Photoshop Portrait Editing Masterclass Part 5 - Artistic Black-and-White Conversions in Photoshop

Chad Neuman, Ph.D., Professor, Graphic Designer, Digital Media Expert

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction to Black-and-White Conversions in Photoshop

    • 2. Color Modes and Channels Conversions

    • 3. Channels and Masking Conversions

    • 4. Black-and-White Adjustment Layer Method

    • 5. Channel Mixer Adjustment Method

    • 6. Gradient Map Adjustment Method

    • 7. Camera RAW Filter Method


About This Class

Learn how to master black-and-white conversions in Adobe Photoshop by controlling for tonality instead of using default desaturation methods. Improve your black-and-white photo conversions with more vibrance and tonal contrast. Learn how to convert photos to black-and-white using various methods and considerations, including

  • Color Modes as Layers
  • Channels as Layers
  • Masking Layers for Selective Adjustment
  • Black-and-White Adjustment Layer
  • Channel Mixer Adjustment
  • Gradient Map Adjustment
  • Create amazing black-and-white or grayscale images in Photoshop after learning these techniques.
  • Camera RAW Filter


Post your work in the discussion/project forum for critique!

Thanks, Chad Neuman