Photoshop Painting - A Glass of Iced Coffee | Joseph Francis | Skillshare

Photoshop Painting - A Glass of Iced Coffee

Joseph Francis, Check out my classes!

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10 Lessons (2h 21m)
    • 1. All This From a Hard Round Brush?

    • 2. Initial Lay-in

    • 3. Initial Color Rough-in

    • 4. Refining. Watch, Skim Through or Skip Over

    • 5. More. Watch, Skim Through or Skip Over

    • 6. Getting Progressively More Detailed

    • 7. Further Along. Skim Through or Skip Over

    • 8. And More...

    • 9. Further...

    • 10. ...and Finally


About This Class


In this class we are going to use Photoshop to paint a glass of iced coffee using essentially traditional techniques.

The dark liquid, the ice and the glass present some interesting materials to paint, but painters approach all materials regardless of how they appear with the same mental toolset. 

We are going to use a single brush: a hard, round brush with pressure-sensitive opacity with which we will blend and build up color density.

We are going to start out simply and as we work we will constantly ask ourselves:

What do we now have? (which way are we going?)

What do we want to have? (toward where do we want to go?)

How do we move the painting from where it is toward where we want it to be? (how shall we steer?)

These questions will form the basis for our working method. Before we can steer a car in the right direction we must first get it moving. Even if it is initially moving backwards.

So lets jump in and start moving! Even if it is initially in the wrong direction. We will steer as we go, but we can't steer a parked car.