Photoshop Skills - Crack And Peel Effects

Vladimir Raykov, Marketing and Sales Manager

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4 Videos (29m)
    • Introduction To The Course

    • Crack & Peel Effect - Face 1

    • Crack & Peel Effect - Face 2

    • Recommended Websites For Free Images


About This Class

Thank you for visiting this course. Here, you are going to learn one of the most interesting Photoshop effects and namely "Crack and Peel" effects - (see the example).

I'd like to tell you that this course is for intermediate students, however, beginners would be also able to apply the skills taught inside. Please, take this fact into consideration.

Here is the example:


The skills you are about to learn can be applied on all kinds of images, however I am going to be concentrated on the "human face" types. In the course I am editing two images in front of you while I am explaining step by step what you need to know and do in order to have the results I have.

I am looking forward seeing you inside the course.

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I'm new to photoshop and this class was explained in a way that I could easily understand.
Ken Wells

Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach





Vladimir Raykov

Marketing and Sales Manager

Vladimir Raykov works as a Marketing Manager at an innovative and highly developing company for software solutions.

Vladimir has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and has successfully completed courses on a Master's level on Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Knowledge at Copenhagen Business School.

He is an author, blogger and one of his deepest passions is leadership - bringing out the best in people. Moreover, Vladimir is certified by Case Western Reserve University on a course - Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence. The course was conducted by professor Richard Boyatzis.

Social Media enthusiast with more than 60000 followers on the two of his Twitter accounts (@vladimirraykov and @tech_innovator).

His highest priorities are family and friends. He does and is interested in online teaching and learning as he thinks that these two terms are the new currency of the future.

A strong believer in education, Vladimir is willing to share his knowledge with others.