Photoshop Retouching Crash Course: Create a Stunning Portrait with Your Phone Camera | Marouane Bembli | Skillshare

Photoshop Retouching Crash Course: Create a Stunning Portrait with Your Phone Camera

Marouane Bembli, Design Professional & Online Teacher

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8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction - Welcome!

    • 2. 1 Pick a portrait photo

    • 3. 2 Use the dodge tool for glow

    • 4. 3 Use the burn tool for crisp contrasts

    • 5. 4 The clone stamp tool really works magic

    • 6. 5 How to use the lasso tool to change jacket color

    • 7. 6 Combining tools for end result

    • 8. 7 Contrast Balance and Sharpness


About This Class

Welcome to this short and straight to the point course on how to turn your cell phone selfies into professional looking headshots!

My name is Marouane Bembli. I'm a professional industrial designer with over 15 years experience in Photoshop and photo retouching and manipulation.

In this course you'll learn how to edit a photo taken with almost any type of camera and make it profile pic worthy using simple Photoshop techniques. 

What: In this easy-to-follow class, you'll learn simple Photoshop tips and tricks for photo retouching and how to "make over" basic mobile phone portrait photos.

Who: This class is ideal for anyone looking to improve their photos and learn basic retouching in Photoshop. Maybe you don't have the budget for an advanced DSLR camera and want an alternative way to get that professional look in your portraits.

Why: It's a fun and straight to the point class! I hope to see you inside!

Now, let's get started!





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Marouane Bembli

Design Professional & Online Teacher

Marouane is an industrial designer and online teacher from Stockholm, Sweden currently living in the sunshine state of Florida. He has a great passion for design and especially the art of design sketching. 

You could say he's a wannabe surfer and backpacker (34 countries and counting) who can't help but sketch whenever he picks up a pen. He's worked as an industrial designer, concept artist, illustrator and online teacher for over 10 years which sometimes makes...

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