Photoshop Perfection Basic 1: Digital Fundamentals | John Ross | Skillshare

Photoshop Perfection Basic 1: Digital Fundamentals

John Ross, Professional Retoucher

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5 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. DPI, PPI, and LPI

    • 2. Resolution

    • 3. Tonal Bit Depth

    • 4. Color Spaces and Profiles

    • 5. File Formats


About This Class

What are the editing best practices? How should you set up your image settings? Which color profile should you use? What is the best file format for your purposes, and what in the world are DPI and PPI? The key topics covered in this session are Understanding Resolution, Bit Depth, Tonal Range, Color Spaces and Color Profiles. Decisions you make today will be important years from now, so be educated before deciding how you want to work.

Learn how to think for yourself in this foundational class on the best PRE-PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES that will give you the nest POST-PRODUCTION RESULTS. Because there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to photo editing, this class will help you gain a good grasp of the basics so that you can make your own decisions—and the most effectives ones at that.





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John Ross

Professional Retoucher

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My name is John Ross, and I specialize in high-end Portrait, Product, and Scenic Retouching. I've been working in the printing, photography, retouching, marketing, and graphic design fields for more than 20 years.


Most recently, my retouching work has been seen in Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Photoshop Creative Magazine.


Photoshop Perf...

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