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Photoshop & Instagram: Text Color Animation & Upload to Instagram

teacher avatar Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Class Instroduction

    • 2. Setting Up Your Project

    • 3. Create Your Type

    • 4. Create Your Animation

    • 5. Export Your Video for Instagram

    • 6. Upload to Instagram

    • 7. Export an Animated GIF

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About This Class

Learn how to make simple text animations in Adobe Photoshop that are great for sharing on Instagram and other social media platforms.

You will:

  • Learn how to animate colour
  • Learn other layer effects that you can animate
  • Learn how to export a video
  • Learn how to upload your video to Instagram.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benjamin Halsall

Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses


For the designer in you I create fun short lessons in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. I include some creative and technical tips in all my lessons which are always easy to follow. Check out my popular Banksy Yourself Photoshop Class, how to create Polygonal Patterns in Adobe Illustrator or my Photoshop Drawing & Painting Fundamentals.

For Final Cut Pro X editors check out my course Learn Final Cut Pro X in 25 Minutes or learn how to put video inside type, create grunge style text or my basic and advanced split screen tutorials.

I look forward to seeing your projects and am always happy to answer your questions.

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1. Class Instroduction: So in this class, we're gonna have a look at how we create this animated text Adobe Photo shop. We're gonna be looking at how we lay out the text, how we work with some of the type features to get the spacing just right. And then we're gonna go on to look at how we worked with layer effects to create this simple animated color off the type so clicking role. And I look forward to seeing you in the class. 2. Setting Up Your Project: So the first thing we're gonna go ahead and do here is set up our documents. So we're gonna set this up as an animation that we can use for Instagram. And we're gonna export this out as a video that we can then use would also look at how we can export this out as an animated GIF as well. So the first we're gonna go do is just go to file new and we're gonna sell for 6 40 by 6 40 pixel document. Okay, so custom sized document and then click. Ok, so all these settings here that we have are fine, so we'll have a transparent background. We may add some color in there a little bit later on 72 pixels per inch is fine. And if you're viewing the advanced settings here, then s RGB is fine and square pixels of perfect. So we'll click OK, and we have our new document. So we'll go ahead and say this the desktop. So we go to file, say that and we're going to say that as a Photoshopped document, we'll just call it text animation. And now we're gonna go ahead in the next section and add our type 3. Create Your Type: So now we're gonna go ahead and grab title and we're using here. This marker felt wide font on, but you can pick out front either a Serra phone or son Serra fun, but a fund that has a nice kind of bold face to it will work well, So this market fund, if we just drag out a text box here and we're gonna tight in the text that we're gonna use it, okay? And the spacing here between this type is massive because I have my leading set to Ah, hi, I'm out there and I'm gonna tweak and change that in a second. We'll have a look at how we work with that. So while I typed in there is radical, I know Just increase the point size toe 72 there so we can see it. So, basically, this is the text. We're going to animate the color off, so type in your own text, or you can use the words I've set up here and now I want to do is I want to increase this Texas that fills as much of this box is possible. So it's nice to have a big, punchy, colorful image on Instagram or one of the other channels, such a twitter or Facebook kind of grab people's attention. And that's what we're aiming for here in this tutorial. So I'm gonna go to my types or here, and I'm gonna come along in the top options panel here to bring up the type panel so that we can increase the point size now a couple of different ways of doing it. One is to hover over the little T in the big T here that we can see and just drag across. And you can see that as we increase the size of that, the leading in the middle gets a bit to spaced out for us. I'm just gonna select my type here. And this is where I want to modify the leading so that we get this kind of customized letting. So if you drag this slider here, the scrubby slider with two A's stacked wants off the other, we can set the leading exactly as we want it. Okay, so it's going to see how big I can get this type so that it feels that whole space. Okay, so that's perfect. I've jumped back quickly to the selection tool there. And I'm just gonna position this centrally on. I'm just doing that by I. So now let's go ahead and have a look at how we can actually animate the color off this type. 4. Create Your Animation: So, in order to animate the color of the type that we're gonna use is one of the layer effects to do that. So we're just gonna close my character penalty. So now I'm gonna come down to my layers panel here. If you don't see your layers panel is going to get you to reset your panel locations. I just go to window workspace, make sure you're on essentials and then just click reset essentials on that will give you the same layout that I'm seeing here on the right hand side. So now I'm gonna make sure got my type player selected. I'm gonna go to the effects panel here, and I'm gonna add the color overlay, okay? And essentially, what that's gonna do is gonna change the color off my type. And when we animating info shop, this is the best way that we can animate the color off a layer. And we can also animate these other effects here as well. So if I click OK, so that we have the color overlay set up, and now I'm gonna go to window showing my timeline, and at this point, I need to create a timeline. So I'm gonna choose here between either a video timeline on a frame animation. So we're gonna go for a video timeline. It's going to allow us to do a key frame animation. Okay, so make sure you got create video timeline selected here at the bottom. Hit that. And then we have a timeline for animation. And the default here is normally five seconds. Okay, But we can extend that out quite easily if we need a longer period of time. So you can see here. If I come to my type player here, the same layer I have selected here. And I dropped down this left hand arrow, I have the option to animate the style. Okay, So, essentially here, I can turn on my key framing. And if I come ahead in time, I can now go back to my color overlay, change the color here to a different color. Okay? And now if I click OK between those two key frames that we can now see in the timeline, I'm going to get an animation between those two colors. Now, what I want to do is actually want to get the color to flash, so I'm gonna highlight the second key frame and just hit the delete key on the keyboard to delete that. So, basically, I want to have maybe 34 times within one second a flash of this color. Okay, so basically every 7 to 8 frames, we're gonna change the color of this. So wait, I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna come ahead around eight or nine of frames into the timeline that you can see down to the very bottom left hand side here. I can see him on frame them, right. Okay, because we're running at 30 frames per second, and now I'm gonna go ahead and add a new key frame by clicking this button. So basically, what that's doing is it's holding color between these two key frames. And now I'm going to go ahead one key friend and come in to my color overlay and pick another nice, bright hunt. She color will go for a nice hot pink. Okay? And now, instead of getting that gradual transition between those two colors, we're going to get a nice flash between those two colors so we can go ahead now from eight to some around 16 frames, and we can repeat the same thing. So I'm gonna add a key frame, jump ahead one frame. I look like my color overlay and then select another color so you can see here quite quickly. We can build up a number of different steps where we've flashing between different colors. So if we play that we get a nice kind of rhythmical, pulsing color between those different key friends rather than a gradual transition, obviously the gradual transitions of useful sometimes. But in this case, we want to have this kind of nice flashing color here. So go ahead, work through. Maybe a second or two off you're animation, and then we'll go ahead and export this out. Okay, so I finished a couple of seconds it off animation. So if we press the play button here, you can see we're flashing between those and on something like Instagram or Twitter. The animation will basically, Luke, I'm actually gonna cut off the end of this hits. I'm gonna bring in this marker, and that's gonna cut my timeline off here. And they're just gonna add one more layer into the background here so I can add a new layer , okay. And I am now going to go to my great Insel toe. How to fill out a radio, Phil. Okay, so basically, we can have a nice kind of radio background here, and obviously that's not gonna work quite in front of some of these letters. So I'm just going to add a layer adjustment layer here just to change the hue of that. Just to try and get something is gonna work a bit better on and I'm gonna do. It's just dark in this down, but keep the saturation low on. That should contrast nicely with all these typefaces they kind of host through. So let's play that now. So we set up our two second loop here. And so the shortest video that we can upload to instagram needs to be at least three seconds long. So I'm just going to duplicate this layer here and extend my other layers so that we have a video that's four seconds long, so I'm just gonna help down the bulky and drag this up, and that will add a copy off my animation, which I can then just drag back in time, okay? And I can extend my timeline out to four seconds, and then I'm just gonna pull out the layers below so they fill up the background, okay? 5. Export Your Video for Instagram: so out will go ahead on export this out. So we'll go to file export render video. Okay. Make sure you got your format set to age 264 on the Olympic four. Extension is showing up here and now the document size will remain the same. We exporting out the working area So that four second video press render and then our video is exporting. Once that's exported, I'm gonna go ahead to my finder, check that I've got the export him. I'm gonna go to Google drive and just drag this across to Google drive, which is where I'm gonna use to move my video to my smartphone. Now, once it's uploaded, I can go ahead to my smartphone and we'll look at how we then upload this to Instagram. 6. Upload to Instagram: Okay, so I have my video uploaded to Google Drive now and now I'm gonna go ahead and download it on my phone, so I'm gonna swipe to the right here, go to my try that on my android phone. And now I'm just gonna refresh my videos here, and I can see that I've got my text animation video here on Google Drive and I've been click and hold on that. Then press the download button down here at the bottom on that downloads folder will be available in INSTAGRAM. So I'm gonna jump back to my APS go to Instagram, go to upload a new image, Okay? Andi will select this version of my video for second version hit next. Okay, And now we can add Cem color effects here if we want toe, switch it up a little bit. Can obviously change the cover photo here so we can pick out a color that we're happiest with. So the cover fights. Okay, press next. And then here, we're gonna go ahead and add in a caption we're gonna add in our tax on. Then go ahead and share this on instrument. Okay, So we finished adding the caption here that we're gonna use will hit share, and then hopefully, once that's finished up, we'll get some nice new likes on our video here. 7. Export an Animated GIF: We can also export out animated GIF here. So if we go to file export and I'm gonna use the safer Web legacy here, we'll click here on this. Allows us to save out on animated GIFs. If I go to Giff 128 we're going to be exporting out to make a gift, and you can play it through and see how it's gonna play through. We can see things that file size here. And then once we've got that set up, we're making sure that we've got the looping set up, how we want it. So here, I'm gonna get to Luke forever so that we play it forever. And then it's safe, safe. And now we'll have our animated GIF here as well on the desktop that there we can then upload directly to Twitter or Facebook.