Photoshop Perfection Basic 1: Basic Tools and Palettes

John Ross, Professional Retoucher

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6 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Selection Tools

    • 2. Brush Tools

    • 3. Extra Tools

    • 4. Primary Palettes

    • 5. Extra Palettes

    • 6. Pull Down Menus


Project Description

Learn the Most Productive Tools and Palettes in Photoshop


Upload your before-and-after retouched photo using the tools you’ve learned.

  • The right selection tools will save you time and effort. Learn all about the best Selection Tools that are mostly used to make loose selections, as well as cropping and moving.
  • Brush tools play a big role in Masking later on. Becoming intimately familiar with the various brush tools is very important for Photoshop because it is one of the most basic and most often used tools.
  • Use the Palettes to your advantage. The important areas you need to be familiar with in the primary palettes are Info, Layers, History, Adjustments and Properties.

A finished project should include:

  • Your final image
  • Your original image
  • A brief summary of your process and what you’ve learned

This class will keep you busy by playing with the tools. It is important that you become familiarized with how these Tools and Palettes work in general, so that you don’t fumble with them as we go into further detail later on in the course.

Up next is the Basic 1 – Layers to keep you going through the whole course

Good luck, and I’ll see you in my class.

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