setting Up a Project
  • Creating Basic Shapes Like Rectangles & Circles
  • Aligning Shapes & Creating Grids
  • Rotating & Scaling Shapes
  • Modifying & Transforming with the Direct Selection Tool
  • Duplicating Shapes
  • Combining Shapes with the Pathfinder Tools
  • Creating Arrows
  • Creating Banners
  • Create a Perspective Grid
  • Create a Heart Shape
  • Create a Teardrop Shape
  • Create Custom Frames
  • Using Built in Shapes
  • Type as Shapes

What You’ll Make

This class guides you through the essential skills as well as custom shape creation. For your project you can create a shape design that demonstrates the skills you’ve learnt in this class.

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