Photoshop Perfection Basic 1: Retouching Images | John Ross | Skillshare

Photoshop Perfection Basic 1: Retouching Images

John Ross, Professional Retoucher

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11 Lessons (3h 12m)
    • 1. Different Styles

    • 2. Image One Part One

    • 3. Image One Part Two

    • 4. Image Two

    • 5. Image Three

    • 6. Image Four Part One

    • 7. Image Four Part Two

    • 8. Image Five

    • 9. Image Six Part One

    • 10. Image Six Part Two

    • 11. Conclusion


About This Class

Cap Off Your Knowledge with a Retouching Review

You’ve learned about all the right tools and all the right techniques—it’s time to challenge yourself with a final review. Are you ready to dive further into the deep yet wonderful world of Retouching Images?

Now that you’re no longer that wide-eyed rookie who came in when the course first started, I am officially welcoming you to the real world of retouching. This is the final and longest of the classes, and it pulls together all the loose information you have been learning over the entire course. You already know your way around, so we’ll spend the entire class reviewing and correcting several images from beginning to end. For two and a half hours, we’ll review one image after another. You will soon realize that all I really do is repeat the same steps and tools over and over again. After this class, you will no longer have problems using Adobe Photoshop ever again.





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John Ross

Professional Retoucher

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My name is John Ross, and I specialize in high-end Portrait, Product, and Scenic Retouching. I've been working in the printing, photography, retouching, marketing, and graphic design fields for more than 20 years.


Most recently, my retouching work has been seen in Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Photoshop Creative Magazine.


Photoshop Perf...

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