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Photoshop Retouching Crash Course: Create a Stunning Portrait with Your Phone Camera

teacher avatar Marouane Bembli, Design Professional & Online Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction - Welcome!

    • 2. 1 Pick a portrait photo

    • 3. 2 Use the dodge tool for glow

    • 4. 3 Use the burn tool for crisp contrasts

    • 5. 4 The clone stamp tool really works magic

    • 6. 5 How to use the lasso tool to change jacket color

    • 7. 6 Combining tools for end result

    • 8. 7 Contrast Balance and Sharpness

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About This Class

Welcome to this short and straight to the point course on how to turn your cell phone selfies into professional looking headshots!

My name is Marouane Bembli. I'm a professional industrial designer with over 15 years experience in Photoshop and photo retouching and manipulation.

In this course you'll learn how to edit a photo taken with almost any type of camera and make it profile pic worthy using simple Photoshop techniques. 

What: In this easy-to-follow class, you'll learn simple Photoshop tips and tricks for photo retouching and how to "make over" basic mobile phone portrait photos.

Who: This class is ideal for anyone looking to improve their photos and learn basic retouching in Photoshop. Maybe you don't have the budget for an advanced DSLR camera and want an alternative way to get that professional look in your portraits.

Why: It's a fun and straight to the point class! I hope to see you inside!

Now, let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marouane Bembli

Design Professional & Online Teacher


Marouane is an industrial designer and online teacher from Stockholm, Sweden currently living in the sunshine state of Florida. He has a great passion for design and especially the art of design sketching. 

You could say he's a wannabe surfer and backpacker (34 countries and counting) who can't help but sketch whenever he picks up a pen. He's worked as an industrial designer, concept artist, illustrator and online teacher for over 10 years which sometimes makes him feel pretty old.

He has a master degree in automotive design and a bachelors degree in industrial design.

Some of his designs have been featured online and in numerous magazines such as Auto Motor & Sport, Auto Express, Car Magazine, Top Speed and Car Scoop.

You c... See full profile

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1. Introduction - Welcome!: Hey, guys around family. And welcome to this course where I'm gonna walk you through how to turn a cell phone selfie into something a bit nicer and maybe something that you want to use in your portfolio or your profile picture or something like that. So we're gonna use simple tools and we're using photo shop for this course. So if you haven't used photos up before, it's not that complicated. I think you're gonna manage with the tools that we're gonna use so hope to see inside and let's get started. 2. 1 Pick a portrait photo: Hey, welcome to this course. My name is Marwin Bemba Lee. And what we're gonna learn in this course is how to take a normal iPhone picture like this iPhone portray and make it a bit more interesting. So we're gonna play with the light. We're gonna just a few things just to touch it up a little bit. And the end result is going to look something like this right here. And we are currently going to use photo shall. We are in Photoshopped right now, So if you have that installed on your computer, you might want out. Fire it up right now and grab a picture off your beautiful wife. Maybe like I did right here in this example. And ah, it could be any picture. Just make sure it's a stalk patriots straight out of the phone or something like that that it hasn't been played around with just yet. 3. 2 Use the dodge tool for glow: So let's ah, dive right in. All right. So the first thing we see here is that it's a bit too flat. And what I mean by that is that the image, it has the same kind of values all over. It's kind of beige or the tones are the same s So what we're gonna do, we gonna go right click on this layer right here. We're gonna hit duplicate layer up here like that and what we can do here. We can hit this little icon in that in the tools bar on the left side here. And we want to go to Dodge Tool right here. And now we want to select a big airbrush kind of brush. So the brush if we just have the brush, it looks like this. Ah, let's pick a color. This is what the brush looks like, and we're gonna pick that same brush. But using the Dodge tool and what the Dodge Tool does, it's basically making the everything brighter that you touch with the brush. So I want to make her face the center off this picture, and that's what I'm doing right now. I'm just touching up the brightness and as we can see, her face is starting to become a bit more bright and that's exactly what we want. We will not create a contrast between her and the background. 4. 3 Use the burn tool for crisp contrasts: It's very easy to overdo this, so we don't want to do it too much. And once we're happy with that, we want to switch to the burn tool. Okay, so what we want to do now is hit the selected burn tool, which is right below the Dodge Tool, and we want to do the same thing. But now we want to focus on the area behind her and around and on the background. Just add a bit off a silhouette because you could say I guess around her. So something like this, Maybe that's a bit too much and want a raise, Just a little bit of it here. That looks cool. And an easy way to check if something looks messed up is the zoom out and ah, see from a bit of a distance, if it looks okay and I think it does 5. 4 The clone stamp tool really works magic: So this is what we have so far. This is the original, and this is what we don't know. Now you can see these hairs right here. That sticks out a little bit. We kind of want to take that off. So how do we do that? Well, now we're gonna jump into the clone tool, which is right here and what I'm doing now. I'm still using the airbrush and I'm gonna clone this area here because I want a copy. I want to paint with the the texture that is in this area. So I'm holding the Ault key or option key on a Mac, and then I'm just gonna select this by clicking on it, and I kind of want to make my brush a bit smaller. And as you can see, I'm actually painting with with where the X is this tiny little X there. I'm taking that. I'm taking the values and the information that's in the X area, and I'm using that to paint with, which means I'm basically copying the background and painting with the background. It's really cool and super useful to do retouching and stuff like that and really to boost to make a an image cleaner. And if you want some small details look like this to go away, you can always go into as much detail as you want to by just zooming in and fix this hairline. It can continue. Go in. I think I'm happy with that. For now, it looks really cool. 6. 5 How to use the lasso tool to change jacket color: All right, so let's go back and see what we have here is the original. And we went to this. Now, now, another thing that you might want to do is to change the color off her. Let's say we want this to be green or blue instead of red. Now, this is a bit this, I think, is the trickiest part of the whole of the whole process, because it, uh, involves a bit off selecting. You need to manually select. So I'm using the lasso tool right now, or the polygonal lasso tool. And I'm just going to start, go through this whole thing and select the entire area off the jacket. Okay, so I think we're good now. The tricky part here is that the hair is moving its, um, kind of covering some part of the jacket, and it's kind of messy, so we're going to see how this turns out and what we can do to fix it. If it's not, if it's not, if the if the result is not what we're looking for. 7. 6 Combining tools for end result: So from here we want to go up to image adjustments and hue saturation right here. And then we want to play around with the hue because that's what that means color. And we want to change the color off the jacket. As we can see, you were changing the culture now and I wanted to be light blue. Looks really cool. I'm gonna turn down the saturation just a little bit and let's flee around with the light and light. Light is good. Okay, so it turned out pretty well. The only problem is the hair here, which we can see a looks a bit weird. So what we can do? We can use the airbrush razor to go in and really fine raise these strings off hair Teoh to as much detail as we want. But we gotta be careful here because if we by accident, hit the go over the hair hairline and hit the and start raising the jacket, we're going to get, you know, back to a red jacket and we don't want that. I hope that makes sense. It's kind of difficult to explain, but I think it makes sense if once you try it. And here we have a large piece of hair that we need to raise so that the hair doesn't look blue. I still want the hair color to be brown, of course. And that's what we're doing right now. We are basically erasing this layer, which is the blue to bring back the brown hair. It takes a bit of time, I'm aware, But ah, if I wanted, I could stop right now. And we have a decent looking picture. Nobody is going to notice. Really? But, um, I wanna fix it just a little bit. And you see these tips here, we can go back to use the clone stamp tool to erase is the's areas here, Make it easy for us. So the same thing here, I'm using the value off, um, of the area that I'm cloning uncle. Now, right now, I want to clone this area right here. So I'm clicking. I'm holding the old key clicking on it, and now it takes the information from down there and we can paint with the same texture and values and everything that we have cloned. And I think this looks a bit to read as well so I'm gonna fix that right now. Still using the clone to then I guess we can actually, we can add some hair if we want to as well. I mean, why not? And now we won't want Mark. We might wanna use a brush a bit harder. That is a bit harder. So something like this to, ah, paint in the hair. Something like that. I think it's starting to look really cool. 8. 7 Contrast Balance and Sharpness: So let's ah recap here. Um, let's see what we get. When we got from to start with, we started with this image and now we're here. That sounded like a great song, but it wasn't meant to. So we are almost finished with this. Let's see what the final results looks like. Okay, we have a bit more work to do. So the next step would be to schorpen up this whole image. It's kind of blurry right now, and we wanna add some sharpness. I'm gonna go up to filter down, to sharpen and on Sharp mask And what that does hope you can see it here. Even though it's a low resolution camera phone picture. We can still add some sharpness with this tool right here. And that's the result. Actually. Let's put it in a new layer, so it's easier for you guys to see what this sharp in uncharted mask filter actually does. So we're make a new layer, and then we go through filter sharpen on short mask. And let's bump this up to one point to maybe right there. So this is with a sharp in, and this is without. It's a it's a tiny difference, but it still it still makes the image pop a bit more for sure. All right, so let's go back to our goal here and see what we have to do. I think we have to brighten the whole image up. So how do we do that? We go to image adjustments, curves, and we want to brighten this up so I usually go for an s curve because I want some contrast in there. And, uh, I think we're starting to get to what we're looking for. Here. Let's see the preview. Yeah, it looks looking good. If we wanted to, we can stop right here. Or we can make another duplicate of this layer and go over with the Dodge Tool in the burn tool a bit more. But I'm I actually think it's ah, it's, uh it's looking really good right now, so I don't think I want to go over it anymore with the darshan burn toll. So I'm just gonna keep it like that, and I mean, yes. If you want to make the background white, you can use the magic, warned tool and hopefully get this election close. Teoh complete around her. You can change the tolerance to maybe five or actually 20 a higher number, and then select the entire area around her, and then we want to go to exposure and brighten this whole thing up. I also want to reduce the saturation, some going into hue saturation because the yellow and brown part here I want that to be more of a gray. Actually, that's on these layers, I think. Yeah. So we can just merge these two layers, and I do that by doing command E. So if I want to march this background layer copy three with number two are just select number three, and I hit command you and that will emerge those two layers. And I don't want this brown area here. I want that to be more of a gray. So what I'm gonna do is just select the brush and I'm going to select a light gray and then just paint over this with the shade that I want. Even white looks good. So that's about it. Guys, I hope you enjoy this short corpse course on how to, uh, retouch simple iPhone po trace and make them into something really cool. and nice looking. So, uh, we can go back to when we had to start with here. This is when we started with and we ended up with that result right there. Actually, this one? Yes. And the steps are really not that complicated. If you have photo shop, I would encourage you to open up a portray off somebody and that Just play around with it and have fun and follow the steps in this video. And I'm sure you're going to be successful. And you're gonna reach the result that you're looking for. Thank you so much again for joining me in this short course. My name is more and family and I would appreciate it if you took a minute to leave a review . Have a great day, and I will see you next time.