Photoshop: The Art of the Head-Swap

Michael Murphy, One Man Band. Podcaster. Helper.

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10 Videos (50m)
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    • Hello, I'm Mike.

    • Beginner: Open Eyes 1

    • Beginner: Open Eyes 2

    • Bonus: Animated Gif

    • Intermediate: Dog Swap

    • Intermediate: Face Swap

    • Bonus: Auto-Align & Content Aware

    • Advanced: Ballerina Swap

    • Advanced: Group Swap


About This Class

Open those eyes, and turn that frown upside down!

Have you ever taken a portrait and someone blinked? Or someone was not looking at the camera? 

This class will teach you several ways to perform what is commonly known as the head-swap. This class is loaded with Photoshop tips, tricks and techniques used by professional photo studios to fix the most common problems found in group portraits.

Upon completion of this class, you will have the skills necessary to swap anything out of one photo to help enhance or fix another photo. Swap out eyes, smiles, bodies, background elements....

Learning the art of headswapping is a great addition to your Photoshop toolbox.

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Greart tips..I walked away with additional tools that I put to work...Immediately...awesome
Interesting, detail oriented, and user friendly. A style of teaching that is approachable, making it easy to master a new skill. I would recommend highly.
I loved this class! I had no idea you could correct your photos so much! Very detailed instructions and easy for beginners, like myself, to understand. I definitely learned a few new skills I am excited to use in my own photos. Highly recommend.





Michael Murphy

One Man Band. Podcaster. Helper.

I Help People Figure Things Out.

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