Photoshop Production for eLearning: Creating Green Screen Backgrounds

Mark Lassoff, Technical Trainer and Author

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7 Videos (25m)
    • Welcome

    • Using Stock Images for Backgrounds

    • Photorealistic Backgrounds

    • Over-The-Shoulder Images

    • Creating Animated Background Loops

    • Project Video

    • Section Review


About This Class

Type is one of the most ubiquitous elements in any online course. Yet, as learning developers, we often think little about typographical choices and settle for program defaults.

The use of green screen video can help make your courses more engaging and visually interesting. Many think that green screen production is difficult-- however, with Photoshop you can create gorgeous green screen backgrounds in just a few minutes. 

In this course, using Photoshop, you'll learn to create engaging green screen backgrounds for your courses. You'll understand how to setup your Photoshop Image and create engaging backgrounds that will always make the instructor look good!

With Green Screen Visuals...
... You can put video of your instructor in the context of what your teaching
... You can use a picture in picture effect
... You can put your instructor in an interface to point out features and benefits
... You can put your instructor in remote locations without spending a dime
... You can differentiate your courses from the 90% of instructors who are just voicing over slides!

This course which will take just about an hour of your time includes a great activity that will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a great green screen background in Photoshop.

This course is part of the Beginning Photoshop for Online learning series, which teaches the most important Photoshop techniques eLearning developers need to know to create stunning visuals in their online learning content.






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Mark Lassoff

Technical Trainer and Author

Mark Lassoff 's parents frequently claim that Mark was born to be a programmer.  Starting, in the mid-eighties at age 11, Mark was hard at work on his Commodore 64 writing games in the BASIC language.  Today, Mark is a publisher, top technical trainer and author, providing software, mobile and web development training  Mark is a sought after video trainer, speaker and host.

Mark has trained programmers at Fortune 500 companies and government agencies world-wide. Mark's clients have included Aflak, Discover Card Services, the US Department of Interior and Symantec. A recognized expert in front end web and mobile development, Mark continues to teach at conferences regularly.

Mark Lassoff currently works as founder of LearnToProgram, Inc., a Connecticut-based company that publishes online courses that teach mobile, web, and game development. Over 500,000 people have learned programming from Mark through online and live classes and free tutorials. Loads of free tutorials and courses can be found at Mark’s twitter is @mlassoff.