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16 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. How to Make a RAIN Storm!

      Dark clouds.jpg
    • 2. LIGHTNING! How to make it realistic.

    • 3. How to Make Underwater Text & Graphics!

      Swimming Pool_Rob Nguyen.jpg
    • 4. Best Way to Make Water Reflection

    • 5. How to Add a Water Ripple Reflection to a Photo

    • 6. How to Make Great Falling Snow

      Snow base.jpg
    • 7. How to Change a Photo of SUMMER into WINTER.

      Summer photo.jpg
    • 8. Rain Text! How to Write on a Foggy, Rainy Window Pane

      Foggy, rainy, window pane.jpg
    • 9. How to Make Water Drops

    • 10. CLOUD TEXT, Skywriting. How to Write in the Sky.

    • 11. Forest SUNBEAMS! How to make them filter through trees

    • 12. How to Create a Nuclear Explosion

      Open road photo.jpg
    • 13. How to Transform a Cloudy Day into a Moonlit Night

      Cloudy Sky w Trees.jpg
    • 14. How to Make a STARRY NIGHT SKY with NORTHERN LIGHTS

    • 15. How to Quickly Make a Rainbow!

    • 16. How to Create Realistic, Fog and Mist


Project Description

Photoshop: Effects of Nature

This class will show you how to simulate natural phenomena including...

  • Fog & Mist
  • Rainbows
  • Rain Text on a Window Pane
  • Rainstorm and Lightning
  • Water Reflections
  • Pond Ripples
  • Snowing
  • Change Summer into Winter
  • Water Drops
  • Skywriting
  • Sunbeams
  • Swimming Pool Text
  • Nuclear Explosion

Fog & Mist

Add realistic, fog and mist to an outdoor photo using filters, adjustment layers and layer masks.


Use the much-overlooked, built-in, "Russell's Rainbow" filter to create beautiful rainbows.

Rain Text on a Window Pane

Add any nightime, scenery behind a foggy, rainy, window pane and then add a handwritten message.

Rainstorm and Lightning

Transform a sunny day into a dark, powerful rainstorm completet with realsitic lightning behind thunder clouds!

Water Reflections

Create a realistic water reflection of a skyline, landscape or object from scratch.

Pond Ripples

Add a realistic, rippling, water reflection to a photo.  The reflection will ripple out from it's center as if you dropped a pebble into a lake or pond.


Simulate snow falling using filters and blend modes.

Change Summer into Winter

Transform a photo of a lush, green summer forest into a cold, snowy, wintry day by applying a few adjustments and filters.

Water Drops

Make realistic, water drops using gradients, filters and adjustment layers.


Write cloud text in the sky creating the look of words written by sky-writing jets using custom brushes that you'll learn to make.

Forest Sunbeams

Make natural-looking sunbeams filtering through forest trees by creating a radial filter and layer masks.

Swimming Pool Text

Make text or graphics appear to be underwater on the bottom of a swimming pool. The text will distort itself based on the ripples of the water through the use of a displacement map.

Nuclear Explosion

Transform a serene, peaceful day into an apocalyptic, nuclear explosion. Learn to use the Warp Transform, Blend Modes, the Cloud Filter and customize colors.

Student Projects