Photoshop Tutorial - Dispersion | Noel Byrne | Skillshare

Photoshop Tutorial - Dispersion

Noel Byrne, Learning / Sharing

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14 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create A New Document

    • 3. Finding Image Resources

    • 4. Improve the Apple Image

    • 5. Create a Black and White Layer

    • 6. Using the Warp Tool

    • 7. Create the Interior Apple

    • 8. Tear the Apple Skin

    • 9. Add the Dispersion Effect

    • 10. Add Motion Blur to the Arrow

    • 11. Create the Background

    • 12. Add a Reflection

    • 13. Add a Shadow

    • 14. Now it's Your Turn...


About This Class

Hello, and thank you for joining me on Skillshare.

My name is Noel, and I’d like to welcome you my Photoshop Class... “Dispersion”.

On the face of it, the dispersion technique may look difficult or complicated, but it actually breaks down into some basic Photoshop techniques.

In this class you will learn how to create this popular effect and apply it to your own projects.

You will discover how to create a dispersion effect using the Warp Tool, Layer Masks and a Fragment Style Brush. You will also use the Blur Tool to create a sense of motion, and add a Background, Reflection and Shadow to give the apple a realistic environment.

This class may interest you if you would like to expand your knowledge and apply the skills you learn to your own project. Learning through doing is a powerful way to absorb and retain new skills.

This class really is step-by-step. Every part of the process is captured in the screencast. I will show you in detail how to complete your own project.

While it is definitely possible for a beginner to follow along, the class may be more suited to an intermediate level.

See you in class...