Photoshop CC Masterclass - Creating & Editing (Part 2)

Martin Perhiniak, Design Your Career

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11 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. About this course

    • 3. Class project

    • 4. Introduction to drawing

    • 5. Brush Tool

    • 6. Creating a Custom Brush

    • 7. Working with Vector Shapes

    • 8. Introduction to transformations

    • 9. Basic transformations

    • 10. Special transformations

    • 11. Conclusion


Project Description



To make the most of this course your task is to work on your own digital painting. Follow these steps to complete the project:

  1. Download the provided TIF template file and watch the Class Project video for instructions on how to use it
  2. Add colours on the layer below the 'lines' layer
  3. Create custom brushes for adding textures and interest to the painting
  4. Paint over the lines layer with colours to blend the outlines into your painting (or turn the 'lines' layer off once you filled the background with colors)

Alternatively you can start from scratch and scan a drawing or draw directly in Photoshop using the Brush Tool. If you want to go down this route make sure your drawing is appropriate (no nudes please!) and ideally has something to do with exploration and adventure.


When you are ready with your painting you should do the following few things:

  • Save your work back into the original TIF file so you will have all the layers there in case you want to make any changes later on
  • Export your final version as a JPG (File menu > Export > Quick Export As JPG) and Upload it to Your Project.

Good luck and have fun with Photoshop! :)

The mockup template I used above is not included but you can find it here if you wish to use it.

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