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Photoshop CS6 essential Tool

Pierre Michel Alexis, Sucess is mindset

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8 Videos (48m)
    • Welcome

    • Move Tool

    • Text Tool

    • Eraser Tool

    • Brush Tool

    • Crop Tool

    • Zoom Tool

    • Paint Bucket Tool


About This Class

Hello everyone!


In this class we focus on a few basic tools that are pretty useful in Photoshop CS6 and we show you how to use them one by one. we did our best to give you as much information as possible on each and every tool that we mentioned in the videos.  This class is a 7-part series of videos where we focus on each separate tool. Here is the way we organize the content.


Video 01



Video 02

Move Tool


Video 03

The Eraser Tool


Video   04

The Brush Tool


Video 05

The Crop Tool


Video 06

The Zoom Tool


Video 07

The Paint Bucket Tool


We also mentioned a few keyboard shortcuts in the video but decided to include a pdf with the most commonly used shortcuts for you to practice. you will also find the exercise files for you to start experimenting   things yourself because we believe that you become good by practicing what you learn in the videos.







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Pierre Michel Alexis

Sucess is mindset

Hello Folks

My name is Pierre michel . I have been in the internet marketing for more than 10 years. i'm here to address both an English and a French Speaking audience and teach you guys the basics of internet marketing and how you can supplement your income online.I'm also a professional video producer and cameraman.I also use several motion graphics sofware like After Effects for animations .You can also connect with me via facebook or twitter if you ever have any questions


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