Photoshop Beginner: Draw & Paint Using the Power of Layers Tutorial | Benjamin Halsall | Skillshare

Photoshop Beginner: Draw & Paint Using the Power of Layers Tutorial

Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to the Paintbrush Tools, Options & Panels

    • 3. Draw A Cube - Get Started with Line & Shade

    • 4. Top 5 Painting Shortcuts

    • 5. Using Layers for Painting & Drawing

    • 6. Selections for Duplication & Pattern Creation

    • 7. Setup a Photo as a Background to Trace


About This Class

In this class we look at Photoshop's excellent drawing & painting tools. Working on the fundamentals we consider how line, texture, opacity & layers can be used to create beautiful shaded drawings.

You will also learn how to use images as a reference as well as important shortcuts that will enable you to get into a great flow as you sketch and draw out your ideas.

So whether you want to move into illustration, architectural drawing, animation or would like to use Photoshop as a painting tool this class will get you started in easy to follow steps.

Below is a full list of all my Skillshare classes. I hope you get the chance to check some of them out.

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Benjamin Halsall

Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

For the designer in you I create fun short lessons in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. I include some creative and technical tips in all my lessons which are always easy to follow. Check out my popular Banksy Yourself Photoshop Class, how to create Polygonal Patterns in Adobe Illustrator or my Photoshop Drawing & Painting Fundamentals.

For Final Cut Pro X editors check out my course Learn Final Cut Pro X in 25 Minutes or learn how to put video inside type, create gr...

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