Photoshop Surreal Artwork - create amazing colors and rainbow effect | Photoshop Classes By Fred | Skillshare

Photoshop Surreal Artwork - create amazing colors and rainbow effect

Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

Photoshop Surreal Artwork - create amazing colors and rainbow effect

Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. What will you learn and create?

    • 2. Finding our perfect image

    • 3. Editing the colors of out image

    • 4. Adding scars to our artwork

    • 5. Before you continue...

    • 6. Adding the rainbows

    • 7. Recommended classes for you :)

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About This Class

Hey guys! Are you looking for some cool artwork techniques?

In this class you will learn the following topics:

  • Changing our image's colors and transforming it into something beautiful
  • Using HSB/HSL smart filter to edit colors
  • Choosing different brush tips to create the scars on her face
  • Using rectangle shape to create the rainbows
  • Using noise and motion blur filters

The class is suitable for any skill level. No matter whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced you will find and discover new techniques for yourself.

This is the final project we will create


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. What will you learn and create?: Hello, dear friends, welcome to this class where we're going to create an amazing, stunning, magical artwork. This is the work we're going to create when apologised. Three Seagram, it got all 1000 likes and you've got tons of comments. So people who just loved it okay, And that's actually there is a wide side to create this class another. The coasting about this class is that you're not only going to learn how to create this article, I want to show you my process. Where do I find the images? What kind of different techniques I used for experimentation? Another cool. We're going to start resist image and then using different techniques will transform it into a beautiful colors like we have here. After that, we're going to use custom brushes no, to create the scars on the face, using different techniques. And as a final touch, we're goingto this kind of rainbow that comes out from the sunglasses on December actually involves different steps in order to make it perfect like here. So we're actually going to make it noisy. As you can see, it's noisy, it's also bullet. And also we're going to give vintage feeling to the whole artwork in general and decides all that. I'm also gonna show you where you can actually find really quality nice images on which websites and enrich collections. With all that said, I will help. You're going to enjoy this class on. All we have to do is just go to the next lesson and start fortune. It's not that difficult to do. Guys will have to be just exit, please. Parton, See on the next lesson by bite. I'm still here. Seriously, it's 11 going to the next lesson. 2. Finding our perfect image: What's up, guys are welcome. So first. Well, let's start with the image, which is, of course, one of the most important thing when you create any digital college artwork will be using this image in our artwork. You'll be able to find this image in the project materials. Of course, you can download and use it so you can follows the class. But let's actually go through the process. When I usually look for four images. Where did I go actually, so there are two main websites. 1st 1 is an splash dot com. I start with this website, and usually when you go tonsils dot com on the main page, you saw the new images. When you look for image, you look for a specific image, right? So that's why it's very good, actually. To use the search, of course. For example, for this image, you could just right model portrait or something like that. For example, let's say I usually use if you if you look at my artworks, I usually use their faces on. That's why when I go to answer that, come, for example, I usually just search more, though face on and I get tons of cool images that I can use admired artworks. But the problem is that it can take up to 30 minutes after one hour. Actually, to find the right image are some things you don't even know. What kind of image you want to use right on in that case is is good to go to collections. And here there tons of cool collections that you can use, for example, deigning for days on end. It has a really cool fashion style on the community artworks or, for example, the collection that I really like his one color for them. But you can see this is very minimalistic. Only one color images with one object on them, and you can actually use this object in your artwork. You can cut them, obviously, because the background is very simple and use them as well. The second side, where I look for images, is actually excels dot com, and it's very similar for an splash on. Sometimes you win sees the same images on both websites. So again, here you can also face search, for example, model face on. You get different images here on again. As you can see critical images that you can use in your own artworks again can go to explore on their You will have different collections here. Sales have one pretty good collection, which is artistic portrait. It's actually really cool. Onda. Here's You have different, really emotional and colorful images, and it's really nice to use them in your own terms, because the images already so beautiful and you can make them even better is just few touches in our work. We're going to use images by and by an outer cold, eager rant where photographer on he also has turns off. Cool images were a fashion style on Get's images have really, really nice feeling. At least I like the feelings that I get when I look at this image is so you can use them in your networks, even if you don't want to use this exact image, you can also find in the other image on create your own art burgers. The techniques that I'm going to show in this class with that said, I'm gonna end this Listen on this part here, but I just wanted to show the press off, out to look for the images where to find the right images on we're gonna I will see in the next lesson where we'll actually start changing the cars of this image. 3. Editing the colors of out image: What's up, guys? And welcome back. So first full. Of course, we need to create a new project. Involves approaches Goto for the job and click files new. So here. Make sure which is 1000 height is run to 50 which is the perfect size for Instagram on that . Make sure you have pesos here. Selected measures Oceans 300 art but is not checked, not checked and call him with his air db color. That's where, and very important on Let's Recreate. So now let's take our image on just places inside for the shop. I'm first moving to make sure there are no empty spaces left, click on drag, click on drag and also make it a little bit dancers. There's most pace for the rainbow off on they should be finally, just click OK, right now. Now a video that first would mean to change the colors. Of course, let's go to layers. Let's go to this background. Learn that if you don't need it. So there are many ways to change the color of the image to make it really, really beautiful. And right now I'm just going to show you one of my most favorite ways to do that. You don't need to repeat it. I'm just gonna show it for you. So you actually know this thing exists? So what you choose a meat you can go to filter, I think can go to Camero Filter. That's actually much really going to do it in this tutorial where I'm just I'm just showing it to you. So you know this as well You can use in your next artwork, but this one is just my favorite one. So here, for example, we have temperature tint on DA. First of all, it's But if you make all of your artworks in the same color tone, I would say so. In my case, usually I add more yellow Collis. I know that some proper prose, So to make it really warm and wind it every day, for example, if you make it whole cold, as you can see, it looks like this you can also at some greens on this also looks pretty cool. But in my case, I heard that some purples on yellow colors and then we got here many different stuff export and blow over. I'm not gonna go in details here I'm just want to assure you one really cool thing. So if you go here, get yourself adjustment. This one here you have few. And you can actually correct the turn off every car for them. Full rights. You can make the red, small orange, as you can see here. Or you can make the red more pink. I would say oranges. You can make them more yellow, but you can make them more red, more pink on like this you can actually make Give us the image. Some really nice cars with ample jealous you can make the stronger you can make them green on green Sikkim exam yellow and sewn on, for example. Just after a little bit off color grading. Let's see. Boom, boom. No, this doesn't change anything. Blues. Nothing is changing here, Purples. Nothing is changing here, Magenta. Nothing is changing here. Good for them. For the final click. OK, just for example. Look, the image looks much better right now. I mean, at least for my taste. For example, you can you can see here camera for three controllers, off and on. As you can see, it looks pretty cool. But again, we are going to do it in this class. I just want to show it to you as an example taking on your next artwork. Andre is actually X pretty cool. I wonder why didn't I use it in my art exist? Color Anyway, we have to deliver a soldier stays and put this to trash Man, What you're going to use in this lesson is actual. Let's go to filter other on hs B h s l So 99% If you have never heard of this unless you have informing my tutorials. Of course, if I choose this So here we have different input. Montanaro, order on. Depending on what you choose, you're going to get always different cars. So for example, if I choose already being put more under or the HSBC tape click OK, different costs. I know this looks ugly but you just continue. Okay? So not to changes. We can just click twice here on H is based yourself. Boom, boom are now it's open again. Now we can change it. For example right now I want to go to HSB. An urge be Let's click, OK, home again. Different color, right? This one already moves much better. Looks kind of Dan Colors. Let's click again twice here and now we can't change for example, from RGB two h s l And look, this one already looks windage so I can turn this off original now. So I mean, it looks pretty cool, right? I have to agree with me. And again let's click twice onder them go THS b h s l on for example HSB again Different color. What we're going to use in this lesson is actually, if you click twice again HSB and er GB, let's click. OK, that's what we're going to use. Yeah, but this is not Then of course, you have to turn that into these cars on. That's actually very simple to Dio. I know you look at assessing how, but look at that. So knife ago here and choose Hue saturation Hughes Attrition allows us to change the cars completely. So if I just take the here and make it left as you can see way have different colors and also some nice colors. But that's not what we need. If we go to the right boom, boom, boom, boom, boom on, we have to stop somewhere on her 110. Yeah, that's the exact colors that we need If I turn it off A known as you can see, there is a big difference on def we look, you see exactly same colors. With that said, I would like to stop on this lesson. I really hope this was helpful on that. You learned some cool takes about color grading and see on the next lesson by 4. Adding scars to our artwork: What's up, guys? How have you been doing? Did you misspeak in this lesson? We're going to create this kind off scars. I would say or hold. You can also call them. So originally when I created this, the idea was that I wanted to create bright lights coming out from this holes. But when I did actually is a light. I didn't like how it looked on. That's why I decided not to realize. But I still live. This car's this after, if you want to do them or if you don't want actually to create them. But still it's. But if you're it's good if you would just listen because I'm sure you're gonna learn turns off new stuff. So let's go to for the shop on the way. I'm gonna actually create this scars is actually first of all, I want to go to my image selected. I didn't want to go here and create on the A mask, so I want just to create a mask for this image on If you go now, here, click our brush to click right, Andrews, brush toe on guard here, right now. Go here and make sure you have you have your black color. So if I click here from now, the black and white have changed the position. And if you have different cars here, just click here on the black and just make sure it's totally black. Let's click. OK, so it just brings this down. Or you can also make the called off the collar 000 and black. Okay, so now if I start coloring, for example, make sure prices on the person and 400% If I start drawing, just make sure you're owns The mask makes you have started the mask. Not the image, but the mask. If I start doing so, what's going to happen? Boom. We're kind of starting a ratings. The image on golf course. If your family is how masks work is, this shouldn't be a problem for you. And if you don't know how masks actually work, then go to my tab. Learn from Fred Onda. There you can find actually two lessons on how masks works. That's were important because if you don't know how much work, then you don't know the basics off Porter shop. That's very important. Important. Okay, Mosques are used enormous every artwork. So now again, I just want to show that we're starting ready. But we interested in a very specific style. So light is like a scar on for the first worlds actually go back. So let's go here. Let's choose white color click tentacle to white, and now we can just color this on. Bring it back. So let's go. Let's close this. Let's go to our brush sittings here. You're going to have this kind of panel on. You need to find a panel that's called brush settings. If you don't see it here, Goto window and you can find brush setting. Suggest frequent and it is going to open are non brush that things be if you're different kind of brush tips that we can use Right now, we're using just normal circle, but here both have creative brush tips, which is this one, for example. And that's what we're going to ask. You can see this brush tip is Ah, worry how take, I would say, And that's actually why it's perfect for scar effect. So if I get cold, as against it, this is a brush tips that we get. It looks pretty cool on the let me actually closes if I click right button on my mouth or the touch. But you're going to open this money, which is brush man. You can also open from here. Or you can just click right button bank open from here. Here, you emphasize. Don't they have directions? So I want to change the direction of my brush with, As you can see now the direction is changing on. Let him actually close this. Just click somewhere to close on. Now, when we start creating this car, just make sure you're drawing on the mask. I want to make sure you have black colors like change black color. Make sure if I just click one, as you can see, very getting we started to get this kind of empty holes on right now. Every time I create the score, I need to make trying to make the brush smaller. So, for example, in order to make your brush smaller result opening the brush man, you can just use horse case, which are often on close brackets and just makes my brush smaller. Onder I can I can continue drawing and again Boom, boom, boom. And every time I go first, I make it smaller. So it's actually getting scene there. So it looks more like a realistic scar effect on if you go further away. Boom. Looks pretty night. Night night was pretty nice right now we have to do the same for them for the other place. And here again, when we do it right now, I need to first of all and to make my brush bigger. And also I need to change the direction of member. So I just click right button with the mouse or touch. And I can just change the direction on. I can just start creating this thing here again. I make my brush smaller. Every time I created I click. I mean boom and not let's just continue So we need a few more scars. It looks it needs to look pretty good. They should be fine. And now, since this is empty, we need to add some color behind it. So if you just go here, click on just solid core on, then I'm gonna make it light. Think so. Somewhere here on you can also just copy this court on priced it in your own for the trip so you can have exactly this color. Let's click. OK, we just need to take it and put it back. Nice. You can deceive. You have this kind of color in the back. On the as you can see, it doesn't look like light pink. That's because we have here Q situation which is affecting all the colors that are located below it. So but on this image and also this color feel me to make sure this year situations affecting only the image, not the colorful for that over in to do is you just click right here somewhere on the empty space on this consideration, click right. And here it use create clipping mask if I just click it, boom! As you can see, not be good here. This arrow which is pointing down which means now this is connected only to this image on affect only the image And as you can see, that's why now the colors are pink and not green anymore. Results that I would like to end this lesson here. This is about creating scores on if you have any problems. Just, uh, lives. I mean the comment. I will have to help. I mean, if you got any problems. But you never problems, because this was easy. Come on, guys. Visibly anyway, see Owns the next lesson where we're going to finally create this beautiful radiance. I know you have been waiting for that already for a long time. 5. Before you continue...: nice before. Continue. One more thing. If you really enjoy the course, please created this really, really help me to create more, more and even more amazing glasses for you. 6. Adding the rainbows: What's up, guys on? Welcome back. Finally, today we're going to create the rain bows that we have been waiting for for such a long time. So first followed. Can just create any empty where measures like it owns it off. And now we need to go here. Click right and just Grady into a vest were important. Gradient Oh no, let's go here. Click on this narrow down and here you're going to have a different gradients. Onda. We're going to use the default grading that comes with for the shop when you're install your father shop so we don't need to create a one Grand is already great in that photograph has Onda. There's one of them, so if I click here as you can see, it looks like rainbow Onder. Then also make sure you absolute is the first grade in type, which is linear ingredient models. Normal and also passed is 100%. When we have all of that all went to do we need to create a greedy int so vertical so it needs to go like that on, for example, if I drove from off down, the problem is, as you can see, it's not vertical going from left to right the great. And that's why we go back on. We need to actually drove from left to right so I can just click from left to right. That's what we need now. When we did that factor into makes it smaller, not go to edges on go to free transform. Where is it? Where is it trust from? If you have returns from where you can just use pot case control or common plus t on the right now we just need to make it smaller. So it would just make it smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller boom on the first of into makes its toll enough. Looks like like this. And now we need to make it really talk under for that If I just click and, like a Mexican sees is getting scaled up from everywhere. So I want toe own them, change the height. I don't want to change the wit on before that. If he using the new expression of fortitude, which is 2019 if you want to change only once that you ate the whole ship. Okay. So again to put through 2019 year to hold shift if you want to change only one side, he fears in for Trump older than 2019th and you don't need told Chip again. Very important. So it just drugs is from Kansas. Is pretty top on DA. This should be fun. Announcer Click Right? Actually, let's make this even toll. I would say no this. Now let's click right on church perspective on DA. This helps is actually to, you know, Brent is down. So if I go here to this middle point, I click and try to watch as you can see the bending down and that's what we need. There should be fine. Let's bring it somewhere here unless click OK now, when this is done, let's click right on this where somewhere in the empties basically cried and discover, too Smart object. That's very important, really, That so we can later use smart filters on this subject because smart filters, you can use them on smart object. You get the connection smart with your smart object. So on da right now, we toe Goto pictures have been selected to go to filter again. Here you have smart filters and then Goto Burke and then you go to motion Blur and here veto first full make the distance bigger as against the wind Makes it isn't figure skating bourey boom, but nothing to change the angle of the blows that has gone from the left to the right. We need to make it other side. So, like this as you can see, something like that on me to make the blueness bigger somewhere around 90 should be fine for now. Let's click. OK, so here we need to actually make it a little bit more down to basically being toe bring more perspective. So again we go to edit free transform on a click right here Goto perspective. And they gave me toe myself down even more Yes, I never go to filter noise on add noise was actually just at some noise to harbor rainbow Effect on And I can see you can make it more or less We're going to stick with 20 Yeah, let's look OK I know when we did that access you can see here Eso It's getting beyond the sunglasses on. If you want to live, it can live it. If you don't like you like it you can change it. But first of what I wanted I want to make that. Basically, this is to seen so again we go to aged free transform on Right now I can just click and drag to make it a little bit bigger like this. Let's click. OK? Yeah, that's much much, much better. So if you don't like actually this thing here, you can just create a mask. So if you just click here on create musk now we have a mask. Yeah, we can take our brush toe on da. Just make sure you go here and choose the injured about his Choose the normal circle Much hardener zero onda actually, let's make the brush bigger on. We can actually just did this thing here if you don't like it. But now we just need to create a copy of this. Soldiers click right Duplicate Lor on Creek. Okay, now let's take our movoto on. The duplicate is actually on this Zeller from this layer search and click on Jack and you have a copy. Great age. And that said these are rain, Boss, you can make the middle mobile if you want to. For example, it's so you want to make them more blurry. You can take this. You can't like this layer can go to filter Blore and then goes and blows on Other than some goes in blue, You know too much as it should be fun actually something. Let's see, potentially find 12 much pugilistic. Okay, But he has You can see we don't see the noise that because Gaussian blur keys It was a nice in our hierarchy. So we have to take the girl symbol and put it billows and noise Boom! And we have the noise again. I'm going to the same to the same laws as a Laker game selected. Go to filter, Blur, Go see in blue Let's put 2 12 That's actually take. Go simpler and put it back. I mean, down. And there you have it, guys. The rainbow effect. Well, that's it. We finished our artwork. I will help you enjoy this on yet out of fun when you're creating this place, check also other pluses for me because I try to make really cool and creative classes that you have never seen before. You guys 7. Recommended classes for you :): my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before I continue, I would like to come in you some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me. Otherwise you will misfolded unique projects and classes I create every single week and you're my recommended classes for you. This artwork is called glitchy we are on was one of my early successful artworks. This class consists off seven simple lessons. We should just 6 to 7 minutes long most of them you're going to learn a lot On first, we're going to our to create this kind of rectangle was great. And then you will learn how to use this Marshall to create this kind of cool effect afterward to a place that oil paint effect which is also pretty cool removal at some shadows retouch the image itself on unique art ideas and techniques For next digital artwork. This class is going to reveal your all the cool techniques that I'm using for my artwork. You'll actually learn the techniques that I use in order to create this and other cool artworks. I have put all my so my experience and every think I knew from friendship into this class the teacher all the top secrets that probably 99% of for the shoppers don't know exists creative upholstery for the shop artwork that went viral tone instagram. So when I created this artwork, it actually got republished by many big arctic sounds on instagram on. It helped me to boost my INSTAGRAM profile. The biggest thing that was amazing for people who saw his artwork was actually this liquid colors effect on off course. You will learn how to create this. Anything crediting is that this liquid cause were actually created using this kind of image off ice creams. So you will learn how to transform any image into a colorful pattern. Learn for the shop to the and create on imagine move graphics. So this class is all about learning house there to the functions in for the shop work. They will help you to create this kind of beautiful, really weird and funky sunglasses that look awesome. Of course, Unanswered concedes there looks so realistic. That's all. Thanks to using the treaty functions off for the shop, in other words, is going to open a whole new part off for the shop for you and you made your art using for the shop on after effects. Do you want to know how this was created? Or this far? These eyebrows were animated the's on. Even this if the answer is yes, and this is the class that you need to take, this will help you take your Arthur's SoHo new level and not only artworks you can actually use this technique planet made any image. For example, this once you can see it looks so realistic. But there's actually an image. It was any medications if you click that I'm teaching in that class, so make sure to check out this for us. It's totally first. That was eight for my recommendations. I'm 100% sure that you're going to love this. Close it on. They're going to bring you so much. Weller. I'm always trying to teach only the newest modern techniques that most people don't even know exist, so you can be always a step ahead off everyone else. How cool is that? See you guys on one of my classes bite