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Photoshop - Transparent Text Over Image

Robert Chalmers, Robert Chalmers - Author

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9 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction Trailer

    • Add A New Blank Layer iMovie

    • Fill The New Layer With White

    • Lower The Opacity of Layer 1

    • Add Your Text

    • Resize Your Type With Free Transform

    • Add The Type Layer & Layer 1

    • Selecting The Type Layer & Opening the Blending Options

    • Selecting Layer 1 & Resizing The Background


About This Class

In this class we will learn how place transparent text over an image. The text itself will be fully transparent thus allowing us to see right through it to the image below. However, it will be surrounded by either another image, or a semi-transparent colour background that allows us to see the entire image below the text, but allows us to read the text against a busy background, like a night time cityscape.

The process is sometimes called PunchOut text, or simply Transparent Text.






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Robert Chalmers - Author

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