Photoshop Course: Adding and Blending Text in a Design

Lungten Karma, Graphic Designer

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18 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. 1.1 Course Overview and How To Learn Them

    • 2. 2.1 Introduction to The Fundamentals of Text

    • 3. 2.2 Font

    • 4. 2.3 Color

    • 5. 2.4 Size

    • 6. 2.5 Tracking

    • 7. 3.1 Importing, Planning, Cropping, Resizing and Color-Correcting

    • 8. 3.2 Adding Text and Intro to Character WIndow

    • 9. 3.3 Selecting the Font

    • 10. 3.4 Picking the right Color

    • 11. 3.5 Choosing the right Size

    • 12. 3.6 Tracking, Blending and Exporting the design

    • 13. 4.1 Creating New Files and Adding the Graphics

    • 14. 4.2 Adding Texts

    • 15. 4.3 Formatting the Text and Exporting

    • 16. 5.1 Cropping and Resizing the Picture

    • 17. 5.2 Adding the text, choosing the Font and Size

    • 18. 5.3 Picking the Colors, Tracking and Exporting


About This Class

Many people say, "A picture speaks a thousand words". But a picture with a 'Text' can tell millions.

'Text' is one of the important aspects of Graphic Design whether you are designing a Book Cover, a Poster, an Advertisement, a Banner, a Flyer, a Picture with Quotations or anything you could ever think of. There is a psychological aspect of adding 'Text' in your graphics that will give your viewers a look and feel according to the features of the 'Text'. This is called Typography.

I am Lungten and I am a professional Graphic Designer with Adobe Photoshop. I will teach you basic fundamentals about adding and blending a Text in your picture and giving your viewers a look and feel that you want to. I have divided this course into different sections and lectures in order to give each component of a 'Text' an importance and explanation.

After you complete this course, you can apply the knowledge of 'Text' practically in:

  • Designing Book Covers, Posters, Advertisements and more

  • Owning an Instagram account in which you can upload beautifully designed Quote with Pictures

  • Designing catchy Thumbnails for YouTube videos with Texts

  • Any field where Text is applicable.

NOTE: Even if you are NOT Adobe Photoshop user, you can get lot of concepts from this course which you can apply using other photo editing software too. No particular Photoshop tool is emphasized in this course. Rather, a concept of how the ingredients of Text impact the overall design is focused here.

I hope you have fun taking this course in learning about 'Text'; a simple and the most powerful part in Designing.