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Photoshop Retouching-Learn Digital Art in Photoshop

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

Photoshop Retouching-Learn Digital Art in Photoshop

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

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13 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Intro Magical Dreamy Night Final with Music for skillshare

    • 2. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite Photoshop 1

    • 3. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 2

    • 4. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 3

    • 5. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 4

    • 6. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 5

    • 7. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 6

    • 8. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 7

    • 9. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 8

    • 10. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 9

    • 11. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 10

    • 12. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 11

    • 13. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 12

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Photoshop Retouching-Learn Digital Art in Photoshop

Dreamy Magical Night-Photo Composite

Learn Step-by-step Photo composite and Retouching Techniques

Do you want to learn the Digital Art Photo Composite or Photo Manipulation in Photoshop?

Do you want to learn Photoshop Retouching Techniques in Photoshop?

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In this class, you will learn step by step process to create Amazing Digital Art Photo Composite in Photoshop.

This Class requires the intermediate knowledge of Photoshop. 

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1. Intro Magical Dreamy Night Final with Music for skillshare: 2. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite Photoshop 1: in this video, you are going to learn how to create this. The dreamy, magical photo manipulation or Photo composite and for her shop coming up. Everyone, I'm hurt more than in this video. We are going toe. Learn how you can create this kind of medical photo composite or for the manipulations in for a show. You can download all the resource files from the link in the description section below. Open the image in adobe camera raw, and here we will do some adjustments. First of all, press the auto button on it's going to automatically adjusted, and then we'll will fix the exposure to something like this. And the shadows will open up the shadows so that we get some dynamic range in the shadows on Let's agency exposure a little bit more. They have to come to the lens correction panel on select removed chromatic aberration and unable profile correction and then goto the sharpening panel, press old or option and drag theme asking slider so that the sharpening is applied only on the as is increase the sharpening amount on increased the noise reduction dominance of a little bit and come to the basic panel once again on who were here will adjust the highlights and the exposure a little bit more. Once done, press open. Image on that's going toe. Open the image in Adobe for a show. Thereafter, goto the select until the subject, and that's going to make a selection off the subject and then select the W and select the select and mask option. And that's going to open up this refine as option here, just refined the as using these quick selection tool or the refine at selection to. So let me quickly do this on. Come back just all of these settings and once done, press okay and make sure output is selected to newly it with layer mask. And then if there is any problem, as you can see over here on the face, there is a problem. So we need to just refine that as well. So, for this purpose will be using the Pantone to create a selection off. First will great apart, and then we'll create a selection and refine this area. So let me just quickly do this so that you don't get bored. If you want to learn about the mental, go ahead and check out the link off the video in the discretion section below, where you can learn easily. Or you can go to the basic sections on, Learn how Depend toolbox and how you can use it. 3. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 2: once done now will smooth out the skin. Using the third party plug in, we'll go to the filter on select the imagine or makes portraiture. So this is a plug in which you can use to smooth out the skin very quickly the other ways as well. But I'm going to use the stool for this purpose, so that would save me a lot more time. Let me zoom in on the face and see how much smoothing it does and make sure from the settings you choose either the normal or you can go for the medium. So for this Rivers, I'll go for the normal and thereafter I'll press okay, and that's going to smooth out the skin. 4. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 3: on no lazy tree on you can see on the bottom. We need to mask it out. So for this weapons will create a mask by clicking on the mosque. Aiken and right click. Choose the soft as brush Andi from the Brushes panel. We will use this crash brush, which is default so goto it's settings, and in these brush setting, you need toe unchecked the color dynamics on day after with the black color, you need to paint over here to mask it out from the bottom so hard as would be removed. And it would appear that there are grasses on the street is actually standing in the grasses. So let me quickly do this and refine other areas off the trees as well, using the soft as a brush. So I have spent up this so that you don't get bold 5. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 4: on. Once it done, let's place the model over here. Zoom in on let's mosque our feet as well, so create a mask again. Jozy grass brush on with the black color, start bending over it to mask out her legs so that it appears that our leg is inside the grass. She's actually standing over there. Once done. Now, let's paint in the shadow, so create our new blank layer by clicking on the page. Aiken on you earlier, I can choose the softest brush with the pressure opacity for euros. A. Using the graphic tablet, I'm using the Graphic Devil It. Otherwise, you can go for the low rapacity if you're using the mouse, so go for the around 10% capacity with the black color and start pending in the shadows. So let me just speed up, speed it up so that you don't get bored and make sure that from the bottom or where she's actually standing there, area would be much darker compared to the other eight years, so you need to keep on painting number off times to get the desired effect and make sure the direction is on the left side's because the light is coming from the right side or real , replacing one light source on the right side. Okay, a little bit on the tree trunk as well, because that area has to be little, the darker and you can see. Now we have just printing it, the shadows and there after, if you want, you can lower down the opacity off the shadow as well. If you feel that it is over, then so something like this is good. Once done, goto the adjustment. Select our codes adjustment and make sure you check this clipping mask. That way, it's going to affect only only model. Click in the middle on drag it down, tell me just under it and place it on the right equation. This has to be about the trailer because we are working on the tree and make sure is slipping to the tree only and click in the middle drag down toe, make it darker and just suspicion on then from the highlights as well. Click and drag the highlight point to something like this so that we get some kind off off , let image, and then let's see how it looks now. Thereafter, choosy Software's brush with the black color, Start removing it from the 80 Other light is coming, Then goto the adjustment once again. It one more cause adjustment just about the model air and clip it to the this layer underlying layer and click in the middle and drag. It will do the same processor over here on click and grand down the highlights as well to make it somewhat flat and darker. Do something like this, and then we'll juicy again. Software's brush with the black color. Selecting the mask will paint out from the light where the light is coming or in the light direction. So that is the right version in this case and will be painting to remove the effect off the skulls adjustment from that that area. So this is how we can easily make the highlights and shadows in for a job so that it looks good. So let me just quickly do this on come back and once don't create one more cause adjustment this time, click in the middle on drag it on the top to add more highlights and make sure it is also clipped to the underlying their press control. Iot common I toe involved the mosque on. Then choose the software's brush once again, and this time will be using the white color toe paint in the highlights, so make sure the foreground color is white. By pressing D on your keyboard on, let me just quickly do this, and once it done, you can see now we'll work on the background. So for this purpose, what we will do will blur it out the glass so that the entire focus remains on the subject . So for this purpose will select this park layer, which is on the bottoms. Andi Thereafter well, that's tries this layer on will goto the filter on Choose the Blur Gallery and will choose the tilt shift so we'll be creating a tilt shift effect. So we'll click on Brad this circle. So whatever is inside this circle area that would be sharper and rest off the area would be blurred out, and just it pollution something like this. Click and drag it down to expand this circle area, which would be in focus thereafter. Just increase the amount, whichever you like on for. This was that would be using something like this, and you can adjust the light. Okay as well. But in this case, there is no night. Okay, so nothing is happening. Once done there after you need to press the okay on that's going to apply on the image. And that's going to blurt out the background. It takes little bit time because it's very heavy. Effect on you can see it has blurred this. 6. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 5: as you can see, that we have blurred the background successfully and now we're going toe place the horse over here. So for this purpose, I'm going to use this image on for this purpose. Let me just resize is press control t command T If you're using the Mac on breast, old or shift or press old if you're using the adobe for a shop CC 2019 and then scale it And that way it's going to scale from the center. So maybe I would place it around here. I think on the size is fine and press enter. And now I need to remove this lady from this course. So what I will do, I will select the lawsuit room, which I can have the excess by pressing l on my keyboard on that would open on the lasso tool And then I'm going to select the feet eras you don't mind to on Click on dro are off selection something like this around this lady and dress controlled backspace. Our press delete. All right, so it's a smart object, so we won't be able to lead it. So I right, click and select the restaurants layer and directoral press the delete on our Keyport, and that's going to delete this lady from the top and now me to fix this lady from the bottom. So what I'll do, I'll press control or command and click on the slayer to make a selection. So that way we would be able to make a selection off this, and then I will create a new blank clear about it. And then I would selected the startle from here. Stand to add. Make sure the sample all layers, is selected from here. If it is not otherwise, it's not going to work on the blankly on over here. Make sure the opacity is around 30% so that way we will get the better results. So around 30% is just fine. And then But Avello al zoom in and less old or option two simple from the area. So maybe around here Andi make the size little bit bigger. Am paint over it. First of all, let me Jane. Some settings in the settings think I need toe uncheck the shape dynamics which I don't want so thick on start painting over it. So basically I'm using the pen tablet. Andi, you can use the mouse as well. But if use you use the pen tablet that makes the life very easy. Okay, so there are some recommended graphic tablets Link in the description. If you want to check them out, you don't need a fancy or very heavy graphic tablets. You can just go for the basic one. I'm also using the basic one. And if you can afford, you can go for the medium size or the large size, depending on your need, right? Some just pressing old or option and clicking on the area to sample from that area. And I'm just spending over the this lady so so that I can remove it. And since we are working with the 30% capacity, we have to paint a number of times. But this is going to give us the better to result rather than if you're painting with 100% capacity. So let me quickly do this and come back and you can t I have successfully removed this lady 7. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 6: and now I'm going to march. Both of these two layers, by pressing control, evoke Ahmadi and I'm going to rename it as horse so that I can identify it later on. And now I will place it over here at this time. It looks like that this horse is floating in the year. So we'll get a new blank mask like looking over here on will choose the grass brush on that is the default brush which you can find under the legacy brushes. If it is not shown over here, this click on the gear I can and selected the legacy brushes from here and press OK on. Then you will finally hissy presses on the bottom on Did you will find the default brushes under the default folder. You will see this in grass brush which is over here on that. After we need to go to the brush settings on, we need toe remove the color dynamics on Yes, with the black color. We need to paint over here to create this kind off and make sure the opacity is 100% to create some grass is like this so that it appears that this horse is standing in the grass and not floating, all right, and once we have done it now we are going toe pain, the shadow to make it look like it's actually over here. So for this purpose will create a new blankly under it by pressing control. Oh, comma. On that, they will get a blank layer under it. Now we'll use E software's brush with pressure capacity because I'm using the tablet. If you're using something else like mouse, then you need to load on its opacity. But the benefit off the graphic tablet is that you don't have to adjust capacity again and again all you have to do this press light for lighter capacity or light stroke, and if you press hard, you will get the harder strong, so we'll choose the black color on. Then we will paint over. Its source in the light Source is coming from this site, and we have been really shut off the girl from the left side to the left side, so we'll do the same for the horse as well, so we'll paint slowly. Make sure this layer is selected shed really respected. If you make a mistake you can just choose the is a tool. By pressing e on your key boat, you'll have the access to It is a to Andi with the Make sure the brush is soft as a brush for the residual. Otherwise you'll get the hard edge just to remove it from there and just choose the breast again and then start spending there again. Well, you can press or jet control idiot one. Do it. And as you can see, I have been too much. So I choose the reason on the low capacity around 10% they remove it to make it later. Something like this. Get on again. Choose the restroom on. I'm going to be a little bit more or here Onda, zoom in a little bit on on the bottom off the legs. Make sure you make the heart strokes because over here with shadow would be on if you want even low down its opacity as well. Do something like this. Okay, on press control s commodities to save it. That's the danger. You look more 8. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 7: And now we will just fix this area off the horse. So they choose the horse, um, mosque. And this time we'll use the paintbrush. Let me find if I have something brushes over here. Okay, so let me load my paintbrushes, which I have created. You can download this as well. From the link in the description section below on import brushes. Andre, Pain smoked on. Okay. Here. Paintbrush. So here, in here paintbrushes. You will find this fresh, and it looks like something like this. So what do you have to do? You have to just say the black color and paint hopes. I think this is not working the way I want it. So what? I look like the software's brush on with the black color. I'm going to remove it from here, and I'm going to paint these. Here's later. Let me choose the normal brush. Okay. And once we are done now, we're going to paint this for again. So for this purpose, what will go will create a duplicate copy off this horse. Sold? Raskin told you Command yet? So now I'll turn off the bottom there, off and right. Click and select Deacon were too smart. Object and then right click and select restaurants layer. So convert to smart object would would basically apply the layer mask and then tries. Delia would remove it as a smart object. And then we need to come over here on this much tool panel. So come over here and click and hold on. That would open up this much tool. And from this top, you need to select this hairbrushes, which we have just used or just important. And make sure sample all layers is selector. Uncheck and strength is 50%. And then let me turn off all these layers. Okay, Andi. Then I'll click on dreck, click and rang and make sure the opacity or the strength is 100% on. Let's make it 50% on day after you have to just Bandon on. That's going to create these years nihilistic. Here's so this is a much better option rather than making selection can. This is very difficult selection, as with all right on. Now I'll paint on the tail so you can see I'm just spending with 80% capacity. You can go for 100 as well. It gives you the present over here, you can see this one is looking amazing. If you want to make them bigger, Spain's again, please. It's their size here, ends with on. This one is looking good and the reason why I turned off all these lives. Because if I won't do this, it's going to simple some off the colors off other layers as well. On that's going toe. Create some problem when we are going toe, use some calls or will you some calibrating option over here. So let me just turn back all these layers right now it when this one looks like this. 9. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 8: and now we need to just work on the shadow and highlight off the horse. So for this purpose will again go back on the scuffs adjustment and make sure this one is clipped to the underlying layer by clicking on this clipping mask. Aiken. And then we'll click on Drag it to make it something like this on bond over here as well. And then we'll choose the soft as a brush with 100% opacity. Or you can go home 50% capacity on with the black color. We're going toe paint on this area. Since the light is coming from that side, this area has to be a little bit less bright. So that's what we are trying to mimic over here, on on the legs. Those light would fall over there. Okay, on this leg as well. On what we're here. Oh, the next. And if you want, you can load capacity something like this on Do let's spend it on face because they want to be brighter so that we can see it clearly. And let's get one more curves adjustment and again flip it to the post. Near that way, it's going to affect only the course there on clicked and dragged it indeed, from the middle on breast control, I come on. I too involved it on to leave Russia once again with 50% capacity. And this time with the right start thinking on horse again on paint, on the answers to three in light. Make sure you capacity is 100% any conflict and drag it up even further. Pretends the late. Using this technique, we can easily create some of in lights right on. There is a problem with the selection. So the street fine, it Smith the reason to make it smaller with $100 in capacity on to just from here from this site. Right now, this one is looking good, but I think the post is less right. So this'll choose. The Wrestle Software's brush with around 10% capacity will paint on the horse with white color to make it a little bit more writer on. We can see the difference by turning these layers on and off on select the first cause exist mint on with the black color. We're going to paint on the horse a little bit more, okay and Now this one is looking but and if you want, you can even lower on its propensity a little bit more. Okay, now we are going toe blow. Great This image. So for this purpose will create a stamped copy Or let's leave it as it is, Goto the actions on download my deep sigh and look for the shop action which you can download absolutely free from the link in the description section below. Create a much copy off it by pressing control. Old shift. He led the deep sigh look and select deeply and it will show a message. Changing modes will discard some adjustment layers change more anyway, press pok on selected Don't rest rise and ball Now you can see it has elevated this image to something like this and select the the solar toe for her own hands. Lady Boto dark background there and select the mass. Choose the brush tool on with the black color. Start depending on the model on on the horse making right. Come on, Doc. And you can being concluded on the site as well. On a DNC, this one is looking much better. So you condone this on and off and see the result. Earlier, we were having, uh this kind off effect. And now we have color gated. It does something like this. 10. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 9: and now we'll will create a light over here. So for this weapons will create a new blankly Onda. Choose the brush to with 100% opacity. Software's brush on will choose to speak up in this color, which is a less saturated yellow. Andi will make the side of the brush smaller and paint here once or twice and changes layer bland. Moto Lena does on dress, controlled the command key and pressing wrote. If you're using the Twitter shop, CC 2019 resize it, and that way it's going to scale from the center. But if you're using the other version like 2018 you need to press and hold control and hold or command plus option and just resize it. Place it whatever you want and press enter on. Let's load on its capacity. Something like this. Okay, and you can see by turning this on and off. And now we're going toe paint some magical lights over here so great a new blank. Clear. Andi, all what we can do will create because adjustment and click and drag it up. Do something like this and placed control. I come on I to invert the mask and use the brush tool with the white color software's brush . Andi with around 50% capacity. We're going to click over here once on, then press shift and click away, and that's going to create the straight stroke for us. And next time we're going toe, make the size of the brush smaller. Click here and think. Click here on by pressing shift and holding shift. Click here. So after us keep on doing this. And every time you have toe may the size of the brush different so you can make it smaller or larger. Yeah, that way you will get some variety in this magical light. All right, so once you have done it now you can change this little blend more to let's say, screen or lighten light and will give you the less effect. But if you want more respect, you can go for this clean and thereafter load on its capacity through something like this, whichever you like on. Then we'll choose the filter blur and choose goes in blur, and let's choose the radius off around. Let's see 15.3. You can go for anything you want, but I will go for something like this or you can increase it. You see the result on once you're done press OK, now you can see we have got this kind of result. I have blurred a little bit more and thereafter Giusti this mask on. If you want to remove it from certain parts, you can do that as well. With the help of this black mask. No one on this site, maybe middle opacity. Okay, on now this is looking much better. 11. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 10: And now we are going toe create these some particles over here dust particles so that we can place them on the light that it's going to look much better. So for that purpose will again use him of one off my Photoshopped action, which includes the articles. So let me lord the action. So do the December the menu and selected the Lord actions and let me in those I think this is social action back. Okay, let me load this one on this. You can download this from the description as well. So it has this light leaks as well Particles as well. So it has 12345678 It is eight for a short action back, which you can download from the link in the description section below. So I'm going to select the particles on select the play button, and that's going to create some particles or stars for us automatically. We don't have to do anything, and you can see it has created thes dust particles. But as you can see, these are very less right. So we want to make them bright, so will open on this folder and select veto particles and press control. Al, come on toe open of the Levels command, and then we'll click on this mid tones lighter and click on Drag it to the left side. So that's going toe. Make these particles or just a little bit more brighter on visible and will press OK, and now we'll select this folder and there is a mosque on this holder. So press control Iot command. I toe inward the mosque and that we will get the black mask, so that means it's completely hidden. And now, with the soft as brush, we are going toe paint on the area where we want to make it possible. Make sure foreground color is white. Otherwise, it's not going to work on capacity is 100% our you can use the pen devil, a soft round pressure opacity brush on. Let me paint over here so these stars on dust. So I'm just spending over here on their visible now so you can see by turning this on and off. It has added some extra interest to the image 12. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 11: and now I'm going to bring in my polling flowers lecture on. I'm going to place it over here on. Let me place it over here on the top on. Let's say the size it do something like this, maybe place it over here and press enter and right click and select. It destroys layer and rest. Raise layer would basically reduce your PC's file size, so that's why I'm doing it on. Let's create a new mask or it by clicking on this mosque I can and choose the brush tool on this time all Jews, the normal soft as a brush with around 50% opacity. I'm going to paint over the mosque with the black color to remove it from the area where I don't want these flowers to be visible. Maybe from here, and I'm going toe low down its capacity as well, so that they don't become that right. Something like this on remove it from other ideas on Let's choose the 20% capacity, and if you want to make some back, you can just stained with the white color, and that's going to bring them back. Well, it and now finally will add some we need effect of this. So we'll click on this and system player Aiken answering the ingredient on from this Grady in will selected Black to transfer ingredient as this moment it is ah, yellow, too transparent, created. So we'll click on this girl I can and selected the neutral density and selling the OK or yes, hopes. I think Now we have got these. Let me select color harmonies. Event. Holly. So this is the black to transfer ingredient and will press okay, genius style toe the radio and that delivers and click in the middle on drag it to the light source something like this and then scale it up so that it spreads everywhere. Or let's place it over. Hiss Onley. I mean subject and breast. OK, lead changes label and moto overly how it looks all right. This one is looking good souls, said the mosque on with the software's brush with 100% opacity with black color. We're going to paint on the horse on on the light so that it doesn't affect this idea on. You think that's added some vignette effect on that way, we can just bring the focus toe the main subject on Goto. The adjustment layer once again, and this time will select on the exposure. So I click on this Andi, click the exposure and drag it up. Maybe a little bit. Not that much. Something like this on increase the comma correction. That's going to add more contrast to the image to make sure it is not that much, but at least because but is good on. We can see it by turning this on and off and this live on paint over here with the left color so that this doesn't affect this area that much. Now let's create one more of adjustment and let's click and drag it back in the mill on from the Let's Agent Click and drag Known more, I think, on dress control, I common I do inverted. Now I'm going to paint on the horse over there. I want to make it less right over here because of the light. Swell Press X with the white color to make the foreground. Color is white on help paint the pressure opacity brush, or you can pain with the low capacity on being on this idea on its body. A little bit on, you can see it has no become less right, and he ate one more cause adjustment and click and drag it up to make it more right. Press control. I come on, I two in Vote it on. Choose the soft as a brush with bite color paint on the top so that this idea become more right. Something like that, you can see the difference. But turning this own and way have made a very small difference. And let's spend on bigger a little bit more. So use the brush tool on very light capacity painting on things host. Now you can see this one looking good on there is a problem, or here we have not been shadow on the legs. So it a new plant live on. Choose the software's brush and press hold or option and pick up from here on and shadows under her leg. When they refuse that, it's actually foot length on the tree trunk on what we have and some this on the brush on Let's before color. So impressive make colors to fold and then can be on. This one is looking too much over Lord on capacity, something like this from this area. So it's 20 is a do by pressing e on a keyboard on being a little bit from this eight. Okay, now this one is looking much better. 13. Dreamy Magical Night Photo Composite 12: and now will finally sharp on this image. But before that will add some. My prints will click on the vibrant adjustment layer to create a vibrant adjustment there on Click on Increased the vibrance. Do something like this, Andi, on a little bit situation also and we can work on the ice as well. As you can see, we have the right advice. Swell flick on to create a new layer on zooming with the white color for round color Should be divide and bill attained on this idea so that it doesn't look that bad. Yes, no, this one is looking good on Jews. The brush to big piece M performed here on a plane to convict over here shop on this niche finally. So for this trance control over shift or common option shift to create a much Popeo back on , then we'll change its plan more Too many light and then we'll go to the filter. Andi will choose other and we'll choose the hi bus and from here will choose the Raiders off 1.2 on will press OK, you can see it has made me emailed shopper. But if you don't want the sharpness to be applied everywhere. What you can do, you can press old or option on. Click on the mosque I can to create a black mask and then zoom in on the area, which you want to be sharper. Choose the softest brush with 100% capacity with white filler on paint on that area like eyes I blues lips on. Here's to make them brighter or sharper, and similarly, you can paint on the horse as it and on its eyes on its heirs, on its nose, on base, on on if you want on. This is our final result. So let me show you the booth, so this is our final.