Photoshop: Beginners Guide to Mastering Photoshop!

Michael Lemma, Designer & Photographer

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43 Videos (7h 30m)
    • Photoshop Tips Tricks and Techqiues Intro

    • Layer Basics

    • Blend Modes

    • Most used Blend Modes

    • Shapes

    • Adjustment layer

    • Basic Layercomps

    • Layer comps

    • Smart Objects intro

    • Smart objects for print

    • How to use smart objects

    • Saving time with smart objects

    • Organization on the computer

    • Organization

    • Saving

    • Logo overview

    • Enhancing the presentation of a logo

    • Bonus Extra: Enhancing logo

    • Editing a photo to look professional: Part 1

    • Editing a photo to look professional: Part 2

    • People: Editing a Photo to Look Profesional

    • Urban Photography: Editing a Photo to Look Profesional

    • Isolating color in a Black and White Photo

    • Editing photos Curves instagram effect

    • Covert photo to line drawing

    • Dodge and Burn

    • Camera Raw

    • HDR

    • Pano

    • Turning summer to winter

    • Turing a Average photo to a Great Photo: Faking Depth of Field

    • Creating a Planet from scratch using blend modes and textures

    • Dispersion Effect- Getting a Explosive Effect

    • 3 Different Ways of Changing Eye Color

    • The Gatorade Effect

    • Project 1

    • Part 1 Masking windows

    • Adding the door

    • Adding the details

    • Blending photos together to look natural

    • The Final Stretch

    • Photo Manipulation 2

    • Creating dust particles


About This Class

Want to learn photoshop quickly? Tired of "The Basic" classes? Learn real world techniques, tricks, and tips, that you can use to advance your knowledge of Photoshop, apply it to your work, improve your work load, or even start a portfolio. The opportunities are endless. Learn these techniques to build a awesome portfolio to get noticed and get a job in the design world. With these techniques you can easily learn photoshop and apply it to your needs. Learn easily with simple techniques you can apply to your project. Guaranteed you'll start making cool works after the first week or 2. 

In this course you'll 

  • Dive right in with project by project basis 
  • No more talk about tools and what they do 
  • Learn with real projects
  • FREE resources to apply to your projects
  • Guaranteed you'll be a Photoshop pro by the end of the course!

What are you waiting for lets dive in and learn Photoshop!

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Wast knowledge, clear explanation. Thank you!
This Teacher is incredible, goes into intricate detail without making it boring. Gives real life scenarios in this Photoshop class, allowing you to follow along with your own pictures, and take your knowledge that you learn straight into the real world. He gives you options that allow you to customize a lot of things without having to copy exactly what he is doing each and every time, because every eye is different. Very easy to learn from, also is a really good playback at 1.5x allowing you to go through the lectures even quicker than his quick pace. Thank you very much for the time you spent on this class, I learned a lot about Photoshop, and I cant wait for more.. Phenomenal teacher.
Been binge watching this class for a day now. Such a great course! I love the style of teaching and how simple the techniques are. I'm already mocking up some pieces for the project gallery. Another reason why I like this course is that this is the first class that pays you back!





Michael Lemma

Designer & Photographer

Mike is a successful designer. He worked for a hot startup in the Techn Industry. He grew up in California and received his BFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Also has recieved his minor in Architecture. He has studied art and design since he was seven.

He's had clients that have ranged from NY Red Bulls, The Amazing Spider-man, Coors Light, AMC's Breaking Bad, Powerade, Verizon, and more.

His specialty is UI/UX, Branding, Corporate Identity, Poster Design, Logo Design, Package Design, Web Design, Concept Design, Matte Painting, Photography and Art Direction. He is the founder of the website exhbit. 

He has gained inspiration while traveling the world and recently wrote and published a book on his travels. He's had articles written about his photography on 500px blog ISO as well as having a healthy portfolio of work.

I've been in the design field for almost 7 years. I started out by designing for graphic services (Print design, logo, web design etc), but I discovered other ways I could earn a living through the art of design & Photography.

I started learning Photoshop when I was only 12. I kept up to date with it over time and became better at it. Then, I went to college and learned a lot more from a design stand point (Layouts, how to engage the users, color theory, and more).

Eventually, I started freelancing, and I slowly realized this can be a profitable part time cash machine as well as making myself a better designer. I tested and tried the best ways of achieving certain Photoshop techniques. I'd start by mocking up 10 designs per day. Then I'd go back and constantly push and update the designs. It was a lot of work that went into the early mornings (the life of a designer), but I loved it. I was always thinking of new ways to design things. By doing this I became a better designer as you would normally in everything else, practice makes perfect!

I'm a efficient designing master and I know the best ways of creating stunning designs in the blink of an eye (especially web design). I choose how much money I want to make by managing my time and projects I want to work with.

I am also an entrepreneur: I started my first start up 2 years ago and it quickly became popular. I freelance constantly as well as working a full time job (Where does the time go!?).

Having so little time and so much to do, I still managed to make over six figured by working part time in Photoshop/Sketch (this doesn't not include in my full time salary, which is another six figures). You can learn from my personal experiences and start earning a living.