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Photoshop: Create fashion Patterns: Easy How To.

teacher avatar Rami Benatar

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Presentation Video: Create beautiful Patterns from Pastel design using Photoshop

    • 2. Video 1 of 1: Create beautiful Patterns from Pastel design using Photoshop

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About This Class

This Class is a simple way and a demonstration of How to create beautiful unlimited Fashion Patterns from a simple colorful Pastel painting that I painted on a paper and uploaded onto the computer. Use only Photoshop program and follow simple steps for creating unlimited amazing Patterns


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1. Presentation Video: Create beautiful Patterns from Pastel design using Photoshop: Hi, Aarti. Staying. Romney, Benatar. In this short videos, I demonstrate hollow and to create patter ran from, ah, pastoral sketch, rich aided and a small piece of paper. The pattern, which I painted with ever sell, is got off abstract. I created the very GM ethical symmetric call and less patterns, So I tried to make it a super responsible and step by step so you can follow the steps and I'll be glad to hear a comment suggestions idea. You can follow me also on YouTube. I have a lot of paintings and mixed media, which I create his, uh, also acrylics and oils and digital. So hopefully you enjoy it in the house, you know, videos. Thank you. 2. Video 1 of 1: Create beautiful Patterns from Pastel design using Photoshop: Hi. In this class I'm going to demonstrate how I commuted the very, very small slice pattering out off a painting by stealth making which I created earlier as you can see over here. So this is not symmetric. It's like a little obstruct by still bank me. But I'm trying to make very nice and smooth designed pattering. So this file is about five by five. So it's very easy to divided by half and measuring very fast. So to create, like, anger Mataric symmetry pattering. I need to change this painting on file. So committed. Very simple. First, what I do, I just measure 2.5, which is about half off these painting. I'm gonna make a small copy off you say divided layer. Okay, So new a copy. Now I make another copy off these same half layer. No v a copy? No, I click this one and press auld on windows. And then I just turned these over to the other side. Then a slide it gently and movie to this point. Now I get something a little more symmetric and very nice. Just apply. Okay, Now I got a new nice shape over here which I create a new learn If I wanted to be very symmetric and smooth all the directions it's like to be continual On the is a pattern layer without all sharp lines all the round So what I do just emerge this to lure Merge Visa Bill layers So what I got over here? It's another one layer now to make it symmetric all around What I do I just maken added Korpi I divided by have again do that already called direction ler New B A copy. Okay, Now do the same thing. I pressed it all on windows and then I turn it over. Okay, Making sure and I sliding down. Click apply now I got totally symmetric design which I could do a lot of things with aids. Now let me just do again and merge these lures. So I have one piece Now I have to decide by really like what I see over here which it will be nice continual from all different directions. So what I can do basically to make it a little like a nice a patter And what we need to do is to have the right size of the file. This particular one is image size. It's about a five by 5 300 It's gonna be a little too large to make it a double equated to two million times or whatever. So what I do, I just reduced the size a little bit, you know, to let's say, yeah, had it 20 pick sills. So I get 600 by 600. Big sell with an high, so it might be okay for the spattering. Now click. OK, Okay. Now, to make the pattern and to see the Final hound gonna look like what I do, I create a new file with normal size, which is Ah, let's see. Okay, 10 by 10 by 300. Sounds good to me. Make it OK. Now separate this particular one form here. Moving to hear. Now, I highlight this particular one, which is gonna be the base off the pattern. No, what I do, I just goto edit, and then do you find pattering? Okay, I'm gonna give it the name. Which is gonna be, uh, probably my stale Juan. Okay. Okay. Now these pattern base each somewhere there? No. If I go back to the right size four Just go again. Make any and then fill it. Just goto feel feel? No, I have to look within my parents. Where is that one which we just created, which is and this one? Because I have a lot of other apartments which I created MBIA No, I click this one and click Ok, right away. I got beautiful, beautiful, something totally new off what I created before, out of the say almost obstruct er, pastel painting. So now it's a very like you. Almost anger metrical. Small pattering. Okay, Now, from this particular one, I can keep on creating a different different shapes and different designs. For instance, see how shoes just this section off, which is totally something new. Okay, I make a new ler. Be a copy. Okay. I have this little one over here. I'll just transfer, read to the smaller file so I'll be able to create something that can become a bad way. No, I can do with this little section a lot of different things, which is about the same what I did before. I like it too. A little different. Okay, So you can blame with and create a lot off stocks? Yes, I'm going to see a probably we're going to see on there next video. That's how to create a new patter Grand off the second design.